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Adding a pair of brand new best tower speakers for your home not only takes your audio experience to the next level but also gives you bliss to your eardrums; what more can you ask? If you are an audiophile, just like me.

Even the electronics around the house, let’s say the TV, the inbuilt speakers that come in are not very powerful enough to suit your audio requirements and give you a terrible sound experience in most cases. 

I guess many of you agree with me, right? So, is there a solution? 

Yes, one of the best solutions for this is getting a pair of tower speakers for your home or TV, which makes those weekend web series and movies’ overall watching experience even better.

The best thing about the tower speakers is their multiple speaker drivers, which adds the deep bass and depth for each music tone. 

You can even add the tower speaker to the soundbar you opted for your TV to make it powerful.

In a nutshell, if you are a person who enjoys music more than anything, then you should get the best tower speakers home today, which boosts your sound system to the next level.

These speakers come with multiple speakers that increase the speakers’ volume and create a wider soundstage. 

That’s it! We are one step away from soaking ourselves in the bliss of music. Read further to find out the best tower speakers in India. 

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Best Tower speakers in India 2020

Finally, it’s time to unveil the best tower speakers in India. We have listed these tower speakers based on numerous testing on different modes, countless hours of hearing, and in the end, talking to the existing buyers. 

It’s nonetheless said that you can blindly pick any one of the tower speakers from the below list; it satisfies your need.

ProductConnectivityWarrantyCheck Price
F&D T60X Tower Speakers
Editors Choice
Bluetooth, Usb, Aux, NFC1 Year Amazon
OBAGE MT-600 Bluetooth Tower SpeakersBluetooth 5.0,USB, Aux,1 Year Amazon
Philips in-SPA 9060B/94 Tower SpeakersWireless, Bluetooth, Usb, Aux1 Year Amazon
Bencley Bluetooth Tower Speakers 25000WBluetooth, Usb, Mic Port, Aux, Remote3 Months Amazon
OBAGE DT-2425 Bluetooth Tower SpeakersBluetooth, Usb, Aux1 Year Amazon
Omeewa ST-607 Single Tower SpeakerBluetooth 5.0, Aux, USB, Remote, FM.1 Year Amazon
Panasonic HiFi SC-UA7GW-K Tower Speaker System Wireless, Bluetooth, Usb, Aux1 Year Amazon
iBell 2871TS 75W 2.1 Tower SpeakerWireless, Bluetooth, Usb, Aux, SD18 Months Amazon

I hope you got a quick overview of India’s best tower speakers by now, yet I recommend you to read the complete product review for which you wish to buy. Make sure you read the buying guide mentioned at the end of the article to know all the features a tower speaker should offer.

1. F&D T60X Tower Speakers – Best for loudness and deep bass

F&D best tower speakers in india
  1. 3 -way design configuration
  2. Silk dome tweeter
  3. USB reader support
  4. Bluetooth and NFC
  5. LED display
  6. Remote control/controls on the side panel
  7. Wooden cabinet 
  8. 1-year manufacturer warranty

The T60X is the product modelled by the F&D company that comes with a 4-inch woofer and 8-inch subwoofer for a wide area music range. 

It also comes with a Silk dome Tweeter capable of playing high pitch sounds at an apparent intensity. The housing of the t60x is made with a wooden cabinet that makes it more resonance-free. 

For connecting various devices, t60x comes with an optical input connection. It is enabled with Bluetooth capability, with which you can pair your speakers to any device to enjoy your soundtracks. 

To control the tower speakers, you will get a remote control with IR wireless, which works over longer distances, and also at the side of the tower speaker, there are control options to change the tracks and sources. 

The device comes with an LCD, which will show you the track that USB or Bluetooth is playing and the type of source connected to the speakers. 

The Karaoke function is built-in with speakers that can turn your living room into a musical stage that gives you the best sound experience whenever you use it. 

It is the best speaker that gives you deep bass and crystal clear sound, and this is best suitable for those looking for speakers with the best and loud sound.


  1. Performance and sound quality, along with the bass, are good.
  2. The price of the device is affordable and worth your money.
  3. The product is reliable and durable.
  4. The device comes with optical output and a USB.


  1. There is a mic; it is not durable and has connectivity problems.
  2. Finding customer care support for this product in India is difficult.
  3. This speaker is not best for your outdoor purposes.
  4. The remote control quality is not as good as expected.

