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Are you someone who has been affected by the work from home (WFH) call? I am one of them, and sudden importance for a home office made to run errands.

Somehow I made my changes, and working well quite for a sometimes but my aching neck and back, made me look for the adjustable monitor heights.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has confirmed that the exact numerical is around 80 percent. Usually, wrong positioning and bad posture may occur due to working in a stiff and rigid position for a long time.

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So, the search for the best monitor stand had begun.

It is understood that searching for the best monitor stand in India is in trend because the new normal and people are staying, in front of a computer for a longer time than usual office hours ( I do mostly :P)

In such cases, people are showing interest in buying the best monitor stand for work from home. There are the best dual monitor stand and best single monitor stand that every individual purpose. 

The sole reason for getting a monitor stand is to give you comfort in the working. Also, it can provide your workplace with some more space. For office work purposes, a dual monitor stand for desk works perfectly for cubicles. For personal office monitor stand for the table can save a lot of space.

We all know the benefits of getting a monitor stand helps you a lot but are you sure? What to look for while buying one. If not, don’t worry; check below.

 The number of screens
This will undoubtedly be the most obvious one to discuss, and it’s an individual choice. The number of screens varies from person to person. Usually, for regular office work, you need one, developers require two or more screens, gamers need three, and 4 or 6 for system admin or surveillance.
It is crucial while buying a monitor stand. Most of the brackets come with 360 degrees rotation. That allows you to get your view from different angles. 

The swivel of 180 degrees and -15 to +15 tilt, which is the specification of most models, can relieve you with the screen’s blackish part.

The height could be an essential factor because you need to keep your head and backbone straight to stare into the screen. That will ease your viewing, and the pressure on the neck gets decreased. 

Usually, the height can be varied from 7.9 to 14.3 inches.

Check for screen Size
It is essential to know the correct fit of the screen size, and the problems may come with multiple monitor holders. Due to the distance between arms, screens may overlap if it exceeds the specified size. 

Almost all stands come with a screen size capacity of 27 inches on average.

Does it hold your screen?
Another factor that comes with the screen size is the maximum weight capacity. Each stand comes with weight handling capacity, and you should keep in mind that your monitor should not cross withstanding capability. Otherwise, it will create overload and fail.
Build Material
The primary build material is steel and aluminum. Some modern stands also come with a fusion of both of these. You should check that the frame is strong and can hold the screen as per your requirement.
Cable management
It is nasty if you find wires lingering everywhere in your workplace. Almost every stand comes with cable management systems that hide wires inside a shaft and provide you with neat work experience.
How to assemble a single or dual monitor stand
The mounting option is another critical thing to look at. Usually, wall mount stands are more sturdy but offer less adjustability. But you can use the desk mount stand. 

Desk stands can be mounted with clamps or grammot base depending upon the desk thickness. This may require drilling holes on your desk.

To fix the monitor, you need to check that if it is VESA compatible or not. Usually, VESA 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 means that screws are placed at a distance of 75 or 100 mm. If it is not VESA compatible, then you may require a VESA adaptor.

Therefore, it is advised to check everything beforehand and then make a purchase worth your time and money. To make your purchase even more, easier, I have listed the best monitor stand available in India and their reviews. 

So, I recommend you read the entire article to stay informed.

Best monitor stand in India 2021

Here is the list of the best monitor stands in India, along with their technical key points. Though I recommend the best one, I encourage you to check them based on your requirements to conclude.

The best Monitor stand usually comes with a great version of the screen width capacity, rotation angle, and swift movement for swift operations.

1. AmazonBasics Monitor Stand-Recommended

AmazonBasics best Monitor Stand in india, Height Adjustable Arm Mount- Steel
Reviewnxt Check Price Image

 Adequate to fit most screens from 13-30 inches.

360 degrees of rotation.

 Height-adjustment horizontal arm-mount.

VESA compatible with 100x 100 & 75x 75 plate.

AmazonBasics is amazon’s brand, and it is known for its quality and excellent durability. The all-new AmazonBasics Monitor Stand is made for your requirements.

This model is made of steel, which is strong and durable. This monitor can rotate 360 degrees, which means you can adjust the screen in any position according to your sitting arrangements.

It has a horizontal mount system to adjust the height for giving your back excellent comfort. You can adjust the height between 7.9 to 14.2 inches.

