7 Best Soundbars In India 2021 – [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Have you tired of finding the best soundbar for your led tv or home theatre system?

Due to a plethora of options available in the Indian market, it is often a little difficult to find the best soundbar for your home that delivers powerful and satisfying sound.

So, keeping this in mind I had reviewed and checked all the available best soundbars in the Indian market. This huge collection of data then sorting and ranking with pre-considered metrics, was not an easy task for me but I made it possible with all the resources I have.

So, navigate through the entire article to find the best soundbar in India 2021, that serves your purpose efficiently and leaves a never-ending smile on your face.

Best Soundbar In India 2021

We always face this situation where we buy a product thinking it is the best but end up disappointed after using it for a while.

Then we begin to ask questions for our self, what are the best soundbars in India?

Which device or brand serves will satisfy my hunger towards sound?

So, here is the list of top and best soundbars in India available now.

ProductFeatureBuy now
Bose SoundTouch 300 Sound BarPremium Sound Bar Amazon
JBL 5.1 Channel 4K Ultra HD SoundbarValue for Money Amazon
Philips Fidelio B5/12 SoundbarMultipurpose Soundbar Amazon
Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar within Built Sub Woofer Budget soundbar Amazon
LG Electronics SH7B 4.1 Channel Sound Bar Suited for Compact space Amazon
Sony HT-S500RF Real 5.1ch Digital Soundbar
Small range soundbar Amazon
Bose Solo 5 Soundbar Speakers
Ideal for Medium-sized space Amazon
Polk Audio Signa 1 Sound Bar
Best soundbar for minimal use Amazon
JBL Cinema SB350 Premium Wireless SoundbarPortable soundbar Amazon
Sony HT-RT3 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar
Powerful soundbar Amazon

On giving you the list of best soundbars for your home my part is done, now it’s yours to take action. To provide you little more knowledge and a crystal clear idea of soundbars, we have detailly described every single product in the list and along with this do check out our buyer’s guide on soundbars to make your stepwise.

1. Bose SoundTouch 300 Sound Bar – Best Premium Sound Bar

No products found.

With increasing in the Smart and curved TVs in the market, as the design of those TVs is usually thin which provides void to the best and great sound quality speakers to solve this problem soundbars came to our rescue.

The Bose SoundTouch 300 Sound Bar Speakers is popular for its big sound and slim soundbar design. This soundbar is packed with advanced technologies, so everything you listen to sounds clear and spacious.

It is made of glass top and perforated metal grille that makes soundbar even more stylish and fits in a compact space.

Other attractive features of this soundbar are SoundTouch -wireless streaming, it has a built-in WI-FI network, Bluetooth with NFC pairing let you stream your favorite music with your phone or tablet, and it eliminates the frustrating wires.

The best part I had observed in my testing studio, which is you can adjust sound acoustics according to your room because ADAPTiQ technology enables you to adjust acoustics irrespective of furnishing in your home.

Even a kid can set up this gadget easily lol, I’m kidding. An Easy setup – a one-step easy installation guide and an optional wall bracket that enable the soundbar to mount below the TV are given inside the product box. which lacks other company soundbars.

On the technical side these soundbars come with HDMI connectivity with 4K pass-through, 5.1 configured surround sound channel, NFC enabled for wireless connectivity.

To experience a more realistic and theatrical experience you must purchase a subwoofer and 2 surrounds sound speakers along with this soundbar. I think your budget will spike if you take this setup.


  1. ADAPTiQ audio calibration
  2. Quiet Port technology
  3. Wireless Music Streaming
  4. Supports 5.1 sound channel


  1. Bad Customer support
  2. No battery support

2. JBL 5.1 Channel 4K Ultra HD Soundbar – Best Value for Money

No products found.

In the Indian market, JBL provides you beyond sound experience with its new JBL 5.1 Channel 4K Ultra HD Soundbar, this soundbar provides you completely out of the experience for your home and parties.

let me explain why? it comes with Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, and DTS technologies which is incredible as it sounds. This soundbar transforms into a wireless home theatre system for an epic movie and sound listening experience comparatively better than Bose Soundtouch 300,

The key features you will like in this soundbar are two battery-powered detachable speakers (you can place them wherever as you like) with 10 hours of playtime, a 10-inch wireless subwoofer, an HDMI port to connect 4K devices, and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.

The JBL SoundShift feature enables you to easily shift between the sound from your TV and the Bluetooth sound from your tablet or phone, as this feature is very are in soundbars. This JBL soundbar programmed to respond to your tv remote which eliminates too much handling.

To mention specification this JBL Soundbar integrated with 5.1 surround sound channel with 510 Watts of power, Thrilling bass from 250 mm wireless subwoofer, and a Quick start-up guide. Overall, this soundbar is the best value for your money.


