Best Bread makers machines in India 2021 – [Reviews]

Fresh beard with spreads, is what most of the Indians like to have for breakfast and this has become the tastiest habit in the mornings. 

But no one, Literally, no one has enough time in this rushed lifestyle to knead the dough freshly with hands and then to bake it in the ovens. To compete with these hurdles, bread makers are the perfect solution in which we can prepare fresh bread on our own in a short span of time.

These bread maker machines will be the best choice for those who have a habit of eating bread loaves at breakfast. But choosing the best bread makers machine is the question that arises when we keen to buy the Best bread makers machines for home, bakeries, business, etc.

Well, nothing to get tensed, as we are here to make you aware of the Top and Best Bread Makers machine with this researched article of Best Bread Maker Machines in India 2021.

So, let’s dive into the main article. 

Best Bread Makers Machine in India 2021

As there are many brands, we picked up the most suitable bread maker machines based on the price, user-friendly, and customer satisfaction. And here is the list of the Best bread Maker Machines in India available now.

ProductWattageBuy now
Nesco BDM-110 Automatic Bread Maker
(Editor’s Choice)
480 Watts Amazon
Sharp Table-Top Bread Maker600 Watts Amazon
Glen SA-3034 Bread Maker
615 Watts Amazon
Kent Atta and Bread Maker550 Watts Amazon
Vitek Multi-Cooker and Bread Maker
1700 Watts Amazon
BCuisinart Bread Maker600 Watts Amazon

We have also, reviewed the individual products to give you a complete understanding. So, I highly recommend you read the entire article.

1. Nesco BDM-110 Automatic Bread Maker

No products found.

As you are looking for the best bread makers in India, Nesco is one of the famous Indian based companies that had its headquarters in Mumbai. So, it is an Indian product that works great in Indian Kitchens.

It has a capacity of 680 grams of flour which is sufficient for an average modern Indian family i.e a family with 2-3 people. Along with loaf pan, they also provide some extra utensils like 2 measuring cups, spoon, insulated mitt, and pan lift hook.

Though it weighs around 4.3 kg, it has the stoppers that hold the surface firmly while kneading and that will be a great choice for a countertop. We need to talk about the delay start feature because it has a 13 hours delay start option.

In general, a bread maker machine for home takes 1 and a half hours for dough, 3 hours for baking the loaf, so, program it according to, in the morning to have freshly baked bread.

All the 12 program settings are predefined in this machine along with the keep warm feature that keeps the bread warm for about 1 hour nearly.

Most importantly, it has the viewing window where we can monitor the loaf by anytime just by looking inside through the window.    


  • The LCD display that tells you the time left and many more
  • Viewing Window
  • Baking powder – 580 watts
  • Auto Resume when power loss about 10 minutes
  • Suitable for Small family
  • Non-sticky interior provided easy cleaning facility
  • Pause button


  • No display for a particular cycle like reading  baking, rise, etc
  • No mute button

2. Sharp Table-Top Bread Maker

No products found.

This Japanese company is known for its ISO certified products sold in India. Japanese technology in the products is what makes them stand unique, trusted by the majority.

Similarly, this bread maker machine comes with such technology, which has 12 fully automated functions like homemade, bake, cake, jam, dough, no-gluten, ultra-fast, sweet, quick, whole wheat, french, basic along with an LCD Display.

Each has a predefined program that bakes the bread, gives texture and fresh aroma just by pressing the button after adding properly measured ingredients. The 2 loaf sizes of 700 grams, 1000 grams will be a perfect choice for family gatherings, parties, etc.

The adjustable browning options of light, brown, dark will make the crust of the bread accordingly.

Most of the bread maker machines do not contain the fruit dispenser option, but here in this sharp bread maker, we can have a fruit dispenser facility where it mixes the nuts and fruits at the right time while baking.

Nowadays, gluten protein in the flour is being avoided. On that note, the gluten-free feature in the gluten-free bread maker machine will remove the gluten and give the gluten-free bread.  


