Best Electric Food Steamer in India 2021 – [Reviews]

Do you know that steaming food is the best healthy way to eat in a diet?

Well, most of you.

By steaming the food you don’t need to worry about the nutrients-loss at all because the steaming process involves only vapor heat to cook food.

But everyone cannot steam the food for the perfect output where it involves several things to keep in mind while steaming the food like water level, vessel, etc. If not you will end up in making a nutritionless, textureless food.

However, an electric food steamer is the best alternative solution for steaming food without any nutrition loss.

Just pack up the old steaming methods in your kitchen by bringing the best electric food steamer in India by referring to this researched article. 

Our team has sorted out Top 6 best electric food steamers that are trending in the Indian Market with positive reviews.

Explore them to get the one you need. Let’s begin.

Best Electric Food Steamer in India

As there are many brands in an electric food steamer, we pick up the best, based on trusted brands, usage reviews, and many more factors. Here is the list of best electric food steamers you can go through

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Now, let us look at each individual product review.

1. Steemo Multi-Steam Cooker Steemo Multi-Steam Cooker

This is a multi steam cooker introduced by Steemo brand available in the Indian market. This electric steamer for cooking is named as a multi-functional steam cooker because it is able to cook vegetables, chicken breast, fish, idli, and even soup also.

However, it is provided with 2 steam baskets, a sprout/soup maker, egg tray, steaming bowl, and 4×4 idli tray. The Aluminum Pressure Die Cast Without Air-Gapped heating element with 600 watts power wattage is powerful enough to cook food within no time.

Moreover, the turbo steam generator feature in this steamer for cooking will steam 100 degrees centigrade in just 30 sec. It has a Double Ceramic Preset Thermostat with a 60 minutes timer and also a dry out protection feature with auto turn off option is present.

The extra pressure will leave off the steamer through the vents on the cover lid. 


  • Multifunctional steam cooker
  •  60 minutes timer
  •  Double Ceramic Preset Thermostat
  •  Aluminum Pressure Die Cast Without Air-Gapped heating element 
  •  Power wattage is about 600 watts
  •  Turbo steam generator that generates 100-degree centigrade in just 30 sec
  •  Saves electricity and time as well
  •  Dry out protection
  •  Light indicator for power indication
  •  Accessories like 2 steam baskets, 4×4 idli tray, egg tray, steaming bowl, and sprout maker
  •  See-through cover lid


  • Made up of poor quality plastic
  • Hard to clean

2. Glen Electric Steam Cooker 3052Glen Electric Steam Cooker 3052

Glen is an Irish based consumer electrical goods company that has been revolutionizing the Indian Kitchen with innovative products for 20 years.

Electric steam cookers from this company also come with a unique solution for the water refilling in the middle of cooking with an online water filling feature.

There is an opening on the side handles where we can pour about 1 litre of water while in the middle of steaming. In the case of water dries up, the food steamer machine will automatically turn off with a dry out protection feature.

To prevent overcooking, a timer of 60 minutes is provided to cook food perfectly. It has 3 steam baskets, and an egg slotted tray that holds 8 eggs, and a cover lid made up of food-grade polycarbonate plastic.

The power and heat LED indicators are present on the front display for easy understanding of power and heat.  Once we are done with cooking then cleaning is very easy to perform and very easy to store as well by nestling up the baskets.


  • A special feature of online water filling
  •  Dry out protection feature
  •  Automatically turns off when the water dries up and also during overcooked
  •  Made up of food-grade polycarbonate material
  •  Power and heat LED indicators
  •  Very easy to clean 
  •  Consists of 3 steam baskets, egg tray that holds 8 eggs
  •  Works with 60 minutes timer
  •  power wattage is about 900 watts
  •  Very compact to store by nestling up the baskets 


  • Little expensive
  •  No see-through cover lid

3. Maestro Electric Steam Cooker Model Domestic Plus Maestro Electric Steam Cooker Model Domestic Plus

Maestro brand comes up with a unique electric steam cooker made up of stainless steel material. This electric stainless steel steamer has a Unique Double-walled Stainless Steel cooking vessel that utilizes the steam than other materials.

Not only cooking vessels, accessories like idli tray, vegetable tray are also made up of stainless steel material for long durability. This material will retain the heat inside the vessel for about 2-3 hours.

The heat resistance plastic base handles in this electric stainless steel steamer avoid burns when touched accidentally.  The 600 watts of power wattage has the capacity to stem up the veggies, rice at a time.

A safety feature of dry out protection is enabled when the water in it dries up by turning off this electric stainless steel steamer automatically. This steamer for cooking is a great choice when you like to reheat the food by steam.


  • Keeps food warm for about 2-3 hours long
  •  Made up of unique double-walled stainless steel 
  •  Consists of idli tray, vegetable tray, egg tray
  •  Best to reheat the food
  •  Power wattage is about 600 watts
  •  Dry out protection feature with auto turn off
  • Very easy to clean 
  • Heat resistant plastic base handles 


  • Unable to view while cooking
  •  No timer option

4. Sabichi 3-Tier Gourmet Food SteamerSabichi 3-Tier Gourmet Food Steamer

Since 1994, this UK based company has been serving its customers with the utmost quality and durable products around the world. In India, this company is increasing its sales with this Sabichi gourmet food steamer.

This electric food steamer has 3 layers of steam baskets with high-quality plastic for long use. The power wattage of 400 watts produces steam in just 30 seconds after the quick power start indicator lights up.

There is an auto power-off feature when the water at the heating element gets dry. Moreover, it also has the 60 minutes timer option to set the desired time for a particular food and gets turned off when the timer completes its time. 


