11 Best Graphics Cards in India 2021 – [Reviews & Buyers Guide]

A graphics card is computer hardware designed to render images onto the screen. It has become an essential component for PC gamers and video editors because it supports a wide range of visuals, graphics, and effects. The best graphics card in India come with upgraded RAM configurations that help make the display more sharp, vivid, and realistic.

The graphic cards in India are used in a wide range of laptops and desktop PCs specially designed for gaming. It helps to increase the FPS (frames per second) of a game that provides a lag-free and fantastic experience for the gamers.

Also, with the help of newly added chipsets, the colour reproduction of the graphics cards increases to a high range that is helpful for image and video editing. And not to forget the best gaming monitor also comes in place, while you are streaming High-end games.

For a variety of applications and services, two types of graphics cards used nowadays. They are as follows:

  • Integrated graphics card: They are the inbuilt graphics cards present on the motherboard for display and necessary computer activities. 
  • Discrete graphics card: They are present as an external component in the PC, which can be changed and upgraded according to the user’s requirements. They used for powerful gaming, photoshop, and professional video editing. The best graphics card for streaming and graphics design comes under this category. The discrete graphics consist of higher and dedicated memory. It supports a wide range of the latest games with rendering graphics and dynamic textures that give a realistic gaming experience to the players.

You should keep in mind certain things when you are planning to buy a graphics card for your computer. These characteristics will help you to understand and compare the best graphics card in 2021. They are as follows:


However, if you want to select anyone for a powerful processor and gaming, we suggest the ZOTAC GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti 11GB GDDR6 Graphics Card for the ultimate gaming experience.

On the contrary, if you are planning to buy within an affordable budget, then you can opt for the MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Ventus XS 6G OC GDDR6 Gaming Graphic Card. It has a lower price and is suitable both for gaming and multiple video editing applications.

Things to consider before the best graphic card

  • Memory: It is one of the essential characteristics of a graphics card that determines the output quality and any application’s performance. The greater the memory, the greater is the smoothness of the gaming. As most of the games run on high-end graphics and textures, having a good memory capacity of the graphics card is necessary.
  • Shader core: It helps to provide proper and accurate textures for your application while you are using the graphics card. It adjusts the contrast levels and provides a higher dynamic range due to which it gives a realistic effect on the screen. The shader cores are responsible for maintaining the resolution of the screen. With an increase in the resolution, the sharpness and the quality of the display also increases.
  • Bandwidth: It is the amount of memory accessible by the graphics processing unit for a particular instant of time. The greater the bandwidth, the easier it is to work and use graphics related applications like gaming, photoshop, and editing.
  • Power consumption and cooling: Since graphics cards used to process data and deliver output, they are required to estimate the heat output. This is done by the TDP (Thermal design power). If your TDP is high, then your PC will need more cooling fans and hence more power consumption. It is essential to keep your motherboard and the graphics processing unit cool for smooth performance and durability.

Best Graphics Card in India 2021

Here, we have summarised and made a table listing all the specifications and warranty for the best graphics cards in 2021 that can be an ideal fit for your PC. You will need to have a detailed view of the features and the graphics cards’ specifications that will meet your requirements and usage. 

The better the graphics card’s configuration, the more powerful it is to provide the best output to its users in terms of quality and performance.

Now, let us look at the detailed review of each product.

1. ZOTAC Gaming GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti 11GB Twin Fan 11GB GDDR6 Graphics Card: Perfect for High-End Gaming

zotac best graphics card in India

Performance Test Video:

New Turing architecture with 11GB GDDR6 memory (352 bit).

Memory type: Dedicated, Ram size: 11GB, Graphics card interface: PCI Express X8.

4k VR ready with 1 x HDMI 2.0B, 3 x DisplayPort 1.4, 1 x USB Type-C.

Memory clock speed: 14000 with 650 watts power consumption.

Firestorm software with adjustable spectral RGB lighting LED.