  1. Surround Sound channel
  2. JBL SoundShift
  3. Battery-powered surround speakers
  4. Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  5. USB port supported


  1. Bluetooth Range
  2. Quality check issues

3. Philips Fidelio B5/12 Soundbar – Multipurpose Soundbar

No products found.

You know we audiophiles often wish for independent and standalone speakers for easy mobility, our wish made come true with Philips Fidelio B5/12 Soundbar as it comes with detachable rare speakers with an independent Bluetooth module,

which is making them truly independent. This means this can be taken anywhere in-home or out, for total freedom of music enjoyment.

The key features of this soundbar are a built-in Dolby Digital pro logic decoder eliminates necessity if any external decoder and provides a surround sound experience and a natural sense of ambiance dynamic realism.

It is provided with two HDMI ports to enhance the flexibility and one-touch NFC-enabled smartphone for Bluetooth pairing.

On the performance side this soundbar equipped with a 4.1 configured surround sound channel, AAA batteries are provided for the speakers and this soundbar delivers the maximum power output of 105 Watts.


  1. One-touch NFC technology
  2. Spatial calibration function
  3. Wireless connectivity
  4. HDMI 2X ports
  5. Shelf or wall orientation sensor


  1. Configured surround sound channel
  2. Absence of USB port

4. Yamaha YAS-108 SoundBar within Built SubWoofer – Best Budget soundbar

No products found.

Soundbars are known for their awesome sound, bass, and theatrical experience but crystal-clear clarity of sound is still a concern with the majority of soundbars.

To overcome this problem Yamaha launched its new soundbar with DTS virtual 3d sound and a built-in subwoofer for deep bass and clear voice for enhanced dialogue clarity.

The other important features of this Yamaha soundbars are built-in Bluetooth version 5.0 by which you can access your soundbar comfortably from your mobile phone not only that this enables us to easily switch between two devices i.e., TV and Mobile phone.

HDMI ports are also provided for the easy connection of your soundbars to other multimedia devices, design of this soundbar is another great advantage as it gives completely a stylish look with curved edges and for wall mounting holes are also provided at the back.

On technical specifications, the only drawback of this soundbar is 2.1 surround sound technology which is outdated with current trends except this it delivers a great experience.

Check Out 2021 Latest Model: Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer, Virtual DTS-X, Dolby Audio, 4K, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Spotify


  1. Supports Virtual 3D surround sound
  2. Clear Voice for enhanced dialogue clarity
  3. Bluetooth Ver 5.0
  4. Built-in gyroscope to optimize sounds
  5. Optional powered subwoofer option


  1. Surround sound channel

5. LG Electronics SH7B 4.1 Channel 360W Sound Bar – Best suited for Compact space

No products found.

When it comes to the soundbars, we are much more concerned about the space it occupies, these days every other soundbar in the market is targeting this problem and coming with innovative designs.

Such, the design adopted by LG Electronics SH7B 4.1 Channel 360W Sound Bar which is sleek and unique in its design. This soundbar is compact in design so, this requires less space in your home.

This soundbar comes with a Google Cast feature where you can easily cast your favorite music from your mobile phone to speakers, enjoy a true home theatre experience with one-touch Home Cinema Mode.

Adaptive sound technology senses the sound playing and amplifies the sound to create an ideal experience. Universal TV Remote compatibility, HDMI connectivity, and with smart HI-FI you can connect your speakers to a wi-fi network to have seamless wireless streaming.

On the technical side, this soundbar is equipped with a 4.1 surround sound channel and the surround speakers are supported by AAA batteries. This soundbar also supports ethernet functionality, so you can stream online music using the preinstalled apps inside the soundbar.


  1. Adaptive sound control
  2. Universal Tv remote compatibility
  3. Wi-fi Access
  4. 4.1 Surround sound channel
  5. Embedded music services
  6. Ethernet available


  1. Firmware issues

6. Sony HT-S500RF Real 5.1ch Digital Soundbar – Best suited for limited spaces

No products found.

The most exciting and concerning thing in soundbars is their power output, because the higher the power output, the higher the sound delivered.

This Sony HT-S500RF designed to deliver high sound pressure with 1000W power output, which is loud and clear output from high volume boxes.

To make this soundbar even more powerful it is equipped with 2 front tweeters for high sound clarity, it reproduces high frequency to enrich the surround sound.

Other key features of this soundbar are premium design diamond shape punching metal grill – this design maximizes the aperture ratio to deliver higher sound pressure, powerful bass with a bigger 18cm sub-woofer.

To present you with a cinematic experience and bookshelf speakers are also provided with this soundbar, Dolby digital technology, and a music app is also provided to manage all your music content.

On the technical side, this soundbar integrated with a 5.1 surround sound channel and for multi-connectivity this soundbar provided with Bluetooth, USB, HDMI ARC, and optical IN.

