How to Mount Soundbar to tv

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that soundbars are always mounted on the walls. The reason for this is the need to conceal the wires and keep the bar near the TV. It results in a better auditory experience too. 

Soundbar mounting might look like a job for a handyman, but anyone can do it with 6 steps of planning:

  • Buy good quality brackets for Soundbar.
  • Decided the position of the TV & Soundbar.
  • Mount the Soundbar near the TV.
  • Attach the brackets on the wall straight.
  • Conceal the wires.
  • Double Check the setup

If you follow these step-by-step guides then it will be an easy and safe job to do. Let’s go through the steps one by one for a better understanding

How to mount soundbar to tv 

A soundbar should always be placed near a television. The further they are, the more likely there will be a delay in audio transmission. As a result, video and audio will not be synchronized. If your TV is on a table, mount the bars on the table; if your TV is on the wall, mount the bars on the wall. 

This is why there is an option to mount soundbars on TV. Mounting a soundbar to a TV is a lot different than mounting a soundbar below or above the TV by itself. 

There are pros & cons for both kinds of setups and should be decided as per. Closely attach the soundbars on the TV and directly connect them.

For a good position of the soundbar to TV, I had mentioned 4 steps before mounting a soundbar to tv.

  • Position the TV: Mounting will differ on the position of the TV. When mounting a soundbar on TV it goes on the wall or tabletop along with the TV.
  • Set up the Bracket: Soundbars get connected with brackets and so measure properly along with the TV. Measurements should be perfectly aligned to mount them on TV.
  • Drill the holes: Drill the holes at proper places and mark them with your hand or a pen before going for the drill. Don’t forget to check the wiring to prevent any breakage.
  • Secure the connection: When everything is mounted up altogether, connect the HDMI cables of the soundbar in the TV and finish the installation.

However, the soundbar can be mounted to the TV in multiple ways, depending upon the individual. Below I explained all types of possible mounts and how you can mount the soundbar to TV.

How to Mount Sound Bars on Walls

When mounting the Soundbars on the wall, the procedure remains mostly the same but different types of mounts decide the angle of your mounting. Mount TV has 2 primary categories.

Flat mount: This is the right kind of mount if you can mount the TV at the correct height and you don’t need to angle the TV to watch. It comes with ultra-thin modules and helps to have the same quality of visuals from different positions or a different room. 

Tilt Mount: It is used to put the TV in a higher position. In a place higher than you sit and visit. It needs to be faced downwards and this is probably your only mount option since it allows you to tilt the TV downward.

Once the mount is decided and you want to mount your soundbar to the wall, it’s a simple project. Soundbar wall mounts resemble small shelves on which to rest your speaker.

It is wall-mountable, depth-adjustable, and compatible with any soundbar. JBL? Samsung? Sonos? If you’re using a Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker, you’ll need something with depth adjustments to position the speaker in front of the TV.

  • Buy good quality brackets for Soundbar: Make sure the bracket you are using is of good quality and strong enough to lift the load. Get them as per your plan of mounting the soundbar depending on the wall or corner or on a shelf.
  • Decide the position of the TV & Soundbar: Tv and Soundbars should be close enough but also in a position that doesn’t get affected by any kind of heat or wall doesn’t get blocked from any future requirements.  Choose the position carefully.
  • Mount the Soundbar near the TV: Put the soundbar as close to the TV as possible. This prevents any delay in audio transmission. So mount it up accordingly.
  • Attach the brackets on the wall straight: Use a Mount Guide to drill the holes and attach the brackets. Your soundbar shouldn’t end up slanted. Mark them with the Guides and get the holes for brackets done perfectly.
  • Conceal the wires: Cover the wires or arrange them neatly. You wouldn’t want them to be a distraction for TV watchers. Conceal them through casings or add some decorative piece to cover them from the eye.
  • Double Check the setup: Before putting up the Soundbar on the wall, double-check the brackets and arrangement to prevent any disaster.

How to Mount Soundbar in the Corner 

Putting a soundbar in a corner is a popular choice and it helps to save space of a table or a good wall from being fully used up. Unfortunately, the space in that area is very limited

To avoid that is the main reason soundbars are generally found in the central wall. You can use a small base cabinet, or a strong corner shelf to put the system but this is not safe and advisable. 

To set up a soundbar at the corner, it needs an extra set of brackets that needs to be fixed on adjoining walls.

A mantel corner bracket is the best choice for it but it is done wrong, sound from tv

could be a weird experience.

How to Mount Soundbar and Hide Wires 

A long wire passage does not look good on the walls, and the amount of wiring on soundbars is extensive. All of them must be concealed so that they are not visible to the naked eye.

The use of wall casings is the most effective and convincing method of covering all of the wires on the wall and painting over it to blend it in with the wall. Casing for your walls is available online and can be ordered at any length.

