7 Best Gas Geysers In India 2021 – [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

If you want a bucket of hot water within a few seconds without lifting a finger, a geyser is a perfect solution. And moreover, the best gas geysers in India are becoming much popular owing to their less electricity consumption over the traditional best electric geysers.

I had listed the 7 best gas geysers in India to help you choose the right one for you.

No matter under which climatic condition you live, geysers (gas or electric) have become an inevitable part of every home. Geysers have extensive usage at every house, in the kitchen, bathrooms, and washing clothes, etc.

A recent study revealed that a lot of offices and commercial buildings replacing their electric geysers with gas geysers to save their electric bill.

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Now, let’s come back to the discussion of gas geysers. Gas geysers flow out hot water continuously in much lesser time when compared with the electric ones.

Also, a faster recovery rate of the gas geysers ensuring maximum savings makes it a popular choice both in households and offices.

There are a variety of gas geysers available in the Indian market. Geyser capacity, color, and maintenance are some key features of the appliance that determine which one to go for.

The post also contains a Buyer’s guide and a FAQ section at the bottom to resolve your general queries regarding gas geysers. 

7 Best gas geysers in India 2021 [Detailed Review]

ProductCapacityWarranty (Years)Buy Now
V Guard6 Liters1 Year Amazon
Bajaj Majesty Duo 5.5 Liters2 Years Amazon
LONGWAY7 Liters1 Year Amazon
Hindware EvetoY6 Liters2 Years Amazon
Surya Digital6 Liters1 Year Amazon
DIGISMART 6 Liters1 Year Amazon
Min Max6 Liters1 Year Amazon

1.V-Guard 6 L Safeflo Plus Gas Geyser

V-Guard 6 L Safeflo Plus best Gas Geyser in india

Enjoy your hot water bath in the winter months with V-Guard Safeflo gas geyser. Its smart design and compact body make it one of the best gas geysers for home.

Its powerful features like an adjustable thermostat, thermal cutoff, and multiple safety systems from overheating and dry heating ensure a safe bath for your family. 

The 6L geyser comes with an automated ignition system. Some other key features of the appliance include SS burners and ultra-low pressure applications. Its compacted design makes it easy to mount on the bathroom walls.

The product also has an auto cut off timer of 20 minutes that is a notable aspect of the geyser. The heat retention feature is perfect in this geyser, which means the water will remain hot for a more extended period.

All over, V-Guard Safeflo is indeed one of the best geysers for your bathroom and kitchen.


  • It has a straightforward installation.
  • It is lightweight and sleek.
  • The product has excellent safety features like overheat cut off.
  • The product offers quite good performance even in low pressure.


  • V-Guard doesn’t provide its installation. You have to rely on other professionals to do so.
  • Water outflow is low.
  • It can’t be installed in a closed area and needs proper ventilation.

2.Bajaj Majesty Duo Gas 5.5-Litre LPG Water Heater

Bajaj Majesty Duo best Gas 5.5-Litre LPG Water Heater

Watch Unboxing and Review of Bajaj Majesty Duo Gas 5.5-Litre LPG/Gas Water Heater. below the video I added my views on, why should you buy this LPG/Gas Water Heater with pros and cons.

Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Here comes another excellent water heater from the trusted brand of Bajaj. Apart from its exceptional features like anti-freezing, flame failure, and child lock, the geyser comes with a warranty period of two years. 

The copper heat exchanger present in the geyser is one of the best performings in the market that ensures dry heat protection, thermal efficiency, and enhanced performance.

The product also comes with an oxygen depletion sensor and low water sensor that alarms you to refill the water tank once it gets empty.

The 5.5L geyser supplies hot water at a rate of 5 liters per minute. The appliance is suitable for both low and high-pressure installations.

Additionally, this instant gas geyser is the best for carrying out all household chores, including bathing, washing clothes, and cleaning utensils.

Indeed, the product quality and design of Bajaj Majesty Duo makes it a top choice among the best gas geysers in India.


