7 Best Mesh WIFI in India 2021 With Unboxing Videos

Do you get frustrated with the dead zones of your home that won’t catch the Wi-Fi network? Well, we’ve all been there. The one-stop solution to your problem is a mesh wifi router.

So, What is a mesh router? A mesh wifi router is a next-generation router that uses a mesh network, or multiple routers, to ensure every corner of your home gets adequate wifi coverage

The mesh technology blankets your entire home and seamlessly connects your device to the nearest node available without a loss in connection.

Compared to the old traditional routers that leave you with dead zones, mesh routers offer uninterrupted, strong, and steady extended coverage no matter where you are.

In this article, I have researched and prepared a list of the best mesh wifis in India to help you decide and buy the best option that suits your needs.

I have evaluated all top brands available in the market and ranked them on various factors like coverage, attainable speed, number of devices it can connect, affordability, side by side comparison of each model specifications, technical features, peoples usage experience, and finally one of my own experience.

Apart from the above factors, there are certainly other factors as well that you need to consider while buying the ideal router for your home or office and I will be discussing them in detail in the product review section below.

Make sure you don’t miss reading the buyer’s guide and FAQ section at the end of the article.

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At the end of the article, I’m sure you’ll get all your doubts about buying the best mesh router. i have done the all research so that you can buy accordingly.

Best mesh wifi in India in 2021 

Here is a list of the best mesh wifi in India. As you can see, these products are amongst the preferred mesh wifi routers people are using in 2021. These are ranked based on their range, internet speed, customer ratings, price, and other technical performances.

Tip: The mesh wifi system will depend on your internet usage. for an uninterrupted gaming experience, to run your small business, to have more devices connected, or to have a seamless connection through the thick walls of your home or piece of further knowledge, I suggest you read every detailed product reviews below and the pros and cons of products that I wrote below so that you can make the best decision.

ProductCoverageAmazon RatingsSpeedPrice
TP-Link Deco M4 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System
(Editor's Choice)
5500 sq ft4.4 (2,383 ratings)1167 Mbps Amazon
Netgear Orbi RBK50 Tri Band Mesh WiFi System5000 sq ft4.3 (6,373 ratings)1.7 Gbps Amazon
Google Wifi system4500 sq ft4.5 (6,789 ratings)140 Mbps Amazon
Tenda Nova MW3 Whole Home WiFi Mesh Router System1000-1500 sq ft4.4 (301 ratings)1167 Mbps Amazon
Linksys AC 3900 Dual Band Mesh Router4500 sq ft4 (573 ratings)867 Mbps Amazon
Mercusys 300 Mbps Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System Halo S32,200 sq ft3.3 (21 ratings)300 Mbps Amazon
iBall WebWork 1200M Smart AC Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh Router1000 sq ft3.6 (65 ratings)100 Mbps Amazon

1: TP-Link Deco M4 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System – A powerful yet affordable wifi solution for large spaces

TP-Link Deco M4 Best mesh wifi in india

Highlight Features:

  • Offers a seamless Experience by forming a unified network under a single network name. Connects automatically to the devices as you move around your home or office without any interruption.
  • A pack of 3 Deco M4 covers an area of 5,500 sq. ft. Which mean you can cover a mini indoor sports stadium (Expandable to cover more area with the addition of more Decos)
  • Hassle-free setup. Step by step guide through the Deco app
  • Can connect up to 100 devices without any lags (keep in my as per my experience, speed may vary on each device)

Watch the hands-on Review & Performance of the Tp-link Deco M4 Mesh router in the below video:

Reviewnxt Check Price Image

The TP-Link Deco tops our list of the best mesh wifi router in India. TP-Link is one of the most trusted leaders in the wifi router space in India and has earned a reputation for bringing the most advanced technologies at affordable prices. 

This M4 pack comes with a set of 3 nodes and is adequate to cover a large space of 5,500 sq ft and can provide lag-free* connections up to 100 devices of about 1167 Mbps

It uses a unit-based mesh system where each unit acts as an individual node to switch your connection to the nearest unit for a steady internet connection.

The Deco app makes it easier to set up and learn about its various functionalities else watch this youtube video. It acts as a router, access point, or range extender. 

The TP-Link Deco M4 is ideal for those who have a large space and need several IoT devices to connect. 

The design is compact and sleek and can be placed anywhere in your home or office for covering every corner of your space.

The TP-Link Deco can be an ideal solution for you if you have a large house or need the best mesh wifi system for small businesses.

As it can connect up to 100 devices at the same time, small to medium business owners can efficiently browse the internet at a high-performance speed and connectivity. 


