Best Cotton Candy Makers for Home in India 2021 – [Reviews]

The only candy that everyone loves to have since childhood is Cotton Candy. Who can oppose it?  No one, right? Irrespective of age, even grans love this fibrous sugar-spun. 

This remembers the fun of watching the magic created by the best cotton candy machine while standing in front of it during our childhood at carnivals, circuses, events..etc in India. 

We used to worry about the huge cotton candy machine that cannot be owned by us. But now, it’s a dream come true with the help of technology. Yes, different electronic brands around the world have introduced cotton candy makers and are purchasing them in India.

So that we can have the delicious sweet treat right in our home without any hassle. 

Exciting, isn’t it?

But, how can we choose the best cotton candy maker for Indian Kitchens?

No, worries. You have reached the platform where the best cotton candy maker for the home in India can be chosen from the top 6 researched best cotton candy makers in India. So, that you can shop for the best candy maker with the help of this researched article.

Later on, you can also have a short yet useful guide on what to look at in cotton candy machine buying. Keep Scrolling.

Best Cotton Candy Makers for home in India 

In regards to our research, we have picked up some of the best home cotton candy machines of different brands which are in the following list.

Now, let’s move on to the detailed information on each of these products….

1. Nostalgia Electrics PCM805RETRORED Retro Series

Nostalgia Electrics PCM805RETRORED Retro Series

 If you are a home appliances browser this nostalgia company will be familiar to you. It is known for its kitchen appliances with great quality. It had built trust over its brand products for the durability factor.

When it comes to the cotton candy maker of this company under the series, PCM805, it provokes the retro style in us with its retro vintage look.

With the help of 2 cotton candy cones that are provided while purchasing we can make cotton candy within no time after the machine has heated up.

The spill of web sugar candy will be avoided by the plastic lid provides by the company, this is an added advantage for the extra cleaning process.

However, it also allows seeing through the machine while cotton candy is made with the transparency on the lid provided. Surprisingly, we can make a hard candy to fluffy, moth melt candy by using this cotton candy maker.

The entire unit can be disassembled on our own so that we can easily clean the sugar residues in less time.


  1. Turns hard candy to soft candy
  2. Provides extra cones, measuring spoon
  3. Covers with a plastic wide lid
  4. Easy to clean


  1. Vibrates while runnings might get slips off with the absence of stopper at the bottom
  2. Take more time to heat
  3. Little noisy

2. Sagrach Plastic Cotton Sugar Candy Making Machine

Sagrach Plastic Cotton Sugar Candy Making Machine

This new Sagarch company provides the best home cotton candy machine with copper as a heating element. By using the copper in the heating process the heat is distributed evenly throughout the motor, the evenly distributed heat will spread the liquid sugar on all sides equally.

The motor of this machine runs about 500 watts which is enough to make small cotton candy continuously. Similar to the above product it is also provided with a transparent plastic lid where we can monitor the candy just by the view.

As the extra accessories, it provides 9 bamboo sticks and a spoon. This product also can be disassembled and cleaned in an easy way.


  1. Copper motor with high conductivity
  2. Easy to clean 
  3. Transparent lid
  4. 500 watts power wattage
  5. Light in weight
  6. Extra accessories of 9 bamboo sticks and spoon
  7. Can be run continuously for about 4 hours


  1. Takes time to heat

3. Back to Basics Cotton Candy Maker

Back to Basics Cotton Candy Maker

Back to Basics company is an American-based company known for its homewares. This company has come up with the best home cotton candy machine in a smaller way possible that occupies less space in a kitchen.

The whitish pink ring on the top gives the bubbly look that attracts the children during family gatherings, and small birthday parties also. The sugar candy prepared in this machine tastes like old-fashioned candy similar to the one we taste in carnivals.

It has the suctions cups at the bottom which hold the sugar candy maker machine firmly when it vibrates. The well-engineered equipment inside the machine helps in making the fluffiest cotton candies.

Not like the complete lid that covers the motor while swirling, it has the half-covered plastic rim adjacent to the outer open that also helps the machine from spilling. 


  1. Soft and fluffy cotton candies
  2. Capacity to produce large cone at once
  3. Very less in price
  4. Looks elegant


  1. Noisy
  2. Better to watch while heating to avoid machine falling 
  3. Heavy vibrations while swirling

4. Nostalgia Electrics PCM805 Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker

Nostalgia Electrics PCM805 Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker

This is another cotton candy maker machine from the Nostalgia brand again. Unlike the previous one, this product has the same features that retro nostalgia has, except the retro look. Apart from the retro look it also looks great with the vibrant colors.