 Weight: 1 kg 200g.

This ZOTAC gaming GEFORCE graphics card comes with a PCI express X8 hardware interface beneficial to the next-generation GDDR6 memory. 

The graphics RAM size is 11 GB with 140000 memory clock speed for supercomputer performance. It consists of the real-time ray tracing responsible for the more significant anti-aliasing effect for good colour production on to the screen.

The graphics card’s performance is a boon to the high-end processors that require good memory clock speed for optimal performance. The ice storm 2.0 allows uniform cooling for quicker and stronger lag-free gaming performance. It prevents the internal components of the graphical unit from being damaged.

The NVIDIA Turing architecture supports a wide range of features like DirectX 12 for a lag-free performance and increased compatibility. The additional die-cast metal jack makes the graphics card more durable and stronger while in operation.

This is one of the best graphics cards in India that runs the videos and games in a full HD resolution screen with a crisp and clear display.


  • The fan does not make unnecessary noise while in operation.
  • The Output display is the best with a crisp and clear view for streaming full HD videos.
  • The Latest and high-end games played at high FPS even with the highest settings.
  • Efficient GPU utilisation according to the application requirement
  • Die-cast metal jack offers protection for structural strength.
  • Optimal balance between quality and performance for a real-time gaming experience


  • The price is a bit high as compared to graphical specifications.
  • Gets heated up during high-end application usage
  • The Active fan control mechanism is not up to the mark.

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2. MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Super Gaming X Trio 8GB GDDR6 Gaming Graphic Card; Optimal Performance for Gaming Experience

Performance Test Video:

Boost Clock with a frequency of 1770 MHz.

Video Memory RAM of 8GB GDDR6 and high-end cores of 2560 Units.

The Memory Interface of 256-bit for optimal compatibility.

Output configuration of 3 Display ports (v1. 4) and 2 HDMI 2.0 ports.

Frequency:14 GHZ and weight :1.5 kgs (27.00 x 3.00 x 12.00 cm).

This MSI Geforce super gaming X trio gaming graphics card comes with RTX super cores that provide six times faster performance as compared to the older ten series GPUs.

It has a dedicated memory of 8 GB that can optimise your game settings and provide a lag-free experience. The GeForce experience helps to keep all the drivers up to date and automatically adjusts the settings of the gaming application during live streaming.

It is one of the best graphics cards in India that used for video editing and graphics design. This card can even handle high-end games at 1440p high resolution with sharp texture and saturation levels. 

The Torx fan 3.0 is supremely built and designed that provides a cool and silent experience while in action.

The included software allows a wide range of customisations that changed according to the user’s requirement. It helps to improve the compatibility of the graphics card with the processor. 

The MSI’s mystic light software allows controlling the elegant RGB light effects present in the side of the graphics card.


  • Most of the games can run in 4K resolution with 60 FPS. 
  • Mystic lights give a special RGB gaming effect adding elegant looks to the graphics card.
  • Runs exceptionally silent and is a value for money graphic card.
  • Metallic design with a compact size that is easy to install and set up with the PC.
  • GeForce gaming platform is helpful to keep the drivers updated from time to time.


  • Heating issues and high power consumption during the highest performance.
  • The Metal back plate’s quality is not up to the mark.
  • RGB mystic light does not perform well after software updates.

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3. ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 2070 Super AMP Extreme Edition 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card; Best in Quality

Performance Test Video:

Nvidia G-sync and Ansel supported with the latest updates.

14 GHz memory clock speed with 8GB RAM.

Three display ports and 1 HDMI 2.0 ports.

2560 Cuda cores with 256-bit support.

650 watts of power consumption with in-built active fan control.

Weight : 1kg (27.00 x 3.00 x 12.00 cm).

Hardware interface: PCI Express x8

This GDDR6 super AMP gaming graphics card comes with an 8 GB memory that takes advantage of the NVIDIA Turing architecture with 2560 Cuda cores. 

