How to connect a turntable to a soundbar?

It is tricky to link the turntable to a soundbar some of the time. Because mostly, soundbars are not suitable with the analog signal that is taken back by the turntables. Maximum soundbars only attribute functions like digital inputs like HDMI and TOSLINK.

Fortunately, here are some of the processes to connect soundbars to turntables. They are given below:

  • Use that soundbar which has an analog insertion that is suitable with the analog outrun on turntables.
  • A soundbar with a Bluetooth connection and a Bluetooth turntable.
  • Sonos Port ‘connectivity hub’ and Sonos soundbar are both suitable with the analog output.

It is a common exercise to connect a turntable to the soundbar for the Stereophile as it is a very fast and simple way of raising the quality of the sound of one’s audio system.

To connect a turntable to a soundbar, you require a phono preamp. A phonographic power amplifier standardizes the turntable’s audio signal to be transmitted across an outermost speaker system. It is generally constructed right into the collector or the turntable. However, it can be an outermost device.

What is a phono preamp?

A phono preamp is a unit of electronics used to connect a turntable to a speaker system. It’s not only for home theatre systems; if you already have a record player, you may have a phono preamp installed.

The grooves of a record represent the sounds, and the voltage is effectively unscrambled music. The phono preamp’s concern is to equalize and enhance this signal to be turned into listenable music. This signal is amplified by the preamp so that it can be broadcast through speakers. 

This is essentially the same purpose as any other preamp, but record players require a special preamp because their signal is distinct from other audio media.

Here are some pointers on how to use the various connecting ways.

How to connect a turntable to a soundbar: 3 Different Ways

1. If the turntable has a phono preamp

This is by far the simplest and, hopefully, the most common option. Many current record players are equipped with their preamps and speakers. Simply execute the following if the preamp is in the turntable:

  • Connect the receiver to the turntable. Use a double-ended cable for this, and make sure your left and right end match (if applicable).
  • You can use any of the analog inputs on the receiver. AUX, Analog in, Line-in, or CD or cassette are the most common labels. Now you can enjoy listening to music on record players.

2. If the receiver contains the phono preamp

This option isn’t that challenging, and it generally follows the same steps:

  • Connect the audio cords from your turntable to the receiver input labeled “PHONO.” Make sure your left and right cables are in sync once more.
  • If your turntable has a ground wire, attach it to the ‘GND’ pin, normally found beneath the PHONO input. This pin aids in the reduction of turntable background static. Now it’s ready to play your favorite music!

3. Use a Separate Preamp

All you have to do now, once you’ve purchased the extra piece of a preamp, is:

  • Connect the audio cables from the turntable to the preamp, as well as any ground wires your turntable may have.
  • Connect the audio cables from the preamp to the analog inputs on the receiver.
  • As a final point, turn on the preamp by connecting it to its power supply.

Can I connect a Bluetooth turntable to a soundbar?

If you have a soundbar and love listening to records, it might be tricky to connect both of them. 

Except for Sonos soundbars, almost all soundbars have Bluetooth connectivity. It allows you to stream music without the dreaded cables, as you may know. Most soundbars can be wirelessly connected to the Bluetooth player. There are no cables necessary.

The procedure for connecting a Bluetooth turntable to a soundbar varies slightly depending on the device. To understand how to put your turntable and soundbar in “pairing mode,” refer to the user manuals for both.

What if your turntable doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection?  Fortunately, that has a solution too. Read below.

Regular turntables with Bluetooth adaptor

But most of the turntables don’t feature Bluetooth. A Bluetooth adapter is a great way to link a standard turntable and soundbar with an analog AUX input. A Bluetooth adaptor converts a standard turntable into a Bluetooth turntable.

The adapter must be attached to the player’s analog outputs. Thus, it wirelessly delivers the music signal to the soundbar.

Can you connect a turntable to a Bose soundbar?

You can connect your turntables to Bose Wave Music System with An auxiliary input on the Bose Wave Music System IV. It allows you to connect additional devices, such as your turntable. 

A pre-amp is necessary; some turntables come with one built-in, or you can buy one separately.

Is it possible to connect a Bose SoundTouch to a turntable?

You should know how to rebroadcast the signal connecting to a SoundTouch 10 if you have a turntable with an integrated pre-amp or are using an external pre-amp. 

Pro Tip: You might also connect the turntable to the SoundTouch 300 soundbar’s optical port using an analog RCA to optical converter.

This solution is compatible with any type of Soundbar. On the ground, this does not appear to be practical if the Soundbar has no inputs. If your TV supports RCA audio inputs (red and white), you can attach any analog device to it, such as a turntable or a CD player. 

Then, when you wish to listen to these devices, use your TV remote to change to the analog device’s proper TV input. 

If You have an old turntable: If you’re attaching an old turntable, keep in mind that it must be switched to line-level output. A line-level transformer is necessary when connecting an older turntable.

Can you connect a turntable to Naim muso? 

If you have a Naim Muso 1st generation and a turntable, it’s recommended to use a phono preamp to make listening to music simple. You can also go for Rega Planar 1 plus or Project Primary E Phono to install and enjoy your music on records. Just connect 2 RCA to 3.5mm cables with your Muso device.

As experts say, you can also use an external Fono Mini A2D device, but Planar 1 Rega is much better. When played straight out of the box, it has a lean sound, but after a few days, it comes into its own, becoming even more full-bodied and rhythmically thrilling as you play.

It’s got the power, punch, and perfect timing to keep any demanding track moving forward. It’s also clear and sharp at the same time, with an open, spacious presentation that effortlessly creates enough separation between instruments and vocals. It’s also quite good at dealing with high frequencies.                  

How do I connect my turntable to my surround sound?

A phono preamp is required to connect your turntable to a home theatre system. This device equalizes the audio signal from the turntable accurately. You’ll either find it incorporated into the turntable or the receiver, or you’ll have to purchase it separately.


Now you have learned about using different sound systems with your existing turntables. Now it’s up to you to find the style of sound system that works best for you. You’ll be pleased while you’re sitting on the portico on a rainy night; listening to your old jazz albums will be just awesome! 

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