How to Clean a Washing Machine Filter/Inlet Filter Cleaning? [Detailed Guide]

Have you ever seen a washing cycle of a washing machine with no water, filled in the hose? If yes, you are not alone.

I’m also a victim of those weird moments, performed by my washing machine, like rotating only clothes and detergent, without any water. 

Yes, it created a panic of changing my washing machine with the new one which I don’t want to because I bought it just 6 months ago. Then, I started to research to sort out the problem and it reveals that there is a blockage with the filters in the washing machine.

So, how to clean a washing machine filter? is the immediate question. Surprisingly, I came to know, from my research, that washing machines contain 2 filters namely inlet filter and lint filter and each of these can be cleaned by just removing the accumulated stuff in it. But, to find its location is quite confusing where it differs from one to another.

As a curious bee, I started searching for details of it and pen down the most important details in this article regarding how to clean a washing machine filter.

Hope it will help you for sure. 

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How to clean a washing machine filter

As I said earlier, the location of the filters will vary, the lint filter is the one that differs from the front loading washing machine to top-loading washing machine.

And the location of this inlet filter is the same for all washing machines i.e at the back panel.

Firstly, let’s begin with the problem which I have mentioned at the beginning of the article.

How to clean the washing machine inlet filter

Inlet filter, the word itself says it allows the water from the main water source through a pipe. So, it might get blocked by many things by accumulating the waste, as it needs to send the clean water to the washing machine to wash clothes.

  • To clean this inlet filter, we need to reach the back panel. Make sure you unplug the washing machine before touching it.
  • There, you can find an inlet water connection with a “tap handle” like structure. 
  • Remove it by rotating in the anti-clock direction. 
  • Next, you will find a small filter inside the slot.
  • Remove it and clean it with a brush 
  • You can also detach the inlet pipe and rinse it with water(optional)
  • After cleaning the filter then place it back into the main unit slot and close it with the removed part.

This is how you can clean the washing machine inlet filter……For more understanding, here is the video you can go through.

Isn’t that so simple…

OK, now move on to the process of cleaning the lint filter.

How to clean washing machine lint filter

To clear this filter, you should be aware of its location in the top and front loading washing machines. In top loading washing machines, the lint filter is probably within the hose or inside the agitators. Whereas in the front loading washing machine, the lint filter is present at the bottom right corner of the front end. Now, follow the details to clean it.

In Top Loading Washing Machine:

  • Within the hose, we can see a housing for the lint collector and open the slot by removing it from the housing. It will be a box-like structure, open it and remove the lint. Also, brush it under running water for extra clean. Place the box in its housing.
  •  Or if you have an agitator, then open the softener dispenser, followed by a lint collector which is under the softener dispenser. Wash it thoroughly under the running water. Place it back inside the agitator in the order of lint collector, followed by a softener dispenser.

In Front Loading Washing Machine:

  • At the bottom corner right of the front end, you can find an access door. Open it with a screw or just with a press (latest models have this option). After opening, there you find a filter with an accessible opening handle. By rotating it outward the filter will come out with some water discharge(which is normal). Clean the filter and place it in the slot by rotating inwards. 

Look, how cool is to clean the lint filter than an inlet filter.

However, we know the consequences behind the blockage in the inlet pipe like a waterless washer cycle, but we don’t know what if the lint filter blockage happens.

Do you want to know? of course, you have to know it.

Symptoms for clogged lint filter:

Here are the symptoms for clogged lint filters in washing machines which actually tells you to clean it immediately.

  • Pauses between washer cycle
  • Wet clothes after the washer cycle completes
  • The locked door even after the cycle completion
  • Takes more time to wash clothes than usual
  • Vibrates during washer cycle


In the end, you need to know the only way to increase the life of your washing machine is by maintaining and cleaning it, at regular intervals of time. In general, it is better to clean your filters in the washing machine at least once in 3 months. 

Finally, it is you, to take care of the home appliance from the damage with these simple cleaning measures. Hope it cleared your confusion regarding how to clean a washing machine filter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What causes lint in washing machines?

Due to the friction occurred in the washing machine hose edges with the garment, the fabric will break down into tiny bits and thus form lint. The natural fabrics like cotton, wool produce more lint than rayon, synthetic materials.

Do all washing machines have a filter?

Most of the washing machines have a filter inside or outside of their main unit. 

Can you use a dryer without a lint filter?

Well, a dryer will also result in more dryer lint. So, using a dryer without a lint filter may be fine but I need to face the stubborn consequences further.

Why is my washing machine filter full of water?

It is common to have water in the washing machine filter after every wash cycle until the next wash cycle. If you see water under it, there are chances for leakage or loosely closed lid. 

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