Best Auto Ignition Gas Stove in India 2021 – [Reviews]

Most of the Indians like to cook on the gas stoves which are run by the LPG gas or PNG gas. Because of its flexibility and efficiency. 

However, this gas stove allows us to cook food with the desired temperature just by turning the flames to the sim, medium, and high.  which is very important to get the perfect texture, colour, taste to the dishes for any type of cuisine. 

To put this gas stove forward, there are some advanced models with various comfy features. One of them is auto-ignition including a gas stove model that has been trending in the Indian market for a long time. 

Autoignition is an advanced feature in the gas stove that ignites the burners by triggering a light spark automatically after turning the gas ON. No lighter or match-stick is required to ignite the burner with this auto-ignition model.

Interesting right! 

Yes, I wish to get one for my kitchen, and if you are planning for the same, it’s time to know more about these stoves and its technologies to make your purchase worth every rupee. 

Being new to this topic, you need to know some factors regarding this automatic gas stove where it requires a lot of research to find the best auto ignition gas stove in India

On that note, we have made all those research and sorted out the top 6 best products with a short buying guide for your reference. 

I hope the article will save you time and money.

Best Auto Ignition Gas stove in India 2021

These are the best auto-ignition stoves that are available in India and ranked them based on their performance, durability, features, price, and customer satisfaction. 

1. SURYAJWALA Auto Ignition Royal Designer GT03 Gas Stove

SURYAJWALA Auto Ignition Royal Designer GT03 Gas Stove

Watch Unboxing and Review of SURYAJWALA Auto Ignition Gas Stove. below the video I added my views on, why should you buy this Gas Stove with pros and cons.


Suryajwala is an Indian company, widely known for the gas stoves, inductions, chimneys products. Competing with other famous brands Suryajwala has great selling over its auto-ignition stoves.

This GT03 series of auto ignition gas stove has a battery-less auto-ignition feature. The burners made of heavy-duty cast iron give efficient flames for faster cooking. It gives the smooth and user-friendly operating with its ergonomically designed gripped knobs. 

To provide stability, the automatic gas stove has an anti-slip ABS base that proves more stability while in use.  When it comes to the dimensions, the autogas stove has 27 cm in between every burner enough to cook food in large utensils.

It is very suitable to fit in every kitchen with 75×28 cms and occupies less space even though it has enough space between burners. The 360 degrees rotating inlet nozzle is very convenient to connect the domestic gas pipe in any direction possible. 


  • Consists of 3 burners 
  • Works efficiently with heavy-duty cast iron burner
  • Batteryless auto-ignition feature saves time
  • Perfect dimensions to fit in every kitchen with 75×28 cms
  • User-friendly to operate
  • Every burner is separated with 27 cms, spacious enough to cook in large utensils
  • Best stability with ABS anti-slip base
  • Provided with 360-degree rotating inlet nozzle
  • Easy-grip knobs
  • Compact in size and very easy to clean
  • One year warranty on the product
  • Toughened glass thickness id about 6mm


  • Only for Domestic LPG gas cylinder
  • Little overpriced.

2. Prestige Royale Plus Schott 3 Burner Gas StovePrestige Royale Plus Schott 3 Burner Gas Stove

From pressure cookers to gas stove this Indian brand prestige is being loved to own by every Indian household. The Royale Plus Schott model of prestige auto ignition gas stove is now coming up with sabaf valves for trouble-free high performance, which are imported from Italy.

The German technology glass on the top of the automatic gas stove is very high in quality with a lifetime warranty. This Schott glass looks very elegant and convenient to clean as well.

It has brass made burners for efficient flames and also for better durability. The ergonomic design is very comfortable to operate with an easy moving knob. 

A button is available on the front panel to press for enabling the auto-ignition feature. For easy cleaning access, prestige auto ignition gas stove is provided with an additional drip tray that can be removed while cleaning.

It has a tri pin on the burner to avoid the direct contact and also pan support is provided to each burner. 


