Top 12 Best Ceiling Fans in India 2021-[Detailed Review]

Ceiling fans have become a very important part of our day to day electrical appliances. Even if you adopt an air conditioner to consolidate the hot temperature, a fan is necessary to circulate the air in the room. So no matter what, the work ceiling fans do, can not be replaced by any other electrical device. 

While choosing the best ceiling fan for your room it is very important to construct all the factors that relate to getting you the best one among them. As these ceiling fans come in different shapes and sizes with different features, therefore you need a clear understanding of what the features a ceiling fan can provide you and which one will ideally suit your well-furnished room. 

So, I have gone through the best ceiling fans available in the market that you can get and created this list. For your convenience of understanding the best ceiling fans in India, I have also created a buyers guide to help you know the features of a ceiling fan. Make sure to read that before getting your product.

Best Ceiling fans in India 2021

So coming to the list of ceiling fans here is a quick table and below are the detailed reviews of each ceiling fan. 

Based on the best quality and design, better performance and considering many other best features, I have listed the below best ceiling fans for you. 

1. Atomberg Efficio – Best for less Power consumption

best ceiling fan in india
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  • 28W energy consumption
  • BLDC motor
  • 1200mm Blade sweep
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Remote includes Boost, sleep, speed and timer control
  • 2 years + 1-year warranty
  • Ideal for 140 Sq.ft. room
  • Remote control distance up to 20FT

The Atomberg Efficio ceiling fan comes with BLDC motor which only consumes 28 watts at the highest speed. You can absolutely go for this product because of its extremely low power consumption even if you turn it to the highest speed moreover. it also has a boost feature. The boost speed feature when enabled will let the fan run at top speed. You can also shift to the sleep mode where the fan reduces its speed for every 2 hours in this mode. 

This is a Make in India product with global standards. This fan comes with many features like power Surge protection and consistent speed and this is India’s most energy-efficient fan.

As this device uses the BLDC motor and runs at just 28 watts even at Higher speeds your power ratings and electrical bills will gradually decrease when compared with any other ceiling fan. 

You can get this ceiling fan if you are looking for a power-saving ceiling fan with a great design. The blades of the device are also made of aluminium alloy which does not rust easily. 


  • Consistent speed even at low voltages
  • The BLDC motor is super efficient 
  • Worth for its price


  • Can not use the regulator instead of remote
  • Does not have the anti-dust feature
  • The plastic of the product is not much appreciable 
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2. Orient Electric – Feature-rich ceiling fan

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  • Sweep size of 1200mm
  • Power consumption of 45 watts
  • Motor speed is of 310 RPM
  • Mobile, remote, echo dot controlled
  • Rust-free blades and body
  • Scene switching light
  • Comes in different modes
  • 2 years + 1-year warranty

Orient Electric Aeroslim is a hugger type of ceiling fan which can be mounted on the wall by the adjustable Telescopic mounting feature. The device is specially designed for high air delivery.  With a  sweep Area of 1200 mm and power consumption of 45Watts, the device is excellent for creating a cooler breeze in your room. 

The fan can be controlled either by the remote which comes with the display or even the mobile app. The mobile app is specially designed by Orient to control different features of your ceiling fan. With the remote control or with an IoT enabled smart app, you can control the rotation of your fan and even change to different modes like Turbo, Breeze and sleep mode.

You can also control the light of the fan to adapt to any scene that is dim or bright. The best feature of this Orient Electric Aeroslim fan is that you can also control the features of the fan using Alexa or even Google home devices.

If you are looking for a feature-rich ceiling fan with many features and controlling options then you can definitely choose this Orient Electric Aeroslim ceiling fan.


  • Bend proof and rustproof ABS body which does not let the fan rust easily
  • The remote even comes with a display
  • The design is very slim and the blades are aerodynamic
  • Can easily switch between modes using either remote or mobile


  • It is only rust-free, not dust free
  • The light can not be controlled with Alexa or google assistant
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3. Orient Electric Aeroquiet – Stylish looks and best performance

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  • Blade sweep of 1200mm
  • Wattage of 62
  • The speed of the motor is 310RPM
  • The blades are completely rust-free
  • Comes with 18 pole motor
  • 2 years of manufacturer warranty

The Orient electric Aeroquiet is a 1200 mm sweep side Aerodynamic fan which comes with high air delivery design. The motor of the fan is made up of 18 pole motor which has a long life and good durability and best performance with a speed of 310 RPM. 

