Best Commercial Deep Fryer in India 2021 – [Reviews]

Do you know that an average Indian household spends nearly Rs.2500 for eating out per month?

Yes, they are fond of snacks that are easy and quick to serve. Especially deep-fried food. Yummy, I love it!

On that note, these deep-fried snack items selling businesses are on the rise these days. I personally spoke to two-three vendors who are very much happy with their profits. 

Everything seems better until now, but their problems in finding the best commercial deep fryers made me write this post.

So, If you wanna start a business of these deep-fried items you need to have better equipment to get the best results or if you are already in the business, it’s time to update your machinery. 

Taking every parameter into consideration, we have sorted out the Top 6 best commercial deep fryers in India in this article. 

Let’s begin!

Best commercial deep fryer in India 2021

Owning a deep fryer will make our work very easy and also reduce the mess created by the traditional frying method. So, Here is the list of those top 6 best commercial deep fryers in India.

ProductWattageBuy now
Generic Electric Counter top Deep Fryer
(Editor’s Choice)
480 Watts Amazon
ANDREW JAMES Commercial Double Deep Fat Fryer600 Watts Amazon
Hi-Tech kitchen Deep Fat Fryer
615 Watts Amazon
1 X Bayou Classic 5004 Canvas Cover Fryer550 Watts Amazon
FROTH & FLAVOR Electric Deep Fryer
1700 Watts Amazon
Kiran Enterprise Metal Deep Fryer600 Watts Amazon

Before you make your decision, I highly suggest you read the buyer’s guide ( things you must check in deep fryers before you buy) and also go through the individual review of each product below.

1. Generic Electric Countertop Deep Fryer 

No products found.

This commercial deep-fryer uses a deep generic company fryer which is perfect for the start-up business with a different menu. Because it has dual tank fryers with 6 liters capacity each.

With this dual tanker feature, the user can fry up to 2 different dishes at a time which saves time while serving. 

However, these 2 tankers can operate separately with a separate power cord. The whole body of the deep fryer is made out of a stainless steel body that gives more durability and longevity too.

When it comes to operating, it has a user-friendly control panel with temperature selection from 0 to 200-degree Celsius

The commercial electric deep fryer also has the indicators of power and hot light in green and orange lights respectively.

The removable oil tank helps us to clean it very easily without any hassle. Cool-down handles are also provided on the lid and also with the basket handles.

The power wattage for this fryer is about 5000 watts where 2500 watts for each of the dual tankers. And also a small commercial deep fryer holds an oil container capacity of 6 liters each.


  • Dual tanker deep fryer
  • Each tanker has a capacity of 6 liters
  • 2 power cords are provided 
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Temperature selection ranges from 0 to 200-degree Celsius for each tanker
  • Made of stainless steel body 
  • Removable oil tank provides easy cleaning 
  • Countertop model easy to movable 
  • Cooldown handles on the lid and fryer basket 


  • Takes time to warm up 
  • Thin metal

2. ANDREW JAMES Commercial Stainless Steel Double Deep Fat Fryer

No products found.

Andrew James’s brand deep fryers have great sellings in the Indian market because of the reliable and durable products. For commercial use, it has double deep fat fryers with 12 liters of capacity (each tanker with 6-liter capacity)made out of strong stainless steel material.  And each fryer has a stainless steel heating element for longer use. 

A cool-down handle is also provided on the lid and basket as well. The temperature of the commercial electric deep fryer is controlled by a temperature selection dial on the control panel.

It has a temperature reading from 0 to 200-degree celsius with an auto-cut option too. 

Power and heat indicators are also present on the easily accessible control panel. The power wattage for this small commercial deep fryer is about 2500 watts per fryer with separate power cords.


  • Double deep fryer
  • With 6 tank liter capacity each
  • Easily accessible control panel
  • Power and hot indicator are present on the control panel
  • Power wattage od 2500 watts for each fryer
  • Separate power cords for each fryer along with separate temperature selection 
  • Cooldown handle for lid and basket
  • Temperature ranges from 0 to 200-degree Celsius
  • Stainless steel heating element


  • Little expensive 
  • Low-quality material

3. HI-TECH KITCHEN Stainless Steel Commercial DEEP Fat Fryer

No products found.

This Hitech kitchen’s deep fryer will be the best deep fryer for cafes, canteen, etc. with its durability whereas the whole body is made out of stainless steel material. The s-shaped heating element will heat the oil evenly in a short time.

And having a heat pipe protection plate will protect the fries from direct contact. This deep fryer has a large capacity of 6 liters enough for commercial purposes.

It also has an easy tuning dial for temperature selection from 0 – 200-degree celsius along with a hot and power indicators. 

When it comes to power wattage it takes nearly 2500 watts enough to heat the oil within a short time. This small commercial deep fryer also has the cooldown handle to touch the lid and basket as well.


  • Holds the capacity of 6 liters
  • S-shaped heating element 
  • Heat pipe protection plate
  • Easy dial tuning for temperature selection 
  • Temperature ranges from 0 to 200 degree Celsius
  • Power wattage 2500 watts
  • Hot and power indicator
  • Easy to clean 


  • Need an adapter for a power cord
  • Expensive to purchase

4. 1 X Bayou Classic 5004 Canvas Cover Fryer

No products found.

This bayou company has come up with a gas connection fryer with a cart stand. All this setup makes the deep fryer a perfect one for commercial use.

The commercial gas deep fryer has a connected pipe for gas connection with an in-built regulator to operate the heat in the oil.

A pressure gauge is also present at the front of the commercial deep fryer machine to observe sufficient gas pressure for the frier. It also has an indicator of turning of gas on the pressure gauge when the pointer moves to turn off gas.

