Best Kitchen Weighing Scale in India 2021

Have you ever experienced homemade food with extra salt in it?

Well, most of you. It’s quite common to have more or less salt in food while cooking.

But when it comes to insufficient flour, egg, etc in food, it will definitely spoil the food totally a useful one. Especially Indian cuisine.

From this, it is always a safe option to weigh the ingredients you want to cook, isn’t it?

On that note, bring a food digital scale to your kitchen to get the perfectly cooked with perfectly weighed ingredients.

If you are a newbie to this food digital scale topic, then it’s really a big task for you to get the best digital scale for food in India because of unfamiliar brands

For your convenience, we made research on these digital food scale machines over the best selling brands that are available in India and we picked up the best among them for you.

Time saved, right!

Save some more time by spending here in this article will help you a lot with product description along with pros and cons followed by a short buyer guide…

Come on let’s begin our journey…

Else just watch the below video, which I had created by buying all the best kitchen weighing scales in India. Inside the video, you will find a buyers’ guide for food scales, performance tests like weight sensitivity, weight accuracy for each brand.

Top 6 Best Digital Scales for Food in India

Turn into an experienced chef by adding the perfectly measured ingredients to your cooking by purchasing the one best food scale digital. Here is the list you can go through,

Now, let’s begin the main journey of the individual product description with pros and cons.

1. Simxen Electronic Digital Weight Scale Machine

Simxen Electronic Digital Weight Scale Machine

Simxen is a well-known kitchen weighing scale provider in India. The company has designed products that exactly meet its requirements, what its customers asked for. It is very easy to use with the 3 buttons in the control panel namely ON/OFF, mode, tear.

A simple touch on the ON/OFF button turns the digital food scale machine ON/OFF perfectly, and the mode button is used to change the mode of units where it is capable of converting grams to oz, vice versa. 

If you like to measure the shapeless food then you need to keep a bowl on a scale and press the torn button on for rescaling the measurement. It has high precision sensors that are sensitive to even 1 gram also.

The whole weight scale machine is made up of ABS plastic material. The presence of an HD screen display helps to see the measurements without any bend requirement.

As a whole, the capacity of the digital food scale machine holds nearly 10000 grms/356 oz. However, it also indicates overweight if you placed more weight than limit with an indicator.

This product works on the AAA battery that is provided with the product during purchase.


  • Made up of ABS plastic 
  • Able to convert oz to gms and vice versa
  •  An overweight indicator if you place more than 10000 gms/356 oz
  •  easy operating control panel with 3 buttons
  •  Consists of ON/OFF, the mode for unit conversion, tear to rescale the product
  •  Works on AAA battery 
  •  Measure with high precision sensors
  •  Easy visual for measurement with backlight
  •  Tear deduction indication


  • Poor display material
  • Loose battery cover

2. MEDITIVE Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

MEDITIVE Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

Unlike the above products, the meditive company introduced a digital kitchen weighing scale with multiple power options to run the scale. It is common to run a kitchen weighing scale with battery option but along with it the products also have the electric charger to power it up when the battery is low.

The kitchen weighing scale is made up of stainless steel which is least effective in damage. It consists of different weighing units namely grams, ounce, pound, kilogram, tola, and carat. These units are converted with the mode button in the control panel of the machine.

The control panel is very easy to use where it has on/off, mode button for conversions and tear. This tear button is pressed to remove the weight of the container that places on the scale while measuring liquid food.

The digital food scale machine also has the power saving option that enables when the constant reading displays on the reading screen. It has the largest holding capacity of 25 kg along with high accuracy of 2 grams. 


