6 Best Motorised Projector Screen in India 2021- [Detailed Review]

Who doesn’t like a movie theatre-like experience right in the comfort of their home? I’m sure you must have wished for a huge screen right in the middle of your living room and imagined yourself enjoying an evening movie with your friends and family.

Well, projectors rightly bring the grand ambience to your home, so much which even the biggest TV screens fail to do so. 

If you’re planning to buy the best projector for home, let me first congratulate you on your choice. It is going to be one of the best buys you’d have made recently.

Your living space is now going to brighten up with some memorable times spent with your loved ones.

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If you work from home, a projector at your office space will also be an ideal 

To have an ideal setup, I am sure you must have got the best projector online (if not, please check this article out to select the one that suits you the best).

Where most people go wrong is when they think their job is done just by buying the best projector. But you’re missing the finishing touch if you do not pair that up with the best-motorized screen.

If you get yourself just any projector screen, there are high chances even the best of projectors would fail to give you the experience you invested in.

For you, we’ve done our research on the various motorized screens price, evaluated their pros and cons, and listed the best motorized projector screen in India.

We’ve evaluated these products on various factors such as size, viewing angle, gain, and affordability.

As you read further, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the best motorized projector screens. Do not forget to check out the buyer’s guide at the end of the article to evaluate your needs before making your purchase.

Best motorised projector screen in India 2021

Below is the list of best projector screens India. Depending on your budget, usage needs which can be entertainment or professional, a placement that can be indoors or outdoors.

ProductSizeGainAspect RatioVideo SupportBuy Now
Inlight Motorised Projector Screen
(Editor's Choice)
120 Inch1.21.2Ultra HD, 3d and 4k compatible Amazon
ELCOR Motorized Projector Screen106 Inch1.116:093D, 4K and Ultra HD Amazon
Punnkk E8 Motorized Projector Screen120 InchN/A4:03Ultra HD, 3D, and 4K  Amazon

Liberty Vega Projection Screen
120 InchN/A16:9Ultra HD, 3D, and 4K Amazon
Akia Screens120 Inch1.04:3, 16:9, 2.35:18K, 4K, Ultra HD, 3D formats Amazon
Elite Screen Sable frame100 Inch1.14:3, 16:9Ultra HD, 3D, and 4K Amazon

Now let’s move to know more about the each projector screens in the list.

1.Inlight Motorised Projector Screen – Easy to use and Easy to Handle Ultra HD experienceInlight 120 inches Diagonal, UHD-3D-4K Ready best Motorised Projector Screens in india 4_3 Aspect Ratio, 8 Ft x 6 Ft (White)

  • High gain black fabric material that is easy to maintain, eliminates light penetration, enhances picture contrast and colour reproduction
  • Low maintenance and easy to use, dimensions are 8ft X 6ft and 120 inches diagonally 
  • UV coating that doesn’t let the light hurt the eyes
  • Remote controlled and ultra HD, 4k and 3k compatible
  • Lifetime lubricated motor for silent and no noise operation

The Inlight motorised projector makes its place in the first place when it comes to the best 4k projector in India. It becomes the ideal pair for your projecting device with its 8 feet by 6 feet large screen with a diagonal length of 120 inches. 

The surface offers a gain of 1.2 for superior projection and is the ideal solution when it comes to watching the movie, classroom usage, business presentation, and conferences.

With the back of the surface blacked out, you can be assured no light passes through the screen offering you the ultimate viewing experience.

The surrounding black masking on the screen offers better visibility and color contrast, suitable even in a room with ample daylight.

The Inlight motorised projector is a noise-free screen due to its synchronized motor driving device and comes with a wired and wireless remote option.

It makes for ultra HD, 3K and 4K quality video viewing and supports all the projectors available in the market

The casing is rust free and comes with sturdy hinges to hang the screen on the wall. 

The screen is made up of synthetic water-friendly fabric that makes it very easy to maintain and can be cleaned with normal water. 

When you use the Inlight motorised projector, you can sit back and enjoy the smooth motion, high contrast, and richer coloured videos.

If you have a large space where you want to set up your projector, this screen suits your requirement the best with its 180 degrees viewing angle.

The projection goes easy on eyes as the screen is anti-UV coated and has a+++++ grade fabric. Even when viewing from a distance or slant angle, the projections won’t hurt your eyes.


