Geek Robocook Automatic Electric Cooker Review – Your Smart Kitchen Assistant

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  • 13 Preset Menus (Cook your favourite Indian breakfast dishes like Idly, Sambar, Pongal or succulent Biryani, Pulao or any choice of non-vegetarian foods.)
  • 7 Safety Guards ( Multi-layered safety mechanism guarding Pressure, Temperature, Exhaust, Fitment etc., gives good safety quotient proving to be the best electric pressure cooker.)
  • Digital Cooking (Advanced PIC technology cooking with digital timer controls and keep warm option needs little manual intervention.)
  • Nutrition+ (Circumvent cooking process preserves rich nutritional quotients from pulses, grains, vegetables with cooking.)
  • All in one Solution (Baking, Sauteing, Steaming, Stewing, Braising, and Frying)
  • Exterior: Stainless Steel
  • Interior: Stainless Steel
  • Colour available: Steel black
  • Cooking bowl: Anodised Aluminum Teflon Coated Inner pot/Stainless steel inner pot.
  • Power Cord: 10 A, 250 V, three-pin power cord
  • Rated Power: 900 W
  • Capacity: 5 L/8 L

Are you a foodie? Just like me. It is never an end to the taste buds with the different types of food across India. I get to learn a new recipe every week from various sources, but it is challenging to prepare them. I guess it is the same for everyone. 

Being a working woman, it is hard for me to stay hours together in the kitchen preparing food. I was always searching for an automatic or programmed cooking setup, which does everything on its own and saves us a lot of time. 

This was a dream for me until I discovered this automated electric cooker from the Geek ROBO. This cooker not only saves me time but also allows me to make different kinds of food. 

You can cook everything in this electric cooker, from rice to biryani, in different modes depending upon the type of food you wish to cook. 

This is the best electric pressure cooker in India. The food gets ready within minutes. Yes, you heard me right, within minutes. Boon for a working couple and blessing for a homemaker. 

Ever since I started using this Geek Robocook cooker, I find myself saving plenty of time. I think there’s no exaggeration when I say that it has changed my life.

Geek is a reputed company that offers a range of global products. The company shares the ethos of being contemporary in approach, futuristic in design and latest in trend. 

The Geek Robocook is their most famous product, so much so that the electric pressure cooker is synonymous with Geek Robocook.

The LPG prices are sky-high. This electric cooker reduces not only your gas bills but also gifts you plenty of time. 

Electric cooking provides you with an easy way out of all these problems! The Geek Robocook cooker has seven additional safety guards for safer use. The chances of accidents while using this cooker is negligible. 

Electric cooking provides you with higher energy than fuels do. This makes you save a lot of energy and your money too. It is not only safe for the environment, it’s safe for your pockets too. 

It performs wonderfully at low heat, which can be extremely useful when making any sauce or hot chocolate or even cake! Yes, you can even cook baked goods in this Robocook pressure cooker. It heats your food more evenly as compared to conventional cooking methods. 

Does the scooting sound of a pressure cooker give you a headache? I feel it sounds like an angry librarian shushing loud teenagers or the sound piston firing on a steam engine. This Robocook pressure cooker works silently. I enjoy peace at home and cook wholesome food. 

It’s super easy to clean. It has an ergonomic and hygienic design that enables easy cleaning. Everything cooks in one pot. This significantly reduces the number of utensils to clean. 

When I think about cleaning a heap of dirty utensils twice a day as I did before, it gives me nightmares. I am very grateful to this Robocook cooker, for it has immensely helped me. 

Sure, there are several options to choose from when choosing an electric pressure cooker. What makes this Geek Robocook the best electric pressure cooker? It’s because I have tried and tested it. And I swear by it. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

Everything cooks much faster. Initially, I was so surprised by how fast it cooks. Most recipes take at most 30 minutes to cook. I cooked Gajar Ka halwa right from assembling to garnishing in just 5-6 minutes. 

Cooking over high heat for a short time prevents the nutrition from a breakdown; this ensures that all the essential nutrients are still locked in your scrumptious mouth-watering meal.

I am glad that while saving time for myself, I am not compromising on the health of my family and myself. The food cooked in Robocook is even healthier. 

I love the versatility of this cooker. It can do anything from sautéing and cooking to baking and steaming. Everything is so easy! If you are a working woman who has to handle both home and office, first of all, I admire you, second, this pressure cooker will help you a lot, trust me. 

This Robocook cooker comes equipped with 13 preset daily essential cooking menu options (e.g., rice, dal, sāmbhar, biryani, idli, Pongal). Just put all the ingredients and press the button. Your food will be ready for you within minutes. 

No doubt that it is your intelligent kitchen assistant, now let us explore its features for why it is called a smart electrical cooker.

One-touch cooking:

This innovative Robocook pressure cooker allows you to cook food with one press of a button. Just put all the ingredients in the cooking bowl, give it a gentle mix and cover the lid. Then, press the button. Robocook takes care of the rest. 

Superfast cooking:

People think that the slower you cook, the tastier the food. However, food science says otherwise. The best way to cook a vegetable is to cook it in its juices at the highest possible heat and in the lowest possible time. In traditional Indian cooking methods, vegetables are cooked to death. They lose a significant amount of nutrients if they get cooked for this long. They only need about 5 minutes. Robocook is the greenest, healthiest and tastiest way to cook. 

