Top 9 Best Table Fans In India 2021-[Detailed Review]

Summers is the most blistering season in India. The only thoughts that come to your mind during summers are how to keep the sweat away. best table fans in India is the first solution! A fan that throws some air to cool you down.

Air coolers, ceiling fans, table fans, pedestal fans are all the kinds of fans that you might think of buying. Table fans have emerged as a more popular option as it is cost-effective and serve the purpose well. 

Table fans these days have become more stylish and modern rather than the traditional steel bodied fans that you have seen in the olden days. Table fans can be used in a small room, for homes, for offices as they can be placed conveniently on a flat surface.

There are some compact and portable table fans in the market as well that can be moved from one room to another or can be your travel partner. However, most fans these days can be mounted on the wall for maximum cooling. 

Few other benefits of using a best table fan India include: 

  • As they are portable, you can move them around the house as per the need. 
  • Table fans have a high speed as compared to ceiling fans; cooling more efficiently. 
  • With an extension cord, you can move the fan to distant locations so that more people can use it. 
  • Some modern models have a remote control with the fan to adjust the speed and turn it on and off from a distance too. 
  • The most attractive feature is that the fan can be rotated wherever you are sitting. This is like targeted air reaching your way! 

Now, we are sure you have made up your mind to buy one of the best table fans this season.


Usha Maxx air is an all-rounder kind of table fan. Buy this one if you want a sturdy and long-lasting table fan. If you are looking for better looks and high speed, Usha mist air or luminous buddy are the best options for you. 

For people looking for maximum speed with stability and a long-lasting motor, buy the Crompton HiFlo or Havells birdie to suit your needs. They are made up of solid body and will last long. 

Portable and rechargeable table fans in the list are RICO rechargeable table fan and Geek Aire 5 Inch Rechargeable Handheld Fan. These fans are great for personal use, can be placed on your working desk or a small corner of the room. 

One must consider the following parameters while buying a fan: 


Table fans should be purchased depending on the use. There are three sizes available in the market; small (12 inches), medium (16 inches) and large (20 inches). Buy the larger ones for dining rooms or halls. Bedrooms, office spaces or a study room can be cooled with a medium or small fan. 

Fan speed

Fan speed can be low, medium and high depending on how fast the blades are moving. A fan’s speed is measured in rotations per minute. Faster the rotations, better the flow. Buy a table fan that has speed control options so that you can control and modify the speed as per your requirements. 

Power usage

Make sure that the table fan that you buy consumes less power. Usually, a good quality fan consumes 50-100 W. Check the wattage on the back of the fan so that you don’t end up paying fat bills.

Best Table Fans in India 2021

Here is a list of the best table fans in India that you can choose for your homes or offices. 

1. Usha Maxx Air 400mm 55-Watt Best Table Fans In India – An all-rounder

Usha Maxx Air 400mm 55-Watt best Table Fan in india
Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Aerodynamic blades for better air delivery.

The copper coiled motor lasts long.

Consumes 55-watt power 

Can be placed anywhere with its well-engineered base.

Usha, the most popular and trusted Indian brand is known for its sturdy fans for almost all purposes. They excel in maintaining their brand value for years together. Usha, therefore finds the first place in our list of best table fans in India. 

Usha Maxx Air is the best fan for your table top. It is capable of keeping the surroundings cool wherever it is placed. 

This table fan can be kept in your study, kitchen or balcony and it will stand true to your expectations. This can be the best table fan for kitchen purposes. 

The best part about this table fan is that it protects the motor from overheating with its copper coating of a longer life. 

The design is well engineered with the broad base for sturdy placement on the table or any flat surface like window sill. The base makes sure that the fan does not trip. 

The aerodynamic blades are designed for better air delivery Also, because of its aerodynamic blades, there is better air delivery. The fan can be placed in the corner of your air conditioned room so that there is better air circulation. 

The heat protection feature and the copper motor makes the fan last long and not wear off easily.  

The fan comes with a speed of 1280 RPM, allowing the motor to function at its best without worrying much about the speed. 

Polypropylene blades are morse like plastic blades that keep the fan light weighted and keep the noise reduced. 

Usha Maxx fans have 120 ribs to guard the fan well. The guard is powder coated for keeping the color durable. You can wash the grill as many times as you want, but the guard will stay shiny as it is. 

The fan consumes 55 watt power, weighs 4000 grams, has 3 blades and comes with a warranty of 1 year . Jerk free oscillations so that the fan remains stable wherever it is placed. 


  • Makes very less sound.
  • Throws maximum air.
  • Low electricity consumption.
  • Regulator to adjust speed.