  • The product comes with a child lock feature that makes it absolutely safe for your children to touch.
  • The product has incredible burner settings and auto-ignition features.
  • Bajaj Majesty is available in both LPG and PNG models.
  • The appliance has an automatic heat turn off period of 20 minutes.


  • The tank capacity of the geyser is quite low.
  • Bajaj doesn’t provide any installation help.
  • The gas valve coil needs replacement after two months of usage.

3.LONGWAY Xolo Smart 7 LTR LPG Instant Gas Water Heater Geyser 5 Way Protection (100% Copper Tank

LONGWAY Xolo Smart 7 LTR LPG Instant Gas Water Heater Geyser

Certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), the product comes with a 5-star rating tag. The 7-liter instant gas geyser is equipped with some beautiful safety features like flame failure device, auto shut-off, cut out, and safety valve. 

The geyser uses copper heavy-duty tank for fast heating and more exceptional performance. The extra heavy heat exchanger ensures 30% more savings on gas consumption when compared to other gas geyser brands in the market. 

The 7-liter tank comes with a 1-year warranty and is suitable for both low and high-pressure installations. The appliance is straightforward to operate and is equipped with a power switch and three rotary control knobs.

The knobs adjust the gas flow, water flow, and heat settings to ensure a proper flow of hot water. 

Owing to its energy efficiency, lower price, smart design, and fully automated Japanese technology, Longway Xolo Smart geyser is one of the top picks of buyers who are looking for both high performance and pocket-friendly gas geyser.


  • The product comes with an overheating safety mechanism.
  • The geyser has a powerful tank capacity of 7 litres.
  • It is almost 75% cheaper than other gas geysers available in the market.
  • The product comes with an extra-large burner.


  • Often the buyers face problems while contacting the customer care unit of Longway.
  • The knob indications are improper in some units.
  • Fire hazard is a significant concern for this product.

4.Hindware Eveto 6L ISI Gas Water Heater

Hindware Eveto 6L ISI best Gas Water Heater

This list of best gas geyser in India is incomplete without mentioning the ISI marked Hindware Eveto gas geyser. It comes with solenoid valves and flame-out features for extra protection for its users. The 6L gas geyser also comes at an affordable price, which is not at all pocket pinching.

It’s 1 kg copper heat exchanger, anti-dry burning protection, child lock feature, and brass-outlet connection make it one of the safe gas geysers in the market. Besides, it is also equipped with 20 minutes inbuilt timer to turn off the device once water gets hot. 

Though the appliance doesn’t work well at low water pressures, its compact and sleek body makes it a perfect gas geyser for kitchen and bathroom.

Hindware Eveto is easy to set up, and water gets heated as fast as in 4 seconds. But make sure you call an expert for its installation.


  • The product comes with a child lock safety device.
  • It is certified by ISI and hence is one of the trustworthy brands in the market.
  • It comes with the flame-out protection for safety.
  • The geyser is very lightweight and easy to install.


  • The burning gas leaves a foul smell while the product is in use.
  • The temperature of the flowing out water is not uniform.
  • Full ventilation is required at the place of installation.
  • There is no digital display to show the water temperature.

5.Surya Digital Instant Gas Geyser with Heavy Copper Tank in 6 liters Instant/min with Temperature Display 

Surya Digital Instant best Gas Geyser with Heavy Copper Tank in 6 litres Instant_min with Temperature Display

One of the safest gas geysers in the list is Surya Digital Instant gas geyser. Surya claims that its wide burner of 260 mm allows a total burning of the gas, thus resulting in no-emission of the harmful carbon mono-oxide. 

Surya Digital Instant gas geyser is India’s first gas geyser with Gen 4 technology and comes with various powerful features like output flame sensors and overheat protection device.

The geyser’s outer surface is made from ABS plastic and stainless steel, thus making the product both durable and safe.

No doubt why it made to the list of best gas geysers in India for its best quality of solenoid, indeed original parts and more fences of copper in the exchanger? Along with these features, the oxygen sensor, bigger diameter pipe, and wide burner make it 95% more safe and efficient than other gas geysers in the market.

