Best Egg Boilers in India 2021 – [Reviews]

Are you interested in bodybuilding or any sports activity? or would you like to build your muscles with the best nutrition?

Then, a boiled egg is the best source for you to take daily.

An egg has high-quality protein that helps to build the muscles in the body. Not only for bodybuilders everyone can get the qualified protein that has become a very important nutrient to have these days. 

Unfortunately, everyone is so busy with their hectic scheduled life that no one has time to take care of them to get enough healthy protein.

For those busy bees, the best electric egg boiler machine is providing healthy protein by boiling eggs in a very short time. 

Find out the best for you from the Top researched 6 best egg boiling in India by referring to this article. You get more details like the pros and cons of each egg boiler machine along with a buying guide.

Come one let’s begin your search.

Top 6 Best Egg Boilers in India

Having an egg boiler will reduce the time of boiling the dozens of eggs within a few minutes. Here is the list you can go through

Now, look at the product description individually with pros and cons…

1. Prestige Egg Boiler PEGB-01 Prestige Egg Boiler PEGB-01

Prestige is another familiar yet trusted brand by most of the Indians. This fastest-growing kitchen appliances brand has come up with the egg boiler. It aims to achieve the best-boiled eggs with 3 different cooking options is hard, soft, and medium.

Every perfect boiled egg needs the right amount of water to pour while boiling, for this, the product is provided with a  3 level measuring cup for soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs. However, every egg you keep in the boiler should be punched to avoid the popping of egg.

This best egg boiler has the power on and off switch at the front of the boiler. Once you pour the desired level of water by keeping eggs to boil, the buzzer will indicate that the boiler has completed its operation. 


  • Boils with 3 boiling options of hard, soft, medium
  •  Easily accessible power switch
  •  3 levels marked measuring cup with punching needle
  • Stainless steel body material
  • See-through cover lid
  •  The tray holds 7 eggs at once
  •  Buzzers indication after completion of boiling


  • Little expensive
  • Hard to clean

2. Russell Hobbs Fully Automatic Egg Cooker Russell Hobbs Fully Automatic Egg Cooker

As this is a UK based company, most of us are not familiar with this Russell Hobbs company. But the company is known for its innovative and trusted products in the Indian market. Uniquely, this electric egg boiler machine has 2 egg poaching pans with a single egg rack.

This single egg rack is able to hold 6 eggs at a time. It also has the 3 boiling options to boil the egg with 3 different levels in the measuring cup. A transparent lid will give a perforated view on the eggs while boiling.

The smart egg boiler works on total automation, where it turns off automatically right after the boiling process completion. It has the dry run protector that protects the surrounding things/humans from empty pan turns on. 


  • Provided with 2 poached cups, 1 boiler rack and a measuring cup
  •  3 modes for boiling eggs
  •  The single rack holds 6 eggs
  •  Dry boil protector
  •  Transparent lid
  •  Automatic turn off 
  •  One-touch button to turn ON/OFF
  •  Power wattage is about 300 watts
  •  Easy to clean


  • Takes 7-8 minutes to boil
  •  Little expensive

3. Inalsa Gourmet Multi-Function Food Steamer & Egg BoilerInalsa Gourmet Multi-Function Food Steamer & Egg Boiler

Inalsa always tends to stand different from other brands with its innovations and also produces durable products. The egg boiler from this also has a food steamer with a large capacity of 2 boiling racks to cook veggies and eggs at the same time.

This might be the best start in the morning with the automation inbuilt where it has 60 min timer and shuts off automatically when the scheduled time is up. The 5 liter capacity of the egg boiler machine is large enough to serve for the big family.

The inbuilt single egg tray is able to fit 14 eggs at a time to boil within no time. For the safety of the user, it has the dry run protection option that turns off the smart egg boiler automatically when there is no water.

The 500 watts power wattage is powerful to steam up or boil the food very quickly. Due to the presence of LED light, we can able to figure out that the product is in on or off mode.

The useful feature of water level markings is available inside the steamer bowl. And a tight lock is present to hold the racks firmly from falling off. 


  • Boiler holds the capacity of 5 liters of water
  •  Able to steam and boil the food at the same time with 2 racks
  •  Inbuilt egg rack holds 14 eggs at a time
  •  LED indicator for power ON/OFF
  •  60 minutes timer with a control knob and auto shut off
  •  Dry run protection 
  •  Side locks to hold the racks firmly
  •  Power wattage is about 500 watts
  •  Water level markings inside the steamer bowl
  •  Made up of BPA free plastic material


  • Possibility for Leakage
  •  Poor quality plastic

4. Glive’s Electric 2 Layer Egg Boiler Poacher Glive’s Electric 2 Layer Egg Boiler Poacher

Here comes, another double layer egg boiler by the Glive’s company. The heating element of this product is made up of stainless steel so that will give a longer use.

The 2 layers are sufficient to boil 14 eggs, where 7 eggs on each layer at the same time. The power rating of this smart egg boiler is 350 watts enough to boil the egg within minutes.

This electric egg boiler machine is not only for boiling but also used as a steamer to the veggies, we can use one of the 2 layers for steaming veggies with boiling eggs in another layer at the same time.

The whole product is made up of plastic and stainless steel. A measuring cup is also given along with the product to measure the required water to pour.