The ice storm 2.0 allows uniform cooling in the processor units that keeps the card protected and safe. It has a memory clock speed of 14 GHz and weighs around 1.2 kgs.

The super spectra technology enhances the visuals by maintaining a balance between the brightness, saturation, and contrast levels to give a rich and realistic gaming experience. 

The active fan control helps to control the rotations of the fans and can use only when required, thus saves power. The heatsink fin stack has an improved aluminium heat pipe layout that ejects the heat generated from the graphics unit.

It has a power consumption of 650 watts and PCI-Express x16 Graphics Card Interface. It can connect up to 4 units of displays at a time and supports a full HD 4K resolution display without any frame drops.

It is compatible with the Windows operating system and supports the boost speed engine up to a frequency of 1830 Mhz.


  • Top class internal cooling design at this price range.
  • Suitable for live online video streaming with accurate and minute details.
  • Supports multiple applications at a time with full compatibility.
  • Triple 90 mm fans provide proper cooling that can be user-controlled.
  • Premium metallic finish optimal for graphical gaming performance.


  • Sometimes gives out a rattling sound during startup.
  • Gets heated up too much during high power consumption.
  • Few of the application does not perform well after software updates.

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4. ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 2070 Super Mini Graphics Card; Best in Durability 

8GB memory RAM with 256-Bit GDDR6.

1770 MHz Clock boost.

NVIDIA Tensor Cores with Icestorm 2. 0 rapid cooling.

1 x HDMI 2. 0B and 3 x DisplayPort 1. 4.

Zotac Hardware PCI Express x 8 interface.

This is a super-mini 8 GB graphics card that has a metal wraparound backplate with 4K ready display.

It has a graphics Card Ram Size of 8 GB and graphics RAM Type of GDDR6. The Graphics Card Interface is PCI-Express x16 that is compatible with the latest operating system and features. 

The heat pipes have direct copper contact for maximising heat extraction with efficient cooling.

It has a white LED light that lights up whenever connected to any PC. It has a solid body with a compact size that can fit easily onto any motherboard with a weight of 1.18 kilograms.

It also comes with Dual 6-pin to 8-pin cable, Dual 4-pin to 6-pin cable that can be useful for mounting purposes and is well built. This is also one of the best graphics cards for graphics design that uses high memory to load and process the applications.

The dual 90 mm fans have sleek blades that allow uniform airflow that helps to maintain the consistency of the temperature inside the PC. The 1770 Mhz memory clock speed is beneficial to run the videos and gameplays without any frame drops, which provides a smooth experience to the viewers. 

It also comes with a wide range of customisation options where users can vary the level of output performance for the installed application. 


  • Small, powerful and compact graphics card.
  • Compatible with a wide range of processors of different brands.
  • The Metallic backplate with the unique design helps to keep it protected.
  • Software updates give a new experience for gaming.
  • Turing architecture boosts frame rates for high-end applications.


  • Heating issues while GPU benchmark tests.
  • The fan makes a weird noise when highly heated up.
  • Ice storm 2.0 does not work efficiently after software updates.

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5. MSI GeForce RTX 2060 Ventus XS 6G OCV1 GDDR6 Graphics Card; Best for Rendering

6GB GDDR6 RAM with a memory speed of 1710 MHz.

Android / iOS support devices for wireless control.

HDR plus and refresh rate up to 240 Hertz.

Virtual reality rendering support with GeForce RTX experience.

500 watts power consumption with a weight of 683 grams.

Weight: 0.68 kg and memory clock speed 2 GHz .

The MSI Geforce Ventus graphics card has a dedicated memory of 6 GB that is ideally suited for smooth and tear-free gameplay. 

The plus HDR feature provides a higher dynamic range during screen rendering that produces vivid and accurate saturation levels on the output screen. This MSI powered card has three display ports and 1 HDMI port with Kombustor Directx 12 benchmark.