  • 10 minutes auto-resume time
  • Stainless steel makes this machine to clean easily
  • Automated 12 functions
  • 700 grams, 1000 grams loaf size
  • Fruit/nut dispenser
  • 3 browning options


  • small length power cord
  • Sharp Table-Top Bread Maker

3. Glen SA-3034 Bread Maker

No products found.

Though glen belongs to the United Kingdom it supplies the best kitchen appliances for the Indian market. It started its supplier journey in India by the chimney and now it comes up with the best bread makers for a home with the latest technology.

This SA-3014 model in bread makers will take care of your dought right from the dough kneading to baking.

The bread maker machine has 12 automated functions along with 3 crusting/ browning options. This machine also has the 2 size loaf pans where it helps to bake 2 different sizes of loaves.

The power failure is not an exception in this machine as it will resume the baking process by retaining its memory functions for about 10 minutes.

The 615 power wattage is strong enough to bake the bread at its best. To have a view over the bread while baking, it has provided a viewing window for a clear view.

Apart, all these factors, every individual will be happy while cleaning it, as it contains the non-stick pan and easy clean surface. 


  • 12 fully automated functions
  • 3 browning options
  • 2 loaf sizes
  • 10 minutes power resume 
  • The cool-touch housing will prevent our body from burns
  • 1 hour keep warm option
  • Light in weight
  • 2 years extended warranty 


  • Expensive spare parts
  • Poor response

4. Kent Atta and Bread Maker

No products found.

Atta making is a process where we can see in every household around India. Keeping this in mind, the kent company has introduced the bread maker machine along with atta maker.

Atta with a bread maker machine is a perfect combo to be chosen for Indian kitchens. Atta prepared in this machine can be used for both chapatis, puris, etc.

Within 15 minutes the hassle-free dough will be kneaded in this machine in a hygienic way. Other than this, the 19 preset options will blow your mind that you cannot ignore like Defrost, rice bread, desert, poori atta, chapati atta, yogurt, sticky rice, rice wine, and even stir fry too along with the basic baking options.

All these options can be enabled by a single touch on the control panel on this bread maker machine for home use. Without a doubt, it is one and the only solution for the basic and tedious process in the kitchen.

The preservatives free making bread is an added advantage of this machine.


  • Works great for chapatis/poori lovers
  • 15 minutes atta kneading
  • 19 predefined settings
  • 1-year warranty 
  • One-touch operation
  • Hygiene


  • Take more time for bread making
  • weighs more

5. Vitek Multi-Cooker and Bread Maker

No products found.

Previously, we had seen an atta and bread maker which is 2 in 1, but now we have a one-stop solution for all kinds of kitchen processes like Boiling/steaming, saute, stewing deep frying and baking, etc.

Yes, Vitek company has introduced a machine that can do many processes with ease and which can actually help in speeding up the cooking process in the kitchen.

This is due to the presence of 5 cooking options, it has 68 multi cooking options and 15 more options for bread making. However, the connection of the baking process with bread making is a rare combination to choose from.

  So, it’s best for the people who go for different cooking options. Whatever, the type of cooking option you choose you can manually select the time and temperature by using the options at the control panel.

It also has a large bread making capacity of 1 kg at a time, and a multi cooking bowl consists of a capacity of 5 liters. So, it is very idle and perfect for large family gatherings.

The power consumption of 1700 watts is powerful enough to cook/bake all these programs. Finally, the hard-anodized non-stick coated interior will help us to clean the machine very easily with one wipe. 


  • 5 in 1 appliance 
  • multi cooking options of 68 programs
  • 15 bread-making options
  • The large cooking capacity of 5 liters
  • Perfect for 1 kg bread making
  • Time and temperature settings manually


  • Takes more time for bread making
  • Improper functioning of the control panel

6. Cuisinart Bread Maker

No products found.

