Best External SSD in India 2021 (Portable Solid State Drive) – [Reviews]

The SSD drives are taking over the traditional Hard disk drives, and external SSDs are becoming a part of our necessary tech accessories. The necessity for additional storage for high-resolution media and digital files is making it even casual for to users get the best external SSD in India. 

Adding additional storage for the laptops and desktops is made easy by adopting an external SSD. Moreover, the external SSD is much easier to carry around either than carrying a laptop. When external storage is handy, you need not worry about losing your data while reinstalling your OS in your PC, and they play an essential role in data protection.

They also come handy when you wish to have a storage device for your digital cameras, smartphones, and video recording equipment. And unlike the traditional Hard Disk drives, these SSD drives come without any moving parts. Many people are also choosing the Best SSD laptops because of their fastness. Because of their non-moving parts design, they are robust and do not get defected easily.

And also they are faster than the Hard Disk drives. They help us most in situations where you need to transfer data between two PCs or smartphones and backing up your PC’s. 


Well., each of the devices ranging in price has different capacities and connectivity features. If you are considering the durability of your device, then you can opt for either SanDisk extreme 500GB SSD or G-Technology R-Series SSD.

Performance-wise the SeaGate Ultra or a Samsung T7 will be best suitable for you. besides, SeaGate Ultra SSD offers automatic updates. 

If you are looking for a device that gives you robust performance, then the Adata ASD600Q is the best option for you.

Factors to consider before buying an External SSD

There are many external SSDs available in the market which comes with different features and size (disc space). And before choosing one of them as your external storage you need to look into some necessary features. 

What are HDD and SSD? 

When it comes to the difference between HDD and SSD, each of them has its benefits. The HDDs are Hard Disk Drives that come with moving or rotating parts, and the SSD is Solid State Drives that made without any moving parts. 


The HDDs are Hard Disk Drives which are much cheaper than the SSD drives. Usually, the HDDs are bulky and come with a lot of moving parts in it. Because of the moving parts and their size, they are not much preferred to carry them along. They come useful only if you are choosing additional storage or a backup to your CPU. 

Compared to the SSDs, the transfer rates in HDDs are slow, yet it can store more data than the SSDs. 

SSDs :

SSDs, on the other hand, are Solid State Drives which come without any moving parts. The SSDs are a new generation of disk drives which uses flash-based memory. These are replacing the traditional mechanical hard disks. Their efficiency and portability make them work much faster.

Many new SSDs come at a transfer rate not less than 500MB per second, which can not be achieved by the traditional hard disks. The SSDs are packed in a compact body which and takes less power emitting low heat, and are also immune to magnetic fields.

Difference between external SSD and internal SSD 

Well, coming to the external and internal SSD, there are slightly few difference in both. 

Internal SSD:

The internal SSD is one that comes inside your Laptop or PC. While comparing with the External SSDs, the internal SSDs are a bit slower. The internal SSDs are much more like Hard Disc drives built into your PC, but they are faster than the HDDs.

External SSD:

The external SSD, on the other hand, comes with different connectivity. Most of the recent SSDs these days come with USB 3.0 connecters that increase the bit transfer speed

How much storage do I need? 

Storage is one more essential thing you need to consider before getting an external hard disk. These storage requirements are different for different people, as follows.

For Photographers

If you are a photographer or owns a studio, there will be much need for these external devices for you than any other user. Photographers need to handle a large amount of data, and also there will be the necessity of connecting storage devices to computers and even cameras. 

An SSD of 500 GB will be hard enough if you are a photographer on criteria that you clear your trash images timely. For storage purposes of high-resolution photographs, you may also opt the 1TB drives. 

For Video Editing:

If you are a video editing professional, you advised opting an SSD drive. These SSDs are incredibly capable of handle large amount of data and as said earlier transfer rates are high in SSDs, which will help you majorly.

For video editing purposes a 1TB SSDs will be perfectly enough. You can also prefer 500GB drives as the main purpose of video editors may not be storage but to transfer data from systems or to clients. 

For Gaming or Playstation, Xbox one:

Most of the gaming laptops and PlayStations do not come with HardDisk more than 512GB while many of them only 256GB. And as gamers, we hate to delete the existing games for new ones. For situations like this, the External SSDs will come in aid. Considering a 500GB to 1TB external hard disk to store your games will help you the most.

Because of the speed of the SSDs, adapting them for your gaming laptops and gaming monitors will help you play your games smoothly and fast.

