How do I reset my soundbar?

If you have the best soundbar and you are facing a connection issue, just troubleshoot and fix the issue or you can reset your system to resolve the problem. Depending on different brands the process may differ slightly. You might need the remote to reset your soundbar. But if you are unable to fix the problem, just call a pro.

If you have a Sony soundbar the reset process may vary from model to model. You need to follow these steps

  • Just press and hold the volume and power buttons for 5 seconds. 
  • Ensure the power cord is unplugged. 
  • After some time, you need to replug the soundbar. 
  • Check to see if the system’s default settings have been restored.
  • Connect it to the TV set and check what happens. 
  • If the issue persists, contact the customer service department.

When you initiate a reset, all of the data on the device is expunged, and the device’s functionality is reset to default. Furthermore, in most situations, it causes the wireless devices associated with the soundbar to disconnect. You need to reconnect it. 

Based on my experience with several soundbar brands and models, below I will explain how to troubleshoot several brands and models of soundbars.

How to reset bose soundbar 700

When you reset Bose soundbar 700, all the data and settings will be deleted and reset to factory settings. However there is a catch, When you want to reset your Bose soundbar 700, first you need to delete the settings from Bose Music App. which is possible by removing soundbar connectivity to the app

Tip: After you’ve reset your soundbar, you may re-add it to the Bose Music App.

As I said above, first I will explain on removing bose music app connectivity

How to Remove Bose Soundbar from Bose Music App

The methods for removing the Bose soundbar from the Bose Music App are as follows.

  • Open the Bose Music app on your smartphone.
  • Account settings can be found in the top-right corner.
  •  Then, under Manage Speakers, select Edit.
  • Select your specific soundbar model and erase it by clicking the delete button.

Resetting Bose Soundbar 700 the Actual Process

The process of resetting the Bose Soundbar 700 is as follows:

  • Make sure you have already deleted Bose soundbar from the Bose Music App
  • Now switch on your soundbar 700.
  • You need to get the remote control.
  • Press and hold the power button and the skip back button on the remote for 5 seconds instantaneously.
  • The soundbar will start being white and fade away to black.
  • Your soundbar 700 will be back to its default settings after rebooting.

How to reset bose soundbar 500

You may delete your Bose soundbar 500’s data and settings similar to the Bose 700.

The steps are as follows:

  • Switch the Bose 500 soundbar on.
  • Get the soundbar’s remote control.
  • For 5 seconds, simultaneously press and hold the power and skip forward buttons.
  • The light will pulse white before gradually fading to black.
  • The system will restart.
  • The light bar will turn solid amber after the restoration is complete.
  • Your soundbar’s factory settings are now active.

How to reset bose soundbar 300

If this Bose soundbar 300 has been added to your Bose account, you can eliminate it by following the steps defined above.

To return it to factory settings, follow the steps below:

  • Activate the Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar.
  • Get the specific remote control.
  • For 5 seconds, instantaneously press and hold the play/pause and volume down keys on the remote.
  • The soundbar will be restarted.
  • When the indicator turns solid orangey, it means the reset is complete.

How to reset Polk soundbar

If you’re having problems with your Magnifi soundbar or the remote control that came with it, you may need to reset it to factory defaults.

The technique differs depending on the model to some extent. In all circumstances, however, press and hold the Reset button on the product’s back for at least 15 seconds. 

All of the Bar’s settings are then wiped. As confirmation for the Magnifi Mini, you will hear a higher and then a lower tone. Please only let go when you hear the second lower tone. There is only one tone on the Magnifi Max (SR).

Please note that all settings, including Wi-Fi connection information and programmed remote codes, are wiped, and the item must be configured afresh.

If you are experiencing issues with Signa Solo you need to reset it to default settings. The technique varies slightly depending on the model. 

Turn your device on and press and hold the “POWER,” “SOURCE,” and “VOL+” buttons on the top of the product for at least 10 seconds to reset it. All of the Bar’s settings are then wiped. All of the LEDs in the Bar will be flashing.

How to reset sonos soundbar

When you want to install a Sonos soundbar it takes several minutes. Like every soundbar reset, it will also erase the setting if you proceed with resetting. A factory reset is not suggested for simple troubleshooting.

If you want to change the registered email Id then factory reset is your best option. 

You should only perform a hard factory reset if you are giving the soundbar to someone else. 

The majority of your issues can be resolved by simply turning off and on your device. If you’re having trouble connecting, try resetting your router or turning off your VPN. A VPN will not always work with the Sonos Soundbar.

To factory reset your Sonos Playbar, follow the steps below.

  • Disconnect the power cord from the outlet.
  • Press and hold the Play/Pause button. While holding, connect the cord to the outlet. 
  • Hold the Play/Pause button down until the light on your soundbar is amber and white.
  •  Continue to hold till the light turns green. 

How to Reset Samsung soundbar

When you need to reset your Samsung soundbar, it’s recommended to find the user manual included with the package. Then try to fix the soundbar following the steps mentioned in the manual. You can also browse online or call their official tech support if you are not confident about resetting your Samsung soundbar.

  • Turn on the Samsung Soundbar and hold down the off button on the remote or the soundbar itself.
  • You must hold the power button down till the soundbar display reads “INIT OK.”
  •  If your soundbar is old and doesn’t have a display, you’ll notice a red led blinking and then stopping once the reset is completed.

How to reset samsung soundbar hw-h450

It’s critical to check your Samsung HW h450’s functionality both before and after troubleshooting. The troubleshooting process will be validated and later verified as a result of this. 

To do so, attach the Samsung subwoofer to your TV and test its performance and functionality. This type usually has three options for connecting to your TV: HDMI, Bluetooth, or a fiber optic digital cable.

Common Problems with Samsung Soundbars with Solutions

The problems you will notice with the Samsung soundbar

When connecting a Soundbar to a Samsung TV, you may encounter the following issues.

  • If the soundbar does not turn on, double-check that the soundbar’s power cord is properly attached to the soundbar.
  • After that, disconnect the power line from the intermediary device, just like you did with the power bar. After that, connect it straight to a wall outlet that is in good functioning order. If it still won’t switch on, you should contact Samsung for assistance.

HDMI connections are being troubleshooting

Because the Samsung soundbar is designed to work with TVs that have an Audio Return Channel, it requires the usage of an HDMI cable. If your TB doesn’t have ARC support, you can get it by using an optical cable. 

The ARC protocol allows the TV to send and receive audio and video data through the soundbar’s HDMI Out port. The HDMI port on soundbars is intended for other types of components, such as a cable box or a satellite dish, rather than for the television.

Bluetooth Troubleshooting

As the Samsung soundbars are designed to work with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as tablets and smartphones, they can send audio over A2DP Bluetooth. 

The Samsung soundbars were not designed to function with Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

The ideal method for resetting the Samsung Soundbar is as follows:

  • Turn on the Soundbar and then press and hold the off button on the remote or the soundbar.
  •  Hold the power button down until the soundbar’s display reads INIT OK.
  • If you have an older soundbar without a display, you will notice a red light blinking and then it will stop, indicating that the resetting has been accomplished.


So, now that you’ve read the post, you should know exactly how to reset your soundbars from different brands or models. As previously indicated, it is a fairly easy procedure that does not necessitate a lot of effort. 

But if you still face any issue regarding resetting your soundbar, call professional tech support and fix it at the earliest. 

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