Top 8 Best Studio Headphones In India 2021-[Detailed Review]

If you want to explore the mysterious world behind the tunes of music, then you need one of the Best Studio Headphones.

Music is something that relaxes us and provides us with mental peace in tough times or keeps us energized throughout the day.

If you love to mix and play with melodies, then you should opt for the best studio headphones in India. Studio headphones are a bit different from regular headphones. These headphones allow you to listen to the minute ups and downs of the tunes that you can’t differentiate in a standard headphone.

It amplifies the sound to provide you with the best sound experience.

If you are a singer, it is much convenient for you to choose the best headphones for singing or recording tracks.

However, these studio headphones are mostly used by professional sound artists. These products can mix tunes and produce a fusion that actually ‘sounds’ much pro. The best studio headphones for mixing can provide you with the opportunity to mix soundtracks easily.

On the other hand, the best studio headphones for mixing and mastering will allow you to both mixes and produce your symphony.

Studio headphones for vocal recording can give you more amplification with clear sound. That’s why they are considered the best studio headphones for recording. Also, there is an option for choosing the best studio headphones for gaming or best studio headphones for guitar if you love to play with a joystick or with strings.


If you are looking for a studio headphone for superior sound management, Audio-Technica ATH-M20x is the best pick for you. OneOdio Adapter-Free DJ Headphones are the best buy for buyers who are looking for a powerful headphone on the budget.

Irresistible sound quality comes in both Beyerdynamic and Shure headphones.

When it comes to durability, none can beat Sennheiser HD. In addition, Sony MDR-7506 headphone is known for its world-class bass effects.

But, before proceeding to the shop to grab the best studio headphones in India, you must go through some factors to consider when buying. They are briefly discussed in the below.

Important Features to consider before buying the best studio headphones

Sound Quality: Better the vocal quality richer the experience

When you are opting for a studio headphone, you must choose one with the best sound quality. In this matter, audiophile headphones are the proven best. Also, there are products available in the market which can provide you with a perfect balance of musicality and precision. 

Headphone Pads: Higher the quality of the pad, longer the pad life

The earpads on your headphones are essential because they act as a cushion to your ear and provide you with more suitable grips. The higher quality pads will fit around your head snuggly and provide enough padding to give rest to your ears.

The shape, design, and material used in those pads influence the sound quality. It is suggested that you should go for a better quality pad while buying.

Better comfort: Always be sure of your comfort

The headphones that you are opting for should be comfortable for you. Your headphones should not squeeze your head. It also should not be too far away. You should opt for a model which is suitable for you to wear.

Noise Isolation: Lesser the Noise better the quality of voice

Most of the product comes with a noise isolation facility. It depends on the types of headphones that you use. Many of them are made as such; it does not allow external noise to penetrate.

The lesser external noise, the better the sound quality. There are many types of headphones in the market that offer noise isolation technology. You should choose the best among the below reviews.

Keep in mind that studio headphones are different from your normal headphones or earphones.

Okay, so if you are in confusion about choosing the best considering your requirements and your pocket, then you should be tension free. We have done all the hard work you need.

We have summarized a set of best studio headphones in India, considering all the above features and many others. Also, I suggest you read the buyer’s guide and the FAQs at the end of the article.

Best studio Headphones in India 2021

Here, we have summarized and made a table listing all the specifications for the best studio headphones in India. You just need to look once to get an overview of various brands and their corresponding features. The best Studio headphone usually comes with a great version of amplification, noise reduction, and comfort for swift operations.

Now, let us check the each individual product reviews.

1. Audio-Technica  ATH-M50x  Monitor Headphones ; Best in technology

Watch Unboxing and Review of Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Monitor Headphones. below the video I added my views on, why should you buy these Monitor Headphones with pros and cons.

Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Frequency response range up to 15Hz to 28000 Hz.

Maximum input power is 1600 mW at 1 kHz.

45mm large-aperture drivers with 90 degree swiveling ear cups.

Noise cancellation feature support with supersonic performance.