The dispersion fan blades maximise airflow and remove the hot air from the internal components. Artificial intelligence and programmable shading increase the visual quality of gaming applications to a great extent. 

This is one of the best graphics cards under Rs 40000 that can help increase your computer’s performance. The Torx fans well built that do not produce any extra sound during massive gameplay.

It also helps for a wide range of programming based graphics applications where you need to open and access multiple platforms at a particular time. 

The gaming experience is smooth with updated Geforce virtual reality support that gives a new and enriching experience to the gamers.

If you are planning to buy a graphics card within this budget, then this MSI powered graphics card can be the ideal choice for your computer.


  • Steeper curved blades for Torx fan 2.0 for smart cooling.
  • The High and smooth refresh rate for 1080p monitors.
  • Compact and ideal size for mini ITX cabinet.
  • Gaming compatibility is better as compared to its competitors.
  • GeForce updates and experience keeps the software updated. 


  • Traceable coil whine while in operation for high-end gaming.
  • A bit pricey graphics card from a specification point of view.
  • Heating and overclocking problems in the initial stages of installation.

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6. Zotac RTX 2060 Mini 6GB GDDR6 Graphics Card; Best in Compactness

The Memory clock speed of 14000 Mhz and 160 watts power consumption.

6GB GDDR6 RAM Memory with 1920 CUDA cores.

Nvidia chipset brand with PCI Express x8 interface.

Robust and compact as compared to Mini competitors.

3 x DisplayPort 1.4, 1 x HDMI 2.0B.

Weight:0.74 kgs (21.08 x 4.09 x 11.94 cm).

Fluid gameplay with intelligent VR recognition.

This Zotac RTX gaming card comes with a dedicated memory of 6GB that is ideal for performing high-end functions for your pc. 

It consists of 6Gb GDDR6 memory along with a clock speed of 14000 MHz for supporting multiple backend applications at a time. The shadow rendering feature is a significant feature that adds to the performance with the anti-aliasing effect.

Most of the latest games like GTA 5, Watch Dogs 2 run smoothly even in the maximum settings. The colour and gamma production is excellent, and it is easy to adjust for a better viewing experience. 

It weighs around 1.1 kgs and can be an ideal and upgraded fit for your PC’s processor for optimal performance. Due to the compact size, users find it easy to set up and install the graphics card.

The Nvidia chipset brand is trustworthy, and the Geforce experience keeps the drivers updated from time to time. It also helps to compare the compatibility of software and games on the computer. 

The dual fans efficiently built to enable smart function cooling to keep your motherboard safe from heating and damages.

The card does not produce any sound even on overclocking and keeps the consistency of the frames per second for a lag-free experience.


  • The Good overclocking speed with minimal noise.
  • No drop-in frame rates for the latest high end games online streaming.
  • Compatible with back end multiple applications and programs.
  • Drivers keep updating from time to time with the Geforce Experience.
  • Shader quality is very good with a realistic anti-aliasing effect.
  • Well built small and compact metallic body of 1.1 kgs.


  • Has high heating issues during voltage fluctuations.
  • Sometimes get stuck and makes the computer restart forcibly.
  • Costlier graphics card from price and specification point of view.

7. MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Ventus Graphics Card; Best in Customisation

The memory interface of 192-bit and 1750 MHz frequency boost clock.

Dedicated Video memory of 6GB RAM GDDR5X with OC edition.

Output: 3 Display Ports (V1. 4) and one HDMI 2. 0B port.

Memory Clock Speed of 12000 MHz with Geforce Turing shader technology.

120 watts power consumption with PCI- E graphics interface.

Weight: 0.66 kgs (40.00 x 20.00 x 10.00 cm.

This is one of the best graphics cards under Rs 30000 that comes with a memory of 6 GB and a 192-bit memory interface

It has 3x 1.4 version display ports and one HDMI 2. 0 port for a dynamic and crystal clear display. It can run rich graphics games without any stutters and provides a lag-free environment to the application users.