  • Needs a screwdriver for assembly.
  • No proper instructions to set up the fan.
  • Low RPM.
  • Motor little noisy. 

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2. Crompton HiFlo Eva 16-inch Best Table Fan in India – Power packed performer

Crompton HiFlo Eva 16-inch best Table Fan
Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Offers a speed of 1300 RPM.

Air delivery at 60 CU M/min.

Sweep rate of 400 mm.

Has a sturdy base for easy placement.

Crompton has been leading the consumer industry for 75 years now and holds a strong foot in lighting and electrical durables. Their products are of good quality, reliable and superiorly engineered; hence the second place in our top 10 table fans for India. 

Crompton HiFlo Eva is a plastic bodied, compact in size so that it can be placed at smaller corners, not compromising on the air flow. 

This is the best table fan for a bedroom and can be used in houses and offices with its ergonomic design that makes it fit everywhere. 

With its ideal circulation system, the table fan promises colling at every spot. So even if there are many people in the room; everyone gets their share of air! 

The base is wide and sturdy with aesthetic looks that complement modern houses and offices alike. 

The table fan weighs 1.14 kg, has 3 aluminium blades, consumes 50 watt power and comes with a warranty of 1 year. 


  • Easy to assemble with its screws 
  • Gives a good sweep of air 
  • Minimum noise level with high speed too 
  • Lightweight for easy handling  


  • Not very powerful 
  • No oscillation 
  • Base of the fan and the screws are feeble

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3. Havells Birdie 230mm Personal FanBest In Segment

Havells Birdie 230mm best table Fan india
Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Allows 360 degree rotation for complete room coverage.

2800 RPM.

Strong motor with 2 capacitors.

Consumes 55 watt power.

Delivers air at 38 CMM.

Havells is another fast moving electrical goods company that makes and markets its products in India. They have an extremely strong global presence and the products are of world class quality. 

Havells Birdie is a plastic bodied, powerful, energy efficient table fan with a unique rocker design that allows 360 degree rotation of fan heads in vertical and horizontal planes. 

The motor is 2 pole capacitor type that makes the fan efficient to deliver air at 2800 RPM, consuming less power at the same time. 

The 3 leaf blades are aerodynamic with an aerofoil section that delivers maximum air efficiency in spite of the small size. 

Unique rocker design to allow 360 degree rotation of fan head both in horizontal and vertical plane. 

It has an elegant spiral mesh guard rind with a show cap that makes the look graceful. 

Can be used at desk, on wall, on cabin or deck or can be mounted on walls too. 

Jerk free oscillations to reduce the noise while the fan is on. Pivot tilting helps keep the fan in the desired position.


  • The color and design suit best for modern interiors 
  • Stable to place on any flat surface 
  • Motor and blades are best at this price 
  • Throws air at a distance of 6-8 feet 


  • There is no switch on the fan body 
  • Size is small as compared to other fans in this range 
  • Noisy when running for longer hours. 

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4. Luminous Buddy 230mm 55-Watt High Speed Personal Fan

Luminous Buddy 230mm 55-Watt High Speed Personal Fan
Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Small and steady table fan that can fit anywhere.

Size; 9-12 inches long. 

Solid motor for longer usage.

Consumes 55 watt power.

Luminous is another popular Indian brand for electricals. It has been recognized and voted as one of the most preferred brands in the Indian market. 

This table fan by luminous is made up of plastic, with 3 polypropylene blades that prevent corrosion and are apt for higher air delivery. 

It consumes 55 watt power and operates at 230 V which is less as compared to other products in the same range. 

Luminous buddy table fan is compact, has an easy removable grill and is mountable on a wall that saves a lot of space. 

The speed is at 2800 RPM and the design is such that a wider conical angle spreads breeze (38 CMM) in all corners of the room. 

The motor is made up of the best quality of aluminium with pure electric grade copper wiring which protects the fan against voltage fluctuations. The table fan performs well even at low voltages 


  • Easily removable front grill makes it easy to clean 
  • Base has rubber coating for stronger hold on surfaces 
  • Can  fit in any corner with its ergonomic design 
  • Motor is stable for heavy usage 


  • Makes noise, not suitable for office 
  • No control button on the body 
  • Small radius of the frame results in lesser air flow. 

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5. Usha Mist Air ICY 400MM 55- Watt Table Fan (Purple)

Usha Mist Air ICY 400MM 55- Watt Table Fan
Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Easy tilting with unique pivot arrangement.

2-year warranty.

PP body and AS blades protect from corrosion.

Consumes 55 watt power.

Another sturdy and unique product by Usha; the Usha Mist Air ICY 400MM is the best table fan for home and individual rooms. 