Circumaural design contours for ear comfort.

Deep and accurate audio Technica bass response.

This is one of the best headphones for professional music production with copper-clad aluminium voice coils and 45mm Neodymium drivers for excellent sound quality output.

It has a modern and classy look with a premium quality textured matte finish. It consists of cushion padded interiors for the ear support that prevents discomfort for your ears and keeps them protected and safe. 

It also has a detachable cable cord option where you can get 1.2 to 3 m coiled cable for DJs, 1.2m for daily use, and 3 m for standard quality monitor use in the studios. The Audio-Technica headphone also supports bass amplification that gives your ear a fully balanced audio experience. 

It has a sensitivity of 99 dB and is admired by top-level audio engineers who require the best quality headsets for their professional work. This headset is easily foldable and can be a perfect fit for your bag pack that does not require much space.

The neodymium magnet has very high durability that provides efficient quality sound output for a long time even upon rough usage. It comes with a carrying pouch that keeps the headphone protected and safe.

There is a product warranty of one year on the audio Technica headphone.


  • Bass levels are incredibly punchy and deep with balanced audio output.
  • No sound leak at all even when played at the highest volume.
  • Excellent noise cancellation feature and removes noise from outside interference.
  • Excellent comfort to the ears while in use.
  • Easily foldable 90-degree swiveling earcups for ease of portability.


  • The quality of the detachable cables provided is not up to the mark.
  • Sometimes has heating issues when used for a very long period of time.
  • Vocals are not clear sometimes with background noise.
  • Does not come with a microphone.

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2. Beyer dynamic DT 770 Pro 250 Ohm Headphones; Best in sound quality  

Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Nominal frequency response range up to 5 – 35,000 Hz.

Power handling capacity 96 dB SPL at 100mW.

Superb low-frequency reproduction with Bass Reflex Technology.

Velour earpads for comfort listening sessions and noise reduction.

Closed-back design for accurate bass balance and clean vocal recordings.

This is one of the best headphones for the recording that is available at a reasonable price range and comes with a frequency range of 5-35000 Hz. It has a closed-back durable design that provides clean recordings free of any external noise.

The soft adjustable ear cups maximize comfort level and provide a secure fit to the head for its sturdy steel headband. This helps to accelerate precise and powerful sound volume with accurate levels of vocal and bass.

It comes with a 3.5 mm straight cable with Gold plated stereo jack plug that maintains the high impedance of the model ideally suited for thorough mixing in the studio with the highest accuracy in, dynamics, sensitivity and frequency response.

The coiled cable is 3m in length that accommodates frequent adjustment sufficiently to boast extremely detailed resolution and very transparent sound. 

This 250 Ohm headphone is exceptionally suitable for a professional level of studio mixing that is designed for even more splendid sound isolation and cleanest vocal recordings. The Beyerdynamic noise cancellation feature is efficient to provide clean sound and prevents outside external noise.

Also, they are highly durable, and the circumaural ear cups provide long level comfort for a long time. It is available at a reasonable price and is a bang for the buck headphone as compared o the features provided.


  • Build quality and comfort is very good as compared to the price.
  • Sound out of the string instruments are incredibly natural and clear.
  • Noise cancellation is suitable for tracking music.
  • The microphone is very good with clear voice recognition.


  • Bass Reflex Technology might not work in some cases.
  • Ear cups tend to absorb sweat and get wet easily.
  • The stereo jack plug is stiff and is very tight to use.

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3. Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Monitor Headphones (Black): Best in the driver and sound management

Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Frequency response range up to 15- 20,000 Hz.

Maximum input power is 700 mW.

40 mm  large-aperture drivers with wire voice coils made of copper-clad aluminum.

Tuned for enhanced low-frequency performance with noise cancellation feature.

Circumaural design contours for highest noise isolation in a noisy environment.

15° both-direction ear cup swivel support with no noise leak.

This is one of the best headphones for studio tracking and mixing that comes with enhanced low-frequency performance and is made up of advanced technology for the most refined sound.