Due to the high-frequency boost clock mechanism, this is one of the best graphics for mining. It can also use for photoshop and standard image editing purposes without any loading issues.

It automatically adjusts to the compatibility of the games and maintains a balance between the performance and the quality, not compromising with the frames rates per second (FPS).

It recommended that you use an octa-core processor for the best performance for your PC along with this graphics card. During operation, the MSI software automatically detects the best-suited rendering settings and runs games at 1440p resolution. With the help of Geforce experience, you can save game videos and screenshots while you are playing any game.

It weighs around 669 grams and with a smart metallic well built, durable body.


  • Compatible with different processors and increases the efficiency of old processors.
  • Good benchmark testing for games like racing, adventure without any lag.
  • Smart AI detection for a greater anti-aliasing effect for the games.
  • Software updates keep the MSI chipset stabilised and error-free.
  • Nvidia control panel helps in V sync and Geforce 3 D vision.


  • Twin graphics fan creates buzzing noise during high-end games.
  • Power consumption is high as compared to the other MSI graphics card.
  • Torx fan 2.0 cooling feature stops after the software update. 

8. ZOTAC Gaming GeForce 6GB GDDR6 Graphics Card: Best in Compatibility and Engine Boost

Supports 1536 CUDA cores and 192-bit wide bus interface.

Simultaneous 4K displays up to 4 devices at a time.

Fully compatible with NVIDIA Ansel and Gsync.

6 GB DDR6 RAM with direct x 12 support.

Engine boost speed up to 1770 Mhz.

Power: 650 watts.

This belongs to the GTX family graphics card that comes paired with 6 Gb of ram and 1536 CUDA cores

It has 3 x 6 mm Copper Heat pipes that allow maximum heat to get out and keeps the processor cool and healthy. The wide aluminium heat sink array is responsible for the hot air to release at a faster rate. 

The ZOTAC gaming family supports the Firestorm application that can help to monitor the hardware status of your PC. The data transfer rate is 12 gigabytes per second and requires an operating voltage of 450 watts. 

The super elegant metallic design also adds a charming look to the graphics card and weighs only 700 gms. The game-ready drivers Zotac drivers provide full smoothest experience to the users both for gaming and graphic design applications. 

It supports multiple applications at a time with an engine speed boost of 1770 Mhz. It supports virtual reality, Nvidia Ansel, and Gsync that can be useful in program compatibility and smooth lag-free performance. 

Most of the high-end applications and videos run at 60 frames per second by default, keeping the quality of the display intact.


  • No blurry image production even at 60 FPS gaming.
  • Colour reproduction and contrast levels are natural and sharp.
  • Good engine boost speed suited for benchmark testing.
  • Available at a reasonable price with 6 GB memory.
  • Complex Lumetri corrections and rescaling work even at the highest memory settings.


  • The cooling system with the Torx fan 2.0 Dual function fails on software updates.
  • Nvidia control panel fails to detect and test the graphics card in the beginning.
  • Screen gets back out upon excessive heating and needs to restart.

9. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1650 OC 4 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card: Best in Budget

4 GB GDDR5 memory support with 2X wind forced cooling system.

AORUS engine with 128-bit support.

PCI Express 3.0 x 16 graphics card interface.

2 x HDMI and 1 x Display Port for output.

100 grams with compact and metallic design.

Power: 650 watts.

This is one of the best graphics cards under Rs 20000 that comes with a GDDR5 memory of 4 Gb

It has 2 X HDMI and 1 X display port that provides high-quality output for long hours of display. It weighs only 100 grams and is durable with a PCI Express 3.0 graphics card interface. 

The quality and the performance changes according to the program’s requirement that keeps a check on the processor’s memory usage and power usage.