If you have an infant or a toddler at home, you’d hardly get any time for yourself. In this situation, cooking seems like a huge burden. Robocook will not only cook food faster, but it will also give you some much needed time. Using Robocook instead of traditional cooking methods is self-care.

13-preset options: 

You can cook your regular everyday comfort meals with the press of a button. It has 13- pre-set meal options that you can choose from. Cook your favourite Indian comfort dishes like idli, sambhar, Pongal. Have succulent biryani, pulao or chilli chicken for lunch and dinner.

It will be ready within minutes. Apart from these preset options, you can also cook the food of your choice. The recipe book provided with the product comes with many such super fast and easy recipes. You will also gain insight over time if you use it long enough. I got the sense after a week of cooking. 

Modes of Cooking

Saute: In this mode, we can shallow fry, make barista and fry onions or vegetables. 

Rice: In this mode, we can cook fluffy rice

Idli: In this mode, we can steam cook and prepare dishes like idli, momos, rice cakes, etc.

Gravy: This mode is suitable for cooking thick gravies and soupy dishes.

Pongal: This mode will thoroughly cook the contents to a paste-like consistency

Delay Timer: In this mode, we can set a timer, and method helps us to schedule the cooking timings even if we are not around

Keep warm: With this mode, you can keep the dishes warm for a long time. You can also reheat the dishes by setting a timer. 

Dal Or Chana: This mode is used for boiling dal, chana, eggs, and possibly anything that needs boiling. 

Non-veg: This mode is provided explicitly for cooking non-vegetarian food. It comes with different options like fish, chicken, mutton etc.  

Suiting your taste buds: 

Some people like rice, soft and fluffy. While others like with it separated grains. Geek Robocook cooker gives you the best of both worlds. You can easily change the settings to short/medium or firm to suit your taste requirements. 

Warm food anytime:  

The Robocook pressure cooker keeps the food warm for more than 24 hours. Suppose you press the Keep Warm button. You can also heat the food in an instant after a long day at work. 

Schedule to cook: 

There is a Delay Timer button that allows you to put a cooking timer. Set it as per your desired time and schedule. I find this option very helpful as I put the timer before my evening nap. When I wake up, the food is already ready, and I don’t have to wait for it to cook.  

Circumvent Cooking technology:

Circumvent Cooking technology maintains the right balance between the temperature and time for cooking, so that will help you cook just right and retain all the nutritional value. This cooking technology also ensures minimum oil usage. It keeps your heart healthy and your mood happy. Enjoy healthy and nutritious food on every meal.

Intelligent Controls:

The pressure release button and Pressure exhaust valve replicate the storage of pressure inside the cooker. These features enable you to keep the food fresh even after prolonged hours of post-cooking. Besides that, as mentioned before, the Delay Timer button and the preset meal buttons are my favourite control buttons. 

It has a soft touch display panel indicating the “real-time” left for cooking. It helps you to multitask easier and better. I have listed all the essential buttons on the Robocook, and their corresponding features are described below.

PIC Technology:

PIC (Programmable Intelligent Cook) maintains an optimum temperature, pressure and heat, which ensures that food is not overcooked and remains fresh; ready to be served long after cooking.

Hassle-free while cooking and post-cooking: 

It not only helps you cook food quickly and easily, but it also eradicates the need for Kadai, pressure cooker, sautes pan, rice cooker and multiple smaller vessels for cooking, which means less dirty dishes and more kitchen space. It works on direct power, and therefore, it consumes less electricity. The removable accessories like the bowl, gasket, and power cord do cleaning and storing easy.

Recipe Booklet:

The Geek Robocook comes with a specially curated recipe booklet to help you explore various recipes that can be made very fast. It has a very detailed description of the measurements timers and which button to press.

The recipe booklet gives clear cut and articulate instructions for the preparation of dishes like chana masala, mutton gravy, chicken gravy, masala fish curry, idli, vegetable biryani, vegetable quinoa, cauliflower curry, pulav, vegetable soup, crackpot paneer masala, dhaba style egg masala and many more. The recipes are written and described keeping in mind the special advancements in food science that help you cook delicious meals in no time. 

Despite that, it doesn’t compromise on the taste of the dish. Biryani that you cook at home will be tasty precisely like the restaurant bought ones, the only difference being it’s made in less time and it’s healthier! 

Litre capacity:

This Robo cooker comes in 5 litres and 8-litre capacity; depending upon the size of food, one can choose an electric cooker. The inner pot of this cooker also comes in two variations: Anodised Teflon Coated Inner pot and the other is the stainless steel inner pot.


  • Cooks super fast saves a lot of time
  • Keeps the nutrients intact, super healthy food
  • It saves energy, easy on your pockets
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use 
  • Works silently


  • Costly, 
  • Some customers complain of bad customer service.
  • The steam will leak if not sealed properly.


To conclude, according to my opinion Geek Robocook is a scientific cooking technique designed to unchain you from the kitchen. 

It cuts toil and empowers anyone to cook confidently with simple, straightforward steps and instructions that work for everyone – be it a beginner or an expert. 

I would recommend it to everyone. Having used it for two months myself, I have concluded that it is the best electric pressure cooker on the market.

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    2. Can rice be cooked without the pressure valve set like in regular Electric Rice Cookers?
    3. The pdf mentions Idly cooked without pressure valve set. Does that mean it is totally open, or does it then function like regular electric rice cookers?
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