  • Coverage space of 5,500 sq ft
  • Expandable
  • a maximum speed of 1167 Mbps
  • Compatible with Alexa voice command
  • Easy setup with the Deco app
  • Can connect up to 100 devices
  • Comes with a 3 years warranty


  1. Doesn’t have a web interface to setup
  2. Reconnection takes time
  3. Customer query & complaints resolve may take some time

2: Netgear Orbi RBK50 Tri Band Mesh WiFi System – For a high performance seamless wifi experience

Netgear Orbi RBK50 Best mesh wifi in india

Highlight Features:

  • Blankets an area of up to 5000 sq ft and comes with an innovative tri-band technology that maximizes internet speed and coverage throughout your home
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo/ Alexa that lets you control the network using your voice
  • Single and secure Wi-Fi network that works with all the network providers
  • Easy and fast setup

Watch the hands-on Review & Performance of the Netgear Orbi Mesh router in the below video:

Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Netgear is another world-renowned brand in the router space for its top-of-the-line products. The Netgear Orbi makes its place among the best with its steady and high-power wifi connectivity.

It covers an area of up to 5000 sq ft and offers high-speed internet up to a massive 1.7 Gbps. The innovative Tri-band technology helps with maximum and congestion-free network speed and easily eliminates the need for any range extenders or boosters.

In the pack, the kit comes with an Orbi Wi-Fi router and satellite and NetGear armor for data protection and anti-virus for the connected devices. 

The Netgear Orbi is easy to set up and can be installed through the app or web browser. With the app, you can create guest accounts and restrict parental controls as well.

The router is fully compatible with Amazon Echo and Alexa to activate voice control. The Netgear Orbi further offers a warranty of 3 years.

Since it promises a lag-free connection and high-speed internet, it tops in the list of best mesh wifi for gaming. 

The tri-band technology that the Netgear Orbi comes with makes it the best mesh wifi for thick walls as well. (which mean you will get a signal even when you are in the bathroom ;P )


  1. Coverage space of 5,000 sq ft
  2. Parental controls and guest accounts
  3. A maximum speed of 1.7 GBPS
  4. Compatible with Alexa and Echo voice command
  5. Comes with a 3 years warranty


  1. Slightly complex to set up
  2. No support for installation and setup available
  3. Rebooting might take some time

3: Google WIFI system (set of 3) – Router replacement for whole home coverage

Google Wifi system Best mesh wifi in india

Highlight Features:

  • Smooth connectivity and optimum coverage of 4500 sq ft area, sparing no dead zone ( and buffering (as per manufacturer but you know the reality)
  • Google network assist technology for faster switch between nearest node for a seamless connection
  • 2 expandable mesh wifi ports and 2 GB speed Ethernet ports
  • Comes with an application for easy setup and manual

Watch the hands-on Review & Performace of the Google WIFI Mesh router in the below video:

Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Google recently entered the router technology space with a wifi system that can be considered the king of coverage. 

The stellar feature that the Google Wifi system provides is the wifi application it comes with. You can set up the network, set priority hierarchy between devices, limit network usage on devices and manage parental controls with a few touches.

The system can cover an area of 4,500 sq ft and can be further expanded by adding more devices as individual nodes.

It comes with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports per point WAN and LAN on primary Wifi point and offers one year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Google wifi system can be an ideal solution for people who are looking for excellent customer support and troubleshooting. 


  1. Coverage space of 4,500 sq ft
  2. Parental controls and devices prioritization
  3. 2 expandable mesh ports
  4. Google Network Assist technology
  5. Easy setup with the Google wifi app
  6. Comes with a 1 years warranty


  1. A high-priced product
  2. Struggles with multi-storey spaces
  3. Maximum attainable speed not impressive given the price

4: Tenda Nova MW3 Whole Home WiFi Mesh Router System- Easy to set up and get going

Tenda Nova MW3 Best mesh wifi in india

Highlight Features:

  • Each unit covers an area of up to 1000-1500 sq ft, giving you a total coverage space of around 3500 sqft, and can be further expanded by adding more units
  • Comes with the TendaWifi app that makes setup and management seamless and easy
  • Compatible with most of the ISPs

Watch the hands-on Review & Performance of the Tenda Nova Mw3 Mesh router in the below video:

Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Tenda is a reputed brand in the router space that is known to introduce superior routers at affordable prices. Another addition to their latest launched routers is the Nova MW3 Home WiFi Mesh Router System.

The Nova MW3 covers an area of 3,500 sq ft and can attain a maximum network speed of 1167 Mbps. The coverage space is expandable by adding more units with each unit adding up to 1000 to 1500 sq ft area coverage

It comes compatible with almost all ISPs and can connect up to 50 devices at the same time. The Tenda WiFi app makes it easier for you to set up, introduce guest profiles, manage and block websites, limit usages, and much more. 

