Best Washing Machine In India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Nobody wants to give trouble to their loving mother or wife in making them work all night so the best way is here to reduce their burden.

Let us journey together to find the best washing machine in India which can make our family’s women’s hands tender and soft.

How nice it is to give rest to family women and reducing their burden by offering the best washing machine for your home.

In the market, many products confuse us with their names and brands but nobody bothers about the quality that we expect.

But all we need is the quality which can match or compensate for the budget that we spend on the product.

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Best Washing Machines in India 2021

We, after serious consideration and scrutiny, bring an envelope which contains the top 10 best washing machines in India. we consider them “the best” because we had reviewed them based on the quality and price.

So, here is the list of top and best washing machines in India available now.

We come with the buyer’s guide for the year 2021 as a survey report which gives a detailed description of product features, quality, price, and durability. Based on this you can make up your mind to buy the one you want from the given top 10 best washing machines list.

1. Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine – The Beast

No products found.

When it comes to the washing machine segments bosch has always been providing tough competition to other washing machine makers in the market. The life of clothes in the washing machines is always been a serious problem to be considered,  to eliminate this problem and provide long life to your clothes.

The Bosch 7kg fully automatic front load machine (WAK24268IN) came up with vario drum technology which is tough on dirt, yet gentle on clothes gives a perfectly clean and gentle wash to your soiled clothes besides this machine equipped with Vario function which consumes 20% less power than usual.

If your priority is to get a smart and efficient washing machine to your home this year then this washing machine should be on top priority as It comes with multiple features such as Allergy plus, Anti Vibration design, Eco perfect, speed perfect, Vario drum, and German engineering. This machine can serve the purpose of a family consisting of 4, it has a 7kg capacity and consumes 47 liters.

As this machine comes with top-notch and cutting-edge features, it delivers customer’s requirements without any compromise but few of our customers who bought it complain about little vibration expect that it leaves a never-ending smile on your face.


  • Eco Perfect
  • Active water
  • 2 years on warranty machine and 10 years on motor.
  • Low Noise Level
  • Child lock
  • High spin speed.


  • Little overpriced
  • Customer support

2. IFB 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine – Best Overall

No products found.

IFB is one of the renowned washing machine makers in the industry, it is well known for its build quality and advanced technology.

This time again IFB 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (Serena WX) comes with a new technology “Ball vale technology”, The float ball valve lets the excess water out keeping the detergent in which in turns prevents the wastage and enhances the wash.

This washing machine comes with handy and useful special features that a consumer desire for Aqua Energie – energizes the water in the machine, in-built filter dissolves the detergent completely, and gives a complete smooth wash, Unbalanced correction.

This feature allows the machine to detect unbalanced clothes to gives a stable wash. On a technical side machine equipped with a 1000 RPM motor which can easily fit in the family of 4 people.

Overall, this machine comes to priority when you are interested in top brands with great design and quality.


  • Inbuilt water heater
  • Pre-wash is not required
  • Requires very less Water
  • 4 years of a comprehensive warranty.


  • Long wash cycles
  • Bit expensive.

3. Samsung 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine – 2nd Best Overall

No products found.

With the rapid increase in technology and adaptations, we (consumers) are greeted with a special feature every day. As such special feature is introduced by Samsung 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (WW70J4263JS/TL) is Ceramic heater which increases the power efficiency

and quick heating ability by eliminating the accumulation of carbon compounds. This carbon compound absorbs more power and requires special detergents to dissolve, which in turn decreases the life of the machine.

The special features on this washing machine or not restricted to anything, they are completely smart. To discuss a few, Volt control technology it stabilizes ±25% voltage surges then restart the machines

The Diamond Drum’s ‘soft curl’ design performs a gentle wash on clothes, Digital inverter is equipped with this washing machine to make its performance even more efficient.

On the Technical side, this machine comes with 1200 RPM motor which is good in this segment of the washing machine but the only issue you might get alarmed is the power consumption as it consumes 2000 Watts.

Overall, this machine is the best choice if you require easy to moderate wash cycles.


