Best Epilators in India 2021 – [Reviews]

Are you worried about wearing your fashionable clothes like high waist shorts, strap top, sleeves, short skirts,…etc due to exposed unwanted hair?

We know waxing is the best way to remove unwanted hair for the best and long-lasting results. But, who likes to bear the painful episodes in the parlor! Of course, I can’t bear it too….

Fortunately, the time has come to break free from hiding your legs with the new epilators that are trending in the Indian market.

An epilator is an electrical device, used to remove unwanted hair from roots by using tiny tweezers with a smooth go. This is the best alternative to choose from painful waxing.

If you are new to this topic, it might be difficult for you to pick up the best epilator. So, to make your search easy, we have sorted out the top 6 best epilators in India in this article by researching the best epilators available in the market.

I hope this article will save you from the huge time-consuming research behind an epilator to purchase. 

Let’s begin by scrolling down.

Top 6 Best Epilators in India

Though there are many brands of epilators, we picked up the best-reviewed, trusted brands, durable products in this list. And the list consists,

Now, let us look at each individual product.

1. Braun Silk Epil 79e Refill BrushBraun Silk Epil 79e Refill Brush

This time, the Braun german company is introducing the multipurpose epilator kit by providing different head caps. The kit includes a trimmer cap, deep and gentle exfoliation brushes, massage pad, sensitive area cap, and facial area cap.

The Braun epilator has a rechargeable battery with cordless features and can be portable to use. The ergonomic design gives a comfortable grip to use in all body parts areas. This cordless epilator has 2-speed settings for soft and coarse hair removal in sensitive areas.

A smart light is provided to remove the finest hair with a perfect finish. When it comes to the brushes, this best epilator for the face works on the Sonic exfoliation technology with 4x more efficiency than the manual scrubbing. The highest density brush with 10,000 bristles will remove the dead skins after/before epilation.


  • One-stop solution for epilation and exfoliation
  •  Provided with deep and gentle exfoliation brushes
  •  Extra included trimmer cap, massage pad, sensitive and facial area cap
  •  Operates with 2-speed settings
  •  Sonic exfoliation technology for exfoliation brushes
  •  Removes dead cells with 4x more efficient than normal 
  •  Ergonomic design for an easy and comfortable grip
  •  Can be used in dry and wet conditions with cordless facility
  •  Smart light for finest hair spotting


  •  Takes time to epilate hair
  •  Little expensive in cost

2. Epitome 3 in 1 Rechargeable Hair Removal Kit Epitome 3 in 1 Rechargeable Hair Removal Kit

Epitome company is a US-based one that has good selling in the Indian market with its hair removal kit. This is a 3 in 1 hair removal kit with an epilator, trimmer, and callus remover. So, we can get the benefits of the other 2 with the epitome epilator kit. It has 2-speed

 settings for both soft and coarse type hair and also in the sensitive curve hair removing process. The cordless feature provides a rechargeable battery where it can be charged at any place in the world with its dual voltage feature.

It is very safe to use as the blades in it are made up of stainless steel material. The ergonomic design of this cordless epilator is very easy to use with great comfort and easy to store with its compact size. A LED light indicator on the front panel helps the user to initiate the power on mode. 


  • Provided with an epilator, trimmer, and callus remover 
  •  Runs with 2-speed settings for soft and coarse hair
  •  LED light indicator for power mode 
  •  The cordless feature provides a rechargeable battery 
  •  Can be used in any part of the world with dual voltage feature
  •  Blades are made up of stainless steel
  •  Compact in size easy to store


  • Little expensive
  •  No head caps are provided

3. Braun Series S5340 Silk Epil Epilator Braun Series S5340 Silk Epil Epilator

Braun is a German company that has developed from selling radio sets to german consumers with trusted products since 1921. Now, it is famously known for being the durable epilator in the Indian market with many positive reviews over its products.

The S5340 series of this Braun epilator was manufactured with 3 in 1 facility that included an epilator, shaver, and bikini trimmer. It has 2-speed settings on the front panel with easy access to change.

