What is a 4K Soundbar?

If you are looking for better sound quality for your HD or Blu-Ray player, a 4K soundbar will efficiently serve the purpose. It is a one-stop solution to enhance your movie viewing experience. However, you can expand your search for 4K soundbars in various forms, sizes, and designs available in the market. 

4K soundbars are often considered ultra-HD sound. They offer 4K resolution with 4000 pixels. It also means it is the second-highest resolution that supports a 4K unit. Therefore, it also gives a horizontal display for digital television that makes your TV experience bigger and wider. 

Also, you can easily connect your television device to the 4K soundbar by pairing it with an HDMI port or a wireless Bluetooth device. Therefore, it is easy to set up your TV unit with a 4K soundbar.

Also, if you are using a JBL Bar 5.1, you can easily establish a passthrough connection when connected to the TV.

Specialty of 4K Soundbar

While searching for a good soundbar in the market you will end up finding several soundbars with different specifications and features. This might be a bit confusing as a buyer. However, when your search ends for a 4K soundbar, you get both superior video and audio quality. 

Well, it is because they are specifically designed for 4K videos on your television unit. That’s why they are considered Ultra HD. Therefore, they offer 4000-pixel high resolution for making your movie and gaming experience enhanced. Also, it involves a simple setup and reduces the mess for long cable wires. With a 4K soundbar, your videos and audios are efficiently synchronized. 

Things you should know: 4K soundbars are mainly designed for a visual medium. It comes with both HDMI input and an HDMI output that helps to support any video mode. Additionally, you will get 4K soundbars available on Amazon with a good mixture of specifications and features to serve your purpose at home.

What is 4K Pass-Through on Soundbars?

So, what do you understand by the term 4K pass-through? Have you wondered what it means? Well, let us put some light on it. When we talk about a 4K pass-through, it means without losing the quality of both audio and video, you connect your streaming device to the soundbar. 

However, a 4K soundbar comes with both HDMI input and output. It means improved audio and video quality to enhance your viewing experience. So, if your soundbar consists of both HDMI in and HDMI out, you can easily stream any videos including 4K ones to your TV unit in a hassle-free way.  

In addition to this, you can also connect your desktop or gaming console to the soundbar and then connect it to the TV unit. A 4K soundbar doesn’t make much difference to the audio or video quality. But will enhance your viewing experience with reduced cord and cable wires. 

Therefore, it gives a cleaner, brighter, and more vivid experience compared to regular soundbars. Also, you can connect your other 4K streaming devices to the soundbar to experience brighter and clearer visuals. So, on the good part, the 4K soundbar also ensures both audio and video are synchronized evenly.  

Top 4 4K Soundbars

Since 4K soundbars are in high demand, we have enlisted the top 4 4K soundbars available on Amazon India. 

Let’s look at the below-mentioned list to get a better idea of it:


This is one of the efficient 

soundbar with 4K pass-through support. It is a smart speaker that doubles up your audio and video experience. It offers the best virtual assistant with Alexa. Therefore, it smartly recognizes all voice commands to act promptly. 

It also offers a high level of gaming and movie experience with DTS Virtual:X technology. The Yamaha soundbar comes with an additional subwoofer that can be easily placed anywhere across the room. In this way, it will enhance your audio experience as you desire. 

It also gives improved voice clarity so that you can recognize each voice. The wireless Bluetooth feature helps to turn it into a music box from your phone or other devices. Therefore, you can efficiently run this soundbar to any device such as television, phone, and tablet. Also, its app-based control makes it more suitable and easy to use anywhere. 


It is another brilliant soundbar that supports a 4K pass-through with improved audio performance. It also comes with great features and specifications to lure over. It comes with Dolby Atmos sound that ensures a realistic audio experience. Therefore, make your home feel like a home theatre with this cinematic sound quality. 

It also comes with a central speaker and subwoofer to receive clear voice dialogues. The subwoofers offer powerful bass that makes every movie feel more realistic than ever. Also, it is designed in a slim and sleek structure that adds value to your home. 

In addition to this, it enables streaming audio files from multiple sources. Hence, the Philips soundbar works as a great surround sound system with an easy connectivity option for your smart home. 

Therefore, it’s a cost-efficient soundbar that is compact with enhanced sound clarity. So, grab your deal on Amazon India to make your audio and video experience superior.