This dual-band wifi offers optimal coverage and comes with a warranty of 3 years. It can be one of the best mesh wifi systems for gaming and small business.

The Tenda Nowa NW3 can be the best mesh wifi system for you if you are looking for seamless customer support and saves you huge costs on repair and bug fixes because of its warranty.


  1. Easy on the pocket
  2. A maximum speed of 1GBPS and covers 3500 sqft
  3. Can be connected to 50 devices without interruptions
  4. App for easy setup and management
  5. Security, parental control, option for guest accounts
  6. 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty


  1. Lesser coverage than the rest of the products
  2. Some issues with the delivery and quality of product

5: Linksys AC 3900 Dual-Band Mesh Router- The ideal mesh wifi for large spaces

Linksys AC 3900 Dual Band Best mesh wifi in india

Highlight Features:

  • Covers an area of 4,500 sqft and comes with an intuitive dual-band mesh system that effortlessly switches your connection between the nearest node without you noticing it
  • Linksys app makes it easier for you to set up, connect and introduce controls, restrictions and guest accounts
  • Supports Alexa voice control
  • Comes with a 3-years warranty

Watch the hands-on Review & Performance of Linksys AC Mesh router below video:

Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Linksys covers an impressive area of 4,500 sqft, or you can say an area that comprises around 5 bedrooms with multiple floors. The mesh system ensures a lag-free connection all the time no matter which corner of your home you are in.

The Linksys AC 3900 router comes with a pair of nodes- a router and a satellite unit and is compatible with all existing ISPs. Using the app, you can set up the network within minutes and start applying parental controls, auto-diagnose network issues, limit usage, and much more.

The dual-band technology can let you stream the internet up to a speed of 867 Mbps. The Linksys AC 3900 supports Alexa voice controls and offers a warranty of 3 years.

It is the perfect mesh wifi for homes with thick walls and even small business owners. It also saves you costs on buying a router and extender.


  1. Future proof mesh wifi technology
  2. Covers an area of 4500 sq ft
  3. Supports any ISP, router or modem
  4. Easy setup, management and control options
  5. 3 years limited warranty


  1. Customer support can be improved
  2. Frequent loss in connection
  3. Slow booting time

6: Mercusys 300 Mbps Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System Halo S3 – Seamless connectivity at a surprisingly low price

Highlight Features:

  • High-speed internet connectivity that can cover an area of 2,200 sq ft and can connect over 40 devices without a lag
  • One Wi-Fi name and one password across all units
  • Access control and device connectivity setup

If you are looking for an affordable mesh wifi router option, the Mercusys Halo S3 offers you a high-performance wifi connection with an easy switch among network nodes.

Its advanced mesh technology blankets a 2,200 sq ft area and is ideal for a small home of 2 to 4 bedrooms or small business space.  

Depending upon the speed of your internet connection, it can support an internet speed of up to 300 Mbps and can connect up to 40 devices without slowing down the speed.

With the Halo web page, you can easily set up, allow and restrict network, manage website permissions, limit usages, and much more. The Mercusys Halo S3 offers a 3 years’ manufacturer’s warranty.


  1. An affordable option for mesh wifi
  2. Automatic rerouting of the network to the nearest and fastest Halo
  3. Can connect up to 40 devices
  4. Easy setup and management
  5. 3 years manufacturer’s warranty


  1. Maximum attainable speed of 300 Mbps
  2. The coverage area of only 2,200 sq ft
  3. Product quality and design not of superior quality

7: iBall WebWork 1200M Smart Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh Router- Adequate and seamless wifi connection across all the devices

iBall WebWork 1200M Smart Best mesh wifi in india

Highlight Features:

  • Data speed of up to 100 Mbps within a range of 1000 sqft but is expandable to support more routers, thanks to the mesh technology
  • Easy switch between mesh mode and router mode
  • Easy parental control, network control, and remote management

Watch the hands-on Review & Performace of iBall WebWork 1200M Mesh router in the below video:

Reviewnxt Check Price Image

One of the most affordable and trusted brands, i-ball’s WebWork 1200M offers a decent coverage of 1000 sq ft and the highest attainable network speed of 1200 Mbps

You can connect it with more routers to suit your need for a bigger network. With an easy toggle between the router and mesh mode and MU-MIMO technology, you can be assured of seamless network coverage and connectivity.

The intuitive mesh technology detects and connects the network to the nearest node without any network loss or buffering.

With the i-ball i-connect app, it is a matter of minutes to set up and manages the network remotely. The iBall WebWork 1200M wifi mesh router offers one year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you have a medium-sized home, the i-ball WebWork can be the best mesh wifi for you to buy in India.