2. OBAGE MT-600 – Best for closed rooms

  1. Connectivity types – USB, Aux, Bluetooth, and FM.
  2. Deep and natural bass with bass reflex, side-firing technology.
  3. The output power of 35W RMS.
  4. Flat sound signature.
  5. 1 year of manufacturer warranty

OBAGE is an Indian brand that makes speakers and other audio devices and produces quality products keeping all types of budget users in mind. 

Their products are simply perfect and come at a very reasonable price with superior sound technology.

The Mt 600 is the miniature product of OBAGE tower speakers that comes at less than Rs.5000.

These speakers are a little bit heavy comes in a wooden box with a shiny paper surface. The overall build quality is great. Along with the controls on the top of the box, you will also get a remote control to control the device’s modes and volumes. 

The controls on the front have mode changing, music controls, and the tower speakers’ volume and bass controls provided at the back of the box.

The connectivity type, it connects via an Aux cable and also USB cable. You can even connect to your devices wirelessly using Bluetooth connectivity. 

If you are looking for a miniature Tower speaker that fits your bed room at a value for money, then the Mt 600 is the best choice for you. 


  1. The installation of the device is effortless.
  2. Best in budget and is ideal for small rooms
  3. Deep bass and quality sound.
  4. It comes with classy build quality.


  1. Not ideal for loud music listeners.
  2. The quality of the control center is low.
  3. It comes with an old Bluetooth version.

3. Philips in-SPA 9060B/94 – Best in the budget for small to medium-sized rooms

This product has three variants in wattage – 120, 80, 60.

  1. 60W output power.
  2. Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming.
  3. USB support.
  4. The microphone is available.
  5. 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  6. Includes two woofers of 8 inches.

Philips is a well-known brand, and the products from Philips are built with good quality and are durable. 

The In-SPA 9060B/94 is the miniature model tower speaker from the Philips. This device is built into work wirelessly with Bluetooth enabled devices such as laptops and mobile phones.

It also comes with a USB port to stream through USB connections. The USB and Bluetooth functionalities are very flexible and easy to use. 

The device also comes with a built-in FM tuner, which helps to tune multiple FM channels and break free FM entertainment. 

The device sleek in design and has a LED display that displays the current playing track and volume and bass levels. 

Simply the device is built with good quality, and it is durable, easy to use. On the other note, speakers also give the best performance with good bass and clear sound. 

This product is the perfect companion for you if you wish to get a piece of sound technology that falls within budget and fits in small to medium-sized rooms. 


  1. Latest Bluetooth technology. 
  2. It is compatible with a wide range of devices.
  3. The sound is good and blended with bass.
  4. Comes with Karaoke feature. 


  1. It does not come with optical inputs
  2. You can not feel the surround sound
  3. The microphone does not have an echo function.

4. Bencley Bluetooth Tower Speakers 25000W PMPO – Best for small rooms

  • 5.2-inch woofer.
  • Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth.
  • USB and Aux ports built-in.
  • A Mic port and also a mic is included in the box.
  • FM tuner.
  • Remote controlled.
  • 3-month manufacturer warranty.

Bencley is an Indian brand in the market since 2016, making a wide range of audio systems varies from large to small in size. The 25000W PMPO is the tower speaker from this brand capable of reaching your audio expectations. 

The Bencley tower speakers are Bluetooth driven drivers who entirely focuses on the clear vocals and sound to create a soothing experience. 

It is designed to improve your home theatrical experience. The speaker is well built with quality material to fit in your interiors.

The device consists of two speakers and a subwoofer, the control for volumes of individual speakers is fixed on the side of the woofer and the bass control. 

And on the front panel, it has a USB port and the buttons to control the music and change the modes. 

At the back of the device, there are other ports such as Aux ports to connect to Aux capable devices. It also has the RGB display bar in the front panel to indicate the speakers’ mode and current playing tracks. 

This is the best in budget-standing speakers and is best suited for those looking for compact speakers to fit in their living area. 


  1. Great to fit in small to medium-sized rooms. 
  2. The finishing of the product is good.
  3. Budget product and value for money.
  4. Control for bass and treble separately.
  5. Comes with a mic.


  1. It does not provide a standard 1-year warranty.
  2. The remote control does not have great functionality.
  3. Bass is not clear; disturbances in the bass.