It is ideal for the newer generation processor who requires rich scaling textures and sharpness for the output display. They used for a wide range of programming applications that needs to use the video memory interface for a graphical interface.

 It works best on the Windows 10 operating system and can be the best choice for the entry-level gamers at this price segment. This is one of the best graphics cards for graphics design with 128-bit AORUS engine support.

The dimensions of the product are 19.1 x 11.2 x 3.6 cms and can be installed easily without any complications. This card is optimally suited for live video streaming that keeps the quality, colour, and sharpness of the videos accurate.

There are no such heating issues when using a high-end motherboard processor with this Gigabyte Geforce graphics card.


  • Suitable for entry-level gamers at this price.
  • No pixelated output display even at the highest setting display.
  • Efficient cooling system for graphics-based applications.
  • Does not require any external power source for operation.


  • Installing the drivers is an issue for the graphics card.
  • Has software compatibility issues.
  • A significant drop in frames during the gaming benchmark test.

10. Zotac GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC 4GB Graphics Card; Best in Design

7 GHz memory clock with 4 GB of GDDR5 RAM.

Dual slot along with twin fan cooling.

The output consists of DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0 b port, DL-DVI.

Card Length 174mm x 111.15mm.

768 CUDA cores with PCI- E express graphics card interface.

This GTX Geforce 1050 Ti graphics card comes with an internal memory of 4 Gb and 7 GHz clock memory

It supports the Direct x 12 application programming level interface that is required to run a wide range of games and programs. It supports the Nvidia Pascal GPU architecture that provides Geforce ready technologies for a better gaming experience.

It is one of the best graphics cards under Rs 15000 that has a 128-bit memory bus and 768 CUDA cores. It can help run photoshop and professional video editing tools that require a fair amount of memory for their efficient functioning. 

The twin fan has superior flat and dynamic blades that maximise airflow within your PC and resolve all heating issues.

It is effortless to set up, and the drivers get installed on their own according to the operating system and processor support. It can run high-end games without any lag and provides a good anti-aliasing effect for the games that require high memory.

The CUDA cores make complex graphical calculations and are responsible for converting data in and out of the central processing unit.


  • Available at a reasonable price with 768 CUDA cores.
  • Ultra HD support for output displays at 1080p.
  • Nvidia Pascal architecture offers the best anti-aliasing effect and smoothness.
  • Five years of warranty upon ZOTAC registration on their website.
  • Low power consumption and does not take much space inside the CPU.


  • Virtual reality support not up to the mark
  • Frames rates drop while playing games and videos at 1440p.
  • Fans give out rattling noise during long hours of operation.
  • Has heating issues with the PCI slot.

11. GIGABYTE GT 1030 2GB DDR5 Graphics Card; Recommended for Basic Users

The Core clock of 1468 Mhz in Gaming Mode and 1506 Mhz in OC Mode.

64-bit support with 2 GB of GDDR5 RAM.

AORUS graphics engine with a single click overclocking mechanism.

Hardware Interface is PCI-E x 4.

Memory clock speed: 6008 Mhz.

Weight: 272.16 gms (1.47 x 6.88 x 14.99 cm).

This is one of the best graphics cards under Rs 10000 that is affordable and comes with a 2 GB of DDR5 memory. It weighs 272 grams approximately and has a single cooling fan for heat dissipation. 

It is the entry-level graphics card that can support basic games and videos without much drop in frame rates and lags.

It has a refresh rate of 60 Hz that used for performing basic graphical applications that do not require much memory. The AORUS graphics engine intelligently detects the games’ optimal settings and maintains a balance between the sharpness of the image and the frames per second. 

The latest GTX architecture also comes with the updated driver version that helps to increase and improve the quality of the gaming and applications to a greater extent.

The overclocking feature works like a charm and has no heating issues as such. The whole device is easy to plug into the motherboard and has a significantly low power consumption that keeps the computer cool for hours.

