Front load vs top load washing machines – Which is best?

Front-load vs top load washing machines, It’s often cliché but let’s face it!

Washing machines come in the first place when you want to skip hard labor on laundry and spend some quality time with your family.

I realized this late and bought the best washing machine for my home need in this pre-year sale to give some free time to my mom.

But getting a new washing machine home is not that easy as you think, I was presented with plenty of options to choose from like front load washing machines, automatic, semi-automatic washing machines and top load washing machines.

Seriously, this is a lot!

Hold on, things are not over yet.

At this instant, I was presented with a serious question of whether to choose a front load or top load washing machines?

For this purpose, I ran thorough research on this topic before I made my purchase.

So, front load vs top load washing machines – which is best? In brief, front load washing machines are efficient in performance, save time, space and money over top load washing machines. Hence, it’s always recommended to choose a front load washing machine.

To give you the best suggestion on this technology backed with information, I crafted this entire article.

Just for you, I mean it 😊

Therefore, I request you to go through an entire article before you make your move wise.

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Difference between front load and top load washing machines

The general difference will be its construction obviously, where the opening lid is placed on top for top load and in front for front load washing machine.

On the contrary, comparing both the reliability, energy consumption, capacity of load, durability, price, space it occupies, noise levels and more.

Makes the entire game change!

So, for a quick analysis let’s look at a comparison table below to find out front load vs top load washing machines.

 Front-load washing machineTop load washing machine
Wash qualityBestgood
Water consumptionLessMore
Detergent RequiredLimited optionsAny
Energy consumptionSaves 20% -30%Less efficient
Time Required moderateless
 Cycles requiredmore wash cyclesFewer wash cycles
Noise levelsNo or LessConsiderable
Door LockYesNo
Durability7+ years10+ years
Usage ConvenienceNeed to bend for unloadNot required to bend
PriceExpensiveLess Expensive

Lets now dive deeper into the key points mentioned in the above comparison table of front load vs top load washing machines.

Wash Quality

Undoubtedly the front-loading washing machines deliver a smooth and gentle wash on your clothes yet tough on dirt.

Front-load washing machines are equipped with different advanced wash features like bloom, super soak, aqua wash and many more depending upon the washing machine manufacturer.

But in the case of the top load washing machine, these features are limited, and its robust construction of drum make things hard on fabric.

Eventually, the quality of cloth deteriorated with time comparatively.

Water consumption

In the case of a top-loading washing machine, the drum is placed vertically, therefore, it requires more water to cover the entire clothes in it.

Whereas, the drum is horizontally placed in the front load washing machine and it requires just 1/3rd of water used by top load washing machine.

Because swirling actions mix up all the clothes with that little water and for the rinsing purpose it just sprays the water over clothes.

Overall, front load washers demand less water.

According to research, an old washer requires 40-45 gallons of water but a high-efficiency washer requires only 14-25 gallons of water.

Source: Home waterworks 


Front loaders hold the upper hand in the case of attracting features, these are designed with a various wash, drum, power-efficient technologies and many more.

On the contrary, top-loaders are confined to a bunch of features that are common in all the washing machines.

Time Required

Generally, front load washing machines take longer wash cycles because once the wash program is set, there is no need for human interaction anymore.

In addition, the entire process of washing clothes “wash + rinse” happens simultaneously.

In top load washing machines, the time required for the job is less.

Energy consumption

The energy consumption in the top load washing machine is a bit high compared to the front load washing machine due to their traditional construction and performance.

Though top loaders take less time to wash, this is equated with the rinsing of clothes.

In front load washers they conserve power due to its energy-efficient technology and the time is taken to rinsing of clothes is less.

Moreover, it adjusts the spin speed depending upon the load present in the washer drum which is a great energy cutter.

Usage Convenience

This segment is a little delicate to handle.

Both the washers have equal user comfort based on external factors.

For suppose, if this washing machine is used by older people then its highly recommended to go with a top load washing machine.

Because in front loaders for loading and unloading clothes they had to bend at least they thrice for a wash.

This makes their back pain worse.

But if you are young and just starting to use or upgrade a current washing machine then its high time to switch over to the best front load washing machine.

These washers offer great and comfortable technology to operate at your fingertips, I mean with your smartphone.

So, if I were you, I would go with front load washing machines without a second thought.

Door Lock

Again, this feature is one of the most discussed topics among the washing machine buyers and its owners.

So, what is the washing machine door lock?

This door lock is nothing but the security of an opening and closing lids of washing machines.

In the case of the top load washing machine, the door is free to open during a wash cycle, so you can add extra clothes during an on-going wash cycle.

But in front-loading washing machines, the door is locked during a wash cycle, so you can not add clothes during a cycle which is a disadvantage.


This is the main driving factor that affects the choice of your purchase.

Further, front load washing machines are expensive, but this cost covers the features and specifications it offers.

In addition, these front loaders save a considerable amount of power bills which adds an advantage in the long run.

Analogues to this, top loaders are in-expensive and runs longer life, but efficiency and performance deteriorate with the times.

Power consumption is also not efficient, and you had to shell out every dime in your pocket each month.


To wrap it up, Front-load washing machines hold the upper hand in performance optimization, efficiency, energy conservation, wash quality and more.

Vis a vis, top load washing machines also hold a top place in the list, but it is limited to certain features yet durable.

Both are having their own uniqueness, but it only differs based on your required job to be done.

So, I suggest you list down the features you required for your job and then choose your washing machine type.

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