  • Remote-controlled projector screen
  • Compatible with 3D, 4K and Ultra HD
  • Viewing angle of 180 degrees
  • Fabric of a+++++ grade
  • Synchronized motor for noise-free operation
  • Black coated for smooth and contrasted picture quality
  • 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee


  • Aspect ratio is 4:3, while most of the modern videos are of the aspect 16:9

2.ELCOR Motorized Projector Screen – The perfect projector for outdoor viewingELCOR lite Series Electric Best Motorized Projector Screen, 106-Inch Diagonal in 16_09 Format, 1080P Full hd, 4k Technology

  • Viewing Area: 52″ height x 92″ width with 106″ Diagonal in 16:09 Ratio
  • Comes with ultra-HD, 3D and 4K technology
  • In-built lifetime lubricated motor for noise-free operation
  • Remote operation with cordless remote
  • Anti-UV coating for strain-free and fatigue less viewing

The next addition in the list of the motorised projector screen is the Elcor motorised projector. It comes in a decent size of 4ft X 6ft and a diagonal screen length of 84 inches.

The Elcor motorised projector screen is one of the easiest to use projection screens available. You can move it and set it up as you please without the use of any tools.

The aspect ratio of 16:09 offers an enhanced resolution and smooth motion for all types of projectors available.

The Elcor screen white matte projectors make sure that no light is reflected and you get the ultimate picture quality.

The screen comes coated with a black matte finish on its front borders as well as the backside to make it an ideal pick for outdoor events.

Coupled with its 1.1 gain fabric and a viewing angle that spans 160 degrees, you can be assured to clear visuals even in a large gathering under broad daylight.

The screen is easy to carry and maintain, you can easily roll it in and out with remote control. It can be hanged on both walls and ceiling as per your décor and needs.

The motor is well lubricated to make sure no operation noise spoils your viewing experience. The fabric dons an anti-UV coating to provide strain-free projection.

the Elcor screen makes up for the best projector screen for outdoors with its compatibility with 3d and 4K videos.

The Elcor motorised projector comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year.


  • Map screen easy to roll
  • Clear quality videos with 1.1 gain fabric
  • A decent viewing angle of 160 degrees
  • Black coating to eliminate light penetration
  • Easy to clean, maintain and move


  • less warranty

3.Punnkk E8 Motorized Projector Screen – Ideal pick for a home theatre experiencePunnkk E8 Best Motorized Projector Screen Size -8Ft(Width) X 6Ft(Height), 120 Inches 4_03, with Remote Control,Electric Projection Screen, Active 3D

  • 8ft x 6 ft, 120-inch projector screen that gives 4:03 aspect ratio
  • The matte white screen fabric material of 0.38 mm width
  • Remote control to regulate configuration and operation
  • Easy to use, low maintenance

The Punnkk E8 motorized projector screen is another sturdy, affordable and a simple screen available in India today.

It is designed for ease of use with an attached and remote controller that is compact and sleek looking.

The 8ft X 6 ft screen can be adjusted well to your room setting, easily mounted on the wall or ceiling as you like it.

The screen supports ultra HD, 3D, and 4K technology to give you an unparalleled viewing experience.

The black material coated at the back of the screen eliminates any external light to penetrate the screen, offering you an ultimate quality visual.

The borders of the screen is coated with the same black material to enhance color contrast and visibility.

The overall design of the Punnkk E8 is sturdy and compact with its motor and machinery well concealed within the strong metal casing.

The functioning of the screen is completely electric controlled. It is simple and easy to operate and doesn’t make any sound while you roll the screen.

The white matte screen is durable and can easily be cleaned with soap water. 


  • Easy and sturdy mounting options
  • Sleek remote control
  • Noise-free function
  • Sturdy material and good quality fabric used in the screen
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Supports 3D, 4K, and ultra HD


  • 150 degree viewing angle constraints the area of viewing
  • 4:3 aspect ratio may not be suitable for all videos

4.Liberty Vega Projection Screen – Luxurious cinema look to your home theatreLiberty Vega Projection Screen 120_(4.9'x8.75')(16_9) Manto best Motorized projector screen 4 in 1 Remote

  • The elegant and square casing that rolls a screen of the 120-inch diagonal length
  • Superior quality high gain Matte ivory white screen
  • Provides an aspect ratio of 16:9
  • Viewing angle of 160 degrees
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty

Liberty offers an elegant looking projection screen – Vega, to compliment your home theatre just perfectly. It comes with a large screen of 120 inches diagonal length.

