Best Egg Boilers with Fry Pan in India 2021 – [Reviews]

Most of us are aware of egg benefits where its major portion has protein, a compulsory nutrient for every individual. 

Because egg protein helps in maintaining good muscle mass, which makes it a compulsory consumption, especially for students.

You can get the qualified protein only when it is properly boiled. But everyone can not be a good chef by boiling a perfectly boiled egg like soft boiled, medium boiled, hard-boiled.

Surprisingly, you can do it ! if you own a Best egg boiler With Frypan in your kitchen. 

Yes, if you have a multifunctional egg boiler with a frying pan, you can not only boil eggs but also enjoy shallow fried, baked food without any stove requirement. 

Get the multifunctional egg boiler to your home by referring to the below-researched article prepared by us. This article will make you aware of every detail about the best egg boilers with a fry pan in India

I hope this will help you, let’s get into the details

Best Egg boilers with fry pan in India 2021

The egg boiler with a frying pan is a very useful appliance for every student who lives in dorm rooms. Not only students, every individual likes to own this awesome kitchen appliance to make delicious food within a short time with a perfect result. Here is the list to find the best egg boiler with a frying pan in India.

Now, let us look at each individual product reviews to understand better.

1. HAPPENWELL Multifunctional 2 in 1 Electric Egg Boiling Steamer & Frying Pan HAPPENWELL Multifunctional 2 in 1 Electric Egg Boiling Steamer & Frying Pan

The happen well company has come up with a multifunctional egg boiler with a frying pan. This is very easy to handle and easy to maintain with very accessible design. It is made up of durable plastic material and the frying area is made up of non-stick material.

The easy-grip handle also has an ON button to start along with the LED indicator as well. It will turn off automatically when the water in the egg boiler with a frying pan dries up. In order to boil the eggs, you need to pour water, based on the egg tenderness you want to have.

It has the egg boiler rack with the 7 egg holders along with a transparent lid cover that allows us to see through it. The nonstick material of this egg boiler with a frying pan helps us to clean it very easily.


  • Made out of High-Quality plastic 
  • Works for boiling and frying 
  •  Easy-grip handle
  •  On button indicator with LED light
  •  Boil rack holds 7 eggs
  •  Very user-friendly to operate
  •  Fits in small space for storage
  •  Easy to clean the non-stick material
  •  Turns off automatically when water in it dries up 
  •  The transparent cover lid gives 100% visibility
  •  Distributes heats evenly with perfect design 


  • Small length power cord
  •  Overpriced

2. FLYNGO Multifunction 2 in 1 Electric Egg Boiler Steamer Non-Stick Omelette Frying PanFLYNGO Multifunction 2 in 1 Electric Egg Boiler Steamer Non-Stick Omelette Frying Pan

This multifunctional egg boiler and fry pan have been introduced by the FLYNGO to boil, shallow fry, bake, and roti making too. The design of this egg boiler with a frying pan is very comfortable to use and the non-stick coating is very easy to clean as well.

It comes with an egg boiler rack that holds the capacity of 7 eggs at a time. A see-through lid cover is provided to watch the whole cooking process without any fail.

The safety protection feature of auto power-off helps the user when the temperature of the multifunctional egg boiler and fry pan is very high and also the water in it dries up.

A measuring cup is also provided with the best egg boiler in India to measure the required amount of water to boil eggs. As there is no power on switch, a power light indicator is provided to know about the power in mode.


  • Large cooking pan with 6-inch diameter
  •  Non-stick frying pan
  •  Multipurpose product for a boil, shallow fry, rot making..etc
  •  Boiler rack holds 7 eggs per batch
  •  Automatically turn off when the temperature is high
  •  See-through cover lid
  •  A measuring cup with soft, medium, hard boiling levels is provided
  •  Very easy to use 
  •  Comfortable handle to hold
  •  Easy to clean 


  • Chances for rust
  • Poor quality of plastic

3. Simxen Electric Automatic Egg Boiler Simxen Electric Automatic Egg Boiler

This Indian based company had very good reviews on its products by trusted customers around the country. Now, it has introduced the electric egg boiler with the swift cooking time whereas it takes only 10 minutes to boil eggs.

The power wattage of 350 watts is powerful enough to boil eggs with fast operation.  However, the provided boiler rack holds about 7 eggs per batch. As the product name says, it is an automated electric egg boiler with automatic turn off features.

On the safety protection point, this automation will help the user from drying out the boiler. The 2 in 1 egg boiler is very light in weight so we can easily transport it from one place to another and also easy to store with a compact size.

A steaming bowl is provided to bake, fry the food items in this multifunctional egg boiler and fry pan. 