Generally, we observe the holes at the bottom of the bread while making it, which is so annoying. The American based company of Cuisinart has come up with a simple solution for this problem.

Like, it designed a bread maker machine which allows us to open the paddle of it to remove the holes at the bottom of the bread.

And also the convection features allows the heat to distribute evenly and brown the bread. Along with it, there are 12 predefined options for baking the bread.

There are 2 sizes of loaf pans to make 2 different sizes of bread. As it is an American product the bread maker machine price in India is high when compared to others.

Automatic nut dispenser is a unique feature where it opens the lid during the perfect time of nut mixing.


  • Paddle remover 
  • Convection Function
  • 2 loaf sizes 
  • 12 cooking programs
  • Automatic Nut Dispenser


  • High in cost
  • Weighs more


Though we had given enough information, you might still face difficulty in choosing the best breadmaker in India 2021, isn’t it? Because I understand each product which we mentioned has its own unique feature which makes it stand front in the row. 

While considering the multi-functions as a factor, we can recommend you the best bread maker machine for the home purpose is Vitek Multi-Cooker/bread maker and Kent atta/bread maker machine as it will reduce the cost of buying some other accessories for the kitchen.

But if you want to buy a plane bread maker machine for your home, ideally suits for a small family, Nesco BDM-110 Automatic Bread Maker Machine is a perfect choice.

Or else, if you are a health freak then go for the gluten-free bread maker machine i.e Sharp Table-Top Bread Maker

Buyer Guide – Things to see before buying:

To make your process much easier, we have come with a buying guide that will help you to understand the product and makes you take an informed decision. So, below I have mentioned the basic parameters we have to check before purchasing a bread maker.

If you are interested in exploring more, I suggest you read this article.

Let’s begin.

High-Quality Products:

This is one of the top priority parameters to look at before purchasing any product. Purchasing cheap quality material will lead to frequent repairs.

So, do check for the quality of the material it has been manufactured. If possible go for the branded products where people have more trust. 

Type of the bread maker:

In general, there are 2 types of bread makers, one is a vertical bread maker machine and the other is a horizontal bread maker machine.

If you are particular about the shape of the bread then go for the horizontal one like the store’s bread shape or else for the verticle one.

horizontal bread maker and vertical bread maker


The size of the bread makers matters the most when it is served in a particular place with large gatherings. Choose the one with suitable capacity according to your members living with you.

Or else you can choose the large bread maker machine for a bakery for all purposes.

Energy Consumption:

This energy consumption depends on the capacity of the dough it takes, so on average, the energy consumption of a bread maker machine can be between 450 to 1650 watts. But, it is better to choose the one with less wattage.

Time takes for baking:

There are some bread makers that take more time like 4-5 hours to bake a loaf of bread in it. So, go for the low time consuming one.

Removable paddle:

It is an advancement in bread makers, yet to be considered because of holes forming at the bottom of the bread while baking. But you need to spend more money on this feature. 

More cooking/baking options:

Go for the one which has more cooking/baking options, that will also reduce the time in preparing food.

Special features:

There are some special yet basic features to consider like warm, power cut resume, viewing window, browning, fruit/nut dispenser, etc.


Of course, the budget comes first when you have thought of buying something, isn’t it? So, make sure you have the best machine under budget.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of flour do you use in a bread machine?

Usually, all-purpose flour though In a bread maker machine, the kind of flour will be mentioned in the manual book or user guide that the specified company provides while purchasing. 

Can I make bread with all-purpose flour?

Yes, you can use all-purpose flour for the bread but you cannot expect the perfect shape and consistency than the preferred one that actually suits baking.

Is it cheaper to make your own bread? 

Yes, we can make our own bread at less cost than to buy in the stores. Apart from the cost, it is also very hygienic when compared to the store’s bread.

How long does homemade bread last? 

Freshly homemade bread can last up to 2-3 days when it is kept under proper temperature.

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