  • Weighing scale made out of stainless steel
  •  Auto power off when it displays a constant reading
  •  Able to convert gm, oz, lb, kg, tl, ct
  •  Easily accessible control panel with 3 buttons
  •  The largest capacity is 25 kg 
  •  High accuracy is 2 grams
  •  Multipower options with battery and charger
  •  Buttons of ON/OFF, mode, tear
  •  An LCD display with white backlight


  • Not very sensitive
  • Poor display

3. Health Sense Chef-Mate Digital Kitchen Scale

Health Sense Chef-Mate Digital Kitchen Scale

Health sense company of India has a trademark for supplying technically advanced products to its customers. It is also providing the digital food scale machine with nominal prices to its customers.

The scaler is provided with a built-in high precision sensor that measures the food with accurate results. It has the capacity to measure the weight and converts into the gms-lbs-oz-ml as well.

These options are enabled with a simple control panel that consists of a unit button and an on/off/tare button to operate. Each unit can be converted into another unit just by pressing the unit button till your desired unit display on the Large LCD display.

This LCD display is provided with a blue backlight for easy visuals. When you like to measure the food in a bowl that is provided by a company you need to place the liquid/solid food in the bowl and minus its weight by clicking the tare button 3 times.

This large bowl is a BPA free plastic made material that is very safe to use. Most importantly it can hold the food that weights up to 5 kg, 11 lb, 176 oz.

However, if you place the food load more than the limit it will indicate us with an overload indicator. As this works on the AAA battery, it also indicates when it has low power with low power indicator. 


  • BPA free plastic detachable bowl
  • Inbuilt precision sensor for accuracy
  •  Can weight any solid and liquid food with the bowl
  •  Digital display with blue backlight
  •  Bowl weights rescale to zero with tear button
  •  Able to covert gms-lbs-oz-ml
  •  Contains overweight and low battery indicator
  •  Easy to use
  •  Flipped bowl on the scale saves a place for storage
  •  Weight up to 11lb, 5 kg, 176 oz
  •  One year warranty 


  • No Longevity
  • Very delicate plastic

 4. PaviitraCreation Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

PaviitraCreation Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

The digital food scale from paviitira creation has got many positive reviews among its customers after purchase. It is very easy to access for any use right from 1 gram to 10 kg food items.

The easily accessible control panel has a 3 button namely on/off, mode and tear. Tear option is used when you want to delete the bowl weight while weighing the liquid food so, you just press the tear button after placing an empty bowl on the scale.

It gives accurate results with the high precision strain gauge sensor system in a short time period. The scale used in this product is made up of stainless steel that helps us in cleaning it very easily.

The entire digital food scale machine works on the battery 2 AAA battery that also works for an LCD display screen with white backlight.


  • Inbuilt high precision strain gauge sensor system
  •  Gives high accuracy quickly
  •  Holds weight up to 10 kg
  •  Able to convert from gms to oz and vice versa
  •  Accessible control system with 3 buttons
  • Consists of tear button to delete the particular you want to weigh on 
  •  Automatic power off after the display shows a constant measurement
  •  An LCD display with white backlight
  •  Works on 2 AAA battery


5. Bulfyss Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

Bulfyss Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

Bulfyss electronic manufactured this kitchen weighing scale for those who are using it on daily cleaning purpose that is made up of stainless steel material that which lasts long even using for daily purpose.

Not only for cleaning, but it also gives accurate results with the high precision strain gauge sensor system. This best food scale even weighs the least weight of 1 gram with perfect accuracy.

The kitchen weighing scale measured the weight in the form of oz and gms, also converted into gms to oz and vice-versa. The easily accessible control system has 3 buttons to operate the machine namely ON/OFF, tare, and mode.

We know how to operate ON/OFF, tare option is used to remove the weight of the basket before weighing, and mode is to change the units of measurements.

The whole food scale machine works on 2 AAA batteries along with the LCD display. The display has a green backlight for a clear view of measurements.