5. Obage DT-2425 – For clarity sound 

  • 2 channel surround sound configuration.
  • Deep clear bass.
  • Controls for volume, bass, and treble.
  • Options to connect additional speakers.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Remote control and controls on the device.
  • Subwoofers in both towers.

The DT-2425 is a dual tower speaker system made by the OBAGE brand. This device comes with two subwoofers, 5.2inch each of them. 

Also, it comes with 2, 3-inches speakers and two 2.5 inch tweeters. These configurations can make the device handle a frequency range from 50Hz to 17KHz. 

The bass technology used in the device is Bass Reflex, Side Firing. As this device concentrates on the clarity of sound, so it is not recommended for loud listeners. 

The device comes with Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. It also comes with a USB and Aux to connect to various devices. It also includes a mic port to connect a mic. The FM feature is also available to listen to numerous FM channels.

The DT-2425, otherwise called BlackJack, is made to release low extension bass. Because of that, it can create high-quality bass and crystal clear highs. 

While coming to the control features, it is provided with remote and extra physical control at the device’s back. 

On the front, there are connectivity options to connect USB and Aux. Along with that, there are also buttons to change mode and control music.

This is the best Tower speaker in budget and is suited for you if you are looking for a classy product with excellent finishing. 


  1. Contains two Aux ports.
  2. The sound output is clear and pleasing.
  3. Neat and good design and finishing.
  4. Best for indoor listeners.


  1. It does not come with a mic included; you need to get it added.
  2. Can’t control the bass in the remote.
  3. Remote is a bit slow.
  4. Does not supports Karaoke.

6. Omeewa by Obage ST-607 – Perfect for your TV

  • Single tower punchy bass speakers.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity.
  • USB and Aux ports.
  • FM support.
  • Remote control.
  • Control knobs for bass and treble.
  • Flat sound signature.
  • 1-year warranty.

The Omeewa ST-670 is another great tower speaker. This system consists of only one tower, including four speakers and a subwoofer to create a bass’s punch. 

This device is meant for high-quality and clear sound and comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can connect your device to any audio source with Bluetooth functionality. 

It also supports USB and Aux ports for multi-device connections. On the side of the device, there are knobs to change the Bass, Treble, and volume levels.

On the front side, there are buttons to control the music and change modes. An extra USB and Aux slots are also provided here.

This device is best suited to connect with your TV because of the clarity of vocals and crystal clear sounds. 

If listening to music is your priority, then this is your good to go. And it is ideal for rooms that are small to medium. 


  1. Compatible with laptop/PC and mobiles.
  2. Best for clarity of sound and perfect for TV.
  3. Best suitable for medium to small rooms.
  4. Comes with wide bass for a good punch.


  1. Karaoke Feature is not available.
  2. Optical ports are not available.
  3. No mic port or mic available.
  4. Not for loud listeners.

7. Panasonic HiFi SC-UA7GW-K 

  • Dynamic all in one speaker.
  • Comes with features of 10 speakers.
  • 180-degree room-filling expansive sound
  • Robust bass and resonance.
  • Comes with MAXX Juke app.
  • 4GB internal memory.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.

The Panasonic HiFi SC-UA7GW-K is a high-tech tower speaker with the best design, and the illumination on top and front makes it sleek. 

The device is capable of playing a 180-degree room-filling expansive sound. 

The device features ten drives in the box. There are four 8 cm mid-range woofers to handle medium frequencies and four 8 cm tweeters to handle high frequency sounds to play high pitch volumes, and two 16 cm woofers to take low-frequency sounds. 

These are designed back to back in the compartment to eliminate any vibration and produce distortion-free sound. This tower speaker can serve the purpose of indoor and even outdoor music. 

This device comes with a 4GB internal memory that replaces the necessity of having another source to play music. To transfer files to the internal storage, you can use the Panasonic Max app. 

The device is best in its design, and it only takes a small space and is easy to install. 

On the top, there is a LED display to show track playing and the mode. The control knobs are touch prone on the top of the speaker to control the music and modes. 

This is the top-notch tower speaker, and if your budget permits, then it is good to go. 


  1. Comes in a sleek design and the best finish.
  2. The sound quality is fantastic.
  3. 180 degree sound makes it more surround. 
  4. The bass is excellent and overwhelming.
  5. The stylish design.


  1. The pricing is a bit high. 
  2. The connectivity options are less.
  3. Does not come with HDMI ports.
  4. Even though there are mic ports, you won’t get a mic included.