The method you use to conceal Soundbar wires will be determined by your budget, homeownership status, and personal preferences. Numerous other approaches can be used. You May follow the below steps:  

Zip ties and hooks:

This option is ideal for people who cannot cut the walls or even shift the furniture permanently. Using zip ties and small hooks at the back of your furniture can stop the wires from getting tangled and become less visible. 

Though this method will not hide your wires completely, it’s perfect for bunching multiple cables. 

Simply use zip ties around the wires in multiple locations, leaving enough space in between to pull the cables. Once you have tied the zips, cut the end, so it does not stick out, then place the zips on the hooks attached to the back of the furniture. 

Using cable channels/raceways:

With this method, you can simply hide your soundbar cables in plain sight without much work. The best thing about this method is that it’s a removable option; however, you may require different types of hardware for the diverse options. 

Cable raceways use sticky adhesive while the cable channels have to be screwed in. 

Cable raceway gives you the options to personalize the size and direction you want the structure to have. Plus, these can be easily installed and do not need to be screwed, unlike cable channels. 

Cable channels are a tad bit more permanent than cable runways; however, you can still remove them. The biggest advantage of using cable channels is that you can hide more than two wires utilizing this method, whereas raceways allow hiding only one or two. 

Adding to the convenience and advantage, you can choose to paint the cable raceways or channels to match them to your room decor. 

Decor change:

Another way to hide your soundbar wires is by changing the decor of the room into something unique. This option is ideal for those who have a creative side. Unlike the options mentioned so far, which have certain do’s and don’ts, the success of this option depends on your creativity. For instance, you can choose to put picture frames or wall paintings to hide the wires. 

Many people also make creative use of wallpaper to camouflage the wire routes brilliantly. 

You can also choose to “show” your soundbar wires by making it a theme of your entertainment room. For this purpose, you can have empty reel cases and posters set as decoration pieces to add a certain edge to the room. 

Hiding wires behind the wall:

Indeed this option is more expensive than the ones mentioned so far, but it’s the most effective and ideal for homeowners. However, to ensure the success of this option, make sure you use an instructional guide that will help you to measure and align the wires. 

There are also in-wall wire hiding kits available online that can come in handy. Mostly these kits have all the things you need, including plugs and covers. 

But no matter what you use, you will be required to make multiple holes on the wall for the wires to run. 

Though this method is the most effective, it does get a bit challenging as you will have to maneuver the wires and measure the exact spot for the incisions. 

How to mount Samsung soundbar on the wall

The process does not change much with the change in brand. Mounting a Samsung soundbar is pretty much the same as any other. First of all, make sure you have all the parts needed. Wall mount nut brackets and bracket holders are the keys to it.

  • The Wall Mount Guide should be placed against the wall. The recommended sound interface distance is 2 inches below the TV, thus place the soundbar at least 2 inches below the TV. The Wall Mount Guide must be level, and if your TV is placed on the wall, the soundbar must be aligned with it.
  • Tape the Wall Mount Guide to the wall after aligning the CenterLine of the Wall Mount Guide with the CenterLine of your TV, leaving a 2-inch gap. If you’re not mounting beneath a television, draw a 2-inch gap. Center Line in the centre of the installation area in the same direction as the television.
  • Remove the Wall Mount Guide and use a pen to mark the drill locations on the B-TYPE pictures on each end of the Guide to indicate the holes for the supporting screws.
  • Drill a support screw hole in the wall at each marking using an appropriate-sized drill bit. Screw the screw directly into a screw hole after passing it through each Holder-Screw.
  • When putting the soundbar together, make sure the hanger part of the bracket-wall mounts is behind the back of the soundbar
  • Position the mounts correctly on the left and right
  • Install the soundbar and bracket-wall mounts by using bracket screws to secure them to the wall. By tilting the soundbar slightly, place both holder-screw heads into the bracket-wall mount holes. To verify that both sides of the soundbar are properly linked, push it in the interior direction.

 How to mount Sonos soundbar on the wall 

Sonos provides a set of brackets and holders along with their soundbar and a detailed guide regarding the self-mounting of the soundbar.

When deciding where to mount your soundbar on your wall, keep the following factors in mind: avoid the heat, steam, dripping water, or hidden wiring.

On the back of the Sonos Soundbars is an integrated, threaded mounting hole. These products require a wall mounting bracket that can support at least 10lbs of weight. Sonos designed and manufactured this mount to securely attach your soundbar to the wall.

The company primary guidelines state:

  • When mounting below a TV, leave at least 1″ between the soundbar and the TV.
  • When mounting above a TV, leave at least 2″ between the soundbar and the TV.
  • Keep the soundbar two ends at least one foot away from a wall or other obstruction.


Mounting Sound Bars on the wall or the TV is complicated work and takes a series of decisive and precise steps to make it work and keep it strongly attached.

All the tips above mentioned are tried and tested and if followed properly, it gives the desired result to the handler. You don’t need a handyman anymore to mount your Soundbar.

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