  • Stainless steel made weighing scale
  •  Easy to clean 
  •  Gives accurate results
  •  Consists of a high precision strain gauge sensor system
  •  Have 3 buttons to operate
  •  Works on 2 AAA batteries
  •  On/Off, mode and tare button
  •  A green backlight in the large display
  •  Able to convert gms to oz


  • The outer material is made up of plastic
  •  No longevity

6. SHOPPOSTREET Electronic Flat Panel Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale Machine 

SHOPPOSTREET Electronic Flat Panel Digital Kitchen Scale Weighing Machine

Look at this elegant looking electronic digital weighing machine from the Shoppostreet brand. The simple flat panel for weighing is super easy to weigh the veggies without using any other strong durable kitchen weighing scale.

Inbuilt high precision sensor system ensures the weight of the food placed on it very accurately. It has the simple touch buttons on the controlling unit with ON/Tare button and unit button.

The unit button is used to convert the units in the machine with just pressing. Tare button is used to remove the weight of the bowl placed with liquid food. 

The flat panel is very easy to clean with a single wet wipe. This best food scale is able to convert the units in between g/oz/kg/lb by pressing the unit button on the table.


  • A high precision sensor system
  •  Gives more accurate results
  •  Able to weigh in gm/oz/kg/lb 
  •  Control panel has 2 buttons for On/tare and unit
  •  Can hold the capacity of 5 kg
  •  LCD type display 
  •  Flat-panel helps to occupy more space to weigh
  •  Easy to clean with a single wet wipe
  •  Auto power off 
  •  Low battery indication and Overload indication


  • No backlight in the display
  •  Expensive in cost


Finding the best digital scale for food in India is not that hard if you have gone through the above-mentioned products. Now, it is up to you, to select based on your requirements.

We recommend Simxen Electronic Digital Weight Scale Machine which is very user-friendly to use. It also has a large bowl to hold the liquid food in order to weigh it.

Else choose the MEDITIVE Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale, as it has the multi-power points to charge this food scale machine, either with battery or charger.

Or if you like to have the elegantly looked digital scale machine then SHOPPOSTREET Electronic Flat Panel Digital Kitchen Scale Weighing Machine is best with a flat-panel surface to weigh food.

Finally, clear all your confusions regarding a digital scale buying.

Buyer Guide – Things you need to see before buying the best digital scale for food in India

Checklist these factors when you are about to buy a digital scale for food.


However, the whole story of the food digital scale is about weighing, the accuracy is the key factor to choose on a digital scale machine. Pick up the one with more accuracy factor.

Unit conversions:

Everyone doesn’t have much time to calculate the unit conversions from one unit to another. So, it’s better to have inbuilt unit conversions of maximum possible units. Then it will be easy to convert from one unit to another with just one touch possible.

Tear option:

It is also an important factor to choose on a digital scale machine. It works great if we want to weigh liquid food, where it needs a container to hold it. In that case, place a bowl followed by the press tear button will rescale the measuring to zero. 

Overweight indicator:

Some machines are limited to weighing, where it does not hold or might damage the digital food scale machine if we place overweight than limited. During this, having an overload indicator will help us to intimate the weight is overloading.

Auto turns off:

Though it’s not a compulsory factor to have, the requirement for this option is more. Because the leftover measured machine will drain out the battery power and always need more battery to replace. So, having an auto turn off option will save the battery power for more time.

Durable scale plate:

The scale plate is the most used surface on the digital scale machine so it needs to be more durable in order to hold the damage we create to it on regular use.

We hope that now you are able to pick up the best digital scale in India on your basic requirements by spending your precious time on this article. So, go and get done with your perfectly measured ingredients to make wonders in cooking. Happy weighing!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do digital scales lose accuracy?

Yes, the loss of accuracy for digital scales happens when it’s been used for a long time. 

Can low battery affect scales?

Yes, low battery effects scale because the power of the whole machine lies in the battery,  it has a low battery then it results in weight fluctuations in the measuring display.

Why does my scale change when I move it?

If you move the scale the reading will change why because the floor you placed the machines might be flat neither the bottom of the food scale machine is not flat.

Can scales be off?

Yes, there are some conditions where these scales are off, like extreme temperatures and having rough handling i.e vibration and jarring.

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