For Storing photos:

If you wish to store photos and digital files, an external SSD will always come in aid. For optimized resolution photos, you do not even need to have more storage too. If your Photos are larger and high-resolution ones, you can opt for an SSD that ranges from 500GB to 1TB. In either way, the SSD will be the right choice because of its robustness. 

For Long term backup:

When you prefer an external drive for your backup, SSD will be the right choice. The hard disk drives even though they are capable of storing more data, they are not reliable and may break out early. Whereas these SSDs have a longer life, and also they do not need extra care. 

For Mac / PC / Laptop / Mobile Phones:

For your Mac or PC, an additional SSD is always an asset. The PCs or Mac may break down any time, causing the internal drives to lose all the data stored in it. Hence backing up your data in an external SSD will help you recover your data whenever you need it

Data Transfer Rate:

The data transfer rate is one of the essential features you need to know before getting an external SSD. Even if your SSD has the storage capacity and comes with all the features, if the data transfer rate is less, then the device will be of no use to you. 

The Data Transfer rate depends on two aspects, Read and Write. The Read aspect is said to work when the data stored in your SSD is either being copied to your PC or accessed by your PC. The Write aspect is said to work when data from your PC or Mac is being stored on your SSD. 

A typical Hard Disk Drive can perform the read and write operations at a max speed of 125MB/s. Whereas in the SDDs the transfer rate in a standard one will be over 500MB/s.

Advanced Features: 

The additional feature you get along with your external SSD are the type of connectors and the compatibility.


Connectors play an essential role in the speed and compatibility of devices. One thing before knowing about the connectors is that you should not get confused with the USB versions (USB 2.0,3.0 so on) with the types of connectors (Type A, B, C).

  • USB 2.0,3.0, 3.1, 3.2;
Source: Dignited

There is no significant difference between USB 2.0 and 3.0. Both of them look alike except for the color (USB 3.0 comes in blue color), and when compared to USB 2.0, the USB 3.0 gives faster data transfer rates and has better power management techniques. Major of the recent devices come with 3.0 ports, and these will also connect with 2.0 USB devices. 

After 3.0 invented in 2008, the data transfer rates through USB increased. Later on, these are updated to 3.1 (also called as 3.1 gen 2) with a double in the data transfer rate of 10GB/s. Later in 2017, 3.2 USB invented over the Type C interface, which increased the data transfer rates of up to 20GB/s/.

  • Thunderbolt bolt1 and 2
Source: Dignited

ThunderBolt is way faster than the USB. Thunderbolt 2 is capable of handling data speeds as a USB 3.1. The latest version of ThunderBolt that is ThunderBolt 3 works at 40GB/s, which is twice as faster as USB 3.2. The thunderBolt is not that popular in the market, yet you can see some devices like MAC using the ThunderBolt cables.

Compatible devices

The compatibility of the devices entirely depends on the types of Connecters adopted to the USB ports. 

The available USB port you have seen in many electronic devices would be the USB Type-A. On the HDD drive, a common type of USB comes with USB Micro-B. Only a few of the SSDs come with the Micro-B USB type. All the latest connector types include the Type-C of USB 3.0 which is faster. 

Best External SSD in India 2021

Considering all the features discussed above, we have reviewed the 6 best SSDs in India. And we have summarized the list according to the best data transfer rates and connector types in the table below along with the detailed review of each SSD below.

ProductDate TransferConnectionBuy Now
SanDisk 500GB SSD 550 MB/secType-C Amazon
Samsung T7 Touch 500GB1050 MB/secType-C & A Amazon
Seagate Ultra Touch SSD 500GB 400 MB/secType-A Amazon
ADATA ASD600Q 240GB SSD400 MB/secUSB 3.0 Amazon
Western Digital My Passport 256GB SSD515 MB/secType-C Amazon
G-Technology R-Series 500GB SSD560 MB/secType-C Amazon

Now Let us look at the each product in detail.

1. SanDisk Extreme 500GB SSD – Compact Size that Fits in your Hand

best external SSD in India

Watch Unboxing and Review of SanDisk Extreme 500GB External SSD. below the video I added my views on, why should you buy this External SSD with pros and cons.

Data Transfer rates of up to 550MB/sec.

USB 3.1 Type-C connecter.

Compact in size.

Shock resistant and Rugged.

Water and Dust resistant.

3-year warranty.

SanDisk is a reputed brand in making a wide range of storage devices. The SanDisk SSD is one of the great products released under this brand. 