With rare earth magnets of 40mm neodymium drivers, it offers excellent audio quality with booming bass and vocals. The soft earpad cushions are soft and durable, which provide a satisfying sound experience for hours without any degradation in its output. 

It supports 3m straight single side cable suitable for professional studio tracking or field recording. It has a more realistic level of sound rather than that of a surround experience. The cable is thick and well made; therefore, it is durable for an extended period.

The black body is a suitable choice for professionals and has a premium matte finish that makes the headphone more adorable. With the help of a single-side cable exit, it is more comfortable to hold and use the headphone.

With a sensitivity level of 96 dB, the sound output is optimal for studio recording and tracking. It has an impedance of 47 ohms that works fine with all laptops and external devices like mobile phones and music players.

Due to the professional body built and cushiony ear cups, the noise isolation is just perfect with adequate outside noise reduction levels.


  • Sound quality is exceptional with booming vocals and bass adjustment.
  • Comfortable to fit on the head of all sizes.
  • Good noise reduction mechanism for studio recording and tracking.
  • A realistic level of sound across all electronic platforms.


  • The cable provided is fragile and can break easily.
  • Sound leakage prevention working not up to the mark.
  • Bass is sometimes very low and flat in some situations.

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4. OneOdio Adapter-Free DJ Headphones; Best in budget

Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Frequency response range up to 20 Hz to 20KHz.

The impedance of 32 ohms and sensitivity of 110±3dB/ mW.

High-performing 50 mm driver units with Japanese driver diaphragm and voice coil.

Dynamic Bass support with efficient noise cancellation feature.

Premium Soft Cushion Earmuffs provided.

Foldable design with one side monitoring sound support.

This is one of the best headphones for singing that is available with rich specifications and support at a reasonable price range. The Japanese voice coils enhance accurate mid- to high tones that preserve composure even at high volume and maintains the original levels of a recording.

The 50 mm driver units are suitable for mixer music panel, radio, digital music mixer, professional film production, video promotion, professional monitoring in recording studios, electronic newsgathering.

The thick ear padding is made up of supreme protein leather that increases noise isolation and preserves the quality of vocals and bass.

It is an adapter free headphone that supports detachable spring cable for 6.35mm and 3.5mm sockets. It also has 1/4″ jack and 1/8″ jack that is beneficial for the inline microphone for headset use.

The microphone line provides clear sound and removes all sort of background noise while in use. The foldable design is effortless to carry, and the ear cups come with rotational housing that allows you to move the cup according to a single ear usage.

It has a sensitivity of 110±3 dB that is ideal for bass and vocal adjustment to produce accurate levels of sound in any format. The impedance of the headphone is 32 ohms and has a dynamic bass support.

It has chrome finish trims with a durable black matte body giving a slight premium rubbery feel in your hands. With all the specs, it is among the Best Studio Headphones 3000 range, without any doubt.


  • Bass quality is rich due to dynamic bass support.
  • Excellently balanced frequencies resulting in great noise cancellation.
  • The quality of the cables and port jack is good and flexible.
  • Efficient rotational housing provided with the ear cups.


  • The adjustable metal headband tends to become stiff at times.
  • The portable bag provided is not durable and gets torn easily on rough usage.
  • Quality of the faux leather body is highly prone to external scratches and sweat.

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5. Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Over-Ear Headphones; Best in durability

Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Frequency response range up to 8Hz – 25,000Hz.

The maximum load rating is 500 mW.

Comfortable padded ear cups with an elegant ergonomic body.

Natural and warm sound reproduction with accurate noise reduction levels.

Circumaural ear coupling for highest ear comfort during extreme music play.

High ambient noise attenuation with optimal bass adjustment.

This Sennheiser headphone offers maximum flexibility and comfort to the users when in action for long hours of sound play. This is one of the best headphones for music play and has a unique noise cancellation mechanism that prevents outside interference from interfering with the quality of the sound.

