What size soundbar should I get for a 55 inch TV?

The simplest method to improve the sound on your TV is to connect a soundbar. They occupy very minimal space and are pretty simple to assemble. They provide considerably better sound than TV speakers. Also, with the addition of a subwoofer, you can enjoy the overall sound experience of a movie theater.

What size soundbar should I get for a 55 inch TV? As a rule of thumb, You should choose a soundbar that is smaller than the size of your TV screen. For example, if you have a 55 inch TV, go for a soundbar that is between 45-50 inches. 

Does the size of the soundbar matter for TV?

Yes, it does matter. Since TVs and soundbars are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, you should choose the appropriate shape and size. It will affect your sound and visual experience. Some individuals want a soundbar about the same width as their tv, while others prefer something larger. It is a matter of personal taste.

A soundbar may technically get paired with almost any size TV. However, for an even appearance and functionality, a soundbar should not be wider than the soundbar or approximately the same size as the Tv. Additionally, you should choose a soundbar that fits the width of your TV so the sound would seem to come from the edges of your TV rather than the middle.

Should a soundbar be the same size as the TV?

A soundbar doesn’t have to be the same size as your TV, but it should be similar to it, or at least just a few inches apart. You can buy a somewhat smaller or larger soundbar than your TV, but if it is too small, the experience may be terrible. Take note whether you want the soundbar to be the same width as your TV. Because televisions are measured diagonally, whereas soundbars are measured lengthwise, a 46-inch TV will not match a 46-inch broad speaker. 

Pro Tip: Purchasing a soundbar manufactured by the same brand will help. 

If you want both to match, verify both models’ widths in the manufacturers’ specification pages before you purchase. It is not the soundbar’s length that provides for better audio; it’s about what is included inside, and the better ones have subwoofers that produce consistent low bass sounds.

Soundbars come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from less than a foot long to larger than a large-screen television. While larger soundbars may have more speakers and therefore provide greater sound, there are several others where you are just paying for a wide box. 

A bigger soundbar will complement a large TV since it will give the appearance of surround sound, and larger soundbars are often more powerful.

Can you use a soundbar with any TV?

In general, any soundbar can be used with any TV. To ensure that two devices will function effectively together, make sure they have suitable connections.

If the television is compatible, it will have a labeled HDMI connector, and you can always check the device’s specifications. 

If your television has been manufactured within the past five years, it may connect through Bluetooth. If your television is ten years old or newer, it may be able to connect through HDMI. If your television was manufactured within the past 30 years, this should connect via optical cable.

If your TV lacks any of the following features, you can buy adapters that convert formats. An optical cable to the AUX converter cord always helps you to connect the soundbar to tv.

What size soundbar for a 50 inch TV?

If your TV size is 50-inch, then you can simply place a 45-inch (113-centimeter) soundbar on the front of it.

What size soundbar for a 43 inch TV?

 If you have a 43-inch Television, the preferred size of your soundbar should be 36 to 40.

What size soundbar for a 55 inch TV?

Because a 55-inch TV has a width of approximately 47.8 inches, a soundbar with a dimension of 45 to 50 inches is suggested. It is okay if the soundbar is a few inches smaller or bigger, but for the greatest effects, it should at least cover the base of your TV.

What size soundbar for a 32 inch TV?

A 32-inch TV has a width of 27.8 inches. Therefore a soundbar of 20 to 30 inches would be ideal. 

However, there are many low-cost 30-inch soundbars available, so finding one to match your 32-inch TV should be simple.

What size soundbar for a 70 inch TV?

The recommended soundbar size for a 75-inch TV is around 61 and 70 inches. Most soundbars are compact, but an audio device that is the same size as your TV will appear more stylish and provide sound that will match bigger visuals the best.

What size soundbar should I get for a 75 inch TV?

The ideal choice should be the same size as your television. However, there are situations when you cannot locate a model with the same measurements. This is a particularly difficult task if you need a soundbar for a 75-inch Tv. Choose one that is just a few inches shorter.


When buying a soundbar or Tv, there are many factors to consider. Furthermore, even the richest soundbars cannot be a full substitute for a proper surround sound system. 

There is no ideal size for a soundbar and TV; it all depends on your interests, the design of your home, and your budget.

Whether you choose a big or small soundbar, it is a gadget that takes up space, a space that must be considered. Speaking from experience, if you want to avoid any issue, always choose the soundbar which is a bit smaller than the TV. 

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