A side handle is also present to hold the commercial gas deep fryer while moving for a better grip. 

Additionally, the fryer is also provided with a canvas cover to cover up the fryer machine commercial after use.

It holds the capacity of 4 gallons whereas heating of oil depends upon the gas pressure applied. Very easy to clean with the drain valve. 


  • Cart model deep fryer
  • Works by gas connection
  • Connected pain has an inbuilt regulator for gas
  • A pressure gauge is also present in the front of the fryer
  • Overheat indication by turn off gas pointer in pressure gauge
  • The drain valve will allow us to clean it very easily 
  • Consists of 2 fryer baskets
  • A canvas cover is provided to cover up the machine after use


  • Covers only top of the deep fryer
  • Takes time to heat up

5. FROTH & FLAVOR Stainless Steel Electric Deep Fryer

No products found.

Till now we have seen stainless steel heating elements but this froth & flavor company has introduced a copper element for heating in the deep fryer.

However, a copper heating element spread the heat evenly throughout the commercial deep fryer machine perfectly. 

With 2500 watts of power wattage this commercial electric deep fryer spreads enough heat within a very short time to reach the optimum point for fry whereas the deep fryer has the capacity of about 8 liters. 

Moreover, the heat pipe protective plate prevents the food from direct contact. The user-friendly control panel has a temperature tuner to tune it according to the food we need to fry in it from 0 to 200 degrees.

It also has the hot and power indicator to intimate the presence of heat and power for us. The total body of the fryer is made up of stainless steel along with the fryer basket too. It provides us to clean it very easily with the removable tank. 


  • Power wattage is about 2500 watts
  • Fryer tank capacity is 8 liters
  • Control is easy to operate with dial model knob
  • Temperature selection ranges from 0 to 200 degrees
  • Made up of stainless steel material 
  • Consists of a heat pipe protective plate
  • A copper metal heating element
  • Hot and power indicator with LED lights for safety use


  • Not a good quality material
  • Costs more

6. Kiran Enterprise Metal Deep Fryer 

No products found.

This is a clear shot, made in India with good quality and performance. For commercial use, this metal fryer is the best with a large frying pan capacity of about 8 liters and it has an easily accessible control panel with a dial model temperature tuner, where the temperature ranges from 0 to 300-degree Celcius. 

Including that, it also has the power and hot indicator led lights which is a very safe feature to have in every deep fryer. A cool-down handle is attached to the fryer basket to prevent accidental burns that happen while frying food. 

It has a very narrow and deep basket for frying the food. The countertop model is very idle to place in any place like a cafe, canteen, and small restaurant as well.


  • Temperature ranges from 0 to 300 degree Celcius 
  • Control panel has dial knob to tune the temperature easily
  • Coo-down handle on the fryer basket
  • Holds the capacity of 8 liters
  • Countertop model makes it to movable
  • Consists safety indicator of power and hot


  • Not easy to clean 
  • No closing lid which prevents oil splattering


Each of these deep fryers is unique in its own way with trusted brands and quality. So, it’s you to choose the best commercial deep fryers in India for your business to make more profits.

However, we recommend Generic Electric Countertop Deep Fryer, which is perfect for a startup business with a dual fryer tank that has 6-liter od capacity each.

Or go for 1 X Bayou Classic 5004 Canvas Cover Fryer if you like to have a gas connection model of the commercial gas deep fryer. And also it has an in-built stand to make it work in commercial places.

And If you like to have the larger capacity tanker of commercial electric deep fryer machine then go for FROTH & FLAVOR Stainless Steel Electric Deep Fryer.

Buyers guide – Things to see before buying the best commercial deep fryer in India

These are the important parameters to consider before buying a deep-fryer for commercial use. It is always better to find out the right size, capacity, and more to make your purchase worthwhile. 


It is the first and foremost thing to choose in the deep fryer when you like to buy it for commercial use. Deep fryers for home use consist of 2 to 6 liters whereas commercial deep fryers should consist of more than 6 liters. So, select the one with more than 6-liter tank capacity.


There is no point for durability when there is no quality in the product material. Deep fryers for commercial use need to be very good as the food made in it will be in bulk. Moreover, a cheap quality product material will result in a huge loss for the buyer.

Power wattage:

The heat of the heating element is supplied based on the amount of power wattage it takes. So, the more the power wattage the quickly oil gets heated in the deep fryer and saves time. 

The number of tankers:

One of the additional yet useful features to choose in a deep fryer is a number of tankers. Some deep fryers have 2 separate oil tankers for deep frying. And this is very useful for a restaurant/cafe with a large menu of fried items. So, choose the 2 or more oil tankers in a deep fryer.

Countertop or Movable:

There are 2 types of deep fryer models available when it comes to transportation. One is a countertop and the other is a cart/stand/movable. 

Safety features:

Hot oil is very dangerous to deal with. So, try to have some safety features in the deep fryer like a hot and power indicator that prevents food from overheating.

Cool-down Handles:

Commercial use includes many tasks to do. During this, you might touch the hot handle in a hurry. So, try to choose the cooldown handle option in the deep fryer basket, lid, etc.

Finally, stop the use of traditional deep fryers and get brand new modern deep fryers to have increased profits and productivity in your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is better, gas or electric deep fryer?

Compared to commercial electric deep fryers, gas deep fryers take less time to heat the oil. Moreover, running an electric deep fryer costs more than a gas deep fryer.

Can you fry it with olive oil? 

No, you cannot deep fry in olive oil because it consists of a low smoke point. Try to use olive oil for pan-frying only.

How much do commercial fryers weigh? 

On average, a commercial fryer can weigh around 77 kg.

How often should you change the oil in a fryer?

You need to change the oil completely when you use the oil for 8 to 10 uses. 

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