It has a premium black built body that is highly durable and is resistive to external scratches and disturbances. The collapsible ergonomic design helps in aggressive noise isolation that is best suited for the DJ’s, Professional home & recording studios, Music listening and mixing.

It comes with a cable jack plug of 3.5 / 6.3 mm stereo and coiled connection cable of minimum 1.3 m to maximum 3 m.  They are made up of high-quality wires are help in the highest sound transmission when connected to external electronic devices like phones, laptops, DVD players etc.

The extremely robust construction combined with supreme sound quality makes it a perfect fit for your years and keep them protected even after long hours of usage.

The folding and the super rotational ear cups allow a room for space-saving transport and can be easily carried from one place to the other. It is flexible to use due to the Tough single-sided cable support on one side.

The sound pressure level sensitivity is 113 dB that allows a total harmonic distortion of 0.1%. It has a nominal impedance of 64 Ω that boats supreme bass levels and preserves the quality of vocal levels in the sound. 


  • A rich level of ambient noise attenuation.
  • Supreme comfort in wearing and adjusting the ear cups.
  • Adequate cushioning for ear comfort.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design body.


  • Does not come with a microphone.
  • The noise cancellation mechanism could have been better.
  • Headband adjustment is very tight and stiff to use at times.

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6. OneOdio Adapter-Free Headphones; Best in specifications and smart features

Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Frequency response range up to 20Hz-20KHz.

Maximum input power is 300mW with a power rating of 30mW.

50mm large-aperture efficient speakers with Premium Soft Ear Cushion ear cups.

High definition sound with efficient noise cancellation feature.

fatigue-free listening experience with 90° swiveling ear cups.

single-ear monitoring with a foldable compact design.

This is an adapter free OneOdio headphone that is made up of Newest 50mm Neodymium Drivers for superior sound output with accurate bass levels.

This is one of the best headphones for Professional Studio Monitor and Mixing at this price range and has wide specifications to offer within this price. The headband is adjustable and stretchable according to your requirement and can fit on to your head without any hassle.

It requires no extra splitters to connect and can connect multiple headphones to a single device due to its Share port technology.

It comes with standard-sized detachable 6.35mm plug and 3.5mm plug. It can connect to a long DJ-style 9.8-foot cord. The dual-duty cable is a boon to the people who are looking for a suitable headphone for multitasking and is a perfect solution for an adapter free life. 

The microphone recognises clear human voice and makes the sound noise-free during transmission. The cable can be extended to an ideal length, and people can enjoy the sound at a large distance from the connected electronic device.

The sensitivity of the headphone is 110dB +- 3dB and has an impedance of 32 Ohms. It comes with a durable pouch and a warranty period of one year on the device. The longevity of the headphone is high, and this product has received the highest forms of positive feedback from its customers due to its supreme quality sound.


  • 8D bass boosted music works the best in this headphone.
  • Cable length is long for use at a greater distance.
  • Supremely built with fatigue-free listening experience for the ears.
  • Value for money headphones as compared to the services provided.


  • Sound tends to become dull after using it for a long time.
  • The Bass effect could have been better.
  • Ear cushions not at all adjustable to sweat and body heat.  

7. Sony MDR-7506 headphone: Best in bass

Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Frequency response range up to 10Hz-20KHz.

sensitivity of 106 dW/mW.

40mm drivers with efficient Neodymium magnets speakers.

Advanced technology and superior hardware with efficient noise cancellation feature.

Outstanding reduction of external noises by closed-ear elegant design.

3.5 mm gold plated  stereo jack for superior performance.

This is one of the best sony headphones that come with superior bass enhancement technology and high-end performance for music lovers and pro gamers.

The 40 mm dynamic driver can provide detailed and excellent quality of sound with proper adjustment in the vocal levels that provide a pleasing listening experience to the users. Both sides of the ear cups consist of soft and durable cushions that are very useful for long term jamming sessions.

The headphone can be easily folded and can be carried on the pouch included with the product. 

It comes with 6.3 mm adaptor and 1/4-inch stereo adaptor that provide reliable and stable signal connection and transmission of sound.

