What is bar pressure or rated pressure in water heaters?

Generally, the water heaters or geysers in the market are sold on different bar pressures that are required for the home or commercial purpose.

So, what is bar pressure in a water heater? The water pressure in the water heater is measured by ‘bars’, therefore bar pressure is nothing but a water pressure that hits your water tank in a geyser/water heater. In most cases, it is suggested to buy an 8 bar pressure geyser to stay safe side irrespective of the building rise.

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This rated pressure in the geysers varies from building to building or flat to flat in an apartment.

For example, if you are living on a loft of three stored buildings hence you will receive less water pressure than a guy living on the ground floor. And, this water pressure is subject to change from time to time.

In the morning rush hours, every house in the building withdraws water from the storage tank hence the water pressure is low in the morning but the pressure is high during noon or later in the night.

So, keeping all this in mind we must buy the best water heaters for our home.

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The role of Bar Pressure in Geysers

In general, we directly connect the cold-water inlet to the water heaters which is directly connected to the outlet of the overhead storage tank of the building.

In this case, the water pressure directly gets into contact with the inner walls of the water heater tank, over the period of time the water heater’s inner walls get thin and damaged. And, start to leak water from the geysers tank. Finding 6 bar pressure vs 8 bar pressure is completely your choice.

Hence to avoid this, it’s always suggested to get an 8 bar pressure water heater for your home.

How to calculate bar pressure in water heaters?

To calculate the bar pressure in your house you may take the help of a plumber he measures it through a pressure gauge instrument and it is simple. If you wish to do it yourself then buy a pressure gauge from here.

You can also calculate bar pressure manually. For the rough estimation let’s look at the following calculations.

calculating bar pressure in water heater

In general, the bar pressure is a distance calculated in meters between the bottom of the overhead tank to the tap or shower in the bathroom.

Suppose, if the distance between the bottom of the tank to the shower is 1 meter then the bar pressure is 0.1bar. So, in order to achieve 1 bar pressure, there must be 10 meters gap between the overhead tank and the shower or tank.

For more details, look at below table

DistanceBar pressure
1 metre0.1 bar = Low
2 metres0.2 bar = Low
3 metres0.3 bar = Low
4 metres0.4 bar = Low
5 metres0.5 bar = Low
6 metres0.6 bar = Low
7 metres0.7 bar = Low
8 metres0.8 bar = Low
9 metres0.9 bar = Low
10 metres +1.0 bar = High

What is the bar pressure required for geysers?

Usually, the geysers are employed in households that can be distinguished in two types of high-rise buildings or an independent house (G+1).

For high-rise buildings or apartments, there will be a lot of distance between the overhead tank and the lowest floor. So naturally, the water pressure is high hence the bar pressure required is high.

It is always recommended 8 bar pressure geysers for high-rise buildings for better results in water pressure handling.

In the case of an independent house, the pressure is slightly low, therefore it is recommended to get a 6 or 6.5 bar pressure water heater for your home.

In some occasions, the pressure might not work equally in your water taps and showers, the reason is simple you need to buy water taps which are suitable for low to high pressures basing on your water pressure.

safety valves

Along with high bar pressure, these days every water heater in the markets gets a safe water pressure valve, the main function of the pressure valve is to discharge the water from the water heater during water flow more than the threshold. This water pressure saves the water heater from major failure.


At the end of the day, the life and efficiency of the geysers matter the most no matter. So, choose the best-rated pressure water heater depending upon the water flow travel distance in your house.

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I hope, I have given enough information in choosing and calculating the bar pressure required for your home. If you have any queries or doubt please let me know in the comment box 😊.

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  2. Thankyou for ur nice eloboration.Sir will u assist me by ease out my problem,which I’m facing since last yr after installation of Usha Lexus Geyser Aquagenie 15lt Cyan WB.The problem with out flow of water is just like a thin thread.10lt bucket takes 2 hours to fill.Infact the difference between the base of overhead tank and Geyser is 7ft.I called the service representative regarding this problem and they are showing helplessness because I can not lift the tank any more.Sir please help me with ur noble & expert opinion.

    • I think the problem is with your pipe size and water pressure, as per my opinion first call your local plumber because they know well about your issue. if you still face this same issue then comment below, we will provide you best water heater technician number.

  3. Sir,
    You have nicely explained, as others already put down, any person can understand.
    One thing I would like inform is all our houses are 9ft height ( which is less than 3 mtrs), except some old bungalows or lavish villas may be of high floor ht.
    I am having a 25 ltr. Hyder working 30 yrs, in the 1st floor and over it is the overhead tank. And so, far, we never had any problem.
    Now when I have purchased, they are raising this issue of pressure, for installation.

  4. Ours is 10 year old, 35-liter and 6-liter Venus Storage Water heaters, both rated at 3 bar. Now we have installed pressure booster pump with 2.5 bar max. setting. Overhead water tank is at 30m height.
    Problem arisen is that both water heaters are leaking from Safety valves continuously when water supply is given (inlet).
    Will installation of 4-5 bar Safety relief valve be good?


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