The product also has a LED display and comes with a warranty period of one year. 


  • Apart from a wide burner, the geyser is made from the best quality solenoid.
  • The appliance comes with a digital temperature display.
  • Surya Digital comes with a warranty period of one year.
  • The presence of an oxygen depletion sensor makes it one of the best gas geysers for bathroom, office and kitchen.


  • No installation service is provided on behalf of Surya.
  • The inlet pipe is attached at an angle and is not straight. As a result, it hampers a steady inflow of cold water.
  • Narrow inlet and outlet pipe is a significant concern in this geyser.

6.DIGISMART 6 Liter Instant 100% Copper Tank with Anti Rust Coating Body 

DIGISMART 6 LTR ISI Approved best LPG Gas Water Heater

If you are looking for a durable instant gas geyser with an extra massive pure copper burner, Digismart is here for you.

The ISO 9001: 2015 company comes with another fully automatic gas geyser that is both elegant in design and heavy in performance.

The geyser is meticulously manufactured under the supervision of some best engineers ensuring the best quality product in the market. The appliance is made in zero pressure with flame failure protection.

The presence of heavy heat exchanger, extra-large burner, overheats protection system, flame failure safety device and powder-coated steel body ensures a safe performance of the geyser to your family. 

The geyser comes with an anti-rust coating that is specially formulated with an anti-corrosion solution that protects the appliance from rust, corrosion, and other weather change effects.

Its exclusive five ways of safety features ensure a trusted trademark of safety from any unexpected occurrences.

Though the company’s product installation services are not provided, you can surely bring in the geyser to Digismart for a repair when needed. Digismart also offers a warranty period of 1 year on the product. 


  • It’s exclusive safety features make the geyser one of the safest products in the market.
  • The product has got BIS approved ISI specifications to ensure a long life.
  • It comes with flame failure protection.
  • It is durable, lightweight, and compact.


  • Customers often face difficulty while contacting the customer care section.
  • Noise level is high, which may be a reason for discomfort.
  • The outer surface may catch fire easily.

7.MinMax Metal Instant Water Gas Geyser

MinMax Metal Instant Water Gas Geyser

Minimax Appliances brings another powerful gas geyser equipped with super classic dry heat protection, extra heavy copper tank, and auto cut off. The 6L capacity geyser weighs just 5 kg and has a fully automatic ignition system. 

The appliance can perform very well in low-pressure areas, thus being an excellent choice for people living in a region with zero pressure bars.

The geyser ensures 70% energy efficiency while featuring chimney styles smoke exhaust, fire out protection system, and overheating protection devices. 

The elegant geyser also has an inbuilt child safety lock that makes it safe for the little ones. Besides, it comes with a flame failure safety device and a warranty period of 12 months on the product. 

Though a user manual is provided along with the appliance, the company doesn’t offer any installation services. The buyer has to carry out the installation by themselves.

But Minimax email support and on-call support are beneficial. In case of any difficulty, you can always ask them for suggestions over the phone.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a cost-effective and energy-saving gas geyser, MinMax Instant gas geyser is a must-try.


  • The product consumes 70% less fuel than the others in the market.
  • The geyser performs very well, even at zero pressure.
  • MinMax Metal Gas Geyser offers the best value for money.
  • You can easily regulate water temperature, gas usage, and water pressure simultaneously.


  • The product doesn’t carry a user manual.
  • The warranty statement for the product is also not very clear.
  • The geyser doesn’t bear any certified logos or stamps.
  • High LPG consumption is another major complaint with this geyser.


When it comes to a gas geyser that is pocket friendly, MiniMax and Longway Xolo Smart are the pick for you. If you are staying at high altitude areas where low pressure is the most common occurrence, go for V-Guard 6 L Safeflo PlusGas Geyser.

Nevertheless, Bajaj Majesty Duo always comes first when you are looking for a robust heat exchanger.

Hindware Eveto and Surya Digital stand firm while speaking about the safety features of a gas geyser. However, if you are looking for longevity and safety in a single geyser, Digismart geyser is the best pick for you.