You can use it for viewing in a large living space or an office space. The compact frame design of the liberty vega just compliments your space and take away the attention.

The screen is coated with a high-quality ivory white material to ensure proper reflection.

The Liberty Vega also can be the right choice if you are planning to use your screen for the outdoors due to its high gain screen.

The screen provides a decent 160-degree viewing angle and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

When you purchase the Liberty vega screen, you get a one year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Sleek looking screen and remote
  • High-quality gain
  • One year’s manufacturer’s warranty
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Supports 3D, 4K, and ultra HD
  • 120 inches with 16:9 aspect ratio support


  • 160-degree viewing angle constraints the area of viewing
  • Not decently priced

5.Akia Screens 120 Inch Motorized Electric Projector Projection Screen – Experience true quality

Akia Screens 120 inch Motorized Electric Projector Projection Screen, 16_9, 8K 4K Ultra HD 3D Ready Wall_Ceiling Mounted, 12V Trigger, Remote, AK-MOTO

  • Supports 8K, 4K, Ultra HD, 3D formats
  • Remote control for seamless configuration
  • Adjustable screen to accommodate a variety of aspect ratios
  • Backside layered  with black colour to eliminate light penetration
  • Gain of 1.0 for enhanced brightness and colour contrast

Akia is a renowned leader in the space of world-class projector screens with its presence across the globe and has been trusted immensely for its service and superior quality products.

As a brand that has been 15 years in the business, Akia makes customer satisfaction seamless with life-time support through mail, chat and call.

The Akia  120” projector screen kit comes with the screen, a remote control, and a trigger to synch the screen with the projector power cycle.

Depending on your usage requirements, you can either hang it down from your ceiling or mount it on a wall with easy remote controlled drop-down/up.

The front display screen has a coating of MaxWhite matte finish material and provides a viewing angle of 180 degrees.

The screen comes compatible with 8K, 4K, Ultra HD, and 3D videos with amazing high definition bright images.

The Akia 120” projector screen offers a gain of 1.0 and is customizable to the aspect ratios of 4:3, 16:9, 2.35:1

It’s a 104.65 inch X 58.8-inch screen with a diagonal length of 120 inches.

The case is pretty sturdy and durable with added suspensions and the synchronized motors help in noise elimination.

The back of the screen is layered in black to offer you a better contrast loss-free visual.

The warranty you get on this product is of 12 months against any manufacturing defect.


  • Supports 8K, 4K, Ultra HD and 3D videos
  • Adjustable aspect ratios of 4:3, 16:9 and 2.35:1
  • Noise free operation
  • Black coating at the back to provide better quality visuals
  • Superior quality MaxWhite front screen fabric


  • A decent gain of 1.0 as compared to competitors’ providing a gain of 1.1
  • Remote connectivity is low
  • Roll up/down motion is not smooth

6.Elite Screens Sable Frame Projector Screen Kit – The screen made for all type of videos

ELCOR lite Series Electric Best Motorized Projector Screen, 106-Inch Diagonal in 16_09 Format, 1080P Full hd, 4k Technology

  • A 100-inch diagonal wide projector screen with a view size of 49 inches X 87 inches
  • 1.1 screen gain coated with CineWhite coating
  • 160-degree viewing angle with a black coating at the back
  • 2.7 inches aluminium frame – easy to carry
  • Tensioned rod and spring system for easy installation 
  • 2 years manufacturers’ warranty

The Elite Sable frame projector allows you to enjoy all types of video from the age old 4:3 aspect ratio ones to the 16:9 modern ones.

The screen can support 4K quality and 3D videos and offers a well-contrasted video due to the black coating at its back.

The kit comes with a sturdy and durable aluminum frame that gives you an option to wall-mount or hang from the ceiling.

The screen is further blacked on its borders so to prevent projector overshoot and offers you a premium visual experience

It is easy to set up and you receive the complete set that includes sliding wall brackets, drywall anchors, and screws.

The warranty period you get from this manufacturer is of 2 years which is quite better as compared to the rest of the products.

With everything in place, the Elite Sable frame projector truly offers you an experience you get in the cinemas.