The blades are aerodynamic in design to deliver air to the maximum of capacity. 

Motor is covered with copper lining that prevents the machine from any damage and gives the fan a longer life. 

The table fan comes with a fuse that assures safety of the fan by auto protecting it during thermal overload.  Motor speed 1280 RPM is optimum for use in a medium sized room. 

Jerk free oscillations and 3 speed settings on the body make this product the most likeable amongst the best table fans. 


  • Looks good according to the modern home interiors 
  • The speed is good although the size is small 
  • No noise from the blades 
  • Motor is 100% copper 


  • No remote control 
  • Speed is just average 
  • Vertical tilt mechanism is not good 

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6. CZ Cool Zone RH MART 5590 Portable Pan With Led light, Multicolor

CZ Cool Zone RH MART 5590 Portable Fan With Led light
Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Portable fan, weighing 940 gms.

It is a combination of fan and light.

Can be carried anywhere.

Also,be used as wall mounting fan.

The CZ Zone portable fan with LED light is the best to use if you travel often and are not sure of your accommodations. This fan is portable and you can carry it with you in a bag. 

The most striking feature is the LED light. The LED light can be used even when the fan is in use. This makes it a perfect fan for students who wish to study and stay cool in their little rooms.

There is an individual fan for light and fan both and the fan works on both AC and DC settings. 

Another feature that makes it to our list of best table fans is that it can serve dual purpose; stay on a table, can be carried easily or be mounted on a wall as per the requirement. 

You can adjust the height vertically as per your convenience. 

The fan needs to be charged for 30 minutes before use. 


  • 6-7 hours of battery backup with fan only; 3 hours with fan and light 
  • Comes with a charger 
  • Available in many colors 
  • Serves the purpose of table fan and portable fan


  • No warranty 
  • Slow speed 
  • Makes noise 

7. Rico Rechargeable table fan with built in battery

Rico Rechargeable table fan
Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Portable, rechargeable, lightweight table fan.

Weighs 2500 gm, has maintenance-free battery.

2 speed settings on the body.

Powerful battery for home and office use.

Smooth oscillations.

Rico was established in 1965 as the pioneers of mixer grinders in India. Rico is known for its quality and performance and they have maintained the popularity by giving true value for money and giving you products that last life long. 

The Rico rechargeable table fan with built in battery is the best one for people who work remotely and often shift locations. 

It is made with Japanese Quick charge technology that works on both electricity and battery. 

The battery is 3 times more powerful and can be used for home and office and hence can be considered as the best table fan for office. 

The portable fan has two powerful speed settings. The oscillation is apt to cover a wide area and cool well with multi angle tilting. 

You can direct the airflow where you are sitting with its tilt adjustable head. 

The design is lightweight and can run for 4 hours on low speed and 2 hours on high speed. 

The built in power cable and plug come with the fan to provide it with the power supply. 

It has a convenient hanger for easy grip and easy usage. The fan comes with deep discharge and overcharge protection to save electricity and time. 

Comes with a 1 year warranty and can run on electricity and without electricity too. 


  • Compact and useful for small room 
  • Low fan speed with oscillations 
  • Runs for 4 hours on battery 
  • Power back up enhances usage 


  • The size is too small 
  • Not useful if you want high speed 
  • Slightly higher on the cost

8. Geek Aire, 5 Inch Rechargeable Handheld Fan

Geek Aire 5 Inch Rechargeable Handheld Fan
Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Table fan with 5 speed settings.

4 aerodynamic blades for powerful air delivery.

LED lights to indicate power level.

Portable and lightweight to use for travel purposes.

The Geek Aire high speed table fan is a portable, light weight, durable table fan appropriate for office use. 

It has a 2600 mAh high quality lithium-ion rechargeable battery that gives a working time 3-8 hours. Although, the battery life depends on the speed of the fan. The average time taken to charge is about 4 hours. 

The fan has easy controls with a led indicator. A power button sets up the speed; bright blue led light indicates the fan speed; the luminous white LED light indicates power level /gauge.

The design is lightweight, and the mini size makes it possible to use anywhere, for indoor, office, travelling or camping etc. 

The table fan has a washable sticky rubber charging dock that enhances stability, and has a USB cable for charging. 


  • Uses premium quality plastic 
  • Works for 5 hours at maximum speed 
  • Not noisy at both high and low speeds 
  • Easy to use and handle 


  • Poor product quality 
  • Battery drains out too soon 
  • Not good for the price 

9. SmartDevil Small Personal USB Desk Fan

SmartDevil Small Personal USB Desk Fan
Reviewnxt Check Price Image

Lightweight (6 oz) design for convenience.