  • Less wash cycles
  • Volt Control
  • Ceramic heater
  • Customer support
  • Warranty – 3 years on machine, 10 years on pump and inverter motor


  • Over all Power consumption

4. Godrej 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine – Smart Washing Machine

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It’s always a debatable topic to middle family about the price of the product when they about to buy any large appliance but never compromising on product quality and durability.

To fill this gap Godrej unveiled its 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (WF Eon 700 PASE) which comes with plenty of smart features with economical pricing.

This washing machine comes with all special features which you can easily find in a bit overpriced category. To mention some of its features Allergy protect, Eco balance technology, 3 level stain selector, night wash operates with less noise, overflow protection system, and many more.

This machine comes with 1000 RPM motor which is a bit slow for front end washing machines, but this can be ignored in this price range. Overall, it’s a value for money.


  • Less expensive
  • A++ Energy Efficient
  • Foam protection and 3 level stain selectors
  • Night wash mode
  • Overflow protection


  • Warranty – 2 years comprehensive and 5 years on motor
  • Power consumption

5. LG 8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine – Energy Efficient

No products found.

LG is one of the popular brands in the big electronic appliance sector, LG 8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (T9077NEDL1) equipped with turbo drum technology removes the most stubborn stains through its strong water streams.

This machine comes with smart diagnosis technology which helps to solves minor problems related to your washing machine which in turn saves your time and money.

The other important features of these machines are smart inverter technology, jet spray, Corrosion Resistance, less noise, and the smart closing door which ensures safety.

All these features make your washing easier and efficient.

This machine is equipped with 800 RPM motor which is slightly considered as a drawback but looking at the price this makes sense. Power consumption is comparatively less than all other washing machines in this price range.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Turbo drum technology with jet spray
  • Less power consumption
  • Customer support


  • Water wastage
  • Motor RPM

6. Samsung 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine – Best for Small Family

No products found.

Samsung has built its reputation and credibility among the maximum consumers in the markets. It stands as one of the favorite brands among shoppers due to its build quality and newer technology at affordable prices.

The brand-new Samsung 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (WA70M4400HV) comes with attracting features such as built-in sink for tough stains and heavily soiled clothes

Diamond drum, magic dispenser, stainless steel pulsator helps to maintain hygienic in the machine, power filtration, and easy cleaning and elegant blue display.

On the technical side, this machine equipped with 740 RPM motor which is considered as ok, with a top-loading machine hence power consumption is also less as it takes 330 Watts.

Finally, this machine is the best buy for the family consisting of 4 members and looking to buy washing machine with limited budget.


  • Built in sink
  • Magic dispenser
  • Warranty- 3 years on product and 10 years on motor
  • Power consumption


  • Motor RPM

7. LG 8.0 kg Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine – Best Selling washing machine

No products found.

When the price is the main consideration to buy a new washing machine then you are only left with a semi-Automatic washing machine, though the process of washing clothes a bit tedious the quality of the wash will be great.

From the manufacturer the new LG 8.0 kg Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (P9037R3SM) comes with a bunch of key features they are Roller jet pulsator for better washing experience, 3 wash programs – Gentle, Normal and strong, soak – let out tough Dirt, magic wheel for easy mobility, Rat away Technology, Collar scrubber– now scrub your collar and cuffs with collar scrubber which saves a lot of time and effort.

On the technical side this washing machine equipped with 1000 RPM motor which is good in this price range, power consumption is also negligible. Overall this machine is the best choice for 2-3 people or an individual.


  • Roller jet pulsator
  • 3 wash programs
  • Air Dry
  • Collar scrubber


  • Bit overpriced

8. Whirlpool 7.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine Red – Best in Multitask

No products found.

When it comes to the semi-automatic washing machine, consumers are a bit cautious about its performance as it is mostly bought by middle-class income group levels, the washing machine is a one-time investment to the majority of them.

Whirlpool 7.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine is housed for top features in this price range they are super soak – it acts on the tough dirt by soaking 25 minutes with super soak technology, lint filter, Ace wash station – now sort, stack and carry your clothes on the machine itself, a multi-utility tray used to stack dried clothes, Inbuilt scrubber and with many more attracting features.

This Semi-Automatic washing machine comes with 1450 RPM motor which is considered as great in this price range, higher the speed the lesser the drying time.

