Best Food Choppers in India 2021 – [Reviews]

Are you getting tired of chopping those terrorized onions with painful teary eyes…..terrible, right?

Get freedom from this kitchen labor just by turning your kitchen into a smart kitchen.

Nowadays, creative innovations are ruling the world in all aspects, where kitchen appliances are not an exception.

A food chopper is the primary kitchen appliance for every kitchen. Especially for chopping those onions……

Get the best food chopper in your kitchen so that you can reduce the time of chopping. 

On that note, we have done research on these food choppers and sorted out the Top 6 best food choppers in India if you are in the thought of buying them. Additionally, we also mentioned the pros and cons of each product followed by a brief buyer guide

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Best Food Choppers in India 2021

In general, Food choppers are the mini version of Food processors. There are different types of food choppers where some of them are electric food choppers and other food choppers are manual. In this article, we have listed the best manual food choppers from popular brands. Namely, 

ProductBuy now
Philips Daily Collection HR7629/90 Mini Food Processor
(Editor’s Choice)
Inalsa Fiesta Food Processor Amazon
Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 Food Processor
Inalsa Food Processor INOX Amazon
Wonderchef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor
Inalsa Maxie Premia Food Processor Amazon

Let’s move on to the individual details of the products with pros and cons.

1. Pigeon by Stovekraft New Handy Mini Plastic ChopperPigeon by Stovekraft New Handy Mini Plastic Chopper

It is the most familiar brand in India among the kitchen appliances category. This Japanese company has created its trademark in the Indian market with its most durable products.

The Mini food chopper from this company also got some positive reviews in chopping food. Though it looks small in size, it works great in Indian kitchens.

This pigeon manual chopper is very handy to use and gives very fine results in chopping the food with the string function that is very easy to pull in order to rotate the blades.

The 3 sharp blades used in this chopper are made out of superior quality and the design of these 3 blades is powerful enough to chop the food finely.

As these blades are removable, the container blow is very easy to disassemble. The disassembled container is very easy to clean with warm water, soap, and a clean cloth.

The material of this pigeon manual chopper container is made out of food-grade BPA-free Plastic of polypropylene i.e very safe to use. This manual food chopper is very easy to move into the kitchen and fits in any place to store.


  • Very handy to use
  • Compact in size 
  •  Contains 3 superior quality blades 
  •  No electricity is required 
  • Unique string function to pull over in order to chop 
  • Made out of BPA free polypropylene plastic
  •  Movable chopper
  • Bowl capacity is about 400 ml
  •  Easy to clean 
  • Requires small space to store
  •  Warranty on this product is 30 days but only on manufacturer defects
  •   Unbreakable material gives more durability


  • String looks delicate
  • Little Noisy

2. Artikel™ Chopper & Blender Artikel Chopper & Blender

You get the real deal with this Artikel company’s food chopper. Because this is the largest capacity food chopper among the above products of about 900 ML. This largest food chopper will be sufficient enough to serve a whole family.

The rotary pull mechanism of this manual food chopper product works very efficiently with the nylon rope to chop down the veggies and fruits within no time.

For the large meals, it is provided with 5 blades of Super sharp SS 420 along with a strong string with a grip holder. This string tab gives 20 cuts for 1 pull where you can get the finely chopped food after 10 pulls.

It is a multipurpose product that can beat the egg as well with the blending blade. This blending blade is made out of ABS plastic i.e safe to use and the material is made of BPA-free food-grade plastic.

This best vegetable chopper in India is also provided with a container lid that can be used for storage purposes. The presence of an anti-skid and a side-lid lock will prevent the container and lid from misplacing while operating.