It comes with the most vibrant color of red. The working mechanism is similar to the retro one, it has the hard candy option along with the sugar-free candy and floss candy. The transparent rim allows the buyer to look over the heating process whether it is working or not.

The product has other accessories of 2 reusable cones, 1 sugar spoon, and an extractor head. The firm suction cups under the machine help it from falling in the case of heavy vibration.


  1. Can use hard candy, sugar-free candy and floss candy
  2. Elegant look
  3. Extra accessories
  4. Great suction
  5. Easy to clean


  1. Takes time to heat

5. Vruta Plastic Cotton Sugar Candy Floss Maker Electric Machine

Vruta Plastic Cotton Sugar Candy Floss Maker Electric Machine

Continuity factor comes most while using the cotton candy machine because a small break in running the motor will make the sugar to get hard for the next turn. These problems can be overcome by using this virtual plastic cotton sugar candy maker.

The wattage of 450 is strong enough to run the motor continuously for a long time. Though, the product made with pp is toxic-free and does not cause any harm.

In addition, cleaning this machine is very easy because of the removable bowl and splash guard which helps to disassemble and assemble easily. Inner materials are free from damage as it is a 360 stainless steel material. 


  1. Works by 450 watts
  2. Can runs continuously for a longer duration
  3. Made with toxic-free materials
  4. 360 Stainless steel material
  5. Cleaning is easy 


  1. The type of power cord may cause a problem

6. Jukkre Cotton Candy Maker Machine

Jukkre Cotton Candy Maker Machine

Here comes the cute, little cotton candy maker machine especially for the kids who can also make cotton candy on their own(under parent guidance). The appearance of this machine is tiny so even kids like to make cotton candy as a toy.

The heating of the motor in it has more conductivity as we can make more soft and fluffy cotton candy. As this is specially designed for kids, safety is the first thing that comes to mind, for this, the height of the machine is very low i.e nearly 180 mm, and also has the on/off button to press. 


  1. Easy to access
  2. Kids friendly
  3. Portable
  4. High Conductivity


  1. No measuring cup


All the above products that are mentioned in this article are best in Indian kitchens with high performance and results. So, choose the one that meets your requirements.

Our recommendation is to go for the Nostalgia Retro Series one, which is perfect for a kitchen to complete the task within no time. In addition, the retro look it has will enhance the area it had placed.

Take a look at the video of Nostalgia product of making cotton candy,

If you want to give the cotton candy maker to kids, as I said earlier Jukkre Cotton Candy Maker Machine is the best and also a cost-effective machine.

Till now, we are busy in making a choice among the best Cotton Candy Maker for the home in India. But, let us have a clear view of the buying guide for this cotton candy maker.

Scroll down below.

Buyer guide – Things to see Before buying a Cotton Candy Maker:

Generally, we observe these cotton candy makers in large portions at carnivals, parties, etc, but we neglect some important factors to observe if we want to have it in our homes.

As our topic is all about the best cotton candy maker for the home in India, we need to check some major/basic factors in it to have the best cotton candy making without any hassle.

Some of them like,

Location of its usage:

Yes, different places of cotton candy making have different types like some of them use in big carnivals, some of them will use cart -like structures, some of them will use them at home.

So, if you are looking for the specified area to operate then go through the one you want.


In a home kitchen, most of the people have little space for any extra appliance to place. So, size is what matters a lot if we choose the cotton candy maker for home use.

Sugar specified Machines:

The cotton candy makers have different types of sugars to make a perfectly fluffy, web cotton candy. In general, there are hard candy machines, sugar-free candy, and floss candy machines. Each one has their own way of making cotton candy. 

Rims and Lids:

As this machine deals with the sticky sugary substance, the spill of it will irritate a lot to clean it. Then it’s better to go for the one with high rim i.e spill-proof. So that we can save the nearby things from that sticky sugar.

Disassembling facility:

The mess created by cotton candy on its parts is needed to clean after every use. Otherwise, it will lead to damage in a very short span of time.

It’s a wise thought to look after the product for the disassembling option so that we can disassemble the parts, wash it clean and let it dry for some time for another better use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can I make cotton candy with regular sugar?

    Yes, we can use regular sugar to make cotton candy if you don’t want any added color and aroma to it. In general, the cotton candy packets are available with added color and aroma to it.

  2. Why is my cotton candy melting?

    Cotton candy is a sugar fiber where it is very sensitive to humidity. Because it easily observes moisture in the air and then again turns into syrup.

  3. Is cotton candy just sugar? 

    Cotton candy is not just sugar, it also has some parts of corn syrup, edible color, aroma to look more attractive.

  4. Can Vegans eat cotton candy? 

    Yes, the cotton candies are made out of organic sugar but not with the refined sugar.

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