  • Supports 4K, Ultra HD and 3D videos
  • Adjustable aspect ratios of 4:3 and 16:9
  • Noise free operation
  • Black coating at the back and borders to provide high contrast and better colours
  • Easy setup that holds the screen perfectly with its rod and spring combination


  • Warranty doesn’t cover the screen
  • Priced at quite premium, will require an equally premium projector to fully make use of the screen


Though every screen has its own set of pros and cons, the Inlight motorised projector tops the list with its easy to use functionality and the quality of video experience it offers.

The screen gain of 1.2 makes it the best 4k projector in India within this range. It suits both indoor and outdoor usage.

Another suitable projector for outdoors is the Elcor motorised projector that offers premium quality videos support spanning from 4K, 3D and Ultra HD. The aspect ratio of 16:9 it offers makes it suitable for widescreen viewing.

If you need a sleek looking sturdy framed screen, the Punnkk E8 motorized projector screen can be an ideal screen for you. The side and border black coating make it the right projector screen for dark rooms.

The Liberty Vega and Elite Sable frame projectors offer a sleek touch to your living area or office area given its sleek, sturdy, and compact design.

And if you’re a fan of 3D movies, 4K quality visuals, the Akia 120 inch projector screen makes just the perfect projecting partner for your projector with its ability to support even 8K quality videos.

Best Motorized projectors in India Buyer’s guide 

How to choose the best projector screen?

Projector and projector screens are probably one time buys in your life, hence you would not want to invest in a product that doesn’t suit your needs.

While choosing the best projector screen in India, you must take into consideration a few factors that might steer you clear from buying the wrong screen.

Screen size

It is important that you decide the screen size you want to look at in your setup. This might depend on the viewing area of your room as well as the distance from which the people will watch the screen.

Do not try to settle for a smaller screen just because it would save you some money. Let us tell you that all the screen sizes are available in the market with just a slight price variation.

Aspect Ratio

It is the proportion of the width of the screen to its height. Different types of videos like movies, HDTV, PC and general videos have different aspect ratios and you get customized projectors for different aspect ratios. 

Depending upon your usage, select the one that supports the right kind of aspect ratio.

For HDTV, it’s 16:9. Widescreen PCs generally have a ratio of 16:10, the movies that you watch are mostly of 2.35:1 format and the general videos have a ratio of 4:3.


Another aspect you should not miss out while selecting the best projector screen is the gain that the screen offers. It is the measurement of how much light the screen reflects. 

A screen with 1.0 gain means that it reflects back all the light that falls on it. Anything greater than 1 is a plus point for you as the screen even reflects backlight, offering you enhanced brightness, clarity, and contrast.

This becomes even more important if you want to use your projector screen for outdoor viewing. However, a screen with greater gain decreases the viewing angle.

For in-depth info about gain go this site: screen gain

Viewing angle

As the name suggests, it is the measurement of how wide or how greater an angle can the screen cover around itself without affecting the quality.

It is important that you understand your needs first and then take a call on where you would want to compromise, the viewing angle (suitable for a larger space) or the gain (suitable for outdoor viewing)

Frequently asked questions while purchasing the motorized projector screens

What is a motorised projector screen?

Motorized projector screen reflects all the light that falls on its surface, hence are preferred types of screen for projection purposes. 

Are motorised projector screens worth it?

Yes, they are worth it because they do not absorb light and give a distorted quality view. You would easily get a decently priced screen if you have a projector. This would be a small investment, but you will soon notice the huge difference it brings in the experience.

Do 4K videos need a special screen?

You should always prefer a screen that supports 4K viewing as the surface of the fabric in such screens have small grits that capture the high-quality pixels perfectly.

How far should the projector be from the screen?

For a screen that is 100 inches, the projector should be placed between 122 to 133 inches. If the screen is 120 inches, you should maintain a distance of 147 to 160 inches. A screen that is 150 inches large would require a distance of 184 to 200 inches from the projector.

Do projection screen matter, can’t I just use a bedsheet instead?

Screens help you get enhanced quality images and are compatible with all types of modern quality viewing, right from 3D to 8K. You definitely won’t get the same experience from a bedsheet, even if you forget the instability and wrinkles it may get.

We hope you got enough knowledge about buying the right projector screen for your home or office. If you like reading the review, please share your views on the comment, we would be happy to know your views or to answer any more queries that you may have. 

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