The adjustable screen tilt for this product is from -15 to +85 degrees. This feature may relieve you from screen darkness and provide you with a full range of motion.

It is perfect for most screens available in the market. The screen size range is from 13-30 inches. Also, the weight capacity is up to 9.9 kgs. It can fit desks from 0.8 to 3.9 inches.

The product has a detachable VESA plate. You don’t need to have an additional VESA adapter.

The product comes with a cable management system. Now you don’t need to worry about cords lying everywhere.

The product is a desk mounted single monitor stand. It is perfect for you when you are using a personal computer for your single-use. The product has a limited warranty of 1-year.


  •   Wide range of motion.
  •   Durable body structure.
  •  Comfortable viewing experience.
  •   Value for money.


  • Has issues with flexibility.
  •  Set-up is a problem.
  •  Problem with bulky monitors.

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2. AmazonBasics Dual Monitor Stand

AmazonBasics best Dual Monitor Stand in india- Modular Arm Mount, Aluminum
Reviewnxt Check Price Image

 Can set up displays to 30 inches.

180 degrees rotation to view. 

The removable height-adjustable arm section.

VESA Compatible with 100x 100 & 75x 75 plate.

If you want to save your workspace and get rid of toggling multiple times, you should opt for a dual monitor stand. And in this regard, you can get a good option in Amazon. 

The all-new AmazonBasics Dual Monitor Stand is perfect for your workspace. This product is made of steel, and hence, it is perfectly durable.

The table-mount product has a panning of 180 degrees. That means you can rotate the screen from portrait to landscape.

You can easily adjust the height of two monitors as per your requirement. It can move up and down in vertical posts in a range of 7.3 inches.

You can tilt the screen from 15 degrees down to 85 degrees up. You can get a great viewing experience with a lot more screen view.

The stand can fit a screen up to 30 inches. It is compatible with a wide range of screens available in the market. Each arm can hold a weight of 9.9 pounds.

The product comes with VESA compatibility with plates 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm. It has both a clamp and grommet facility. If you need it, you can use a clamp for a 20-120mm thick edge. The grommet can fit a 25-70 mm thick edge screen.

Get rid of wires. The cable management systems make things clean and tidy.

Amazon specializes in delivering quality products. It is the perfect dual monitor stand that you can opt for under a pocket-friendly budget.

The product provides you with a limited warranty of 1 year.


  •  Wide range of view.
  •  Wide range of panning.
  •  Cable management system.
  •  Value for money.


  • The product is not sturdy.
  •  An issue with the screws.
  •  Problems regarding arm activity.

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3. FLEXIMOUNTS D1DV Full Motion Vertical Dual Desk Mounts Stand

FLEXIMOUNTS D1DV Full Motion Vertical Dual Desk Mounts Stand for 2 screens up to 27 LCD Monitor
Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Screen size capacity ranges from 10-27 inches.

Rotates from portrait to landscape mode.

Adjustable height from 7.9-26 inches.

 VESA compatible structure.

Whenever it comes to deliver a unique design with more durability, Fleximounts never fails to amuse us.

 It is the brand on which you can trust blindly. This model will never let you down expectations. The all-new FLEXIMOUNTS D1DV Full Motion Vertical Dual Desk Mounts Stand is something you want your hands on for sure.

There is no need to unmount and then rotate. This product allows you to turn your screen from portrait to landscape quickly. This model has a rotation ability of 180 degrees.

Now you can adjust the height of your screen monitor as you are comfortable. This product has a pole of 27.9 inches in height; it allows you to adjust the height in a range of 7.9-26 inches.

The product can be tilted from -15 to 85 degrees. That allows you to get a better screen view.

If you are worried about consuming space in your office or workspace with desktop monitors, then relax. This product has a capacity of holding screen size from 10-27 inches. Can hold weight up to 10 kg per monitor.

This model is compatible with VESA 75 x75 mm and 100X 100 mm.

This model can hold two monitors and is perfect for programmers or developers.


  •  Great range of tilting.
  • Mount is perfect.
  •  Wider screen size.
  • Perfect rotating ability.


  • An issue with the workability.
  • Set-up is not easy.
  • Has a problem with structural strength.

4. Rife Triple Monitor Desk Mount Arm

Rife Triple Monitor Desk Mount Arm,Stand with Height Adjustable Gas Spring Arms Fits 19,20,24 Inch Screens
Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Triple monitor holding capacity of screen sizes of 19,20 and a 24-inch monitor.

