How to connect google home to the soundbar

The Google Home device is a useful tool to have at home. It can be used to stream your favorite music as well as other things. It is one of those gadgets that will simplify your life. This is why it is a good option to link them with other devices in your home

. You can listen to Google Home through your soundbar system for a better home immersive experience with just a Bluetooth connection and a few settings changes.

Steps to follow on How to connect google home to the soundbar.

  • Turn on your Google Home and Soundbar.
  • Switch your Soundbar to Bluetooth Pairing Mode.
  • Open the Google Home app and then navigate to the Settings.
  • Navigate to Rooms & Devices > Nearby Devices > Google Home.
  • Select Devices Settings > Default Speaker from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Bluetooth Speaker Pairing
  • Choose Your Soundbar

Can I connect my Google Home to my Samsung soundbar?

Yes, Google Home can be connected to a Samsung soundbar. The Google Home gadget will only register additional devices that are compatible with it. Individuals will have no difficulties if it is compatible. Despite the fact that Google Home has no inputs, you can even connect your Google Home Mini with Samsung soundbar through the use of Bluetooth by following these steps:

Turn on your Google Home and Samsung Soundbar.

Both your soundbar and your Google Home must be fully configured before you begin pairing them. You must be able to view your Google Home device via the Google Home app, and you should understand how to put your soundbar in Bluetooth pairing mode.

In addition, both your Google Home and Samsung soundbar must be turned on in order to connect. After you’ve set up and turned on both gadgets, you’re ready to link them.

Switch your Samsung Soundbar to Bluetooth Pairing Mode

To configure your soundbar to become your Google Home system via a wireless Bluetooth connection, simply activate it in Bluetooth pairing mode. 

It’s as easy as clicking a button just on the soundbar directly for certain soundbars. Others will require you to activate it via the soundbar’s app or by pressing a button or sequence of buttons on the soundbar’s remote control.

If you’re not sure how to set your soundbar in pairing mode, follow the manufacturer or do a fast internet search to find out.

Open the Google Home app and then navigate to the Settings

Open your smartphone and use the Google Home application that will help you to connect your Google Home. Just open the app and navigate to Bluetooth and speaker settings from the Google Home app’s home screen.

If you really do not already have this application, you’ll have to install it first so that you can connect with your Google Home.

Navigate to Rooms & Devices > Nearby Devices > Google Home

Go to Rooms & Devices under Settings. Then click on Local Devices. You’ll be seeing a list of paired devices in your home, and then you can search for your Google Home by name.

This will be very simple; however, if you do not even find any options that match, perform a fast google search: future app upgrades may alter some of the languages.

Select Devices Settings > Default Speaker from the drop-down menu

General Settings, then Sound and Settings, then Device Settings are all available on your Google Home. You’ll find a setting under Default Speaker just below Device Settings.

Click it to switch your Google Home default speaker out of its inbuilt speaker to your soundbar’s Bluetooth speaker. This instructs Google Home to use the soundbar speaker initially when it is available. When the soundbar is turned off, it will use all its speakers.

Select Bluetooth Speaker Pairing

To begin pairing your soundbar, choose Pair Bluetooth speaker. The app will then search for any available Bluetooth connections. Within a few seconds, your soundbar should appear.

If your soundbar does not appear, simply turn all devices off and on more than once. Also, make sure your soundbar is already in pairing mode. To check this quickly, just go to your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings and check whether the scanner there is getting it done.

Choose Your Soundbar

Choose the soundbar first from the list that displays after the app has discovered all Bluetooth connectivity options. Simply click Done after the connection has been established.

Until you disconnect the connection, your soundbar will serve as the default speaker for your Google Home Mini. You’ll be able to use Google Home as usual, but with better sound quality.

How do I connect Google Home with a Vizio soundbar?

Verify that your remote device is configured and connected to the same Wi-Fi connection as Google Home.

  • Just go to the Google Home app and launch it.
  • Select Menu in the upper left corner of the Home screen.
  • Check that perhaps the Google Account provided is the one associated with Google Home. Select the triangles next to the account name to switch accounts if needed.
  • Click More options.
  • Click TVs and Speakers under “Service.” You’ll see a list of connected devices.
  • Click add in the lower right corner of the window to connect a new remote device.
  • The Google Home app will look for remote devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Google Home. Keep in mind that you will see a list of devices that do not accept voice commands. These can’t yet be connected to your Google Home, but they will be short.
  • Tap the checkbox next to the device name to add it. You have the option of selecting several devices. Tap the Add button.
  • The connected remote devices, TVs, and speakers area of the Google Home app will appear.

How do I connect Google Home to surround sound?

To begin, switch on your non-Google speaker and ensure it is in pairing mode. Launch your device’s Google Home app and tap just on the Google speaker you wish to connect. Once that’s done, touch on the Settings button, which looks like a gear. Then, click the Speaker pair and choose the speakers you just won’t connect to, then select the left and right channel (the app will assist you with this), label the pairing, and allocate it to a room. That’s the only thing there is to it.

You may now control all speakers at about the same time. You can change the bass, treble, and balance of the speaker group by navigating to Speaker Pair Settings > Speaker Pair. Change the parameters until you get a sound you like. Don’t forget that you can continue to add speakers and Google speakers to surround your whole space with surround sound.

You can manage the volume, whatever you listen to, and when to stop or play music using your normal Google Assistant voice commands. While you use Google Assistant, just the speakers configured to “left” can listen.

How do I connect my Sony soundbar to my Google home?

To begin, turn on your Bluetooth speaker and keep it in pairing mode. Then, launch the Google Home application and choose the Google Home speakers you wish to connect to your Sony soundbar. Mostly in the top-right corner, click the Settings icon with gear, and then swipe down and hit “Default speaker.”

Click on Pair Bluetooth speaker, and your Google Home speaker will look for your to-be-paired Sony soundbar speaker.

Once your Sony soundbar appears in the list, click it to choose it, and then hit “Done.”

You’ll be sent back to the previous page, where you might ensure that the recently added Sony soundbar is set as your default. (At any moment, you can modify your default speaker, which is where the music plays when you speak to this specific Google Home speaker.)

Can I control my soundbar with Google home?

Yes, you can use Google Home to control the soundbar. Google Home devices can only register additional devices that are compatible with them. You will have no issues if it is compatible. You can even set it as your default playback device.

It’s one of those functions that you will use often. The soundbar is more than just a speaker. If you wish to enjoy high-quality audio, this is a really useful gadget.

It’s a simple task to connect the Soundbar to the Google Home. It operates in the same manner as any other Bluetooth speaker. You can listen to your music via the soundbar if you want to. All you can do is go via the Google Home app’s settings section.

It’s pretty simple. 

How do I put Google Home in Pairing Mode?

We’ll assume you’ve already configured and linked your Google Home speaker with your Wi-Fi network. You’ll also need a mobile device with the Google Home app. This app should be linked with your Google account. Finally, install your Google Home there.

Open the Google Home app on your smartphone, select the Google Home device you wish to connect to, and then hit “Paired Bluetooth devices.” Select “Enable Pairing Mode” from this option.


You don’t have to bother about connecting your soundbar to your Google Home device. It’s really simple, and you’ll be done in no time. Just be sure to follow all of the instructions carefully, and you’ll have your Bluetooth speakers and google home prepared in a couple of minutes.

So now you understand how to connect them, give it a go. Connect any soundbar in your home with your Google Home. 

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