  • Works on Rotary pull mechanism
  • One pull of string equals to 20 cuts
  •  It has 5 Super sharp SS 420 blades
  •  The container is made out of BPA free food-grade material 
  •  Pull rope is made out of strong nylon
  •  Strong tab holder
  •  Side lid lock prevents the lid from slipping away while chopping
  •  Anti-skid base
  •  Provides container lid for main chopper bowl for storage (Leakage proof lid)
  •  Blending blades are also provided for egg/flour blending made of ABS plastic


  •  Little expensive
  •  Forming jams while pulling

3. Pigeon by Stovekraft Handy Mini Plastic ChopperPigeon by Stovekraft Handy Mini Plastic Chopper

Here comes, another best vegetable chopper in India from the same Japanese pigeon brand. This stovekraft handy mini plastic chopper is very convenient and easy to handle.

The container has a capacity of 375 ML that is enough to chop vegetables and fruits for a small family. It has the pulling cord technology to chop the vegetables according to our needs.

The string of this pigeon manual chopper is very strong to pull and release in order to chop veggies and fruits. The easy-grip holder is also provided to pull it with any slip.

It also has the 3 rotating blades with superior quality of sharpness. And the container of this pigeon manual chopper is made out of unbreakable ABS plastic for the long run and is damage-free.

The easy detachable blades and lid help us to clean it in an easy way without any residue. 


  • Food chopper works on pulling cord technology
  •   It has 3 rotating blades
  •  Chops the veggies and fruits very finely
  •  Easy-grip holder
  •  The capacity of the chopper is 375 ML
  • Superior quality blades with very sharp edges
  •  Made out of unbreakable ABS plastic
  •  Very easy to clean with simple disassembling
  •  Fits in small space to store
  •  Easy to handle due to small size


  • Need to pull the string in a proper angle
  • Only Suitable for minimal work

4. Nova Quick Cut Small Plastic Handy ChopperNova Quick Cut Small Plastic Handy Chopper

Nova has its brand over the home/kitchen appliances since 1981. It has been one of the leading home/kitchen appliances sellers in the Indian market for ages.

From the kitchen appliances, it has now come up with a handy food chopper that’s been playing a key role in kitchens. It is very handy to operate with the tab pulling mechanism.

The tab attached to the lid has a small string to pull it and rotate the blades inside the chopper to chop the veggies and fruits finely. The more you pull the string, the more you get the finely chopped food.

But before you need to cut the veggies into large parts that are enough to fit in the container and also easy to blade rotation. The mini food chopper has durable and sharp blades to chop more with less effort.

However, the lid has a side lock to keep it firmly in its place, while pulling the string to chop. It does not require any electricity to work as it works great just by pulling its string manually.

The material of the chopper is made out of a BPA-free plastic container that is of food-grade material. It also has an anti-kid base where it prevents the bowl from shaking and moving while pulling the string.

All the parts in this manual food chopper are disassembled so that the cleaning task is very easy.


  • It holds the capacity of 450 ml
  •  Works in the string-pulling mechanism 
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable super quality blades
  •  Prevents the bowl from moving with an anti-skid base
  •  Made up of BPA free food-grade material
  •  Sidelock for the lid 
  •  Easy to clean and disassemble as well
  •  No need for electricity 


  • Not worth for leafy vegetables
  • Poor quality of plastic

5. Wonderchef String Plastic ChopperWonderchef String Plastic Chopper

Wonderchef is a wonderful creator in the kitchen appliances world. The food choppers from this brand have good demand in Indian kitchens.

This model of food chopper from the Wonderchef brand introduced the retraction pulley mechanism where it provides error-free longer use.

Including 3 sharp wear-resistant triple blades are placed in such a way that the food texture will be very uniform and even. This sharpest blade minimizes the chopping time of vegetables, fruits, and even boneless meat too.

You just need to place the normally chopped food inside the bowl with inserted blades to get them finely and evenly chopped. The mini food chopper has the versatility of chopping right from painful onions to frozen ice.

This chopper also has an anti-skid base for a better chop experience. You can get the desired size of chopping based on the times of our pulley moment. 