180 degrees of monitor head and 360 degrees of arm joint swivels.

 The adjustable gas swing arm.

 VESA is compatible with patterns of 75 & 100 mm.

Are you a gamer? Then you must be using more than one screen to get control over your gameplay. 

Here comes a product just engineered for your requirement; with Rife’s best technology and brand value, this Rife Triple Monitor Desk Mount Arm is something you never want to miss.

Now rotate your screens just as you need. This model allows you to enjoy your screen time with its 360-degree rotation.

The monitor heads have a swivel of 180 degrees and 360 degrees of arm joint swivels. Ensure you with an exceptional viewing experience. Height adjustable up to 11.5 inches with a pile height of 18 inches.

The -90 to +90 degree tilt range allows you to get a perfect screen view without color disbalance from sides. The gas spring arms ensure a smooth movement.

This product can hold three monitors simultaneously, and it can accommodate screen sizes in respectively 19,20, and 24 inches. The three arms have weight taking capacity of 10 Kg each.

This model is VESA compatible with patterns of 75 & 100 mm pattern.

With three monitors, it is perfect if you are a gamer. The three screens will enhance your gaming experience.

The model has a 5-year warranty & lifetime free service.


  •  Great build quality.
  •  Easy to install.
  •  Easy movements.
  •   Sturdy stand.


  •  Clamps may not work correctly.
  • Desk mounted is a more soothing option.
  •  An issue of monitor overlap.

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5. Defianz Aluminium Articulating Preconfigured Monitor Arms

Defianz Aluminium Articulating Preconfigured Monitor Arms
Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Can hold monitor of screen size 13-32 inches.

 360 degrees of rotation capability.

Tough aluminum-made body.

VESA Compatible model.

Are you looking for a simple and efficient product under a reasonable budget? Then the all-new product Defianz Aluminium Articulating Preconfigured Monitor Arms is just what you required.

Defianz is a brand known for delivering exquisite products at a suitable price. This is a product that surely will catch your eye.

The aluminum-iron body makes the product super-durable. It also adds extra glamour to it.

The rotation capacity is 360 degrees. Now you can watch your monitor being comfortable.

This is a single monitor stand and can hold a monitor from 13-32 inches in width. It is to be noted that it can not have curved monitors. The weight lifting capacity is 8 Kg maximum.

The model comes with heavy-duty clamps that can provide a steady mount on the desk. These clamps can be attached to a desk of thickness ranging from 10-85 mm. Also, freely adjustable height allows you to get an ergonomic position. The product has a fully detachable modular design.

The model is VESA compatible. You don’t need to buy an extra adapter.

The cable clip & cable fixers on the mount make the cables easy to manage. Get rid of loose wires now.

This model is perfect when you are a solo user. Great for adjusting the viewing angle as per your need. 


  •  Simple and easy to use.
  • Wide range of rotation.
  • Large screen holding capacity up to 32 inches.
  • Fully detachable design.


  •  The product may catch rust.
  •  Has a problem of no smooth moving.
  • Not durable.

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6. FlexiSpot Dual Monitor Mount, Gas Spring Desk Stand

FlexiSpot Dual Monitor Mount, Gas Spring Desk Stand for Two 10 27 Flat Screen (F6AD)
Reviewnxt Check Price Image

 Compatibility of holding screen sizes of 10-27 inches.

 360 degrees of rotation capability.

Fully adjustable height adjustment through the spring arms.

VESA Compatible model.

The brand Flexispot is known for its ability to deliver a quality product with the latest technologies. 

When you opt for the right product with a fusion of great features, Flexispot is always your no one trusted brand. The all-new FlexiSpot Dual Monitor Mount, Gas Spring Desk Stand is something you crave for in a monitor stand.

The product has a swivel angle of 180 degrees at two joints and 360 degrees at one joint. Now you can enjoy your viewing experience at a place where you are most comfortable.

The product comes with a tilt range of -90 to +90 degrees. Now, free from worries of the lesser screen view. Also, 41 cm adjustable height allows you to adjust the screen distance and the viewing angle as per requirement.

The model has the capacity of holding monitors of screen size 10-27 inches. The dual monitor stand can hold 1.5-5 Kg of weight in each arm.

Multiple configurations allow you to pace monitors where you want. You can place them side-by-side, or you can set them apart. Adjustable tension will enable you to balance weight on two joints.