8. iBell 2871TS tower speaker

  • Two tower speakers with subwoofer separately.
  • USB, SD card, and Aux ports. 
  • Bluetooth connectivity. 
  • Remote controlled.
  • 75 watts output power.
  • 18-months manufacturer warranty (one-year standard, six months additional on registration)
  • Multi compatibility.

Thes 2871TS is a tower speaker system which has three channels, two speakers, and a subwoofer. The speakers come as towers, and the system also merges the functionality of the soundbar in it. 

The subwoofer is 6.5 inch which produces deep bass and is best to use in any environment, let it be a room or an open auditorium. 

The best thing about this sound system is that you can also arrange the towers vertically to make them soundbars to experience different sounds.

The subwoofer, which comes separately, has all the connectivity and port options. On the front side of the subwoofer, you can find a USB and SD card slot in which you can plug and play SD cards and pen drives. 

To view the modes and playing tracks, there is a LED display. The player is also compatible with Bluetooth connectivity so that you can connect to any Bluetooth source. 

Are you looking for a convertible speaker set, then the iBell 2871TS is the best fit for you.


  1. Can control bass and treble with the remote control.
  2. Can connect to TV, PC and even mobile.
  3. Value for money.
  4. Works well even for big rooms.


  1. Mic connectivity is not available.
  2. Even though it is a 2.1 channel, you can not feel Dolby’s music.
  3. It cannot reach expectations if you are a music lover. 


For a classy look and the best in quality tower speakers, the F&D t60X tower speakers will be the perfect choice for you due to its deep bass and loudness.

Or if you are looking for a budget standing speaker that fits in small to medium-sized rooms, then you can get either OBAGE MT-600 or Philips in-SPA 9060B/94. 

For those looking for speakers keeping the bass output aside, you can choose the OBAGE-2425 for high clarity and soothing music.

For a best in piece sleek model Hitech tower speaker that gives the best bass, you can go with the Panasonic HiFi SC-UA7GW-K, which is best in creating 180 degrees expansive sound.

Buyers Guide for Best Tower Speakers

Getting a tower speaker at your budget is not a great deal. But spending some time to know the tower speakers’ specifications will help you choose the best product among the rest with all the functionality you need. 

Let’s get to basics first.

1. What is a tower speaker? 

In other words, the tower speaker called as floor standing speakers two channels (a left and a right). Each of the channels may include 2-3 drivers, which help in reproducing various frequencies. 

All the components of a tower speaker are either cased in a wooden or plastic cabinet. Some of them also come in metal cabinets. For great music and reproduction of sounds, considering a wooden cabinet is an optimal choice. 

2. What are the drivers for tower speakers?

The drivers are electronic parts that convert the audio signal to sound and send them to the speakers. These drivers work individually, and the more drivers, the more will be the sound.

A sound system loudness is not what only matters, but having multiple drivers will also create a wider soundstage. Usually, a tower speaker consists of 3 drivers in each channel. 

The three drivers in the channel are a woofer/subwoofer for low frequency, a speaker for mid-frequency, and a tweeter for high frequencies. 

Some of the tower speakers only come with two drivers, excluding the subwoofer. Choosing a device with less than three channels will not give you the expected sound output. Also, some high priced devices come with more than 5 drivers.

3. What are tweeters, and how do they helpful for tower speakers

The tweeters are an essential part of tower speakers. A basic woofer and speaker system can not play high-frequency sounds. To complement the other components and to play high-frequency sounds, the tweeters are used. 

As the name indicates, the tweeter can play high pitch sounds that range from 2,000Hz to 30,000Hz.

There are different types of tweeters you can see in the market serving their purposes, and comes at different prices. 

Cone tweeters

A cone tweeter is most common among the tower speakers; most of the tower speakers use cone speakers to produce low bandwidth sounds. 

They are usually made of paper in a cone shape. Some of the tweeters are also made of metal or fabric, giving better sound dispersion compared to the paper cones. The price range of cone speakers is less when compared with other tweeters. 

Dome tweeters

Dome tweeters are made of a thin material: silk, polymer, Myler, etc. They do not come with any delicate cone structures. 

The cone tweeters can not produce wide sound dispersion and produce lower-quality audio. Then comes the Dome tweeters, which are better than the cone speakers. They are good at providing wider sound distortion. 

Horn tweeter

On the other hand, the horn speakers come with piezo drivers than the magnet assembly, making it louder. The design they made makes them generate focused sound. They are cheap and efficient yet are not good at delivering quality music. 