360 degree tilt rotation.

Three speed adjustable.

USB fan is powered by USB compatible PC/ Laptop, power bank.

The SmartDevil small personal USB desk fan is a personal fan for providing maximum air cooling and circulation in any direction with its 360 degree rotation. 

This fan is perfect for use in home, car, office, desktop, camping or travel. Since it is lightweight, it can be carried anywhere as a personal fan. It is a perfect partner for work or sleep without disturbance. This is the best table fan for sleeping in peace! 

The fan has 3 air speeds; low, medium and high. You can adjust the fan speed by pressing the power button repeatedly. An additional feature is the third gear which can be adjusted for variable speed according to temperature. 

The table fan can be charged with USB and is compatible with PC/ Laptop, power bank, AC adapter, car charger and other USB – enabled power supply.

This is an energy saving and environment friendly fan. 


  • Does not make a lot of noise 
  • Perfect for a small room 
  • 3 speed settings are an advantage 
  • Look and feel is great for modern homes and offices 


  • Not suitable for personal use ( personal fan mean portable fan please add new con here )
  • Charges only with USB 
  • Fan speed is low 


Well, this is a round-up of the best table fans in India 2021. The descriptions are detailed to help you select the best table fan according to the speed, durability, motor capacity and looks. We hope you are able to select the best one for you and solve the purpose of buying a table fan. In case of any doubts, feel free to reach out to us in the comment section below. 

The Best Table Fan Buyers Guide: 

1. What is a table fan?

A table fan is a common electric appliance used to provide air circulation in houses, offices, shops  etc. a table fan cools down the environmental temperature by air circulation which enhances the evaporation rate of sweat from the body, thus bringing the body temperature down too. They are used in summers extensively when there is too much heat in the environment and sweat levels are high.  due to which body is cooled. Table Fans are manufactured in 200 mm, 300 mm and 400 mm sweep sizes; out of which 400 mm sweep size is the most common. 

2. Advantages of table fan

As mentioned, that a table fan is used to cool down the body temperature during hot summer days; here are some more advantages of using a table fan: 

  • You can rotate the fan as per your need to get air at the right location. Some blades give a 180 degree rotation too. 
  • There are a variety of table fans in the market with various shapes and sizes. You can choose the one that suits the best to you as per your requirement. 
  • Mostly table fans can fit in your budget and are of low to mid range. This makes the fans affordable for everyone. 
  • Table fans are eco friendly too. They do not contribute anything towards the global warming. 

3. Best Brands for table fan: 

The market is now competitive for table fans; the key players are few of the finest companies like Usha, Havells, RICO, Crompton etc. 

4. Size of the table fan:

size of the fan will depend on your requirement but this is surely the first thing that you should check while buying a table fan. Table fans comes in 3 different standard sizes; 12 inches, 16 inches, and 20 inches. Base on these sizes, they are also called small, medium and large table fans. 

For a hall or dining area or a common room, select a big table fan. If you are looking for a fan for your room or study room, buy a small or medium sized table fan. Table fans are quiet, do not produce much noise even at the lowest setting. 

5. Noise Level:

you obviously want to keep the surroundings peaceful even when the table fan is running. The amount of noise produced from the fan can hamper the peace of the surroundings. A noisy fan can be bad for your sleep, can create disturbance during a meeting or a conversation or even while you are involved in any other activity. 

The sound can be measured after you buy because most brands do not mention this part. If you are buying the fan offline, turn on the fan and check for noise. Another way to measure the amount of noise produced is the motor quality. Low quality motor fans will create an irritating noise throughout. 

Table fans generate noise is kind of a notion amongst people. Avoid low quality motor fans to prevent unnecessary noise. 

6. Build Quality:

Cheap quality products are never suggested for any purpose. Either the spare parts will wear off quickly or they will not be durable enough. There are table fans made of steel, plastic, brass available in the market. Each material has its own pros and cons. 

Plastic fans are durable, flexible and lightweight as opposed to fans made of stainless steel or any other metal fans. Plastic is a light material in itself and hence the product is lightweight overall. 

Fans made of brass or stainless steel are powerful and can be purchased for use in open spaces as they are tough durable and can withstand adverse weather conditions. These fans come with a coating or require polishing as the steel and brass can rust or oxidize.

7. Wattage:

Consider the power consumption of the table fan before buying one. This is an important factor as it has a direct impact on the efficiency of the device and the electricity bill. On an average, a table fan consumes 40–100-watt energy. 