The product is VESA compatible with 75 x 75 mm & 100 x 100mm pattern.

If you are a coder, then you will undoubtedly want to grab this one. It is perfect for your programming.


  • Adjustable monitor space.
  • Great viewing experience.
  • VESA compatible model.
  • Durable structure.


  • An issue with the clamps.
  • Set-up is not that easy.
  •  Mounting issues.

7. Rife Dual Monitor Desk Mount Full Motion with Gas Spring Fully Adjustable Mounting Arm

Reviewnxt Check Price Image

  Dual monitor holder with screen size 13-27 inches.

 360 degrees rotation and 180-degree swivel.

 -70 to +60 degree tilt positions.

VESA Compatible model.

Rife Technologies are delivering exquisite products for two decades. Providing the best among the bests wrapped in a durable design is the specialty of this brand. 

Rife Dual Monitor Desk Mount Full Motion with Gas Spring Fully Adjustable Mounting Arm is a product that will surely meet your desire.

The aluminum gas arm can rotate 360 degrees. A swivel of 180 degrees will allow you to change the monitor from portrait to landscape.

The tilt position from -70 to +60 degrees gives you a range to get more screen view. Ensure to get a fresh video experience.

Get rid of neck and back pain. The product has an arm of 16.5 inches and 12.5 inches. That provides you ease in watching.

The product comes with a dual monitor stand with a screen size of 13-27 inches to hold. The desk-mounted frame can fit two monitors comfortably. Each arm has a weight capacity of 7Kg per monitor.

The model is to be desk mounted. You can now mount on a desk thickness up to 82 mm thick with its improved desk clamp.

The model is VESA compatible with 75 and 100 mm pattern. Integrated cable management system keeps your wires and AV cords organized.

A professional like coding experience is now at your hand. This product is perfect for your long time profession.

The model comes with a 5-year warranty & lifetime technical support.


  • Great display quality.
  • Dual monitor stand.
  • Easy movement.
  • Value for money.


  •  The height can’t be adjusted.
  •  The set-up is not easy.
  • The stand is not durable.

8. FLEXIMOUNTS Desk Monitor Mount, Full Motion Single LCD Arm 

Fleximounts Desk Monitor Mount,Full Motion Single LCD Arm for 10-27 Flat Screen
Reviewnxt Check Price Image

 Screen size capacity 10-27 inches.

  360 degrees rotation.

  Adjustable arm height up to 40 cm.

VESA Compatible model.

Want a single monitor stand that meets all your needs and provide you with a super-comfortable viewing experience? The all-new FLEXIMOUNTS Desk Monitor Mount, Full Motion Single LCD Arm is engineered just to give you what you require.

Flexibond is a brand that always provides the latest technology with perfect design. That is why it is one of the most trusted brands.

This model is made of precision plastic aircraft grade material and hence, is very durable.

Now you can adjust your monitor as per your comfort position. It can swivel 360 degrees in one joint and 180 degrees in two.

The model has an extendable arm of length 50.8cm/20 inches. You can adjust the height of your screen up to 40 cm or 20 inches.

Tilt your monitor as you require. This stand allows you to tilt your Screen 15 degrees on both sides of the vertex. It will reduce the blackish part of the LCD, which happens due to the viewing angle.

This is one of the best single monitor stands. It can hold a screen size of 10-27 inches. The weight capacity of its arm is in the range of 1.5-5Kg.

The model comes with both the clamp and grommet fixing method. The camp is for table thickness ranging from 25-120mm. A grommet can be used where the diameter of the hole is 8.5-70mm.

The product is VESA compatible with 100mm and 75mm pattern.

The cable management system takes care of the loose wires. Now your office will be free from stray cables.

It is specially designed to make your personal viewing experience wonderful. Enjoy your work with a great display experience. 


  • Nice viewing experience.
  • Easy set-up.
  •  Hardy body structure.
  • Compatible with an extensive range of sizes.


  • Movement is stiff.
  •  Portrait orientation is loose.
  • An issue with the clamping screws.

9. DazzelOn Quad 4 LCD LED Monitor TV Mount Stand

DazzelOn Quad 4 LCD LED Monitor TV Mount Stand Free Standing Holds Displays (13-27) ,Height Adjustable , Gaming , Trading , Video Editing,Surveillance
Reviewnxt Check Price Image

  Quad display monitor holder with screen size 13-27 inches.

  360 degrees rotation.