It also supports the 4 K ready display along with the HDR feature for vivid colour and improved brightness.


  • One of the cheapest graphics cards in all price segments.
  • Low power consumption with a 60-hertz refresh rate.
  • Acceptable frame rates for high-end games with medium settings.
  • Improved GTX architecture with AORUS graphics engine for stabilisation.
  •  Good form factor with a small and robust design.


  • Drivers provided with the card are outdated and needs to be updated online.
  • Overclocking can sometimes lead to restarting of the computer forcibly.
  • Output gaming quality is not so high as compared to its superior competitors.
  • Fan rotation gets stuck often after BIOS update. 


A graphics card can significantly help to improve the performance of your computer that can be beneficial for different applications. That is why it is essential to understand the working and the features of different graphics cards and their brands that will help to buy the best one according to your requirement.

That’s all, I hope I have provided enough information on graphics cards to make your purchase worth the price. But, If you still face any problem in choosing one, please comment below, I love to help you 🙂

Best Graphics Card in India – Buyers Guide

Following are the most important things to know before buying a graphics card

Nvidia and AMD: These are the two leading brands that produce a variety of graphics cards with regular software updates and fixes. When it comes to output quality and vision, Nvidia has the top-notch over the competitors in the market. On the contrary, when it comes to compatibility and performance, AMD performs a superior job as a graphics processing unit.

Memory: This is important while you are choosing the GPU for gaming. The memory measured in gigabytes that plays a crucial role in the game optimisation for a smooth performance. It recommended buying a graphics card with at least 2 GB of memory for simple tasks and 8 GB for gaming.

Motherboard: A good graphics card will require powerful processors for GPU utilisation. It recommended that you use an octa-core processor for the latest graphics cards in 2021 that will increase the performance of your PC.

Clock speed: It is the operating speed of a processor by which it is capable of performing tasks and running applications. Good clock speed will increase the frame rates per second and provide a lag-free environment for the GPU architecture.

Connector Pins: Most of the graphics cards come with a PCI Express X 16 slot that can provide a power of 75 watts for regular gaming. However if your graphics card consumes more than 75 watts, then it comes with a six-pin or eight-pin connector for top-end gaming performance.

Freqently Asked Questions on the best graphic cards in India

  1. Is it possible to play high-end games on a low configuration graphics card?

    Yes, it is possible to play high-end games on a low specification graphics card. There will be a reduction in the FPS due to the fewer specifications. But if you adjust the settings to the optimal performance and keep the drivers updated, the performance of the game improves to a greater extent.

  2. Is it possible to change the graphics card from DDR2 to DDR3?

    It depends upon your processor compatibility. It is possible to upgrade your graphics card. You should have an expansion slot and required connectors for the new graphics to fit into your computer.

  3. Do driver updates increase graphics performance?

    Yes, updating the graphics driver improves GPU performance and fixes bugs or glitches. It also helps to provide a wide range of suitable options to choose from quality to the performance. So it is recommended to keep a check on the updates and get notified from time to time.

  4. Does graphics card heating damage the motherboard? 

    Most of the high-end graphics cards come with dual fans to enhance the cooling system. But in some cases, due to low processing units and architecture, the cards consume more energy and get heated up to a very great extent on enormous gaming.
    So it is recommended that you run the games and programs according to the compatibility and capacity of the graphics card.

  5. How to increase the FPS of a gaming application?

    Due to Graphics processing unit specifications, the performance and frames per second (FPS) of a game can vary. If there are lags during the gameplay, then it recommended switching to low settings with reduced textures and ambient occlusion.
    This will improve the speed of the application to some extent. Also, you can change the settings of the graphics processor from quality to performance for a significant increase in FPS.

  6. How many cooling fans are required for tough gaming?

    Minimum 2 Cooling fans are required for gaming purposes. They keep the processing unit cool and remove hot air from the computers. They are made with precision and sharp blades that maximise airflow. 

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