Planar magnetic tweeter

The planar magnetic tweeters are the same as the dome tweeters, but these use direct radiators. These are otherwise called quasi-ribbon tweeters, which are less expensive than the other tweeters. 

4. What are mid-range drivers in tower speakers?

The audible voice ranging from 500 to 2000Hz is what humans can hear, and most of the sounds and instrumental voices come under this spectrum. 

Hence this range is significant in the sound systems. The mid-range drivers, also called squawkers, are the drives that are capable of handling this spectrum. 

Most of the mid-range drivers come in a cone shape, but there will also be dome type and horn type drivers. The type of material used in the driver will improve the sound quality of the speaker.

5. Woofer:

Woofers are for handling the low pitch sounds that range from 40 Hz to 1000Hz. Woofers are also very important in the tower speakers, which create bass. Most music lovers love to listen to good bass. Hence adopting a woofer is very necessary to make a good bass. 

6. Subwoofer 

The subwoofers are the drives capable of reproducing the low frequencies that a woofer can not reproduce. The subwoofers can produce bass sounds in the range of 20 to 200 Hz.

As most of the experts speak, adding a subwoofer to your sound system would result in a powerful sound system.

7. So, what are configurations in tower speakers?

Talking about the configurations, it is the sole priority in deciding how the sound is divided among the speakers; usually, the configurations depending on the number of drivers adopted in the tower. 

  • Two way vs Three-way configuration

A two-way speaker consists of two drives, and the sound is distributed as high and low frequencies. A typical two-way tower speaker comes with a tweeter and either a woofer or mid-range. 

The three-way configuration comes with three drivers, and the sound is distributed into high, mid, and low frequencies. The three-way speakers come with a tweeter, a mid-range, and a woofer, which share the load. 

8. Material used

As the material of the tweeters and mid-range with which they are made plays a crucial role in the overall output of the sound, the material used in the outer cabinet’s construction is also significant. The cabinet should be made in such a way that it can handle resonances and do not cause any distortion due to the drivers. 

The material of the tower speaker Plays a crucial role in longer usage. While making sure the product’s finish matches other interiors of the house, it is also necessary to check the material with which the product casing is made. 

9. Sensitivity

It is also essential to check the sensitivity of the speakers. The less is the sensitivity of your speakers; the more will be the power consumption. It is preferable to choose a speaker that comes at a sensitivity of 90 DB or more.

10. Look For Frequency Response

You should also be looking at the frequency response of the system. As we know, the tower speakers come with two or more drivers. 

These are operated at a different range of frequencies, which are low, mid, and high. Hence considering the low and high-frequency response will give you clear and better audio output. 

11. Check Impedance

Commonly the speakers come at impedance values of 4,8, and 10 Ohms. Your speaker impedance value should match the amplifier’s impedance, without which the equipment may get damaged. 

12. Wattage: Higher the Volume, Better the Quality

Considering the power rating is one more thing you need to focus on before getting a device. The sound quality is better when the total wattage of the system is high. 

But all the amplifiers do not come at the same power ratings. Hence you need to check whether the speakers can withhold the total power output of the amplifier. 

13. Speaker Size: Bigger the Size, Higher the Volume

This condition depends on your need for sound range. There are tower speakers that fit in your small room and those that can howl over your big hall area. You can select your ideal fit by considering the space you want to allocate for the device. 

14. Normal vs Powered Speakers

Well, in many conditions, when choosing tower speakers for your home audio system, the amplifier comes built-in with the device. These are very common these days, which are called power speakers. 

But there are also types of speakers, which are Normal or passive speakers where the amplifier is not built-in, and you need to get the amplifier separately. It is always wise to choose powered speakers that take off the hassle of getting an amplifier additionally. 

15. Placing the Tower Speakers

As the tower speakers do not occupy more ground space, they are meant to fit in any environment. And for best performance, the towers are placed by the side of your TV. You can also put it in the corners, making sure they are not too close to the wall. 

16. Budget

While the budget plays a vital role, these Tower speakers come at a wide range of prices. Here the listed tower speakers are selected the best in to fit your budget. 

17. Warranty and Guarantee

Every brand gives you a warranty period for damages to the devices. Before getting a tower speaker, make sure you have good knowledge of the warranty provided by the manufacturer and the way to contact your manufacturer for a warranty claim. 

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