 -15 to +15 degrees tilt.

 VESA is compatible with 100mm & 75mm pattern.

Quad monitor stands are used mainly for trading or security purposes. If you are managing four monitors, then it will occupy a lot of space. In this situation, you can opt for DazzelOn Quad 4 LCD LED Monitor TV Mount Stand.

Dazzleon is a brand that comes amongst one of the best in the industry. They can produce quality products which put them amongst the top rows. 

This all-new product is designed specially to meet your requirements.

The stand is made with cold-rolled steel with a layer of electrostatic paint over it.

The product can rotate 360 degrees on its axis. Also, it can swivel 180 degrees. That signifies that you don’t need to dismount it to change into portrait mode from landscape & vice versa.

The central column has a height of 8m. The height of the monitors can be adjustable in a range of 100-800mm. The splint has an adjustable height of 0-75mm. It adds an extra effect to your comfort.

The model can be tilted from -15 to 15 degrees. You can get more viewing angle from now on.

This monitor holder can hold four monitors of screen size 13-27 inches. The total set-up can bear a weight of 32kg maximum.

The model is VESA compatible with 100 & 75 mm pattern.

With the allowance to view four screens simultaneously, it is perfect if you are a system admin or are in surveillance.

The model has a 1-year replacement warranty.


  • Facility to hold four monitors simultaneously.
  • Ability to rotate 360 degrees.
  • Adjustable height in a reasonable range.
  • Value for money.


  • The tilt range is not very good.
  • The problem of set-up.
  • The durability issue. 

10. Gadget Wagon 14-27 inches Corner Swivel Extendable Arm

Gadget Wagon 14-27 inches Corner Swivel Extendable Arm Rotate and Swivel Monitor and TV Wall Mount Bracket (180 Degrees Motion)
Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Wall-mounted bracket with 14-27 inches capacity.

 180 degrees sideways rotation.

 -15 to +15 degrees overall tilt.

 VESA & Non- VESA compatible up to 100 mm.

The wall-mounted product is finally here. Now you can be relieved as it can provide you with a lot of free space on your desk. Gadget Wagon is the synonym of trust in the market. 

The all-new Gadget Wagon 14-27 inches Corner Extendable Swivel Arm is perfect for those who wanted to use their monitor in a more spacious way.

The product can rotate 180 degrees sideways. Now get a crisp view from all corners. It rotates 180 degrees with two angles of 90 degrees each.

The model comes with a tilt range from -15 to +15 degrees. The overall 30 degrees tilt can provide you with a more vivid view. Also, it can move 15 degrees ups and down for a perfect viewing angle.

The arm can extend up to 1.2 feet (35.7 cms) from the wall. Setting your monitor is in your hand. The 3-D movement ensures a better viewing experience.

The product can hold a single monitor of 14-27 inches of screen size. The highest weight-lifting capacity of this product is 18 Kg.

The model is VESA & non-VESA compatible up to 100 X 100 pattern.

 It is made with cold-rolled steel and comes with a cable management system. The cables can be hidden inside the shaft.

The wall mount stand is perfect for a wide display. It would help if you opted for it when you need a better viewing angle from all around.


  •   It can be mounted anywhere.
  •  Simple set up.
  •  3-D movement.
  •  Eye-catching design.


  •  Has issues with durability.
  • Sometimes movement becomes hard.
  •  The problem of unavailability of screws.


This is all about some of the best monitor stands in India, which are trending in the market now. 

It is now in your hand to opt depending upon the screen size, adjustments, width, and weight capacity.

We hope that our work has helped you get a clear idea and the article will help you pick the best. But, in case of any doubt, reach to us via comments. We will be happy to help you.

Frequently asked question’s For the Best monitor stands India

How to remove the monitor stand?

First, place the monitor on a soft cushion. After that, take a screwdriver and remove the VESA screws. Then, the monitor will be detached. Then, drag the screws from the desk or the wall.

What is VESA?

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association. It is a standard of attaching screens using four threaded holes in the back of the unit. VESA 75 x 75 means that holes are 3 inches apart from each other.

Are monitor stands interchangeable?

The stands that are using VESA standardized connectivity methods can be interchanged. But you need to take care of the other specifications like screen width or weight capacity too.

What if my stand is not VESA compatible?

Almost all brands that are available in the market are VESA compatible. But if you bought one without VESA compatibility, you might need a suitable VESA adaptor.

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