How to make Soundbar Louder

In contrast to built-in TV speakers, a Soundbar functions as an external speaker, allowing it to deliver louder and more powerful audio. Soundbars also enhance audio quality and can stream many speaker channels simultaneously. Wirelessly connecting your Soundbar or speaker to your TV is a huge timesaver. 

In order to make soundbars louder, you may try these

  1. Select a soundbar with a sufficient number of speaker channels. In general more speaker channel means more powerful Audio
  2. Make a few adjustments to the acoustics in your room. You may try to fill out the gap of a door or window
  3. Check to see if the TV settings are appropriate. Changing it will make it louder

The soundbar update typically takes between 20-30 minutes, however, it could take longer based on your network speed. This may differ depending on the brand. Firmware upgrades for Bose Smart Speakers, for instance, can take up to 48 hours to download and install on a speaker and are done automatically.

How to Make Soundbar Louder (The Most Accurate Method)

The volume of soundbars can be lowered due to various reasons. One of the common reasons for the same is the lack of a sufficient quantity of speaker channels. Furthermore, if your space has poor acoustics, you can’t expect your Soundbar to provide high-quality audio. 

However, if you spend the effort to modify the acoustics in your location, the Soundbar can perform to its full capacity. 

To assist establish the ideal arrangement for your Soundbar to be audible as loudly (and with as minimal echoes) as possible, add in some acoustic squares, consider a beautiful rug, or install another piece of furniture.

One of the really significant tasks you can do when dealing with your Soundbar and the music it transmits is to modify the TV configurations. Wrongly configured TV sound settings may indicate that your TV is still utilizing the default TV speakers or that it has not validated this or other linked device. 

So, go to the Audio settings and pick the Soundbar as your preferred speaker choice to confirm that the TV settings are right. If you’re using an HDMI cable to connect your Soundbar, you’ll need to choose the socket to which it’s attached (ex. HDMI 3).

Adding more speakers to your home theatre sound system is another method to make your Soundbar louder. This will not only assist to enhance the overall quality of your system but will also relieve some of the “stack” on the Soundbar. 

Perhaps you’re utilizing a Soundbar with a single subwoofer. A soundbar with a single subwoofer may be operating admirably but installing a second subwoofer could significantly improve the quality of the deep bass notes. 

This speaker would not only provide you with audio streaming, but it would also sync with your Soundbar, making it sound even stronger.

When resolving issues with your Soundbar’s sound quality, it’s vital to first understand why the Soundbar isn’t streaming very loudly. 

As you look over the numerous alternatives, you’ll undoubtedly find one that can assist you in identifying how to remedy the problem using one of the solutions provided above.

How to Make a Samsung Soundbar Louder

This may appear to be a little foolish, but it must be acknowledged. Even if the soundbar is connected, if you have a Samsung TV and a Samsung soundbar, your TV may still use its built-in speakers. This is how to alter your Television’s audio output.

  • Navigate to “Settings” with your TV remote.
  • On your Samsung TV, go to Settings and select “Sound” and then “Sound Output.”
  • One of the selections should now be your Samsung soundbar. With your TV remote, choose it and adjust the volume. The soundbar and TV will turn on and off simultaneously utilizing the remote if they’re linked.

In several other cases, despite being linked to the TV, you may notice that the Samsung soundbar does not get louder. The TV sound output is likely configured to the PCM or another format.

If the problem with the volume being too low persists, it is recommended to try rebooting your Samsung soundbar. It is recommended that you perform a factory reset since this is an option that should always function.

 If you choose to factory reset, you will lose all of your saved data and settings. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for your Samsung soundbar (if available) and Television (any model). 

How to Make LG Soundbar Louder

LG provides a wide selection of soundbars with a variety of features. The first step after purchasing a soundbar is to determine where it will be placed in the room. Here are three helpful suggestions for making your space for your soundbar to be louder:

1. Set it up properly: Set the soundbar at ear level and free the passage of any books, papers, or other things that can obstruct the sound flow.

2. Experiment with your subwoofer: Move your subwoofer — a discrete box that produces bass sound – about the room until you locate the greatest sound.

3. Arrange your seating: Sitting too near to the soundbar or too further away from the rear speakers can degrade the audio quality.

LG offers a wide range of products to fit a variety of tastes and budgets. Many of their soundbars are intended to work with specific LG TVs, making things easier for you, and they also have flagship models with Dolby Atmos® built-in.

How to Make Bose Soundbar Louder

The Bose Home Speaker 300 is a lightweight smart speaker that can produce 360-degree audio. The Bose Smart Speaker 500, on the other hand, is a larger speaker with stereo sound for the greatest auditory performance, as well as an LCD screen to display you what’s streaming. The volume can be increased by following the instructions given below. 

  • Click the MORE button on the remote to see more remote features on the screen.
  • Find and highlight the “AV Settings” option using the up and down arrow buttons.
  • By selecting OK, you can select the highlighted choice.
  • Select “Surround” from the drop-down menu.
  • Reduce or increase the surround speaker volume level by using the left and right arrow buttons. The display will go off after 10 seconds of inactivity.