  • It has a capacity of 200 ml
  •  Small in size
  •  Works on retraction pulley mechanism
  •  Having an anti-skid base will prevent it from moving
  •  Wear-resistant triple blade for chopping
  •  Versatile in nature, from chopping onions to frozen ice
  •  Uniformly placed blades for uniform chopping texture
  •  Reduces time in chopping with the sharpest blades


  • Need normal chopping before placing in the chopper
  • A better use for one person

6. Havells Handy Mini Chopper with 3 Blades Havells Handy Mini Chopper with 3 Blades

Havells is an Indian-based fast-moving electrical goods company and is also trusted by many customers for the best quality and durability for their products.

This electrical company also has manual food choppers that do not need any electricity at all to operate. This mini handy food chopper of Havells company has 3 blades to chop the vegetables and fruits finely.

However, this manual food chopper product also works on the string-pulling mechanism, to get the desired size of chopped food by just pulling the tab on it.

This mini food chopper has a side lid lock feature where the lid holds the bowl firmly during chopping time. When it comes to the blades, it has 3 stainless steel blades with premium quality so that it takes less time to chop with the sharpest blades.

The product has a wide-mouthed container so that it helps the user to clean it very easily. Most importantly, it has a rubber base that holds the surface very steadily without moving or shaking while chopping.


  • It holds the capacity of 400 ml
  • Side lid lock holds the container firmly from moving
  • Consists of 3 premium quality stainless steel blades
  • Very easy to clean the wide-mouthed container
  • Anti-skid rubber base for steadiness 
  • Fits in small space
  • Very Convenient to use


  • Very noisy
  • Not suitable for heavy use


It might get difficult for you to pick the best from these top 6 best food choppers in India. So, We conclude here by recommending our top picks for you, 

Go for Pigeon by Stovekraft New Handy Mini Plastic Chopper, as it provides the best quality and looks compact in size. Moreover, the superior quality 3 blades in this product are reviewed positively by most of its buyers.

If you look for the large capacity one, then Artikel™ Chopper & Blender is perfect where it holds the capacity of 900 ml and also has the 5 Super sharp SS 420 blades with blending tools as well.

Or else, if you are like to have a single-use food chopper then Wonderchef String Plastic Chopper is one with a small container capacity of 200ml.

Finding the best food chopper is easy when you are aware of the basic factors to see in the food chopper.

Check down below for those factors…..

Things you need to see before “buying the best food chopper in India”

If you are still in the confusion about choosing the best food chopper then look at these factors to find out the best.


These food choppers are coming in different types like electricity-based and manual-based. As the name indicates electricity-based food choppers work on electricity and manual-based food choppers work on human power.

The sharpness of blades:

Whether it is electric or manual the sharpness of the blades is an important factor to consider. The sharper the blades the lesser time it takes to chop. So, the chopping time completely depends on the sharpness of the blades. 

Anti-skid base:

It is common when the product tends to vibrate or move when there is an external force applied continuously. On that note, these food choppers also tend to vibrate/move from their place while operating.

In order to prevent the movement, the anti-skid base is needed to hold the surface firmly while operating. 


These food choppers are available in different capacities. So, choose the one that is enough for your requirements. 200 ml – 450 ml food choppers are enough for small use, if you want the large one then choose the capacity of more than 900 ml.


Every product we purchase should be checked by its quality. Quality-based products give more durability to products and can be used for long life.

In food choppers, we need a check the container-made quality and blade quality as well for better chopping.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between chopper and grinder?

A food chopper is used to cut the food into different size pieces based on one desire whereas a grinder is used to crush the food to make it as a smoothie, sauce, puree….etc

How do you fix a manual veggie chopper?

n general, the veggie chopper has 3 main parts namely bowl, blade, and string contained lid. Place the bowl on the flat surface, insert the blade in the middle of the bowl. Now, drop all the normal cut veggies into it followed by closing the lid by fixing the blade to lid properly. It is now ready to chop the veggies by pulling the string.

What is the difference between a food chopper and a food processor?

In a food chopper, food is only used to chop, mix, blend. However, in a food processor, the food is used to chop, grind, slice, mince, knead, and many more.

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