The presence of 40 tweezers on the epilator head will give a perfectly smooth finish after usage. The ergonomic design makes us hold it comfortably without any slip while epilating.

A power indicator is also present to indicate the power supply to the Braun epilator. A cooling glove is provided along with attachments so that it can be pressed against the area after epilation.

Also, a small brush is provided to remove the epilated hair stuck inside for easy cleaning.


  • Provided with 3 heads for shaving, trimming and epilator
  •  Very comfortably designed
  •  LED light for power indication
  •  A small brush is provided for easy cleaning
  •  Cooling glove to avoid irritation after epilating
  •  2-speed settings 
  •  Epilator head has 40 tweezers
  •  Pulls off the hair from roots


  • Not a cordless one
  •  Poor quality of plastic

4. Philips BRE201/00 Satinelle Essential EpilatorPhilips BRE201/00 Satinelle Essential Epilator

Philips is also a German company that has many trusted customers across India for its durable products. This brand is especially known for the grooming appliances in India for the best results.

Among them, this BRE201/00 satinelle version of the epilator has come with a sensitive area cap that protects the skin at sensitive areas with a narrow opening.

It will pull off the hair 4x more efficiently than waxing i.e it removes the hair of 0.5 mm length also. The ergonomic design of this product fits in your hand perfectly to remove the hair.

This will remove the hair in a single stroke with the help of unique ridges on rough ceramic tweezers. Extra attachments shaving head, brush, sensitive area caps are provided along with the epilator.


  • Provide with shaving head, sensitive area cap, brush along with epilator
  •  Removes hair 4x efficient than waxing
  •  The sensitive cap protects skin in sensitive areas epilating
  •  Epilates in a single stroke
  •  Contains rough ceramic tweezers with unique ridges
  •  Consists of 21 discs on the epilator
  •  Perfect grip with ergonomic design
  •  Detachable heads give easy washing access


  • corded epilator
  • Heating up after usage

5. Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Wet and Dry Epilator EpilatorBraun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Wet and Dry Epilator Epilator

Here comes another epilator from the Braun German company with a series of silk-epilator 7 7-561. In this series, this cordless epilator has a facility to use both in dry and wet conditions i.e it is 100% safe waterproof.

The cordless feature gives a portability nature to this Braun epilator and is very easy to carry to any place. A rechargeable battery is provided which recharges it within 1 hour for 40 minutes of usage.

The close-grip technology in this will epilates the hair that is at the size of 0.5 mm also. Speed settings are also provided in the case of sensitive skin epilation with a perfect finish.

It has various detachable heads namely a trimmer cap, a facial cap, a high-frequency massage cap, an efficiency cap, a shaver head, a sensitive area cap, along with a pivoting head that makes the epilation of hair on the curves of the body and faces very easy.

An additional feature of smart light is provided in this best epilator for the face to spot the finest hair for a smooth skin finish.


  •  Cordless epilator
  •  Can be used in wet and dry conditions
  •  2-speed settings are available with easy access
  •  Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip 
  •  Provided with 6 extra caps along with epilator
  • The smart light is available to spot the finest hair
  •  Pivoting head for sensitive curves
  •  Close-grip technology
  •  Rechargeable battery charges in 1 hour that last for 40 minutes usage
  •  Consists of 40 tweezers on the epilator
  • 100 % waterproof


  • Makes noise
  • Hard to clean

6. Braun SE5-329 Silk-Epil Young Beauty EpilatorBraun SE5-329 Silk-Epil Young Beauty Epilator

As I said in the beginning, this german company Braun is known for many durable epilators, it has again come up with another series of epilators. With this SE5-329 silk-epilator young beauty series, a massage roller is also included along with a cooling glove for a dual comfort system.

The close-grip technology in the Braun epilator makes sure to pick up the 0.5 mm size hair with a single stroke.  The 2-speed settings will allow us to operate it with 2 different speeds in the sensitive and facial areas.