The Bose Home Speaker 500 is a stylish device that blends in with its surroundings and communicates a sense of sophistication and appreciation for the great things in daily existence. 

It has an anodized aluminum case with an elliptical appearance that is both delightfully innovative and difficult to overlook. A set of buttons on the top of the Bose Home Speaker 500 enables you to do various functions. These include play and stop music, adjust the volume, link via Bluetooth or AUX cable, and disable the microphone when you require some solitude. 

There are also six preset buttons to help you customize your music streamers, such as Amazon Music or Spotify. There’s also a dedicated button for using Amazon Alexa

How to Make JBL Soundbar Louder

JBL Cinema Soundbars come with a Bluetooth-connected subwoofer, the capability to stream music from your smartphone or tablet through the soundbar system, the capability to link other JBL speakers, virtual surround sound compatibility, and more. 

Power issues, audio issues, and subwoofer coupling issues are all common issues with the JBL range of soundbars. Before exchanging your item or paying someone else to do it, try troubleshooting to resolve your issues.

Verify that the soundbar’s input is set to the correct source. If you want to receive sounds from your Xbox One system, for instance, the JBL Cinema Soundbar’s audio input must match the attached Xbox One to provide better sound. 

Also, see whether you attached your device to a different input by cycling through the inputs.

Often the soundbar and the subwoofer come together. However, if this doesn’t happen, then you will have to press on the Wireless Pairing button on the front of the JBL soundbar. Then immediately press the “Wireless Pairing” key on the back of the subwoofer. 

This allows you to re-pair the soundbar and the subwoofer. Within a 30-second interval, the devices should connect up.

If the problem persists, ensure the two devices are within a reasonable distance of one another. The soundbar and subwoofer should be kept within the distance of 30 feet. The line of sight between them must be clear. There should be no obstructions between them.

 How to Make the MI Soundbar Louder?

Xiaomi promises that setting up the soundbar would take 30 seconds, and if you know what you’re doing, it can be done in under a minute. Simply plug it in, attach it to a power source, and plug it into an appropriate input on your TV. 

Although a remote control was not included in the box, we found that the more we utilized the soundbar, the more we missed having one. 

The speaker is equipped with a modest control panel that sits on top of the unit. It has seven buttons: two for volume and one for each of the following modes: Bluetooth (v4.2), Aux-in, SPDIF, and Optical-in. 

These buttons also describe the inputs the Mi Soundbar can accept. If the audio on your soundbar is too low, you can attempt the following methods to fix it. 

Often we are not satisfied with the audio quality of the television speakers. This is one of the main reasons why people opt for soundbars. 

When you use both your television’s inbuilt speakers and soundbar the audio output gets diluted. Today, most of the televisions have a menu option that enables you to mute the internal speakers. 

If you are not able to find the option, you can choose to lower the volume with the help of your remote.

When you choose a cable for your soundbar, you have a lot of options. Ensure that you use premium quality wires, if you want the cleanest sound. AUX and RCA cables are now thought to be outdated. 

But, many vintage televisions still use these cables. It is advisable to choose cables that are capable of transmitting higher quality digital signals. These include, HDMI, HDMI ARC and optical.

Why is My Sound Bar Volume so Low?

The majority of audio system issues are caused by faulty, damaged, or incorrectly connected cables. Some issues emerge as a result of incorrect equipment use or poor maintenance. 

The world of audio may appear straightforward at first, but it can quickly become intricate and difficult to comprehend, especially for those who are not audiophiles. 

There might be a lot of components, connections, settings, and standards in audio systems, which adds to the confusion. For greater convenience, customers are turning to simpler systems like soundbars, but at the sacrifice of audio quality. 

The majority of soundbar faults are caused by a bad connection, an inaccurate device setup, or a bad physical arrangement. The majority of repairs are easy, while some may take some time to troubleshoot. Start with the simplest solutions and work your way up in complexity only if necessary. 

The soundbar volume can also be low if there are no sufficient number of speakers. So, ensure that there are enough speakers placed at appropriate distances. 

The quality of cable you used to connect your soundbar to your television can also affect your audio output. 

Verify that all connections are properly placed and secured. Even if your connections are strong, you may be experiencing interruption. Although it’s most likely your cable, the effect could be increased by incorrect audio settings.


If the problem is with the wires, connections, or positioning of the speakers, it is simple to fix. 

If the problem is with the speaker’s driver or inside components like the amplifier or DAC’s (Digital To Analogue Converter) core circuits, you’ll need to contact a service specialist to have it fixed. 

It’s always a smart option to lengthen the warranty on your audio system, home theatre, or soundbar so that you could get it mended without spending extra money if something goes wrong. 

Many well-known brands offer extended warranty plans for audio systems and soundbars, which extend the manufacturer’s guarantee duration and cover everything. 

Few of them also provide free at-home service and cover breakdowns and malfunctions.

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