The SanDisk Extreme SSD is a portable high-speed drive that is suitable for any kind of user. The best thing about this product is that it can fit in your hand and is easy to carry with you. Its compact design is made to handle any pressure like bumps and falls, and also it can handle water splashes and dust. This shock resistance SSD is made and certified to withstand shocks from 2-meter height. 

It is equipped with a USB 3.1 Type-C connector that is capable of working with both Windows and Mac. and also to adapt to different technology the drive also comes with Type-C USB to Type-C cable and also Type-C to Type-A adapter. 

There are also three variants in the disk space (250GB, 500GB, and 1TB) from which you can choose anyone based on your requirement. The product comes with a three-year warranty.

SanDisk is best suitable for photographers and for those who carry their storage devices along with them; because of its toughness and durability. 


  • The rugged design makes it more durable and damage-free.
  • Comes in a sleek design.
  • Has the best transfer speeds.
  • Very light in weight.


  • The SSDs of SanDisk are a bit pricy.
  • There are some complaints about the encryption software ‘secure access’ is not working properly.
  • The cables become worn out after a couple of uses, and the device may not recognize in some cases. 

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2. Samsung T7 Touch 500GB SSD – For Fastest Transfer Rates

1050MB/s Transfer rate.

FingerPrint security.

Compatible with Android, MAC, and Windows.

Compact and light in weight design.

3-year warranty.

Samsung is another best brand in manufacturing different tech products and accessories. The T7 created by Samsung is best known for its fastest transfer rates.

The T7 is a V-Nand flash memory type, and they offer a transfer speed of up to 1050MB/s, which is faster than any other external SSD. As in the case of all the SSDs T7 also does not have any moving parts which make it faster and also capable of withstanding shocks and vibrations

The Samsung T7 comes with a fingerprint sensor for security. You can keep your files safe with the built-in security, and you can easily unlock the files using Its fingerprint sensor. It comes with management software that can be installed in your PC or mobile with which you can also set up the password and manage fingerprint lock. 

The variants include 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB in the T7 SSD. Along with the device, you will get USB C-to-C and C-to-A Type cables for faster accessibility of data through various devices. 

You can also be confident about the durability of the T7 SSD as it comes with a shock-resistant internal frame that absorbs shocks and withstands a fall from 2 meters

If you are looking for an External SSD which gives the best performance then this Samsung T7 Touch SSD is best suitable for you.


  • The transfer speeds are way better than most of the SSDs.
  • Will fit in hand and comes in a sleek design.
  • It is multi-device capable which can connect to your PC, MAC, or smartphone. 
  • Fingerprint unlock much smarter and more techier.
  • Performance is reasonable when compared to any other SSD.


  • The price is high than many SSDs.
  • The fingerprint sensor has issues when connected to MAC.
  • Heating issues are faced. 

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3. Seagate Ultra Touch 500GB SSD – Best for Auto Backups

Data transfer rates at 400MB/s.

Connectivity type – USB to Type-A.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, and also Android.

Android ready with the Android backup app.

Compact and lightweight.

Comes with a three-year warranty.

Seagate is another reputed brand which makes storage devices. In the Seagate brand, you can find various designs and capacities of external hard disks ranging from a minimum of 250GB to over 10TB of compact disk drives. 

The Seagate Ultra touch is a popular product, which comes in blue and black colors. It weighs only 65grams making it fit in the pockets. 

With its 400MB/sec transfer rate, you can quickly transfer large files from any device to SSD or from SSD to any device. For continuous and fast backups, this device also comes with Sync Plus software. The name for ultra touch comes from this feature of automatic backup to the disc. 

Even though in the true sense the data is synced with your files it doesn’t mean you can retrieve old data. The Sync Plus syncs all the file changes, including deletions. But in one way the software will move deleted files to archive rather than immediately deleting. This way, you can partially recover data, for instance, common mistakes of deletion. 

For higher storage level you can also opt for the 1TB version of the Seagate which has the same features as of the 500GB version

Seagate Ultra touch can become the best choice as your External SSD if you prefer an SSD that can perform Automatic updates.


  • Durable and robust. 
  • Compact and stylish design.
  • Comes with software for managing data and other features. 
  • Performance is excellent and speedy.


  • Comes with a 3.0 Type-A connectivity. 
  • Little pricy.
  • No waterproof.

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4. ADATA ASD600Q 240GB SSD – Robust and Elegant Design

Data transfer rates at 400MB/s.

Weighs about 60g.

Compatible with laptops, tablets, smartphones, and game consoles.

Comes with a USB 3.0 connecter.