Overall, this soundbar is best buying for those who are with less room space and looking for a premium sound quality.

>> Also Check New Version Of  >>Bose Soundbar 500 <<  With Alexa voice control inside.


  1. Dolby Digital Audio
  2. 1000W Power output
  3. Front Tweeter for high sound clarity
  4. Powerful Bass
  5. Multi Connectivity


  1. No Battery support
  2. Absence of Wi-Fi
  3. Channel separation
  4. The woofer is decent for a small room

7. Bose Solo 5 Soundbar Speakers – Ideal for Medium-sized space

No products found.

Its time your TV sounds as good as it looks with the new Bose Solo 5 soundbar, this single soundbar provides you better sound quality compared to your tv alone.

Dialogue mode in this soundbar makes every word to stand out and gives you a complete cinematic experience. If you are a movie buff and want to experience a complete out of the box experience, then this Bose solo will never disappoint you.

The key features of this soundbar are one connection to your tv

it doesn’t confuse you with its setup, a single cable does the job easily, Universal Remote control – with this feature you not only control your soundbar but also your TV along with most of the video sources connected, unleash the boss – feel the power of bass with your favorite TV shows.

On the performance side, the stereo effect might disappoint you and this soundbar doesn’t have an HDMI port, which is another major disadvantage. Make sure you check all the features of this soundbar before you wish to buy it.


  1. Sturdy design
  2. Dedicated Dialogue mode
  3. Easy to set up and use
  4. Universal Remote


  1. No HDMI Port
  2. Lacks Stereo effect
  3. little bit expensive

8. Polk Audio Signa 1 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer – Best budget soundbar for minimal use

No products found.

It’s always been a difficult task to find the best soundbar with the cheapest price available in the market but not anymore with reviewnxt.com as to fill this gap we exclusively picked Polk Audio Signa 1 soundbar by considering all the features and specifications.

This signa S1 universal TV soundbar delivers an incredible, room-filling home theatre experience – far beyond anything you get from your TVs, small built-in speakers.

Polk signa S1 is a universal TV soundbar and comes with wireless subwoofer system for deep bass, besides this voice adjust technology for clear voice and digital Dolby technology for enhanced sound, this soundbar also provided with Bluetooth for wireless music stream from your phone or tablet.

Other notable features of this soundbar are its low-profile design, 5.1 surround sound technology and one-click easy setup with the optical cable provided and start listening to your favourite music.


  1. Dolby digital 5.1 decoding
  2. Wireless subwoofer
  3. Night mode<


  1. No HDMI Port
  2. Absence of WI-FI

9. JBL Cinema SB350 Premium Wireless Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

No products found.

When it comes to the best and budget soundbars JBL will be the priority, this JBL SB350 premium comes with Dolby Digital and Harman surround sound which creates a complete virtual surround sound with experience with the outpower of 320W.

Another important feature of this JBL soundbar is Harman volume where it lets you maintain the same volume irrespective of cinema, TV show or music you watch.

This JBL soundbar gives you a complete cinematic sound with its powerful speakers and experiences a deep bass with its wireless subwoofer.

For easy connection of this soundbar to any other device, it is provided with single HDMI ARC technology which makes it truly plug and play device.

On the technical side, this soundbar equipped with a 2.1 surround sound channel, which is a bit outdated with the current trend but the performance it delivers under this price range makes it completely worthy.

Try Advanced Version: JBL SB450 Powerful Ultra-HD Wireless Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer (440 Watts, 4K, Dolby Digital, Deep Bass with Surround Sound)


  1. Harman Surround Sound
  2. The output power of 320W
  3. Wireless subwoofer


  1. Functioning issue
  2. Little Sound disturbance

10. Sony HT-RT3 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System

No products found.

Sony Being one of the popular manufacturing brands of soundbars always delivers its customers with quality and satisfaction. This Sony HT-RT3 soundbar delivers a thrilling soundscape with an output power of 600W.

Immerse yourself in every movie with 5.1 real surround sound. Provided with Rear speakers and an external subwoofer work with a 3 channel soundbar to deliver true cinematic surround sound, while the S-Master digital amp ensures the purest movie sound.

The other notable features of this soundbar are Dolby Digital sound technology, stream your favorite music instantly with one-touch listening- NFC technology which removes the need for frustrating wires, and for the connectivity purpose this soundbar is provided with single HDMI ARC output.


5.1 Surround sound channel
600W Power output
NFC – Bluetooth connectivity
USB audio playback


  1. The SUR-L and SUR-R speakers are active only in Clear Sound Mode
  2. Sub-woofer is wired

Buying guide for a Sound Bar 2021

Planning to own a Sound Bar?

yet, don’t know how it runs or what it comprises of? No worries. 🙂

Here we are to detail it in the best way and make sure you choose the best suitable soundbar for your LED TV and for that, all you got to do is keep reading further.