  • Double layer boiler
  • Boils 14 eggs at a time with 7 eggs on each layer
  •  Can be used as a steamer for veggies too
  •  The power rating is about 350 watts
  •  A measuring cup is provided for water measuring
  •  Made up of stainless steel heating element and plastic body
  •  See-through cover
  •  Power cord with power ON/OFF switch


  • Thin heating element
  •  Poor quality electric cord

5. Kent Instant Egg Boiler 360-Watt Kent Instant Egg Boiler 360-Watt

The very familiar water purifier company is now coming up with the most reviewed instant egg boiler by its trusted customers. This egg boiler is worth buying as it has long durability because of the stainless steel material.

It works on the 3 boiling modes namely soft, medium, and hard that which boils the egg accordingly. As the boiler needs water to boil the eggs, it is provided with a measuring cup with 3 different measurements for hard, medium, and soft boiled eggs.

The speciality of this electric boiler machine is, it will turn off automatically when the desired operation is completed. The power wattage of 360 watts with stainless steel heating element will give very fast boiling eggs within no time.

This best egg boiler weighs only 1.65 kg that is light enough to carry it to any place. For user safety, the product is also included with overheat protection.


  • Works on 3 different modes of boiling namely soft, hard and medium
  •  A measuring cup is also provided with 3 different measurements of soft, medium, and hard-boiling eggs.
  •  Overheat protection and auto turn off features
  •  Made up of stainless steel body material 
  •  Stainless steel heating element
  •  Power wattage is 360 watts
  •  Takes only 3 minutes to boil 7 eggs
  •  See the cover lid
  •  The steaming bowl is provided in the package


  •  Need attention while cleaning
  •  No lid lock facility

6. Stvin Double Layer Electric Egg CookerStvin Double Layer Electric Egg Cooker

This Stvin electrical company is introducing electric egg cookers with the best durability. The double-layer boiler allows us to boil 14 eggs at a time.

It works on the electricity by pulling the power cord in the socket. Auto shut off feature is also provided which will turn off the boiler after the task completion.

 In order to boil the eggs we need to add water for this, so it is also provided with a convenient measuring cup to fill the boiler with water for boiling.

A see-through cover on the boiler will allow us to see the eggs while boiling. This cover is made up of food-grade plastic that is very safe to use and also it is unbreakable.

The egg boiler is not only used for egg boiling but also used to boil milk, veggies, etc.


  • Able to boil 14 eggs in single-use
  • A measuring cup is provided for water measuring
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Cover made up of Food grade material
  • The see-through cover will give a clear view 
  • Double layer of racks for boiling 14 eggs
  • Can be used to boil milk, veggies..etc


  • No extra steel bowl
  • Small length  power cord


Till now, you have got to know about each smart egg boiler description with its pros and cons. It might not be a hard task for you to select the best oner from the above mentioned Top 6 best egg boilers in India.

From our side, we recommend Russell Hobbs Fully Automatic Egg Cooker for the durability and easy to clean purpose. It also has poached egg cups to boil the poached egg.

Or go for the Kent Instant Egg Boiler if you like to have the compact-sized and easily handled egg boiler. Moreover, it has 3 different options to boil the egg. 

If you like to have the multi-purpose large egg boiler for a big family then Inalsa Gourmet Multi-Function Food Steamer & Egg Boiler is the best choice.

Still in the clouds of confusion then go through the following buyer guide that might help you

Buyer Guide – Things you need to see before buying best egg boilers in India

Here are the basic factors to keep in mind when you are about to buy the best egg boiler. 

Small size

The first and foremost thing is to decide the size of an egg boiler machine you want to buy. These products are come in small compact sizes and in large sizes too, but here you need to calculate its size by the number of egg holders. Mostly the pack consists of 6, 7, and 14 so on.

Easy to clean

During the egg boil, it leaves some eggy smell inside the egg boiler. So, it needs to be cleaned very neatly with our hands. Try to pick the product which is very easy to clean to remove the eggy smell completely.

Safety features

As the electric egg boiler machine runs on the water to boil, this water will end up after boiling and results in running the dry operation. This dry operation is very dangerous as it will lead to electric shock too. So, pick up the product that has these types of safety features like dry run protection, auto power-off, etc.


Durability is a very important factor to choose in every product. In these products, the durability is all about the material made out of. Choose the stainless steel one or tough plastic to avoid breakage.

Measuring marks/cups

In these egg boiler machines, the water measurement is very important as it plays a key role in boiling/steaming the food. So, the perfectly boiled/steamed food will be ready only when it has sufficient water in it and these measuring cups/marks will help in that way.

No hard water

If you want to maintain the quality of heating element and its parts you need to use fresh harness free water i.e tap water to avoid scale formation.

Hoping that now you are able to get a checklist of your requirements. Try to pick up the best one that enough for you to build muscle mass. Get a protein feed.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is the use of egg needle in egg boiler?

Before placing an egg in the egg boiler, we need to pierce it on the top side, this will prevent the egg from cracking while boiling inside the egg boiler.

Can we make an omelet in the egg boiler?

Yes, you can make an omelet in the egg boiler on in case if you have a special pan for it to do.

How long do eggs stay good? 

Eggs stay good for 5 weeks long when you keep in it the fridge or freezer.

How does an egg boiler work?

The egg boiler works by heating the heating metal inside it and this heating element boils the water that steams the egg placed on the top rack of the egg boiler machine.

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