The 3.5 mm stereo jack is gold plated that makes the product even more durable and long-lasting with a 9.8 ft long cord. The headphone can be used up to a very distant length due to the cord size and has a wide range of media applications.

With a sensitivity of 106 dW/MW and impedance of 24 ohms, this headphone cuts down the external noises for you to concentrate more on your audio. The volume is surprisingly loud and clear even for low volumes, and there is a consistency in the levels of vocals and bass.

The robust built quality of the ear pads with soft cushions provide suitable support for your ears and is highly resistive to body temperature and sweat.

Therefore it can be used during workouts. The headphone is a boon for recording purposes in a studio and eliminates noises to a very high extent.


  • A real value for money with upgraded specifications.
  • Professional level of recording and sound mixing
  • High noise reduction in the external environment.
  • Superior built body with thick cushion ear pads for extra comfort.
  • Robust built quality with long cable length.


  • Microphone tends to become low at times on its own.
  • The soft case is not durable and lacks durability.
  • Difficult to adjust when it is fit over the head.

8. Shure SRH440 headphones; Best in sound quality

Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Frequency response range up to 10Hz-22KHz.

Sensitivity of 105 dB @ 1 kHz.

Neodymium magnets with 40mm drivers.

Impedance and power handling with professional-level reduction of external noises.

Collapsible construction and Enhanced frequency response.

Soft, durable cushions on both sides for a superior listening experience.

This is one of the best headphones for gaming that comes with a frequency range of 10 Hz to 22,000 Hz. It consists of neodymium magnets that provide standard quality sound required for professional music lovers.

The adjustable headband is easy to use, and the length can be changed according to your preference. Due to its collapsible construction, it can provide accurate audio levels across an extended range.

It comes with a 3m coiled, detachable cable and 3.5 mm audio jack that can connect to most of the external audio electronic devices. As it is detachable, it can be easily removed from the headphone and can be carried from place to place.

The built quality and the elasticity of the wire are extremely good for a long term use and can be used for studios and production, ideal for audiophiles.

It has an impedance of 44 ohms and impedance of 105 DB @ 1 kHz for superior bass enhancement and sound quality output. It is lightweight and foldable as a result of which it has a useful application in portability.

It comes with one year of manufacturer warranty and replaceable cables. The closed-back design helps to provide excellent audio engineering sound from conference and meetings to performances and production.

Overall it is a decent headphone from this price point of view and has superior performance as compared to its competitors.


  • Bayonet clip provided to lock the detachable cable into the ear cup.
  • Good comfort and portability due to its unique design and adjustable headband.
  • Brilliant noise reduction with superior bass adjustment levels.
  • The coiled cable is of excellent quality and is made of rich quality wire for the best audio transmission.


  • Does not come with a microphone.
  • Customer service not up to the mark and needs to be upgraded.
  • The box packing of the headphone could have been better.


This was all about our pick of best studio headphones. We have tried to wrap up every feature of the headphone to help you with your decision. If you still find the problem in picking the best stuido headphone please reach us through the comments we would love to help you.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Studio Headphones India

What are studio Headphones? Where will be used?

Studio headphones are meant to be used for technical purposes for producing music. Technologies have evolved, and now studio headphones are coming with a lot of exclusive features. Now you can mix sounds, and can change the bass settings to understand the ups and downs of tune.

These products are in demand as music studios are incomplete without these models.

If you are reading this, then you must be pondering about buying a studio headphone for you. And before that, you must know some facts about studio headphones which you need to consider when purchasing. In the upcoming section, we will discuss those facts separately.

Types of Studio Headphones

There are different types of headphones, depending on their ear cups or ear cans. Based on how open or closed their ear cups headphones can be classified into three parts:

Closed-back headphones

Closed-back headphones have solid ear cups. It prevents sound from leaking out. Thus it is most commonly used in studios.

It also reduces the risk of external sound entering. Thus it is perfect for the vocalists and singers as they can concentrate on minute details as there is no outer noise coming to the ears.