  • German Technology Schott glass with a lifetime warranty 
  • Burners made up of brass material
  • Sabaf valves are included for a free operation 
  • Autoignition enables by pressing a button on the front panel 
  • Provides drip pan 
  • Burner with tri pin on it
  • Pan supports are provided for each burner
  • Ergonomically designed with easy moving knobs
  • Warranty on the product is about 1 year and a lifetime warranty on glass
  • Battery operated auto ignition


  • A bit difficult to clean
  • No longevity of color on pan supports

3. Elica Glass 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove 

Elica Glass 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Elica is a European based kitchen hood company, that has been selling branded products across India for 49 years. Now, it has come up with an auto-ignition gas stove with a series of Patio ICT 773.

It has the auto-ignition feature just by turning the knob to an angle, in order to ignite the burners through electricity or battery. The burners are 3 in number with large, medium, and small sizes made up of heavy brass material for the long run.

Each of these burners has a non-magnetic stainless steel material base for the support that keeps the plates away from corrosion.

It has a premium quality material made knobs with frictionless smooth operating. A toughened glass has been installed to avoid even a minor breakage or damage.

This automatic gas stove has an in-built European gas valve to avoid any leakage while using.


  • Autoignition in the knobs by turning an angle
  • Consists of a European gas valve
  • It has 1 large, 1 medium and 1 small burners
  • Burners are made up of heavy brass material
  • Premium quality material for knobs
  • Base plate made up of non-magnetic stainless steel
  • 2 years warranty on product and 7 years on the toughened glass
  • The toughened glass on the top of the stove


  • No removable drip tray
  • Difficult to clean

4. GLEN Glass Gas Stove 1033GTXL with Auto Ignition

GLEN Glass Gas Stove 1033GTXL with Auto Ignition

Glen is famously known for the cooking ware products in India, though it belongs to Ireland. Among the cookwares, it has good sellings over this auto ignition gas stoves in the Indian market.

This 1033GTXL series of the gas stove has forged brass material made burners that are stronger than normal brass material. These burners are placed in a specified place for easy access while cooking and vary in sizes like large, medium, and small.

This auto-ignition gas stove has spacious burners to cook food in large utensils, and pan supports are also provided to firm support while cooking.

Extra stainless steel drip pans will provide easy access to clean just by removing the messy extra plates from the fixed plates.

A toughened glass with 8 mm thickness is provided for a perfect glass finish along with a rich matte steel body for elegant looks.

The auto-ignition button is also available on the front panel that needs to be enabled before knobs turning to give a multi-spark with a single press. A swivel 360 revolving nozzle is attached for easy access to a gas connection.


  • Burners made up of forged brass
  • Provided with extra stainless steel drip pans
  • Toughened glass with 8 mm thickness
  • Battery based auto-ignition button
  • Very easy to operate
  • Swivel 360-degree revolving nozzle
  • Ergonomic design with easy moving knob facility
  • Has 3 burners with large, medium and small sizes
  • Pan supports are provided for firm support
  • Product has 5 years warranty on burner and 2 years on the whole product
  • Very easy to clean with detachable extra drip pans


  • Works only on LPG gas (chargeable conversion to PNG pipe)
  • Tight knobs to move

5. Glen Glass Auto Ignition – Alda

Glen Glass Auto Ignition

Till now we have seen 3 burners gas stove, but another series from this Ireland glen brand is coming with 4 burners of a gas stove. The Alda series of this glen automatic gas stove is introducing aluminum alloy burners for longevity usage.

These burners have a 4mm thickness pan support and 4 stainless steel drip pans for easy cleaning. These 4 aluminum alloy burners are arranged in a square alignment for easy cooking access.

With the rich silver matte finish and the toughened glass, it gives a very elegant look to your kitchen. 

The rich silver matte rim has 4 knobs to operate along with the auto-ignition button to press. This auto-ignition button is operated with the multi-spark battery just by a simple press, before knobs operation. 


  • Aluminum alloy burners
  • Consists of 4 burners with 2 small and 2 large sizes
  • Rich silver matte finish with toughened glass 
  • 4 mm thickness pan support
  • stainless steel material drip pans
  • Multi-spark battery operated auto ignition button
  • Product has a 1-year warranty on the gas stove and 5 years on burners
  • ergonomically designed knobs


  • Supports only LPG gas(other gas connections require technician)
  • Tight moving knobs

6. Elica Hob 4 Italian Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top

Elica Hob 4 Italian Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top

The Flexi HCT 470 DX Lotus BK series of auto-ignition gas stoves from this Elica company can be used as a hob stove and cooktop stove based on our requirements.

