Best Electric Food Choppers in India 2021 – [Reviews]

Have you ever thought, most of your precious time in the kitchen is being killed by chopping? Strange, right! Unlike a professional chef, every individual will spend more time shopping than cooking in the kitchen.

If you are a typical Indian woman then you know the hard-working labor behind those delicious foods you prepare for your whole large family. All it includes chopping, grinding, mincing, and so on, isn’t it?

Luckily, you need to thank the new-age technology that always finds a way to get the task done with less effort. Similar to that, the market is now trending with a Best Electric food chopper, the best replacement for the traditional chopping, and also called the small version of the Food Processor

Brilliant! But the questions are, how can we purchase, which brand is best…etc

No worries at all, you have reached the post where you can find the top 6 best electrical food choppers in India that were found in our research process. Parallelly, you will get to know its pros and cons followed by a buyer guide too.

So, let’s begin the action by scrolling down…

Best Electric Food Choppers in India 2021

Here are some best electric food choppers in India that work great in Indian kitchens. And the list consists of

Electric ChoppersPowerCapacityWarrantyBuy Now
Borosil Chef Delite BCH20DBB21 Chopper300 Watts600 ml2 Years Amazon
Morphy Richards Vivo Chopper260 Watts500 ml2 Years Amazon
Glen Mini Chopper 4043 Plus260 Watts400 ml1 Year Amazon
Inalsa Easy Chop Electric Mini Chopper250 Watts500 ml2 Years Amazon
Singer Xpress Vegetable Chopper350 Watts1200 mll1 Year Amazon
Orpat Express 250-Watt Chopper250 Watts700 ml2 Years Amazon

Now, get down to the individual details of the products mentioned above.

1. Borosil Chef Delite BCH20DBB21 300-Watt ChopperBorosil Chef Delite BCH20DBB21 300-Watt Chopper

Borosil is another Indian-based company that has come up with a unique double-layer blade feature in food choppers. This unique feature chops the food finely without leaving any residue of uncut food.

The power wattage of 300 watts will work greatly in chopping, mincing, and grinding as simple as that that includes the leafy vegetables.

The power switch on the top of the motor will be an easy operative function to on/off. In this food processor, the capacity of the main container is about 600 ml which is large enough to chop foods for large meals.

The thermal auto protection for the motor is the best thing you can get in this best food chopper because it turns off automatically when the motor gets more heat in continuous operation.

Additionally, it works very silently while working and cannot fall off because of the presence of an anti-fall rubber base.

Accessories: Blade set, Rubber Lid, Chopping Container


Power wattage is about 300 watts

  • Easy access to a power cord
  • Antiskid rubber base
  • Dual blade for chopping
  • Large container capacity of 600 ml
  • Product warranty is 2 years
  • Turns off automatically when the motor gets heat


  • Chopps very unevenly
  • No speed regulator

2. Morphy Richards Vivo ChopperMorphy Richards Vivo Chopper

A drawback of the speed regulator that we have seen in Borosil, was beaten with this European company Morphy Richards’s Vivo Food Chopper.

The desired texture of the food can be gained by the turbo switch present in it. All the settings of speed and power are preset on the top of the motor.

The razor-sharp stainless steel blades will chop away the different vegetables in a perfect manner just like a blink due to the powerful 250 watts of motor power. The detachable blades allow placing the detachable multi-purpose whisker to make the egg white fluffier.

The intelligent shutdown is something unique in this mini food chopper that turns off the motor once the task has been done makes it the best electric food chopper in India. Unlike other food choppers, we don’t need to pay attention to it until the task completes. 

Accessories: Detachable Whisker, Container, Blade.


  • Speed controlling facility with turbo switch
  • Easy to operate 
  • Razor-sharp stainless steel blades
  • Detachable whisker
  • Automatic shut down when the task gets over
  • Easy to clean
  •  Gives desired texture to food
  • Product warranty is 2 years


  • Not suitable for heavy use
  • Longer use makes motor little noisy

3. Glen Mini Food Chopper 4043 PlusGlen Mini Chopper 4043 Plus

Here comes, the Mini food chopper from the Irish company named, Glen. This little one is perfect for the small kitchen in Indian with great performance. This Glen mini food chopper sizes about 400 ml with 250 watts of motor power. Additionally, the company is providing an extra container that will help in the case of more veggies.

These containers are made out of food-grade materials of polycarbonate which is really safe to use as a container for storage also. The 2 edged cutting blades are designed well so that, it can chop the veggies even with 250 watts also. Even though the whisker is small, it gives the best results of its mark.

Finally, the anti-skid property of its base makes it the best electric food chopper in India for small kitchens.

Accessories: Mini Chopper container, manual, warranty card, whisker, blade


  • Occupies less space
  • Compact size with 400 ml containers
  • Super sharp blades
  • Easy to clean
  • Polycarbonate material


  • No extra blade provided
  • Noisy
  • Not suitable for heavy use

4. Inalsa Easy Chop 250-Watt Electric Mini ChopperInalsa Easy Chop 250-Watt Electric Mini Chopper

Inalsa has created its trademark in the home/kitchen appliance department around the world and this is the most preferred European brand in India for home appliances. This also comes in the minimized version with 250 watts power motor.

The user-friendly operation gives a free operating mechanism with just one touch on the top of the motor to on/off it. You can get the fine chopping veggies with the high-speed ss blade, so it can save the chopping time by nearly 30%.

It has powerful motor power that allows, the motor to run continuously for about 3 minutes. The capacity of the bowl is 500 ml and it is made out of polycarbonate material which is harmless to store also.

A whicker tool is also provided to whisk the egg whites, mayonnaise, peanut butter…etc perfectly.