When it comes to the massage roller, it cleans the face 6x cleaner than usual to remove the stubborn impurities. The cordless epilator will allow us to use it in wet conditions also with a rechargeable battery. This best epilator for the face consists of around 40 tweezers on the epilator.


  • Provided with a massage roller
  •  Cordless feature with the rechargeable battery 
  •  Can be used in dry and wet conditions
  •  Provided with 2-speed settings
  •  Massage roller cleans 6x efficient
  •  Comes with close grip technology
  •  Consists of 40 tweezers on the epilator
  •  Dual comfort system included cooling glove with massage roller


  •  Makes noise
  •  No extra special heads 


Unlike waxing, just epilating hair from the root prevents your skin from losing some essential secretions that happen on the skin, like it doesn’t make your skin completely dry as waxing does. So, get your epilator for healthy skin by choosing these top 6 best epilators in India. 

We recommend Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Wet and Dry Epilator Epilator for its cordless rechargeable battery feature. Moreover, this Braun epilator provides 6 extra head caps attachments, and also it is waterproof to use in wet conditions. 

Or go with Braun Silk Epil 79e Refill Brush, the best epilator for the face, if you like to have a one-stop solution for epilation and exfoliation as it is provided with exfoliating brushes.

Else, if you like to carry an epilator while traveling then Epitome 3 in 1 Lady Wet or Dry Rechargeable Hair Removal Kit is best as it has the dual voltage feature which can be operated in any part of the world without any extra adapter.

Still in the confusion edges of picking up the best epilator for you then refer to the following short buyer guide.

Buyer guide: Things you need to see before buying the best epilators in India

By referring to the below basic factors make your own checklist based on your requirements.

Wet or Dry:

In general, there are 2 types of epilators that are used in dry and wet conditions. The dry epilators come in corded models so they should be used by plugging the cord, whereas most cordless epilators are waterproof, and can be used in wet conditions. So, make your choice of epilator usage whether in dry or wet conditions.

Area to epilate:

The extras are provided with every epilator if it has multipurpose use. For example, if it can be used on facial hair then it is provided with a facial area cap, and if it is used in the sensitive area then it is provided with a sensitive area cap. So, decide your area of usage to find the best epilator for the face, underarm, bikini area…etc with suitable attachments.

Speed options:

Unlike normal areas like legs and hands, there are some areas on the body to epilate where they are sensitive to deal with. On that note, these sensitive areas need to be epilated with different speed options. For this, we need to select the one with the speed setting option. 

Smart light feature:

This smart light feature helps us to spot the finest hair on the skin. So, having this feature will help in getting the silk smooth skin by removing that finest hair.

The number of tweezers on epilator:

The epilator performance is also based on the number of tweezers present on it. In general, we can see 40 tweezers on it which is enough for better performance. 


It should provide a better grip while using it. So, pick up the one which is designed ergonomically with a perfect grip to hold. 

Easy cleaning access:

As these epilators work by pulling the hair with tweezers, there are some follicles that get stuck in them. So, it needs to be cleaned perfectly to improve its longevity.

Finally, making a perfect choice from these 6 best epilators in India is something like a confusing task for you to do before. But now, I hope you’re able to pick up the best epilator based on your own requirements. Enjoy wearing every dress in your wardrobe without any hesitation from now on. Happy painless epilating.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does using an epilator darken the skin?

As a fact, an epilator is used to pull the hair from the roots on the skin. So, there is no direct/indirect relationship between the epilator and darkening the skin and it is very safe to use as well.

Is there any side effect of using an epilator?

Yes, there are side effects of using an epilator on sensitive skin but they are quite natural and curable by themselves. It causes redness right after pulling off the hair from the skin. And this can disappear in 3 -5 hours without any serious complications.

Is it good to use an epilator for underarms? 

Yes, it is good to use an epilator for underarms but you need to bear the pain while pulling off the hair from underarm skin. 

Can I use an epilator on my face? 

Yes, you can use an epilator on the face with a facial area cap on it. Because using a facial area cap results in some irritation and redness as the skin is very sensitive on the face.

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