  • Power wattage is about 350 watts
  •  The fast operation that boils eggs in 10 min
  •  Steaming bowl and measuring cup is provided
  •  Automatic turn off 
  •  The boiling rack can hold about 7 eggs
  •  Very light in weight
  •  easy to store in small places
  •  Made out of high-quality ABS material


  • Hard to clean 
  •  No durability

4. Diswa Frying Pan with Egg Poacher BoilerDiswa Frying Pan with Egg Poacher Boiler

Introducing the double layer frying/boiling egg machine from the Diswa brand with a large capacity of 14 eggs, each rack can hold 7 eggs. Along with the boiling racks, you can also get the non-stick pan for frying omelet, fish, etc.

The non-stick finish gives the easy cleaning and the round-shaped frying pan distributes heat evenly. It has 2 layers of plastic cover lids that make us watch the process of boiling and frying to avoid burns.

The material used in making the boiler/fryer is plastic and it also has the easy-grip handle to hold it firmly. The user-friendly operation is very easy to use just by pouring water, adding egg racks, and switching on the boiler. 


  • Nonstick material coated frying pan
  •  2 layer egg racks
  •  Holds about 14 eggs
  •  Plastic material made boiler
  •  Easy to operate
  •  See Through cover lid
  •  User-friendly to use
  •  Round shaped pan distributes heat evenly
  •  Very easy to clean 
  •  Power wattage is about 350 watts


  • Improper heating
  • Poor quality material

5. Wazdorf Multifunctional 2 in 1 Electric Egg Boiling SteamerWazdorf Multifunctional 2 in 1 Electric Egg Boiling Steamer

Wazdrof is providing quality products to its consumers across India. The egg master version of an egg boiler machine is now added with the auto temperature control that prevents the food from burning out.

It has a frying pan facility coated with non-stick material, making the fryings very easy. The round-shaped cooking area dissipates the heats evenly through the frying pan. A see-through cover will help us to monitor the boiling, baking very easily.

The convenient handle of the boiler gives a perfect grip to hold with hands with the power on/off button on it. 


  • Can be used for shallow fry, bake
  •  Auto Temperature control
  •  See-through lid cover
  • Perfect grip handle
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Nonstick coated surface
  •  Heat distributes evenly with round-shaped boiler
  • The boiling rack contains 7 eggs
  •  Very easy to hold
  •  Power wattage 350 watts


  • Little expensive
  • Poor quality material


This egg boiler machine has become a primary appliance to have in every kitchen for boiling eggs. So, get your best egg boiler with fry pan in India according to your requirements.

We recommend HAPPENWELL Multifunctional 2 in 1 Electric Egg Boiling Steamer & Frying Pan for its durability and safety protection feature.

Or if you like to have the double layer egg boiler with fry pan then Diswa Frying Pan with Egg Poacher Boiler is perfect.

Else go with FLYNGO Multifunction 2 in 1 Electric Egg Boiler Steamer Non-Stick Omelette Frying Pan, if you like to have a large cooking pan.

You can even look at the short buying guide for the perfect find.

Buyer guide – Things to see before buying the best egg boiler with fry pan in India

Here are the basic factors you need to see in an Egg boiler with a frying pan.

Power wattage:

The time taken to get for boiling and frying of the product depends on the amount of power wattage it is running on. So, choose the high wattage to get the job done quickly.

Easy-grip handle

A frying pan is convenient to hold only when it has a good grip over the holding handle. Smooth holding will result in falling off the frying pan. 

Non-stick pan

Every pan needs to have a non-stick coating to avoid the deep burns on it while cooking. Having this non-stick coating not only avoids burns but also helps the user to clean it very easily.

Material used

Most of the materials used for egg boilers with fry pan will be plastic. So, choose the one with high-quality plastic i.e very hard to break and bend.

Auto power off

There are high chances for the dry out pan during the boiling process of the egg. On that note, it is important to turn it off as soon as the water in it dries up. So, having the automatic turn off feature right after the water dries up will result in avoiding the dry out pan dangers.

By following the above basic factors, find out the best egg boiler with a frying pan in India according to your requirements. Hope, this article helped you a lot. Stay healthy by qualified protein consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the eggs cooked in the egg boiler easy to peel after cooking?

Yes, the eggs cooked in the egg boiler are easy to peel after cooking as the eggs need to be punched before placing them into the egg boiler machine. So, the punch end makes us peel it very easily.

Can I use the egg boiler to confidently prepare a hard-boiled egg with the yolk still a little soft?

Yes, it is possible when you have a measuring cup with different levels of water level marking for soft, medium, and hard-boiling.

How can I clean the egg boiler tray? 

The smell of egg boiler after boiling eggs in it is very hard to clean. So, try to clean the boiler with a vinegar mixed water solution.

Are egg boilers safe? 

The egg boilers are absolutely safe to use. But you need to boil the eggs carefully by following the instructions given on the egg boiler manual.

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