Accessories: Chopper Blade, Motor Unit, Whisking Disc, Processing Bowl with Top Plate, Instruction Manual with Warranty Card.


  • Fits in small space
  •  500 ml container bowl capacity
  •  High-Speed SS blades
  •  Whisker tool
  •  Easy to operate
  •  Product warranty is 2 years


  • Poor performance
  • Little Noisy

5. Singer Xpress Chopper 350 watts Vegetable ChopperSinger Xpress Chopper 350 watts Vegetable Chopper

Though it is an unfamiliar brand in India, this Srilankan brand has built trust in the Indian market with its reliable product. It has the unique feature of speed control buttons.

On the top of the food processor, it consists of a 2-speed button side by side namely high and low which are easy to control while running the food processor.

And also this best food chopper comes with a large container bowl i.e larger than all the above food choppers i.e of 1200 ml. The high-quality ss blades run with the motor power of 350 watts which is efficient enough to chop the veggies in the large container bowl for a big meal.

The stainless steel bowl is the best part that is impossible to break at all and stands strong for a long period. The specially designed cover plate will help the food processor from spillage. An additional blade is provided with the same ss blade quality. 

Accessories: Chopper container, 2 blades(that includes an extra one also), Manual, and warranty card.


  • Large container bowl of 1200 ml capacity
  • Stainless steel container bowls
  • SS blades(an extra one also)
  • Specially designed cover plate for container
  • 2-speed button(high,low)
  • Product warranty is 1 year


  • No whisker tool is present
  • Average stainless steel quality

6. Orpat Express 250-Watt ChopperOrpat Express 250-Watt Chopper

This Indian-based country has more chances of knowing the homeland kitchen problems. So, it develops its products that are more reliable and durable. Orpat express food chopper was also developed at its best, providing a great solution for the Indian kitchens by the company.

The powerful 250 watts motor power will help you make your favorite smoothies, marinades, salad with just one touch on the top of the chopper.

The power button on the top of the chopper will be easy access to start/stop the making. The lid of this machine plays a dual role that it can use as the closed lid while operating and a container lid when storing that comes with an anti-slippery base.

When it comes to the storage capacity it holds about 700 ml but it is better to use 500 ml while chopping. Superior quality blades used in this best electric food chopper in India are the main factor to consider. 

Accessories: Chopping blade, Whisk plastic blade


  • Simple power cod for On/Off
  • A round rim of anti-slippery base helps the food chopper from fall
  • Lid used while running can also be used as storage lid too
  • 700 ml bowl capacity
  • Orpat quality blade
  • Product warranty is 2 years
  • Very Cost-effective
  • Easy to use and clean


  • No extra blades
  • Poor customer service


A food chopper is undoubtedly a better invention for the people who spend the most time on chopping. We hope that you have gone through all the Top 6 best electric food choppers in India. Try to pick up the one that meets your preferences.

From our side, we recommend you Morphy Richards Vivo Chopper. Because it is mini in size but strong enough to operate the basic operations of food choppers at its best with speed buttons. 

Or else, if your choice is for a large one, then pick the Singer Xpress Chopper 350 watts Vegetable Chopper, that which satisfies the needs of a large family.

Picking the Borosil Chef Delite BCH20DBB21 300-Watt Chopper will give the best motor power with the best quality as well.

And finally,

Buyer guide – Things need to see before buying Best electrical food chopper in India

these days, finding the best electrical products might be difficult because, it contains many factors like power, blades, material..and many more. So, have a look at the things you need to see before buying it.

Power wattage

In a blender, grinder mixer the whole performance is based on the power of the motor. So, the motor needs to be more powerful. And this can be measured with the watts mentioned in it. Ideally, 250-450 watts of food chopper are strong enough to complete its tasks in less time.


There are some food choppers that confuse the consumer to operate i.e blade setting, lid fixing, turning on/off…etc. All these need to be clearly mentioned in the manual at least so that, the user will never get confused about the terms of operation.

Importantly, it should be handy. If the surface of the food chopper is not handy/gripped the user will result in slipping his hand while operating it.

Blades Quality

Blades are equally important to the motor. The cheap quality of blades will increase the time of chopping than usual. And this will increase the electricity bill as well. So, try to choose the A-1 quality blades.

Container Capacity

In food processors, there are several capacities of containers available in the market. Choose the one with the correct measurements to complete your task easily.

Jar Material

The material of the jar is so important that it should get a break/crack at all. Even a crack on it will make the jar useless to run it anymore. So, try to find the best materials like BPA, stainless steel…etc.


These food choppers will not be provided by many accessories like food processors. But generally, they are provided by an extra blade, whisker tool,..etc

Anti-skid base

Most importantly, the base of the food chopper needs to be a standard/anti-skid base. The vibrations created by the motor will make the machine skid/fall off the surface. So, try to find the anti-skid base for a better grip.

Finally, keeping all the factors in mind, pick up the one from the top 6 best electrical food choppers in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a vegetable chopper be used as a blender?

Maybe No. Because, a vegetable chopper is used to chop, slice, dice, mince, whisk purposes. However, the blender will crush the veggies into purees without any messes. But there is an electric food chopper, where it runs by powerful blades and high motors, which make it as the puree with messes as well. So, there is no chance for pure puree in the vegetable chopper.

Can you make hummus in a food chopper?

Yes, we can make hummus in a food chopper. If you have the superior quality of blades in it then it will be a super easy process to do.

Is vegetable chopper useful?

Yes, it is the best replacement for the old hardy labor of cutting vegetables. This saves lots of time and allows us to cook heartfully without any hurry.

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