Overall, this machine is the best buy option for the family consisting of four members. Around 1000+ customers on amazon say this with a happy smile on their lips.


  • Affordable Price
  • 2 years of comprehensive warranty on the product
  • Super soak technology
  • Motor Speed RPM


  • The dryer is comparatively small
  • Power consumption

9. Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine White – Value for Money

No products found.

Sometimes you must scrub the clothes before you load them into your washing machine due to stubborn stains. Pre-scrub is pain, to make things easy the Samsung launched a special feature called EZ Wash tray provided on the top, which enables you to pre-scrub your clothes without leaving your washing machine.

This Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine integrated with exciting features, they are the double storm – it gives a horizontal and vertical current of water through fabric gives clean clothes, Air turbo drying system, Buzzer, Lint filter, Rustproof plastic body for durability.

On performance-wise this machine equipped with 740 RPM motor, which is not bad among this category. This machine can serve the purpose of a family consisting of four members.


  • EZ wash tray
  • Value for money
  • Motor RPM
  • Customer support


  • Plastic Tubs
  • Little bit noisy

Washing Machine Buyers  guide

Technology keeps on changing every day. A lot of inventions and innovations are there in the market. So in this situation you as a buyer face lot of difficulties to choose “the best washing machine” for your home/house.

But, you need not worry because we are with you guiding all the way as we come up with a good buyer’s guide after all observations and even testing their quality of the products.

Best washing machine brands in India 2021

No individual ideas are the same that’s why there are different types of washing machine brands in the market. So, it’s a choice of a buyer to choose a trending and best washing machine brand among all other brands in India.

The following are the best selling washing machine brands in India

  • LG
  • Bosch
  • Samsung
  • IFB
  • Whirlpool

Washing Machine Features

Washing Machine Buying Guide

Quick Wash

Your time and energy are saved with a washing machine. If you buy a washing machine, then you also buy comfort and happiness. Washing machine helps you to finish your washing faster and quickly.

The washing time of the machine depends on the number of clothes you put into the machine.

Wash Programs

Different types of washing machines are endowed with a different set of programs according to their capacities. Some washing machines are designed with 15 wash programs and others are with 30 respectively.

So, it is made easy for all the customers who want to reduce their burden of work can opt for the washing machine based on their budget.

Hot Wash/Temperature Control

The washing machine is equipped with a special feature of hot wash and temperature control. Sometimes the wash is decided based on the type of clothes we put into the machine and they need a hot wash.

The clothes are soaked before washing as it is said cotton and denim clothes are soaked at 90 degrees and fabrics at 30 degrees Celsius. So, it plays a key role in the wash.

Digital Display and Child Lock

The digital display consists of the best washing condition applications like setting wash time, water, detergent, etc.

it has a safety lock called child lock which is exclusively for the sake of children in the family to keep them away from the danger during the wash.

Protective rat mesh

One of the major threats to the washing machine is the presence of rats in the family. Sometimes they create a lot of mess entering into the machine and spoils it and get stuck in the machine die.

As a result, a lot of complicated situations are created in the house/home and we can’t avoid them so quickly.

You need to worry because the washing machine has a special element of protective rat mesh which prevents rats to enter into the machine.

Delay Start

As humans are busy with many things so there is a chance of forgetting something. When it comes to the matter of washing clothes it’s not like that because there is a special feature in the machine which can help you to set how much time you need to start washing then you can set time for wash accordingly

meantime machine automatically fills amount water and detergent and starts soaking your clothes. Once the stipulated time is over the machine starts washing. In this way, you can make your work convenient.

Steam Wash

It is a rare feature present in the expensive washing machines which are designed to remove hard and tough stains from your clothes using steam, heat, and humidity.

Types of washing machine capacities/sizes:

There are different types of washing machines based on their capacities like 6kg, 8kg, and 10 kg. Each one has its own way of working capacities.

For 2 Member

For example, a 6kg washing machine is best for 1-2 bachelors who stay in hostel rooms or paying guests. It is also the best thing for the couple who start a new life in the family as the price is also reasonable between 8,000 to 25,000.

