How to Fix a Shaking Washing Machine? [Detailed Guide]

Have you ever heard a loud banging sound with some visual wobbles in a washing machine? That’s really scary, right?

It’s not only a scary part but also an initial stage of washing machine damage indication. Yes, noisy wobble spins are the most common problems in the washing machines, whether it might be a new or old one, even the brand new washing machine will shake. 

There are many reasons behind a shaking washing machine like the location of the machine, unbalanced load, uneven leveling legs, damaged shock absorber, an issue with suspension springs…etc, which are actually making the washing machine wobble.

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However, finding out the reason is not a big deal but whereas fixing them is what matters.

If you are at the same point of search, then let’s fix those problems together in the following article.

How to Fix a Shaking Washing Machine

As said earlier, there are many problems that are making your washing machine shake, so, let’s find them out with a proper fixation in a detailed manner.

Before starting, we need to unplug the power cord of the washing machine.

Location of the machine:

Yes, the “location” problem arises to most of the newly fixed washing machines. Many of us locate a specific place for washing machine installation, but we don’t check whether the floor is super solid flat or not.

Uneven flooring will lead the washing machine to vibrate vigorously when it is in the spin option. So, try to find if the floor is even or not and fix it or change the location of the washing machine.

Uneven leveling legs:

If your washing machine is vibrating even with the normal wash cycle than the only spin, then it has the uneven leveling legs. Every washing machine comes with four adjustable legs that can be adjustable according to the height.

However, some of the latest washing machines are designed with auto adjustable legs. 

If you have this option, you are fortunate. if not, you need to adjust the leveling legs by loosening/tightening it. 

You can get the best result when you check the leveling with a water bubble scale. For this, you need another person to help in adjusting and leveling the legs of a washing machine. 

Damaged shock absorber:

If you have a front loading washing machine then you are likely to deal with it if it is damaged. As we know, the damaged shock absorbers lead to the vibration in the washing machine, then we need to replace these shock absorbers in the washing machine. 

In the front loader washing machine, there are 3 or 4 shock absorbers present at the front and rear end of the washing machine, right inside the bottom of the hose.

These can be replaced by removing the front and rear panels from the housing and replacing them with new ones.

If you want to check for whether the shock absorbers are a good one or bad one,

  • If the shock absorber is damaged, the rod inside the hydraulic device will fall off from it when turned downwards without any pressure.
  • Or it holds the tube, then it is perfect to use.

However, these shock absorbers need to be replaced all at once, even though one of them got damaged, because they wear at the same rate equally.

For a better understanding click on the below-mentioned video,

The issue with suspension springs

Suspension springs are the main part of the washer suspension system in order to prevent the banging noise, vibrations while washing. In the top-loaded washing machine, there are 4 suspension springs that support the washer drum. Whereas in the front loading washing machine, there are 2 suspension springs. 

All these are located at the top of the washing machine and can be seen after removing the topmost panel.

There, we need to replace the suspension springs one after the other by supporting the washer drum from falling. 

Make sure while replacing the suspension springs you need to add the protectors for it for long usage.

You can perform it more easily by following the below-mentioned video,

Unbalanced load:

All the above problems arise every time you run a washing machine, but if your washing machine is vibrating too much very often, then it probably has an unbalanced load issue. 

Too many loads or single items, Tangled load, bulky items are the reasons for vibration in your washing machine. So, pause your washing machine for a while and distribute the load evenly inside the hose and restart it for a noiseless washing cycle.

Now, you are done with fixing the problems that are causing your washing machine to vibrate/shake.


Always remember, machines like these must be installed professionally for long run usage. Rather than replacing, try/check these measures to prevent your washing machine, right in the initial stage of damage.

I hope, you liked this article on how to fix a shaking washing machine with easy fixation techniques. Happy washing!!!!

Frequently Asked Question:

How long do washing machine shock absorbers last?

The lifespan of shock absorbers totally depends on the usage like how much load it runs, runs per day…etc. But on average, the lifespan of a shock absorber in a washing machine can last up to 3 years.

When should I replace my shock absorber washer?

Probably, you can replace the shock absorbers in the washing machine when you heard large banging sounds while spinning. Check it immediately, they might get worse, loosen, oil leaks from the hydraulic device. If we don’t replace as soon as possible, it will damage the other parts in the washing machine during its unstoppable spin

Can washing machine vibrations damage the house?

Yes, there are chances for the damage to the house due to the washing machine. The vigorous vibration will create structural damage to the house. So, you need to check the washing machine vibration to prevent house damage. More likely, the front loading washing machine vibrates more than the top loading washing machine.

How much vibration is normal for a washing machine?

There is no such vibration as normal or a washing machine, ideally a washing machine should not mean to vibrate as it is a sign of damage.

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