But, these models have a tendency to trap bass frequencies and over-emphasizes them, which can affect primary mixing.

Open Back Headphones

These models have fully open ear can design with perforated metal serving as the cover. As the name suggests, these openings do not prevent external sounds, and hence they can provide you with a natural ambience, that is somehow, soothing for the ears.

Also, it does not emphasize bass, so it is good for mixing and mastering sound. But due to perforation, external sounds may enter and thus makes it not very suitable for recording.

Semi-open back headphones

If you want the best in both aspects, then you may try these semi-open back headphones. But, technically, they don’t provide you with what you exactly wish for. These models have partly open ear cups. That means external sounds can also enter but in a lesser amount.

Thus, it is not perfectly suitable for voice recorders, but, singers, who want some natural ambience for recording can opt for these.

Advantages of studio headphones

Accurate Representation of the source sound:

Professionals mainly use studio Headphones while recording or editing sounds. They need to know how it exactly sounds, as they are creating it. If we want to look into the advantages, the answers are threefold.

Studio headphones let you judge how the actual sound is—you can’t judge on a piece of music which is auto-tuned. Most normal headphones modify the audio by imparting distortion. Thus, it makes the audio to sound better.

Frequency Range:

Normal headphones have a low-frequency range. So, it does not understand if anything bad is happening in extremely high or extremely low frequencies. Studio headphones offer a wide range of frequencies. So, you can indicate the distortions in extremely high or low frequencies.

Durable constructions with features:

These models are made to drag out all the garbage sounds, that are present in your audio. Also, they are durable enough to last for 5 to 10 years and even after that if it is used sensibly.

Disadvantages of Studio headphones:

Well, it is not all- rosy with studio headphones. There are some disadvantages, also. The cons of using studio headphones are as follows.

Ear fatigue can set with studio headphones. Sound artists have to work a long time with headphones on. These effects will not let you trust on your ears and mix instincts easily. Therefore, it is advised to give some rest to your ears after using them for an extended period.

Also, it isn’t easy to set panning on headphones when you are collaborating with studio monitors. Setting a perfect stereo image can also be difficult in such conditions.

Often it happens that mixes sounds too wide in headphones but sounds narrow in the monitor. This can be counted as a drawback of the studio headphones.

Studio headphones are bulky, and it can be a minus point when using for a long time. Closed-back headphones can produce dry or too raw sounds due to their lack of natural space and room acoustics.

It is not over yet, scroll below to know more features of studio headphones before buying:


The response is generally referred to the ability of a studio headphone to reproduce the signals that are accidentally going through them.

It needs that all components of your product should work perfectly to get a flat frequency response.

No headphone can give you a perfectly flat frequency. But nowadays headphones are striving towards achieving at least getting most of it.

A good headphone delivers the same signal as output as it was sent from the source. It keeps the audio unaltered so that you can get a reliable output.


Comfort is one of the most necessary requirement when you are opting for a studio headphone. They are comparatively heavy than normal headphones.

Wearing a long time can be a drag to you. If your headphone is squeezing on your head or if it is falling away, you might not get the result that you required.

Apart from a good sound, comfort is the second thing to look after.

Built, Design, Style:

Well, everyone wants a model that looks eye-catching and stylish. There are many glamourous and iconic models available in the market.

But we need to understand that every headphone is designed for specific purposes, just as we have discussed the functionality of open and closed-back headphones before.

Each of them is designed for their specific uses. While some of the models are designed for drummers with high noise isolation, some headphones are specially built for gamers.

You need to pick one as your need.

Special Features:

Some special features are present in modern models that can make your experience better.

Voice Assistants:

Some headphones have built-in voice assistants like Siri or Alexa. These headphones should be connected with a smartphone.


Some headphones are made waterproof. It is measured by the Ip ratings from 0-9. The last is 9 which signifies excellent resistance from the water. It increases durability as well.


These headphones can monitor your heart by taking data from your ear, like the smart bands via sensors. Using a mobile app, you can check the data for a better stat. 

