About Us

It’s not a story, it is a series of experiences which made ReviewNXT in front of you.

As I finished my studies and joined in a company started earning little by little for the future family life with in no time I got married and started a family life all these I waited for a day to come where I want to gift my beautiful wife with a washing machine that can reduce her burden.

I felt happy because I thought I made my wife happy, but that happiness doesn’t last long because of my inexperience and lack of awareness about the products and brands of kitchenary.

Then decided not to get cheated or disappointed by the tempting advertisements of the companies. Then I decided to start ReviewNXT as checkmate to all these problems.

ReviewNXT is being started as a family guide and a companion which can stand up with you all the way makes you to choose best products by giving best reviews through buyers’ guide. After all, we value your buying.