For Middle Class ( Avg of 4 Members)

An 8kg washing machine is similarly suitable for a middle-class family which consists of 3 or 4. If your budget is 35,000 and thinks to buy within your budget then an 8kg washing machine is best for your family because the price also ranges from 15,000 to 35,000.

Large Family- Recommended for joint Families Consists of 5 to 10 Peoples

A 10 kg washing machine is a choice of a large family that consists of more than 5 people. It’s a bit economical as the price of the washing machine range from 25,000 to 50,000.

As the members of the family increase the price and size of the washing machine will also go high.

However, you pay to get accordingly. If you spend more amount you get more capacity washing machine if go for cheaper you get a lower capacity washing machine.

Based on the number of people in the family and the amount of washing you do regularly, we have to choose “The best washing machine” either small or big.

Washing machine Loading type:

Load refers to a place where the number of clothes puts for washing. There are two types of loading machines.

The first one is “top load washing machines” ,  “front load washing machines” and “Semi Automatic Washing Machines”.

According to our own convenience, we have to choose between the 3. If you wish to more specific about this do check out one of our detailed analysis on front load vs top load washing machine

The function of washing machine and types:

Semi-automatic and fully automatic are two types of washing machines that are designed for buyers who want to reduce their burden fully or partly.

Because fully automatic washing machines are costly comparatively with a semi-automatic washing machine.

Semi-automatic washing machine

In India, Semi-automatic washing machines will be a middle-class family choice because of their budget. Because the price of semi-automatic machines price ranges from 6000 to 12000 depends on the model.

The biggest advantage of this semi-automatic is budget-friendly and not expensive. Semi-automatic washing machines are known as entry-level washing machines that are designed and made the buyers who want semi-comfort.

In semi-automatic machines itself, there are two kinds one is a single tub and the twin tub. The single tub is designed and made for washing and drying in one single tub.

And it has two layers like the outer layer and inner layer which usually take less space compared with the twin tub and these layers with holes allow water easily to drain.

The twin tub is another feature of a semi-automatic washing machine, which has two tubes situated one after the other. One is used for washing other is for drying.

While washing clothes sometimes we need to take and move the wet clothes manually from the washing tub to the drying tub in a twin-tub machine.

As we generally get a lot of sicknesses and some people are advised to avoid certain works. If your doctor says that you must not do a lot of back bending and physical labor then this semi-automatic washing machine is not recommended for you.

How semi-automatic washing machine function

Just like regular hand wash of clothes a washing machine also has a similar procedure of washing clothes. It includes the following steps

First and foremost, filling the water drum manually with the amount of water required. A machine does not set the level of water automatically it is your duty to maintain water level properly.

After adding water, you should also add enough amount of detergent powder in the washing tub. The clothes are soaked before washing as it is said cotton and denim clothes are soaked at 90 degrees and fabrics at 30 degrees.

Then start the machine by setting the time based on the clothes that we load into the tub. After a stipulated time there will be alarm sound which indicates the finishing of wash.

Then you need to remove dirty water by changing to drain mode. When it is done then the clothes are rinsed in the machine or in the bucket of water to remove extra soap.

To keep clothes dry you have to move clothes from the washing tub to drying tub.

If you are willing to buy a semi-automatic washing machine, then you should see the advantages of it.

Advantages of the semi-automatic washing machine

The semi-automatic washing machines are;


the prices of semi-automatic washing machines are lower when they are compared with fully automatic washing machines. As middle-class people, we are much concerned with spending money wisely.

Save water:

if you are nature or eco-friendly and want to save water, then we recommend a semi-automatic washing machine as the best choice for you.

As it is mentioned semi-automatic washing machines consume less water than fully automated machines. Here, we add water manually when it is required. So, there is no matter of wasting water simply.

We can also use rinse water in the next wash cycle. This is the best example to show, that we can save water.

Flexible to handle:

sometimes sudden power cuts may give us trouble while laundry wash. But these semi-automatic machines can be flexible in stopping and starting during a wash.

They also consume low energy of power. This way you can also save energy.

You can also add clothes any time while washing even you need for the next wash whereas fully automated machines you cannot add like that you have to wait for the next wash.

Disadvantages of semi-automatic washing machine

Waste of time:

semi-automatic machines consume a lot of time as you have to add water manually and keep moving clothes to one tub to the other because you just can’t start the machine and take rest just like that it involves your presence physically.