Gas geyser buying guide:

While the market is stuffed with a variety of brands selling gas geysers, it often becomes challenging to pick the apt one for your family.

But you need not worry! The following buyer’s guide will help you understand the features of a suitable gas geyser while letting you decide your pick from the best gas geysers in India.

Points to remember while buying/installing gas geyser:

There are several points that you must keep in mind while buying or installing a gas geyser. But before taking any decision think judiciously about your choice; either you want to buy a gas geyser or an electric geyser.

Scroll down further to learn more about the pros and cons of a gas geyser over an electric geyser. Mentioned here are things to keep in mind before going for a gas geyser:

  • Since the geyser is connected with LPG sources, make sure the pipes are clean and leak-proof.
  • Avoid placing a gas geyser near flammable items, explosives, and corrosives.
  • Since gas geysers emit lethal gases like carbon mono-oxide, it must be installed in a properly ventilated area. 
  • The installation height is critical when it comes to installing gas geysers. Make sure you don’t mount it too high or too low on the walls. Better fit it at such a height from where you can easily see the pilot frame. 

Pros and cons of gas geyser:

Below mentioned are a few of the pros and cons of gas geyser over the traditional electric geyser:


  • Economical and eco-friendly
  • No electricity is required to operate a gas geyser
  • Fast heating rate than electric geysers
  • Easy temperature control
  • Can function with both LPG and PNG
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Unsafe as compared to electric geysers
  • Short life span
  • Difficult installation

Best gas geyser brands in India in 2021:

Before looking into the features of a suitable gas geyser, let’s look into the list of best gas geyser brands in the country.

Gas geysers features:

Power consumption

A five star rated geyser stands at the front when it comes to electricity consumption. Moreover, gas geysers consume zero wattage and are an eco-friendly heating option compared to the electric geysers.

Warranty period

Another essential factor to consider is the product warranty. While most of the gas geyser comes with a warranty period of 12 months, many offer 18 months of warranty.

Hence, look for a more extended warranty period while buying a gas geyser. Also, read their warranty policies carefully.

Longevity and repair/replace

While buying any appliance, you should be concerned about the performance of the same once its warranty period is over.

Once damaged, whether its parts are available in the market for repair or need a replacement, should be a significant concern while buying a gas geyser.

Go for the one which has a longer life span with replaceable parts availability. 

Size and requirements

Geyser size is another crucial factor while deciding which one to buy. Depending upon your family size, you should also relax the size of the geyser. If you have a family size of 5 members or more, 7L geyser is the ideal pick.

Geyser installation

Unlike refrigerators and air coolers, geyser requires the proper installation to ensure effective working. The installation of a gas geyser is complicated as you need to consider its gas pipe connection.

So, make sure you bring in a professional to do the installation process for you. 


A trusted brand for years is always the first preference while buying a gas geyser. Look for its performance standards and safety certificates that ensure a powerful brand with trustworthy products.

Open space for installation 

As mentioned earlier, gas geysers need a larger space to fit in as it requires a properly ventilated area to emit the gases. Since you can’t fit one in the bathroom, you need a vast area with proper ventilation to install a gas geyser. 


How does a gas geyser work?

Gas geyser comes with a heat exchange system that converts water temperature in no time. When a cold water tap is opened, the water flows into the geyser. The flow sensor in the heater ignites a gas burner present in the heat exchanger. Gradually, the cold water flows in a serpentine pattern through the exchanger while absorbing the maximum heat to flow out hot water of your desired temperature.

Which is better; gas or an electric geyser?

Since gas geysers are powered by LPG, electricity consumption is very less as compared to electric geysers. Therefore, a gas geyser will surely save your pocket more than the electric ones. 

What are some disadvantages of the gas geyser?

Gas geysers are unsafe when compared to the electric ones, emit carbon mono-oxide that must be vented out properly, Since it draws fuel from an LPG cylinder, you both need wider space and proper ventilation to place the cylinder, gas heating burners get damaged very often.

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