How to Use Bleach in Your Washing Machine? [Detailed Guide]

How to Use Bleach in Your Washing Machine

Detergent in the washing machine, to wash clothes is not enough, to get rid of stubborn stains….especially, for those white clothes…

Though we use many brands of detergents in washing machines, we then end up with faded marks on the clothes

For the stubborn stains, including detergent, bleach is an amazing product to use in washing machines to remove those greasy, dark stains.

But, how to use bleach in your washing machine to wash clothes? As there are many types of bleaches available in the market, each of those has to be used in a different way to clean clothes in the washing machine to eliminate the damage that will happen to the clothes fabric.

So, it is the primary point to remember when you are about to wash clothes with bleach…

To make you aware of these types of bleaches, we made a research and pen down this article for you, to reduce your long research time. This article will let you know the types of bleaches and its process of washing in the washer with some more interesting details.

Interested? Then let’s begin without any delay…………

How to use bleach in your washing machine?

Bleach is an excellent way to remove stains by oxidizing the grease, oil, soil from the clothes, and wash away the stains by using detergent. Here in this article, we are going to discuss mainly 3 types of laundry bleaches that are used in the washer. Namely

  • Hydrogen peroxide bleach
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Oxygen bleach

How to use hydrogen peroxide in washing machine

Hydrogen peroxide is a very commonly available bleach in the pharmacies. It just oxidises the clothes with less damage as it is known as the bleaching agent with oxygen and hydrogen elements. It looks like water but it is more viscous than water. 

To bleach clothes with hydrogen peroxide, we need to dilute one cup of it with one tub of warm water. Even though it is less damage causing bleach, it may lead to the colour fading of clothes, so, dilute it with water and make it a solution.

Now, before adding the laundry, pour this solution in the washing machine and then followed by laundry in the washer.

If you have a bleach dispenser then you can add directly to the automated bleach dispenser slot, as it will dilute the liquid automatically. 

Set your washer cycle to normal with warm water settings and allow it to wash completely.

How to use chlorine bleach in washing machine

Chlorine bleach is the age old bleach that has been used for decades in laundry and cleaning applications. This is available in the market in a powdered or liquid form where the liquid form is more preferable. It has mostly 5.25% of sodium hypochlorite which makes it more powerful when compared to other bleaches. 

When it comes to usage of chlorine bleach in washing machines, you should never use this chlorine directly on the laundry clothes. 

So, you need to dilute the solution or powdered chlorine bleach with warm water and keep it aside.

You can get the optimum results when you pour the chlorine solution between the washer cycle after adding detergent.

Even though you have a bleach dispenser, this chlorine bleach needs to be diluted to avoid direct contact with clothes that cause damage to it.

And you need to run the washer cycle in extra rinse mode to remove the chlorine bleach odour from clothes.

How to use Oxygen bleach in washing machine

 Oxygen bleach is the best option to choose because it is an eco friendly bleach for washing and cleaning purposes. It does not contain any odour like chlorine, which is also a colourless one too. Though it is available in both liquid and powdered form, it is better to use in the powdered form as it gets more activated with it mixed with water whereas the liquid is less effective compared to powdered. 

So, to wash your laundry with oxygen bleach, choose the powdered form.

Drop the powdered oxygen bleach in the hose before adding clothes.

Next, add detergent to complete the entire washing cycle.

If you have a bleach dispenser in the washing machine then drop it in it.

Now, you are done with washing laundry in the washing machine with different types of bleaches.

As we said earlier that bleach can be used for cleaning purposes also, let us know how to use bleach to clean your washing machine….

How to use bleach to clean your washing machine?

However, you need to clean the whole machine, it is better to use chlorine bleach to get the best results.

Take a half cup or 600 ml of chlorine bleach and add it into the bleach dispenser slot.

If you don’t have a bleach dispenser you can add it to the detergent slot.

Then set the washer cycle to the normal wash with warm water settings.

You should set an extra rinse option with warm water to remove any debris of chlorine bleach.

At the end, if you find any odour of chlorine in the hose then you can add another extra rinse option.

For a clear understanding, check out the video mentioned below,


To simplify this article, If you have an automatic bleach dispenser in the washing machine then you can add bleach into it except chlorine bleach. From the editor’s point of view, I would like to say that, to get the better results, try to make a solution of these bleaches with warm water in a large tub and then soak up the laundry until stains get faded. Then wash off the soaked clothes in a normal washer cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can bleach damage your washing machine? Bleach itself is a highly reactive one, and it gets worse when it is mixed with any other cleaning products. So, using it with a recommended amount will not cause any damage to your washing machine.

Do you wash clothes after bleaching? Yes, you can wash clothes after bleaching only when you are sure about the bleach reaction completes. Then add some detergent to the bleached clothes for a complete wash. 

How long does it take for bleach to kill bacteria? Bleach is a strong and effective disinfectant to kill bacteria and fungus. It might take 10 to 60 minutes of time for a diluted household bleach to kill bacteria.

What is a natural alternative to bleach the floors? Tea tree oil is a natural alternative to clean the floors. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with warm water and keep it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture in the floor to kill the bacteria, fungus…etc

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