Sometimes you have to sit together with the machine as if you feeding a baby.

Electrical complications:

for semi-automatic washing machines, proper electricity connection is required. When dealing with two tubs or twin tub you have to be very careful because there is a chance of getting an electric shock as you move wet loads from one tub to the other.

So, you must disconnect the plug while taking the clothes from the tub.

Not suitable for fabric clothes:

the semi-automatic washing machines are usually rugged or rougher on fabric clothes and there is a chance of catching up one with others. So, there are chances of damaging the fabric as they are delicate and sensitive.

it is also noticed that the cleaning results comparing with fully automated the semi-automated washing machines are not satisfactory.

However, we may guide you with regard to the buying of “The best washing machine” it is always your choice as a buyer choosing the right product based on our review and the quality of the product, keeping in mind your budget, needs, and desires.

Fully automatic washing machine:

Fully automatic washing machines are those which run on their own without human intervention or involvement. There are two types of fully automatic washing machines first one is known as “Top load washing machine” and the second one is “Front-load washing machine”

The function of a fully automatic machine

The specialty of this machine is it has only one tub for both washing and drying purposes. All that you need to is just putting clothes into the machine.

You need not add water manually like semi-automatic machines and no moving clothes from one tub to another and even no need for rinsing clothes. Everything is done by the machine itself. The only task you need to do is just drying clothes and putting clips.

Advantages of fully automatic washing machine

No manual involvement:  there is no risk for washing clothes with a fully automatic washing machine because it does not involve any human intervention.

You can be busy with other things in the house without waiting for the clothes to be monitored. The machine automatically does everything and switches off by itself. All that you have to do is giving commands by setting on the display.

Multiple functions: the fully automatic washing machine is equipped with a lot of latest technological advancements like auto tub cleaning inside.

Disadvantages of fully automatic washing machine

 As you know fully automatic washing machine is costlier than semi-automatic as it consumes more electricity. There is a need for water and for water pressure.

Another important feature is fully automatic washing machines are costlier than semi-automatic washing machines. Another drawback is they also take or consume more power. It is also heavily weighted and very difficult for transport.

The final drawback is it creates a lot of noise while washing clothes.

Top load washing machine

Top load washing machines are very easy to use because you can directly put the clothes from the top and you need not bend much. As you know top load washing machine has a single, unlike a semi-automatic machine.

So, both washing and drying are done from that one tub. The position of the tub is vertical so it becomes easy for putting clothes. The machine has an automatic system of controlling the level of the water as it is attached to an inlet tap so it can take water when required.

It has fewer features of wash programs compared with the front load washing machine.

 Advantages of top-loading washing machine

  • Reasonable price: In India, the Top load washing machine prices are ranges from 15,000 to 25,000 rupees. So, they are inexpensive or their prices are reasonable when compared to a front load washing machine.
  • Top load washing machines are designed with 10 to 15 wash programs, which are flexible for fabrics. And you can load and unload clothes as it is flexible, you can also put clothes while the wash is on you need not wait for the next wash.

 Disadvantages of the top-loading washing machine:

  • When compared to front load washing machines the washing quality of the top load washing machine is average.
  • Top load washing machines create a lot of noise while the wash is on.
  • Another disadvantage is for top load washing machines, they consume more water compared to front load washing machines.

Front loading washing machine

Keeping in mind the difficulties of the top load washing machine the front load machine is made. The design of the front load machine is so good.

We see the lid is put in the front and the drum is fitted horizontal. So, you need to put clothes from the front side. A front-load washing machine is designed with 25 to 30 wash programs, whereas a top load washing machine is only with 15.

It means the front-load machine is made with so much of advancement. It has multiple features on display settings like time, temperature, water supply, and special features like child lock as safety for children.

Advantages of front-loading washing machine

Best washing results: comparing to top load washing machines the front load washing machines are good at washing. No stains are seen after wash as it handles clothes in a diligent manner. It is best for fabrics and other delicate clothes as it has advanced features to safeguard them.

