About Us

Hey, stranger, I’m Sreekanth im the author, editor, serviceman, and whatever you wish to call. But you might be wondering who am I? How is this website useful for you? if yes, I’m gonna tell you a story about why I had started this website! How useful this website might be.

First, let me tell you the reasons behind the screen that led to the creation of this reviews website.

Short story, I love gadgets like every tech kid in India, that loves to break the toys and making a new toy out of the spares, that moment feels like you became a true engineer. reality apart, that moments in my life increased my love towards technology.

As I step into my teenage, my love for tech became madness, I used to spend hours around the computers this has increased my research skills. I can dig any sort of information related to games and gadgets and easily differentiate which type of information is the best.

You know as we age our buying capacity increases, same happened in my case.

Those were the days back in 2014 I had the freedom to buy products online. I can easily sort which phone, which laptop, or any type of product basing on my reviews, brand, and my personal experience easily and accurately.

After several years the e-commerce became very popular. as you might know before purchasing anything we take several hours/days of time for research about the product, if we are buying offline we can see, feel, and ask multiple questions and choose the best. But online you need to scene is totally different you cannot feel it or ask any questions, unlike local store.

This is where people started to read/watch the online reviews of people who had usage experience. after reading them they will conclude with their choice. You can find reviews on electronics like mobiles very easily. But there are other categories like home appliances/electronics, personal care, and other categories of reviews basing on personal experience that are very rare and unrealistic.

Even if you found any blogs mentioning that they review products basing on real-time usage in India probably around 98% are telling lies.

So seeing all the fake reviews I was fed up.

That’s why I had started this Reviewnxt reviews website, this is where I would like to provide my deep research on every product. Providing quality research, recommendations through the persona usage experience of each product.