Why are TV Speakers so Bad?

Does your TV speaker have poor sound quality?  Does your TV speaker suit your TV picture? Well, this is happening with the majority of television units in the market. 

The built-in speaker of the TV does not suit or match the TV picture. However, the introduction of smart TV has been soaring high-profit in the market. Yet, the sound quality of the speaker is not up to the mark. 

The concept of slim TV has compromised its audio quality. It means when the TV gets thinner, the bezels get smaller. So, this in a way affects the sound quality of the television unit. Therefore, this is the primary problem the buyers are facing today. 

Also, buyers spending a ton of money on premium TV, when they put a movie or music on, they could barely hear the dialogues or lyrics.  So, why don’t the TV manufacturer companies work on the improved sound quality?

If you wish to have a cinema hall audio experience at home, then we must connect our TV with a soundbar. We don’t really have any other good options to be honest. Therefore, today we will talk about soundbars and how important it is for a television unit? 

Why are TV Speakers so Bad?

As I mentioned in the introduction that presently, TV manufacturing companies are more focused on making slim TV. As a result, the bezels are getting smaller each day. Also, they are making tiny built-in speakers that produce poor sound quality. 

However, if the speakers of the TV were made bigger, it would have produced good audio quality.  But, this ain’t happening anytime soon. Therefore, this is the primary reason why a TV speaker’s sound sucks.

Hence, just going by the smart TV with an HD picture is not enough if you have poor sound quality. So, the solution is next time when you buy a smart TV, remember it won’t give you quality sound until and unless you are adding the best soundbar to your television unit.

So, Do Soundbars Make TV Louder?

A good soundbar will not only make your TV louder but will also produce good sound quality. A soundbar is an external unit that gives an upper hand to your television unit. Therefore, it means it has an external speaker that releases loud audio and clear sound compared to the built-in speakers of the television unit. 

Also, soundbars help to produce improved sound quality that lacks in the built-in speakers of the TV. 

However, apart from producing good audio quality, soundbars appear to be sleek in appearance. Therefore, it won’t hamper the look of your flat or slim TV by any chance.  

Therefore, going with the look of the flat or smart TV, the soundbar manufacturing companies are also focusing on its appearance by maintaining its sound quality.

How Will a Soundbar Make Your TV Louder?

You are watching your favorite Netflix series with family or friends and then you can barely hear anything. Isn’t it annoying? Well, it’s time to get a soundbar for your television unit. 

A good soundbar for a TV unit ensures improved sound quality to enjoy a good movie with friends or family without interruption. Therefore, when you install a soundbar to your TV it acts as an outsourced speaker option that works against the built-in TV speaker. 

Also, a soundbar can play streams through its various speaker channels. However, advanced soundbars come with Bluetooth features that can be easily connected through the smart TV. Hence, a soundbar can generate a more robust sound compared to the built-in TV speaker. 

On the other hand, soundbars not only worked for a number of channels but it is also designed for generating audio production quality. Hence, just don’t go for the standard speakers that only produce moderate sound. But invest in soundbars that boast TV louder with an incredible audio experience.

Are TV Soundbars Worth It?

Yes! A TV with an external soundbar is worth buying. It is because it incredibly enhances your audio experience by overshadowing the performance of a built-in TV speaker. They are not only convenient but also easy to install on your TV unit. Also, soundbars work with other devices in your home. Therefore, getting a soundbar not only enhances your TV sound but also works on other media devices. 

Let’s look at the below-mentioned points to get a better idea of why soundbars are convenient:

  • Affordable
  • Hassle-free set up
  • Improved sound quality
  • Sleek and portable

What is the Best Way to Connect a Soundbar to a TV?

A soundbar can be connected to a TV by using the HDMI port. It is because HDMI cables help to transmit audio digitally that is used in a raw and compact way. 

Therefore, HDMI is often powerful for handling premium soundbars that support 4K sound. 

Features of TV Soundbars

If you are opting for a soundbar for your TV unit, you might encounter several incredible features that are life-changing for movie buffers: 

Let’s look at the below-mentioned points to a better idea of it:

  • Design 

Soundbars come with incredible designs compared to any standard external speakers. Also, they come with a compact form that gives powerful sound quality. Despite being small and compact, the soundbars are powerful enough to give a surround sound experience. 

So, don’t go with its size. They can beat the power of any large speakers available in the market. Also, most soundbars available are designed sleek and stylish adding value to your home. Furthermore, they can be used in any device in various forms.

Apart from having a sleek design, they come with an adjustable-width design that is compatible with any display from 50 inches to 80 inches.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

High-end soundbars have Bluetooth connectivity features that can be easily connected with your smart TV. They are also compatible with WiFi features as well. Therefore, with these advanced features, you don’t require any kind of cables to connect to your TV. Furthermore, you can also connect the soundbar to your mobile devices by using the WiFi or Bluetooth mode. 

So, next time when you buy a soundbar for your TV, look for a soundbar with Bluetooth connectivity features for easy setup.

  • Speakers

Soundbars speakers are more robust and louder than standard speakers. Sometimes, soundbars come with a reference number that implies the subwoofers and channels it has with it. They also produce improved quality sound that gives an incredible movie experience at home.

 Also, the decimal before the numbers implies the channel. However, the more channels the soundbars have, they are more prone to give balanced sound. 

On the other hand, some soundbars come with multi-channel soundbars. It means it gives three-dimensional surround sound effects like a home theatre.  

  • Multiple Connections

High-end soundbars can be connected in multiple ways to the TV. The most demanding TV units come with HDMI and HDMI ARC port that supports 4K.

However, some TVs that don’t support HDMI ports can be connected through other possible methods. Therefore, you can use options like analog, RCA, auxiliary, coaxial, and digital optical to connect to your TV. 

So, before you buy a soundbar for your TV, check the compatible features for better connectivity.  

Advantages of Soundbars

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Convenient
  • Flexible
  • Easy setup
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Surround Sound
  • Improved Audio Quality
  • Compact
  • Required no additional speaker box
  • Sleek design

Disadvantages of Soundbars

  • Not suitable for big rooms
  • Low-priced soundbars comes with less number of connections
  • Not all soundbars comes with subwoofers

Recommendation for a Few Superior Soundbars in the Market 

There are many brands available in the market that produces a superior quality of soundbars to connect to your TV. Therefore, we have listed a few of the good soundbars as a recommendation for your TV unit with the best quality sound.

Let’s look at the below-mentioned brands to get a better idea:

  • Yamaha
  • Bowers and Wilkins
  • Sonos
  • Denon
  • Monitor Audio
  • Harman Citation Series
  • Polk Audio


To conclude, we can say that the Best soundbar is always better than a built-in TV speaker. You can avail a wide range of soundbars with advanced features and modes according to your needs. They come with convenient features that can be connected with other media devices as well. 

Therefore, soundbars do an excellent job by producing an improved audio quality that makes your TV experience amazing.

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