The free-standing hob gives easy installation access with a sturdy grip. And the slim outline of this auto ignition gas stove requires less space and looks very elegant in the kitchen with its hob model.

With the premium glass-top finish, it is scratch-proof, temperature resistant, and corrosion safe, and very easy to clean as well. On the glass top, there are 4 high-quality knobs that come with a smooth 320-degree rotation comfort. 

When it comes to the burners, it has 4 burners(2 large and 2 medium) with rhombus angled features with multi-flame control sabaf for energy efficiency.

Additionally, the cast iron pan support gives extra support where it can be removed and washed easily. The autogas stove works with a battery-operated auto-ignition feature. 


  • Can be used as a cooktop or hob gas stove
  • Premium glass top finish
  • This glass is resistant to Scratch, temperature, corrosion
  • Slim outline
  • Easy installation with free-standing hob
  • 2 large and 2 medium burners
  • Multi flame control sabaf burners
  • Battery operated auto-ignition feature
  • Cast iron pan support
  • 5 years warranty on glass, valves and 2 years on Microswitch, Spark Plug, Generator, Jets
  • 360-degree smooth rotation high-quality knobs


  • Not easy to clean it
  • Expensive


However, this auto ignition gas stove deals with the LPG/PNG gas, we need to be very selective to pick up the best auto ignition gas stove to avoid any further complications.

To conclude, we recommend, Prestige Royale Plus Schott 3 Burner Gas Stove which has extra drip plates for easy cleaning access. Moreover, this prestige auto ignition gas stove is provided with the german technology Schott glass on lifetime warranty and 1 year on the automatic gas stove.

And SURYAJWALA Auto Ignition Royal Designer GT03 Gas Stove for the battery-less auto-ignition feature, and it also has a 1-year warranty on the autogas stove.

Else, if you like to go with the 4 burners gas stove then Elica Hob 4 Italian Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top is the best.

If you still face any problems in choosing the best auto-ignition gas stove, please reach us in the comments below.

Buyer Guide – Things you need to see before buying the best auto ignition gas stove 

Here are the basic important factors to see in an auto-ignition gas stove before buying. 

Ignition Type:

In general, we find 2 ignition types in the market, one is manual and the other is automatic. As you are looking for auto ignition, you need to see the autoignition type models.

The material of burners:

Burners are important things to see, as they need to last long without any damage like corrosion. So, choose the material that is resistant to corrosion, and provides even heat distribution. Materials like brass and aluminum are best to pick.

Anti-skid base:

The automatic gas stove needs to be very steady while cooking on it. Even a small slip will lead to a heavy danger to us. So, having an anti-skid base will prevent all those from slipping off with a steady base.

Size of your kitchen: 

This is the primary factor to measure before buying an autogas stove. The size of the kitchen needs to be measured to get the perfect fitting for a gas stove to fit in a place. So, the measurements of the kitchen and measurements of the gas stove should be measured before bringing it to your kitchen.

Suitable gas inlet:

In India, we generally have PNG and LPG gas connections for domestic use. So, check the gas inlet that suits your gas connection.

After purchase service:

Gas stove service after purchase is also an important factor to consider. Pick up the company that has good service feedback in your regional areas at reasonable prices. 

Considering all those factors make a checklist based on your requirements and bring the suitable auto ignition gas stove to your kitchen.

I hope this article helped in making you a pro in choosing the best auto ignition gas stove in India. Happy cooking 🙂 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the igniter on my gas stove?

You can clean the igniter on the gas stove with a stiff toothbrush by brushing it over burners and igniting it to clean it perfectly.

Can you manually light a gas stove with electric ignition?

es, you can manually light a gas stove with electric ignition with a match in the case of power off. Light the burner just by placing the match flames on it by turning on the knob.

Do glass top gas stove disadvantages? 

The right usage of a glass-top gas stove is not a disadvantage to consider. But placing a hot pan on the cold glass will make it shatter. So, choose a glass top that is heat resistant and toughened in nature.
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Why does my gas stove spark igniter not work? 

The chances for the improper working of a gas stove spark igniter might be the food truck or grease formation that stops the flow of ignition. So, clean it properly for ignition spark. Check the below video for the cleaning process.

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