What does the best soundbar system comprise of?

A Sound Bar is a speaker system whose efficiency is higher than a home theatre in terms of space along with lesser complexity nature and is a smart option in terms of the cost/price as it will fit-in in all ranges of budget.

This gadget can be fitted beneath the LED TV, it is a lengthened tube-like device which has a greater width than its length which extends equivalent to that of a tv set

And gives an impression as that of a home theatre but acts as an amazing stereo speaker and even produces a virtual surround sound effect due to its significant width.

Accessing the system is simpler because it comes with a universal remote as a result which gives access to operate on different types of systems from a low-end version to that of a high-end model.

Which soundbar system is the best option?

Few key elements to be considered while looking out for the best soundbar 2021 year system are as follows:

  • Subwoofers effect
  • Connection option
  • Dolby effect
  • Infrared light repeaters
  • Size
  • Bluetooth Access
  • Online Accessibility
  • Range of Accessibility
  • DOLBY Effect

Connection Options:-

In the matter of connection other than the traditional way of a single connection to the TV, we find many new options such as optical cables and HDMI ARC

which Is efficient in interchanging information compared to other Modes providing you to access both the power and volume from the same source.

Infrared light repeaters:-

Here, the main principle is the IR repeaters which work on the concept of extensibility of the IR (infrared light) which is excited from the accessor(remote)

And makes it reaches the sensor of the television completely avoiding any blockage of signals or any sort of interruptions caused due to the Positioning(placement) of the soundbar.

Subwoofers effect:-

Subwoofers are all to do with the amplification… which Can be opted completely based on your choice of picking a high bass one or a low-frequency one

just keeping in consideration the woofer effect that will be created in the allocated area and decide the number of Subwoofers to be fitted in that slim and widened device.

Size (Space Occupied):-

In the present scenario/time where the world is turning a highly occupying place leaving many people to fall into lack of space, it is triggering the need for (proper allocation of space available) /utilizing the space in the best possible way.

Therefore, to avoid the clumsiness and to provide a suitable environment to retrieve the maximum capacity of your soundbar, make sure to note down the dimensions of its area/placement and opt for the one which best fits in.

Bluetooth Access:

As humans we prefer “Alterations over alternatives” so does a soundbar. Unlike the prior (devices/soundbars) the latest soundbars are way too adaptable with a Bluetooth enabled feature which makes it flexible to pair up with any Bluetooth device located nearby.

Therefore, giving access to you, to play the music from a device that is convenient to use.

Online Accessibility:

Unlike the features in that of the existing models, this new and significant feature of online access.

Doesn’t ask you for a smart TV or an Ethernet Jack to let u connect to the internet.

In other words, it simply lets you access the online music services and any media websites that you want to Listen

Range of Accessibility:

Just like the game turns more interesting when it runs under your charge, it is same to do with the device getting complete control of the system makes you feel more pleasing which is possible by choosing a user-friendly interface (i.e. a form of access which is comfortable to use)

It has a feature that allows you to set the panel, sound settings enable you with a higher range of accessibility.

DOLBY Effect:

DOLBY Effect

First of all, coming to point of selecting the number of drivers and subwoofers they are represented in a decimal format such as 2.0, 3.1, 5.1.4 where the first number indicates the number of drivers and follows:

  • 2-consists of left-right speakers
  • 3- left, right and center speakers
  • 5-right, left, center, rear and surround speakers

While the number after the decimal stands for the subwoofers where 1 stands for its presence and 0 for its absence.

Moreover, in certain cases, such as the last one in the above-mentioned examples which are 5.1.4 the third number indicates the drivers in the Dolby Atoms (the latest technology used for the creation of the enveloping sound effect) which contribute in creating the virtual surround sound effect.


Wrapping it up, we wrote a long and exhaustive article to make you understand everything about soundbars keeping every technicality simple

And I hope this long guide will assist you to buy the best soundbar for your home. If you still face any difficulty in making your mind, please let us know in the comment box we will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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    • First thing first LG SL 8YG Dolby Atmos was discontinued by the company due to unknow reasons if you find this product offline just go for it.

      the second one, you had asked us about Yamaha 109 and LG8YG soundbar comparison, if I want to buy best soundbar under 20000 to 25000, with a voice assistant, with Dolby atmos feature, wifi and extra added benefit like Spotify then will choose Yamaha 109.

      But remember as price increases Quality and Features Increases, As price decreases Quality and Features Decreases.

      So, Choose Wisely.

  6. Please suggest best Dolby Atmos sound bar below 50 thousand range. I was looking for Sony G700 , samsung Q800 and LG SN8YG(2020). Sony Z9F is good but too old 2018 model. I want to add 2 more wireless speaker if available in future.


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