Can you Put a Soundbar in a Cabinet?

It is important to know the right location to place your soundbar. Also, it is said if you place your soundbar to a particular place it produces better sound quality. Therefore, some locations are highly suitable for placing soundbars and some are not.  

But, if you are wondering to place your soundbar in a cabinet you can do so. But you need to follow certain things before placing your soundbar in a cabinet.  Make sure you place your soundbars in an open cabinet. The cabinet should not come with a door attached.  A cabinet with a door can block the sound to circulate. As a result, it will produce poor sound quality. 

Apart from sound interference in closed-door, it can also result in overheating and IR signals error. This will make the remote of the soundbar stop working to receive the proper signal. 

However, placing a soundbar in a cabinet is not a good option compared to the other options available for you. Hence there are some limitations when you place your soundbar in a cabinet. Therefore, today will tell you that following the correct measures can help you deal with it without facing a problem.

Is it ok to Place a Soundbar in a Cabinet?

Media components or devices require a certain operating condition to work the best for them. Therefore, they can be placed anywhere but you cannot expect the same sound quality in every domain. 

Considering a cabinet to place a sandbar? Well, it’s not the best location to place it. It is because a soundbar requires room to surround its sound. A closed cabinet with doors acts as a barrier for circulating the sound smoothly. As a result, it produces distortion or muffles the sound output. 

On the other hand, if you choose a cabinet that is designed for placing soundbars, it can work the best for you.  This means a cabinet should contain plenty of open storage space for soundbars. It should not be enclosed with wooden walls or doors to disrupt the sound quality. 

Considering this, there are various options available in the market with a cabinet that has a flat surface and is out of the way. Also, some soundbars are designed to fit the TV cabinet.  Those TV cabinets manage to work smoothly with soundbars. 

Things to Consider for Placing a Soundbar in a Cabinet

Many users don’t consider certain things while choosing a location for a soundbar. Whatever place they feel convenient they will just stuff the soundbar into it. In such conditions, they want to enjoy the sound of the soundbar to the fullest. 

However, putting a soundbar in a cabinet can work for you, if you can consider a few important things. 

Let’s look at the below-mentioned points to get a better idea of it:

  • Consider Ample Space

Just putting a soundbar in any cabinet will not help. You need to consider a lot of space inside the cabinet to place a soundbar to circulate its sound. Therefore, space is one of the major factors that need to be considered while choosing a cabinet for a soundbar. 

  • Require Room for Connection

The soundbar comes with several cable options that need to be connected to a TV for functioning. However, a cabinet with ample space will give room for connection. This will completely depend on your soundbar’ input option and your TV unit. Therefore, a cabinet with no room for connection will not help it to function properly.

  •  Room for Ventilation

Make sure the cabinet is not enclosed and has basic ventilation surrounding it. Ventilation should be provided on each side to circulate the sound smoothly. Therefore, it is recommended to look for a cabinet that comes with an open shelf that gives enough room for ventilation. This will help the soundbar to blow the sound properly.

Improper ventilation could result in overheating of the device. This could damage the quality of your soundbar. Devices should be always kept in a dry cool place for smooth running.    

Why a Cabinet is not the Best Option for Soundbar

Several factors highly determine that cabinets are not the best option for the soundbar. However, you can use a cabinet for placing a soundbar but you need to optimize the area for giving breathing room. 

Therefore, locations that do not support ample space and room for breathing will create difficulty for a soundbar to work properly. 

On the other hand, soundbars are meant for placing on floors, mounted walls, or open shelves.  They are not meant to be placed inside a cabinet. The enclosed cabinet restricts the sound to travel in the surroundings. You can feel the difference in sound when placed in an enclosed cabinet. 

So, a cabinet open or not restricts the sound to travel in its usual manner. Also, it can lead to overheating which can result in permanent damage or malfunction of the device. 

So, next time when you choose a location to place a soundbar, look for other options that are suitable and feasible at the same time.