  • Save water: as it is said earlier the machine is made advanced consumes less water for soaking in a way you can save water.
  • sometimes you may face problems with stains and you need not rush to dry cleaning centers for a wash because front load machines are specially made with features that give a stainless wash. It is best for delicate clothes as it has more wash programs

 Disadvantages of front-loading washing machine

  • High price: one of the disadvantages is that the price of the front load washing machines is more compared to other machines. The Indian market price ranges from 25,000 to 50,000 in. The middle-class people may find a bit difficult to buy these machines.
  • Another drawback is you can’t directly open the door once the machine is started. If you forget to put some clothes and later if you want toad them in the middle of the wash it’s not possible. You have to wait for the next wash.


I hope, we made easy your journey of reviewing product information. Finally, we conclude by saying that top load washing machines are very easy to handle, budget-friendly, and less maintenance.

And, front load machines are good at performance though they are a bit expensive. Now it is your choice to choose which is the best washing machine in India

For any queries or anything you find not included in this article please comment below.

Washing Machines — FAQ’s

what is fuzzy logic in washing machines

Typically, Fuzzy logic in washing machines is a one-touch intelligent feature that optimizes the washing machine performance by detecting the water intake, detergent required, water temperature, wash timer, spins peed and rinse performance.
In simple, fuzzy logic uses the sensors to detect the optimum conditions of a washing machine to give the best results.

why do washing machines shake?

Generally, a washing machine spins between 800-1600 rpm which makes washing machines a little noisy during operation. But if the shaking is violent and persistent the possible causes are an unbalanced washer, overload washer, pedestal placement, washing machine shock absorbers, snubber ring, and weak floor.

what are the advantages of front-loading washing machines?

Front-load washing machines are smart and sophisticated than traditional washing machines. Likewise, these machines have a lot of advantages and attracting features like power-saving, less water required, fuzzy logic, child lock, completely automatic wash, auto detergent dispenser and many more.

what is the difference between front-loading and top-loading washing machines?

The primary difference between front load top load washing machine is its construction apart from this, there are a lot of features that differentiate them are power utility, performance, speed of a motor, water consumption, washing machine cycles and many more.
For a detailed study, I suggest you read this difference between front load and top load washing machines.

washing machines higher rpm or lower rpm which is good?

The answer to this question is entirely depends upon one’s usage, the higher revolution per minute (RPM) washing machines are always recommended for better wash quality. But, the high spin speed can cause little damage or crease to cotton and silk clothes.

So, I recommend you to get a fully automatic washing machine that adjusts its speed depending upon load or a washing machine with adjustable spin speeds.

how to select washing machines?

Selecting a washing machine is entirely depends on individual personal choice but for a better and awesome washing machine, you have to consider a lot of things, for example, features, budget, electricity consumption and brand, warranty, etc.

So, I recommend you read the washing machine buyer guide ( click on this link) at our blog.

Which washing machine is best for a home?

we would suggest you buy a front load washing machine because it is best for all household purposes (including commercial also). To be specific, the Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine is best for your home because this washing machine consists of best drum technology, fewer noise levels, lots of features and child lock, extended warranty and many more.

How many clothes can you put in a 7kg washing machine?

In general, a 7kg washing machine can take 35 shirts or 2 pairs of adult jeans, 3 shirts, 1 pair of children jeans, 2-bed sheets, 2 pillowcases as normally used.
For an alternative, if you want to calculate laundry size and washer capacity then visit the spruce (click here), it has a detailed explanation for the same question.

Can we use the fully automatic washing machine without tap water?

Yes, you can use a fully automatic washing machine without tap water instead you have to fill the washer with a bucket. But it has limitations this can be easily done with top load washing machines. For the front load washing machines, you must set up a cistern above the washer to pour water manually.

How long do washers and dryers last?

Usually, washers last for 10 -12 years and dryer lasts for 11-12 years but this entirely depends upon how often you use your washing machine and its build quality.

If you really want to simplify your mode of washing, just go through these articles below but these only helpful after buying the washing machines.

  1. How To a Fix Shaking Washing Machine
  2. How To Clean a Washing Machine Drain
  3. How To Clean a Washing Machine Filter/Inlet Filter
  4. How To Wash Shoes In a Washing Machine
  5. How To Use Bleach In Your Washing Machine

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