Can you hide a soundbar?

The new models of soundbars are thinner and wireless and it’s easy to hide. The soundbar is more décor friendly than traditional home theater speakers. You can get a tv stand according to your requirement and place your soundbar on speaker shelves. These racks allow you to place large freestanding speakers right near your television without sacrificing sound quality. 

When you are renovating your room and want to hide the existing soundbars without compromising with the audio effect, you can hide them using a mantel. You can also hide the soundbars in your wall behind wall hangings or acoustic art.

Getting the bar inside the mantel shelf (if you have one) could be ideal. However, depending on the design, your mantel may have an interesting fabric covering. But remember it should be unobstructed then only you can get the best audio quality.

How to hide the soundbar on the mantel?

When you are looking for hiding the soundbar on the mantel, it is recommended to use an OEM mount to attach to the wall surface. Remember to keep your TV mounted with the nethermost 1/3 of the display at eye level when placed.

Many gadgets come with lots of cords and it looks disgusting when installed so if you want to hide such a cluster of cords you can use your mantel and hide it well. Cut a slot in the rear of the mantel upper side, just shallow enough to accommodate the cords, along the wall.

If there are multiple cables, put zip ties around them to keep them neat. You can also use plastic cord clips that fit into the base of the mantel shelf to keep cords in place. Insert zip-tied cords down the side of the mantel and along the wall. Set up a piece of wide-ranging wooden trim along the mantel’s corner, leaving a gap behind the trim to hide the arranged cables.

Can I put my soundbar behind my TV?

If you want to place your wider soundbar behind the TV, it would hamper the audio quality as it deters the soundwaves. You should not keep anything directly in front of the soundbar to get the best quality sound.

But if you are strapped for space to put your soundbar under your tv you can wall-mount the soundbar by using your creative mind. Then only you will get the best viewing as well as a listening experience. But you might be able to come up with it if you place the soundbar a short distance back but apart from that leave it unencumbered.

How can you Camouflage Speakers in Your Room? 

Having speakers at your home to enhance your surrounding experience is a common thing. However, it’s often challenging to hide the speakers so that they don’t disturb the aesthetics of your home. Thankfully, there are a few clever ways to do that. 

In the wall: 

This is the most common method used by many. Simply installing the speakers on the wall not only makes the room look smart but also does not abruptly shake the beauty of the room. However, you will require an electrician to cut holes in the wall to run the wires through it and amplify the listening experience. 


This creates a more traditional sound and is also ideal for those who don’t want to make any permanent change or damage to the walls or ceiling. It’s possible to conceal the speaker in special cabinets with acoustically transparent fabric so that they are both out of sight and easy to access.  

Placing behind acoustic fabric: 

This is ideal for those who are planning to make a home theater room. In such a case, it’s a good idea to install false ceilings and cover them with acoustically transparent fabric. Even if you have large speakers, you can cover them behind such fabrics without compromising on the audio quality. To take it a notch up, install LED lights behind the fabrics to make the speakers glow. 

Making it a part of the room setting:

If you love your speaker and want to show it off to your guests, it’s best to hide it in a special manner. This type of hiding has a lot to do with the decor and requires no drilling holes in the walls and ceilings. Ideally, you should rearrange the seating of your room and the furniture so that they blend in with the speakers. One way to do that is to have furniture in colors similar to the speaker. 

Can I put my soundbar behind my couch?

It won’t be an ideal option to place your soundbar behind your couch. The audio source should preferably be located at the same level as, or marginally higher than, the audience’s ears.

The concept behind this arrangement is that it allows you to sit in direct line with the audio source. However, if you place the bar behind you, aligning the audio source with your ears becomes more challenging, and sound waves will no longer travel straightforwardly.

Can a soundbar be placed on the floor?

The answer is yes. You can place a soundbar on the floor. It’s one of the most popular locations for this device, mainly under your television, because it delivers better audio quality. To avoid damage, you should keep kids and dogs away from it.

A floor can be the ideal option for the placement of a soundbar because of different reasons.

You may just buy the soundbar, connect it to your TV or any other device you desire, and place it on the floor without giving it any thought. You won’t need to bother about putting it together.

However, floor location is beneficial in more ways than one. It’s also an excellent spot for getting the premium sound. As long as it’s close to the television. This is where the sound should be reaching you unswervingly.

Before you put the soundbar on the floor, keep thinking about where you want to put your TV. The floor placement may not be applicable if the TV is too high. The floor placement may not be perfect for you in terms of aesthetics.

If you have little kids or pets, you should also consider this. Soundbars are durable, but they won’t last long if your child or pet is constantly messing with them, or dumping items on them. You might want to raise them off the floor in this situation, given that they aren’t the low-priced audio gear.

If you have kids or pets, try mounting your soundbar. However, if you believe you can keep it safe while keeping it on the floor, it will undoubtedly work and deliver good sound quality.


The setting and the type of soundbar you choose are the most major aspects to keep in mind when it comes to speaker placement. Soundbars work best when they are placed close to the listener (usually in a living room setting) and in direct line with the listener.

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