  • Holds the capacity of 7.2 liters
  •  Consists of 3 tier steam baskets
  •  Quick start Power indicator 
  •  Steams in just 30 seconds
  •  Power wattage is about 400 watts
  •  A timer of 60 minutes
  •  The see-through plastic cover lid helps in observing the cooking operation
  •  Detachable baskets provide easy cleaning access


  • No egg tray is provided
  • Occupies more space for storage

5. Russell Hobbs England 800-Watts Food Steamer Russell Hobbs England 800-Watts Food Steamer

Russell Hobbs is a famous household manufacturer company that belongs to the UK and has many trusted customers in India. This household manufacturing includes several useful kitchen appliances in it, one among them food steamers.

This food steamer has been manufactured with 3 steam baskets that hold the capacity of 9 liters. It has a timer option of 60 minutes for the desired cooking and idle cooking time is also provided on the front display of this electric food steamer machine.

An LED indicator is present to indicate the power of the steamer for safety protection and also dry out protection feature is also present to safeguard the electric steamer for cooking from the dry run.

The transparency on all the steam baskets along with the lid helps us to monitor the food while cooking and also the water level. An accessory of the egg tray is provided for the individual seam in the basket. 


  • Consists of 3 steam baskets
  • Power wattage is about 800 watts
  •  The capacity of 9 liters
  •  Dry out protection to avoid burns
  •  Provides egg tray along with 3 baskets
  • 60 minutes timer for perfect cooking
  •  Transparent cover lids
  •  Easy to clean
  •  LED power indicator


  • Little pricey
  • Occupies more space

6. Black & Decker Appliances BXFS7751IN Food Steamer Black & Decker Appliances BXFS7751IN Food Steamer

This electric food steamer is quite a large one, from the famous US-based Black & Decker company that is enough to serve for a large family. However, this steamer for cooking vegetables holds the capacity of 10 liters with 3 steam baskets.

These steam baskets with a cover lid are transparent in nature and allow us to see the process of cooking. A 60 minutes cooking timer in this electric steamer for cooking is provided with the auto turn off feature that turns off automatically after the desired cooking time has completed.

This feature also prevents the user from waiting for a long waiting period and also prevents the food from overcooking. As it facilitated with 3 steam baskets, we can also use the 1 or 2 baskets depending on our requirement. And the detachable feature allows us to clean it very easily. 


  •  It holds 10 liters capacity
  •  Best for large family servings
  •  Consists of 3 steam baskets 
  •  Auto turn off feature with 60 minutes timer
  •  No chance for overcooking
  •  Power wattage is about 775 watts
  •  Detachable baskets give easy cleaning access
  •  Dishwasher safe material
  •  No need for oil


  • No water level checking
  • Holes are little big to steam small-sized food
  • Material made up of cheap plastic


Actually, eating steaming food is not only a healthy practice but also the tastiest way to enjoy the pure nutrients in it. Fortunately, you can now enjoy this perfectly steamed food by choosing the best electric food steamer in India according to your requirements.  

From our side, Steemo Multi-Steam Cooker is the best choice for every Indian kitchen with its multi-functionality of rice, idli, veggies, soup makers.

Or if you like to have the electric stainless steel steamer then Maestro Electric Steam Cooker Model Domestic Plus is perfect.

Else go for Glen Electric Steam Cooker 3052 If you want to save space in the kitchen as it is very compact and requires less space for storage.

In case, if you are unable to find the best electric food steamer still, then here is the buyer guide you can go through for basic factors to see in….

Buyer guide: Things you need to choose before purchasing the best electric food steamer in India

Here are some of the basic factors to note when you are about to buy an electric steamer for cooking.

The number of tiers:

Most of the electric food steamers are selected based on these factors as it tells you the capacity you want to select. If you like to cook 2 dishes at the same time you can go for the 2 tier one as it will separate the dishes with the layers in it. Likewise, you can select the tiers, based on your requirements.

Power wattage:

The power to the heating element comes from the power wattage of the motor. So, the more the power wattage the faster the water in it turns to the steam. 

Automatic shut off feature:

It is a very important feature to see in a steamer for cooking where it reduces the time and energy bills of the user. 

Safety protection:

As we are dealing with electricity-based products we need to be very selective on this factor. However, in this electric steamer for cooking, there are some chances for water dries out and overcooking which are dangerous to deal with. So, selecting the one with water dry out protection will turn off the products to avoid any further danger. 

Material made up of:

We choose this steamed food for healthy intake, but the material used in this process should not affect the food while steaming like poor plastic quality. So, go with the product that has made up of food-grade material that is safe while steaming. 

Also, the heating element should be made up of the best material to avoid any problems with heating. 

Timer feature:

Every food needs to be streamed at a particular period of time only then we can enjoy the real taste of the steamed food. On that note, we need to select the product with a timer option so that we can set the desired time for the particular food to steam.

Detachable baskets:

We need to select the detachable baskets included product for easy cleaning and storage access. 

By referring to all these things, hoping that you have gained enough knowledge to select the best electric food steamer in India for your kitchen. From now on, Have a healthy and tasty steamed food in every meal…. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What meat can you steam?

Any meat can be steamed like fish, lobster, chicken breast..etc but make sure you cut the pieces into small and thin pieces for even cooking. 

How long does it take to steam vegetables in an electric steamer?

In general, it takes only 10 minutes to steam vegetables in an electric steamer. 

Is it better to steam or boil vegetables?

Steaming is the best way of cooking vegetables than boiling. Because steaming will cause the least damage to the nutrients in food while the boiling process will result in huge nutrient loss whatever the style you boil it. 

Can you put frozen food in a steamer?

Yes, you can put frozen food in a steamer without thawing, but it takes much more time than usual steaming time. So, it’s better to thaw the meat the first and then to steam for faster results.
Check out the video for how to steam frozen food