8. Oscillation:

As we know that we are buying a table fan for air circulation and cooling, oscillating grills help in providing a swing for the air that can circulate the air in every corner of the room. For larger rooms, buy a fan with rotating and oscillating grills so that the air circulation is better. 

9. Grills or mish! Can it be removed or not?

Some fans come with a front grill that rotates in angled slats. Such grills divert the air into a larger cone dimension. Rotational grills can become noisy after a few years if they are not maintained properly. Buy a fan with a removable grill or mesh so that the blades and the mesh can be cleaned easily. Dirty grills will lead to dirty air; and no one wants that! 

10. Air Delivery:

How much air the fan can deliver can be measured in cubic metres per minute and is related to the volume of air that circulates per minute. Go for a fan with higher CMM if you are looking for high velocity air blown out of the fan. 

11. Blade Sweep of the fan:

How much area of the room is the fan capable of cooling; is the blade sweep of the fan. The blade sweep is the motion covered by the blades of the fans while the fan is rotating.  Buy a fan with a higher sweep area so that you don’t have to use  fans for cooling.  The blade sweep of an average table fan ranges between 40mm – 450mm.

12. Types of speed controls:

Speed of the fan is measured in rotations per minute. Buy a fan with higher rpm so that the air circulates at a good speed around the house. Table fans have 3 speed control settings; low, medium and high. Operate the fan on the basis of your requirement. Different speed levels also help you in preventing the wastage of extra energy.

There are fans with single speed control but they should be avoided as they do not give you the liberty to change speed as and when you need. 

13. Budget:

As the market is competitive, there are a lot of brands that come up with new features every now and then and you are confused as to what to buy. All brands have something better to offer than the other brand. This leaves you with one decision factor; the budget.  Buy a fan that suits your budget. There are table fans starting from 1200/- to Rs. 5000/- that are decent to serve your purpose. 

14. Rechargeable:

With advancement in technology, there are portable table fans these days that run on battery. Make sure you buy a fan that is easily rechargeable and whose battery is durable. 

15. Warranty and Guarantee:

This tip goes well with all electric equipment. Buy a table fan that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of a minimum of 1 year. With a warranty, you will be confident even if there are maintenance issues or power fluctuations when the fan is in use. A warranty is like a safeguard for the fan. 

16. Service centres Response:

Before you buy the table fan, read the reviews and find out how well the company’s service centre responds. If the brand is good and you have purchased a brand seeing the quality etc; but there is no response from customer service in case of any issues, then the product is not a good one to buy. 

17. Safety precautions for table fans

Table fans are at your reach; thus, safety features should be looked for. Consider these tips that can be helpful in keeping safety while using the fan: 

  • Avoid touching the fan with wet hands or don’t keep it on a wet surface. 
  • Place the fan on a flat surface so that it does not fall. 
  • Detangle the wire before plugging in the power source. 
  • DO NOT touch the fan or mesh while the fan is on. 

18. Maintenance of table fan: 

Like every electrical equipment, table fans should also be maintained well to maintain the efficiency. If dust starts building over the blades of the fan, the cooling effect can drop significantly. Wipe the dust on the blades regularly to maintain the fan for longer.  You can use a vacuum cleaner, lint free cloth, soap, cotton cloth and water to clean the fan. 

Here are some tips to maintain the fan properly: 

  • Turn off the power, unplug the fan 
  • Clean the vents in the motor 
  • Remove the grill and unscrew the blades 
  • Take a mix of warm soapy water, soak the blades,and start cleaning them. 
  • Wipe other parts of the fan and wipe it clean with a cloth. 
  • Reassemble the fan once everything is clean and you can start using the fan again. 

Frequently Asked Questions on the best table fans In India

  1. Is table fan better than ceiling fan?

    A table fan is more approachable and throws air with more power as compared to ceiling fan. You can control the speed and place it in a room wherever the need is. While both types of fans have their own importance, table fans are more preferred for their power saving and portability. 

  2. How much does a table fan cost?

    Table fans come with a lot of models and designs and features these days. A good quality, durable table fan can cost anywhere around Rs 1200-5000 depending on what features you are looking to buy.

  3. How do I choose a table fan?

    You should choose a table fan considering the speed, size, power consumption, build quality, air speed and other parameters mentioned in our buyer’s guide.

  4. Which is better: a table fan or cooler?

    You can buy a table fan for moderate summers or when you need a constant air circulation. However, a cooler is required for extremely hot weathers so that they can cool the body temperature and the temperature of the room more efficiently.

  5. How many units a fan consumes in a day?

    A fan of the size from 36 inches to 56 inches can consume 55 to 100 watts, and a 48 inch ceiling fan will use 75 watts of power.

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