Well, these are some of the special features that are available nowadays. But you should keep in mind which your priority is and you should never compromise on that.


Amplification is something which we look for when opting for a studio headphone. It is the feature by which the product emphasizes the sound. There are 80 and 250ohm product available in the market. There are some basic differences between 80 and 250-ohm headphones that are explained below:

What is the difference between 80 Ohm and 250 Ohm headphones? 

The main difference between the two headphones is that the 80-ohm model has more bass. It reaches by having less harsh/less prominent treble. Whereas in 250 ohm that is quite a bit harsher.

That is why 250-ohm headphone is suitable for studio/mixing work and not for normal listening. 250 Ohms are mainly used for critical listening. Although for mixing, 80 ohm also holds a good result.

Should you get amped up about high-impedance headphones?

The high impedance headphones are the ones which are less sensitive or can be called as a sound quieter. It quiets sounds by using the built-in amplification. These models require more power to drive.

It generally has a thinner voice coil which can produce less distortion and a better level of bass reproduction. However, this will work in your existing setup but get the most of this; you need to get more accessories like audiophile-grade types of equipment or special ear cans.

Headphones connectivity

Every headphone has its jack & pinout. These jacks play a very important part of delivering audio. The output depends on the types of jack. Various kinds of jacks are available in the market. These are explained below.

Audio lightning jack:

These produce sounds without reducing it. These jacks have the pinout for Pin GND Earth, Pin L0p Line 0+, L0N Line 0- etc. These jacks squeeze sound and can only transmit 16-bit quality to the listener.

Micro jack 2.5mm: 

The diameter of the jack is 2.5mm. It is hard to find and is usually used in cables of smartphones. If you insert TS plug into TRRS connector, it can be harmful. On the other hand, inserting the TRRS plug to the TS pin causes no issues.

Micro jack 3.5mm: 

These are the most widely used jack and is used in almost all types of products. Here T5 cable is used to connect microphones. TRS is the most common type having three pinouts left, right & ground. TRRS has four pinouts with one extra for microphones.

Headphone jack 6.3mm: 

These are very rare and are only used in professional music equipment. It has mainly two types of pins. For two pins, first is the microphone and second is ground. For three pins, they are left, common and ground.

Headphone Cord:

The length of the cord is important when you have to move around the studio. You need a longer length of cord for moving around.

Quality of Sound:

This is a last but not the least feature to check. You need a headphone with noise elimination and as less distortion as it can provide. Also, the amplification and amount of trouble in reaching the bass will decide the quality of output you can get.

These are the important facts which should be taken care of. It is suggested to choose a product which suits your requirement while meeting these guidelines.  

FAQ’s For the Best studio headphones India

  1. What is the difference between studio headphones and regular headphones?

    Studio headphones are more upgraded models with advanced features. It is mainly used in mixing and mastering. You can understand the minute ups and downs with it. In normal headphones, you can’t differentiate it as they are designed for more regular use. 

  2. Can you use studio headphones for gaming?

    Studio headphones are made for music studios and music productions. They usually don’t have in-built mics. Unless you are going to purchase a microphone, there is no point of using it while gaming.

  3. Studio Monitors vs Studio Headphones?

    Studio monitors are always preferable when it comes to mixing. But good mixing is also possible in a headphone. Mixing with headphones may lack depth. The sound may be winded up very in-your-face and loud. But monitors require an adequate room and an acoustically treated environment. It is best if you opt for a combination for both monitors and headphones for mixing & referencing respectively.

  4. Who do use Studio Headphones?

    Studio headphones are essential for people who work with sound and music. It is mainly used for sound mixing and amplifying. Sound artists, musicians and singers are the ones who use this type of product.

  5. Do I need a Headphone Amp or Audio interface with Studio Headphones?

    You may need a headphone amp. But it all depends on the interface. Maximum interfaces come with a headphone jack. They also have a volume control of the jack. Also, the level of the outputs might still be too weak to drive your headset. 

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