  1. A cost-effective alternative
  2. Easy installation and maintenance
  3. 1000 sq ft coverage space and highest speed of 1200 Mbps
  4. 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  1. Setup can be time-taking and complex
  2. The build quality is not great
  3. No USB capability and just 1 LAN port

The take-away message

While the seven best mesh wifi in India have their own set of pros and cons, The TP-Link Deco M4 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi system tops the list on the grounds of affordability, coverage area, network speed, smart features, and its ability to connect several devices. 

If you have a fairly lesser space you need connections within, you can switch to iBall WebWork or Tenda Nova MW3 and these can be the best mesh wifi router for your home.

If you are looking to buy the mesh router for your business, you can opt for Mercusys 300 and Linksys AC 3900 as they offer good connectivity speed, best for small businesses.

For gaming purposes, the Netgear Orbi and Teda Nova MW3 can be the best mesh wifi for gaming in India due to their ability to provide lag-free connections.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Mesh WIFI in India

How to choose the ideal mesh wifi system?

Mesh wifi systems are the best solution for people who stay in large spaces, have a small business with multi floors, where you need multiple devices to be connected without buffering and network loss, and also for gaming for a seamless experience (most preferred by teenagers).

There are multiple factors that you need to consider while choosing from a huge variety of mesh wifi systems.

I’m providing a video below for better understanding else you can below and read the guide

Mesh WIFI Buyers Guide By TheUnlockr

1: Maximum attainable speed:

One of the primary properties of a good router is the attainable speed it can achieve. Mesh routers provide a higher speed than the traditional routers and can give you a network speed of up to 1 to 2 Gbps compared to the traditional routers that give you close to 512 Mbps speed. 

The maximum attainable speed isn’t equivalent to the speed you’ll be getting with your network, it depends on your service provider and the package you’ve subscribed for. The maximum attainable speed only gives you the idea of the maximum speed any router can go to.

2: Coverage area

The coverage area is another important factor you shouldn’t be ignoring while purchasing a mesh wifi system. Always remember the reason you are choosing to switch to a traditional wifi system is that you want to eliminate those dead corners.

Different routers come with various coverage areas. You should always select one with the maximum under your price range. This will help you ensure that you get optimum coverage even in the farthest of corners of your home. 

3: Number of devices it can connect

Depending on your needs, you might find various options for your mesh wifi system. You should also keep a keen eye on the number of nodal devices that come with your router and whether it is expandable or not. 

If you want to use it in your home, a maximum of a dozen devices is fine to go ahead with. But if you are purchasing the router for your business, you should be able to connect at least 30 devices, to begin with. Routers with the facility to add more nodes are helpful if your business is in a growing stage.

4: Smart compatibility features

While most of the world moves to audio control, some wifi mesh systems are also made to support audio devices such as Alexa, Echo, and Google. Also, most of the wifi comes with an app that you can use to set up, manage, bug-fixing, parental controls, guest account setup, and much more.

5: Warranty 

Always consider a brand that is trustworthy and offers a good warranty period while purchasing your mesh wifi router. Sometimes, the best of the brands may offer a less warranty period and lesser-known brands may offer a good warranty period of up to 3 years.

Frequently Asked Questions while purchasing the best mesh wifi system in India?

  1.  Is mesh WiFi better?

    Mesh wifi offers you faster connectivity, better speed, and enhanced coverage to your home. It is also expandable to suit your changing internet needs

  2. When should I get a mesh wifi system?

    If you stay in a home that is bigger than 1000 sq ft, you might want to switch to a mesh wifi system as it eliminates dead spots, usually found in larger spaces. If you plan to get a seamless ISP for your small office space and have several IoT to be connected, mesh wifi can be a better option as it allows more devices to be connected due to the mesh technology.

  3. Is mesh WiFi better than powerline?

    uses the house’s electrical circuitry to extend wired connection throughout the home. The same or better speed can be provided by a mesh router, but with the advantage of being wireless.

  4. What wifi system is best for your home?

    One node is enough for a home as big as 3 bedrooms and one story. If you exceed more than that, you must consider adding more nodes for better coverage.

  5. How many devices should my wifi be able to connect to?

    Depending on your purpose of getting a mesh WiFi system, you should decide the ideal router for yourself.

    For example, if you are planning to use it for office purposes, the router should be able to connect to at least 25 devices, but depends on the size of your business. If you are looking to use it for your home, a dozen devices should do just fine.

    We hope you liked reading the complete article. If there is something you want to know more about, kindly drop a comment in the comment section below. We will be happy to help you out.


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