Best Options to Place a Soundbar

Now, as you are fully aware that cabinets are not the best option for placing a soundbar. You can avail various feasible options for placing a soundbar at your home. You can also opt for these options to enjoy improved audio qaulity to the fullest. 

However, while considering a place for a soundbar, try to look for a place that is open, breathable, and offers ample ventilation to the device. Moreover, the right location will also depend on both the soundbar and the television unit. In this way, you can choose the right setup in a hassle-free way. 

Now, let’s look at the below-mentioned points to get a better idea of it:

  • Use Open-Shelf

Open-shelf works as one of the best options for placing a soundbar without hassle. They give enough room for breathing to produce improved audio quality. In addition to this, open shelves are compact and feasible to use. Also, it produces a minimalistic look to your home without taking the hassle of mounting.

  • Mounted Below or Above the TV

Well, mounting your soundbar both below and above the TV works fine in either way. Moreover, soundbars are mostly seen mounted below or above the TV unit. It requires an easy setup process and gives access to your remote sensor. Therefore, it’s a good option if the soundbar is mounted vertically to the TV. 

Also, it doesn’t make any difference whether the soundbar is mounted below or above the TV. In both ways, it enhances your sound experience to the fullest. 

  • Placing It on the Floor

Here comes another alternative option for placing a soundbar at your home. Most users apply this method in their homes as it requires a no-hassle setup. But this method is not completely recommended by the experts. However, it completely depends on your entire setup whether this method is feasible or not. 

You need to see whether your surface is level or not to place the soundbar on the floor. Otherwise, it might fall or get damaged with a sudden touch. The position to the floor should be implemented in the right way to prevent any kind of damage to it. 

Pro Tip: you need to place the soundbar closer to the TV so that it produces better sound quality. So, choose a place on the floor that is close enough to the TV unit. Otherwise, you might not get the desired sound you are looking for.

On the other hand, if you are having kids or a pet at home it is not recommended to place it on the floor. As it is easier to get access to the soundbar and this could result in permanent damage. So, be extra careful if you are having kids or pets at home.

  • Place on a Flat Surface

You use any flat or even surface to place the soundbar on it.  It could range from anything like a simple tea table to a kitchen table. The table could be any type but make sure it is free of clutter. Also, look for a table that is placed high so that is out of reach for your children or pets.

 Moreover, the tables should be placed near the TV unit to produce better sound quality. As we have already said, the closer the soundbar to the TV, the better will be its connectivity and sound. However, you can place the table across anywhere in the room, but it won’t give you the desired sound you are looking for.

  • Behind the Couch

Have you thought of placing the soundbar behind the couch? Well, it is also an alternative option when you run out of space. Very few people use this method at home. It is because the couch tends to block the sound to travel to the room. 

When you face a shortage of space in your home, you can opt for this method. However, it could be the last option to try if you run out of space. Otherwise, it is not feasible like other options. Therefore, in a way, it will affect the quality of sound as you are receiving it from the back and not from the front.


1. Where should I put my Soundbar?

A soundbar should always be placed at the center or in front of the TV unit for the best experience. Also, it should not be placed away from the TV for sound interference issues.

2. How much Space do you need around a Soundbar?

Space is important while considering a location for a soundbar. If you are looking to know the right measurement of space around a soundbar, it is about at least 1 meter of space. This includes sidewalls on both sides. Also, you can maintain a distance between the soundbar and the TV around 3 to 8 meters for the best experience.

3. Can I put Soundbar behind the TV?

It is not recommended to put soundbars behind the TV. It is because it will obstruct the sound to travel around the room. They are best to use when placed under, center, or in front of the TV unit.


So, choosing the right location for placing the soundbar can be a bit challenging. But if you follow the above-mentioned methods it will make your job easy and hassle-free at the same time. Therefore, look for a place that ensures the best quality sound in the room.

Also, no matter how much you get tempted to see a designer cabinet for your soundbar, don’t get carried away by it. Placing soundbars in the cabinet can result in overheating and can cause permanent damage to the device. 


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