If you are looking for a home theatre with a surround speaker, you can go for SONY HT-Z9F. It works as an excellent soundbar that supports 4K technology. It comprises great specifications and features. 

It contains Dolby Atmos that gives a realistic cinematic sound. Also, its vertical surround engine makes your audio superior in nature. Therefore, you can enjoy the thrill of movies in a better and realistic way. 

It comes with improved rear speakers that can be easily connected to the device through the wireless medium. Therefore, by no time you can turn your home into a complete home theatre. It also comes with various sound modes that are both adjustable and customizable according to your preferences. Hence, you can adjust or customize your TV with any movie, sports, music, and game viewing. 

Also, its 4K compatible feature makes it more lucrative for buyers. Additionally, it builds an 18 Gbps pass-through to deliver a clearer and vivid sound quality. So now, you can enjoy the crisp sounds of 4K entertainment with SONY HT-Z9F. 

The soundbar is added by a wireless feature that helps to connect with a Chromecast setup or by the Sony Music Centre App. Also, being sleek and slim in structure it can be fit anywhere without blocking your TV unit. Therefore, with SONY HT-Z9F stream music throughout the house.

  • JBL BAR 5.1

The JBL Bar 5.1 is the best of all with quality features and specifications. It comes with surround sound with 550W of power that enhances your movie and music experience. It produces realistic sound with the maximum audio effect. 

Therefore, it’s a one-stop solution for those who are looking for a cinematic experience at home. Also, it has built-in Chrome-cast and AirPlay 2 to stream your favorite music from your mobile app. It is simple to use and involves an easy setup. Also with AirPlay 2, you can play or stream audio from Mac, iPhone, and iPad. 

In addition to this, it is added with a 4K pass-through, Bluetooth streaming, and wireless subwoofer. The subwoofer gives thrilling bass that makes action movies more intense to watch. Therefore, it is capable of producing a rich frequency to run on your television unit, smartphone, or tablet. 

It also consists of a multi-beam that works as an advanced technology that supports incredible surround sound at home. Therefore, with JBL BAR 5.1 you require no extra speakers or wires. It produces deep bass that sinks into your comfort. 

Hence, its value for money with best builds quality sound and volume. 


1. Do All Soundbars Work with 4k TV?

A soundbar will only work with a 4K TV if it is 4K compatible. However, if your soundbar does not support 4K, it will not work with a 4K TV. It will not be able to handle the pressure of a high-definition signal to enjoy HD audio and video.

2. Is 4K Sound Better?

4K sound is always better than any regular sound. It produces a high-quality superior sound that can be streamed or played on any Blu-Ray player or HD TV. With 4K sound, you can enhance your movie or gaming experience further.

3. What does 4K Compatible Mean?

The device you are playing or connecting your soundbar must process 4K signals. It means it must not lose the quality of sound for both audio and video while connecting to the TV. Therefore, both the soundbar and TV unit must support 4K to produce improved audio and video.

4. Do I require HDMI for the Soundbars?

It is wrong to say that you require an HDMI port to run a soundbar. An advanced soundbar can be run on various devices through various mediums. You can run a soundbar with the help of an optical cable, a wireless Bluetooth connection, and Wi-Fi. Therefore, before you get your hands on a new soundbar, make sure you must do the compatibility check.

5. Can a Soundbar Connect to Any TV?

It depends on the setup of the soundbar and the TV. An advanced soundbar can be connected to a TV with the help of an HDMI cable, optical cable, wireless Bluetooth connection, and an established Wi-Fi connection. However, these inputs or mediums are necessary to establish a successful connection between a soundbar and a TV.

That’s why it is important to do a compatibility check before buying a new soundbar for your home. If you still have any doubts, you can do the compatibility check by following a few measures. 

First, check the manual of the soundbar to see the options to connect with a TV. Next, look at the specification list at the back of your soundbar. Along with the soundbar, you can do the same with your TV by checking at the back of it. There you will find the various options with which you can establish a successful connection with your TV and soundbar.


So, now you know what a 4K soundbar is all about. So, before you get your hands on a 4K soundbar make sure you check whether your device supports 4K technology. Also, make sure your soundbar comes with HDMI input and HDMI output to make the setup hassle-free. 


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