Adanta Asd600Q is a 3D NAND flash solid-state drive that made for elegant looks and durability. With the ASD600Q you can expect data transfer speeds of up to 440MB/s.

This product comes at an affordable price and also comes at a 3 year warranty period. 

With no moving parts as any of other SSDs and well-used material like silicon casing, it guarantees to handle any falls and shocks. It can survive a fall from a hight of 1.22 meters because of its silicon casing and no moving parts.

Weighing just 60grams and portability, this is lightweight and is very easy to carry around.  

The product also comes in two other variants of storage space that are 480GB and 960GB in case you wish to get more storage. This SSD is also compatible with any device either with Windows, Android, or MAC. 

This SSD is best suitable if you are an outdoor video editor and need to transfer data very often. Because of its robust design, it is easy to move around often for you. 


  • Prices are affordable 
  • Its very lightweight and portable
  • Comes with military graded protection. 
  • It is compatible with any device.


  • Does not come with a USB Type-C cable
  • Performance is not much appreciated
  • The finishing of the product is not that good. 

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5. My Passport 256GB External Solid State Drive – For Speed Data Transfer

[256 not available in amazon only 512 and 1TB are available]

Data transfer rates of 515MB/s.

Comes with WD Backup software.

Weighs no more than 41grams.

USB Type-C connectivity.

SLC caching feature.

3 years of manufacturer warranty.

My Passport SSD is another portable storage device with fast transfers. This device comes with a USB Type-C port and is capable of transferring your data at a rate of 515MB/s. And it also comes with password protection with hardware encryption which keeps your data safe and secure.

The built-in 256 bit AES hardware encryption with WD Security software will let you set your password for your data. 

As with other SSDs, the My Passport SSD also does not include any moving parts in it, which helps in achieving faster data transfers along with high durability. The device is also well-engineered to handle a fall from a height of 1.98 meters

The automatic backup is an additional feature in this device which is worth considering. The WD Backup software makes it easy to automatically backup any files even which are high-capacity files. 

Even variants are available for additional storage at 512GB and 1TB. These are well suited to any type of customer because of their low price and many features. 


  • Comes with a neat, attractive, and straightforward design.
  • Comes with backup software for automatic backups.
  • Comes with a Type-C connecter.
  • Easy to use.


  • The data transfer speed is slower than what the brand claims.
  • Heating issues found in many cases.

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6. G-Technology R-Series 500GB External SSD – Best shock-resistant SSD

Data transfer rate of up to 560MB/s.

USB 3.1 Type-C connectivity.

Shock and vibration resistant device.

Water and dust resistance device.

5-years warranty.

The G-Technology R-Series External SSD entirely made for Rugged performance and it can handle any shock or vibration even from a fall at the height of 3 meters.

And it also comes at the fastest data transfer rates at 560MB/s. Unlike any other external SSD, this device can withstand any harsh conditions. This device is water-resistant and also dust resistant. 

Along with not including any moving parts in the device the compatibility with USB 3.1 Type-C connectivity, the speed of the device is very good. With these fast data transfer rates, you can quickly save or edit any large files like videos. 

This compact packet pack just weighs 86g which can fit into one’s pocket and easily taken anywhere. The device is available in variants up to 2TB and this device can be suitable for any user irrespective of their work because of its rugged and tough design. 

Anyone can choose this device as this little device comes in handy along with brilliant pressure handling. One can take this device anywhere, not fearing of slipping away. 


  • Affordable. 
  • Best shock resistant and vibration resistant SSD device ever.
  • Can handle a fall from a height of 3meters.
  • Superfast speed of data transfer.
  • Comes with the latest Type-C USB 3.1 connectivity.


  • USB cable coming with the device is shorter.
  • This device with thunderbolt connectivity is pricy.


To conclude the article, these are the list of the best devices for External SSD you should have been looking for. We have selected the devices based on the performance and features of the device, yet each of the devices has its pros and cons. Considering all these, now you can choose the best external SSD drive for you. 

I hope I have given enough information on External drive to make your purchase worth every penny. If you still face any problem, please let us know in the comments, I would love to help 🙂

Frequently asked question on best external SSD in India.

Are portable SSD good for gaming?

Yes, portable SSDs are good for gaming if you are left with no space in your inbuilt storage device. You can always connect an external SSDD depending upon your requirement and these storage devices give you a lag faster read and write rate, which increases the data transfer rate..

Does SSD reduce lag?

Undoubtedly, compare to the traditional HDD, SSDs lack the moving parts and provides faster data transfer rates. Therefore, SSds provides an improved and lag-free experience.

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