The blades of the Orient electric Aeroquiet are made with a high-grade glass-filled compound which gives them good strength and longer life and a Rust free performing throughout its life. The finishing of the product is very good. it creates a smooth airflow and a silent operation. And also to reduce the friction between the rotating parts the device comes with double ball bearing ensuring a quieter operation.

Even though the product offers two years of warranty the warranty can be only claimed for manufacturing defects alone. 

If you are looking for a stylish ceiling fan with high gloss performance then you can obviously go with the Orient electric Aeroquiet which comes as high gloss premium PU finish with the curvaceous blades. 


  • The operation is quite and noiseless
  • Comes with high end finishing with great design
  • The aerodynamic blades assure the best air delivery
  • The device is completely rust and dust-free


  • Does not come with a remote control
  • All the price is only for the design
  • Can not connect through wireless devices
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4. Crompton HS Plus – Faster ceiling fan

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  • Blade sweep is of 1200mm
  • Double ball bearings adopted
  • Anti-rust aluminium blade
  • Speed of 370RPM 
  • 53 Watts power consumption
  • 2 years of manufacturer warranty

The Crompton HS Plus is a ceiling fan that comes with a 100% copper winding motor with double ball bearings. These double ball bearings will help the fan to work noiselessly. It comes with superior components like double ball bearings, 100% copper winding, anti-rust aluminium blade and 2-piece construction for a longer and better life.

This is one of the highest speed fans with 1200mm blade sweep I have reviewed. And due to its simple and elegant design with superior components, the durability of the product is high. The fan is made of the aluminium body which helps in preventing the fan from rusting, thus helping the fan to have a longer life.

If you are looking for a ceiling fan that has high speeds and your budget is minimum, then you can select this fan because of its simple design and faster performance. 


  • The fan is completely rust-free
  • Double ball bearing equipped for smooth operation
  • Faster than many other ceiling fans


  • Not a remote-controlled fan
  • It does not come with a speed regulator
  • Even Though it is Rust free, it is not dust free
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5. Orient Electric Apex-FX – Budget ceiling fan

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  • Blade span is 1200mm
  • Speed of the fan is 370 RPM
  • Power consumption is 78 watts
  • Comes with 12 poles motor
  • 2 years of brand warranty
  • Double ball bearing adopted for smooth operation

The orient electric Apex-FX comes with a blade sweep of 1200 mm or 48 inches. The motor of this ceiling fan is super reliable and made of efficient copper which runs at a speed of 370 RPM. even though the power consumption is slightly higher which is 78 watts, the motor is efficient for running long hours at high speed. We can guarantee a long life and a quality performance from this ceiling fan.  Due to its double ball bearing adopted in the rotating devices the overall experience is smooth and noiseless. 

The blades are wide enough for optimum airflow. The blades are made at a unique angle which delivers more air over a large area.

If you are looking for a ceiling fan that gives you best performance without any noise then getting this Orient Electric Apex-FX is the best choice for you. 


  • Neat and beautiful design
  • Works without any noise.
  • The fan comes very lightweight


  • It does not have a remote control
  • Power consumption is high
  • Need to get an additional regulator
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6. Superfan 35W Ceiling fan – best warranty period

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  • Blade sweep is 1200mm
  • Spead of the motor is 385RPM
  • 35W power rating
  • Remote controlled
  • Comes in 10 different colours
  • 5 years manufacturer warranty

The superfan as the name indicates is super in functionality and its speed. The motor of the superfan comes at 35-watt power rating and the speed of the motor is 385 RPM. The device is remote controlled and the remote has five levels to control speed, On and off button along with two timer buttons. And also the superfan adopts a BLDC technology which is capable of saving 56% in your electric bill.

The best of everything is the warranty period provided by the manufacturer and unlike any other ceiling fan, the superfan comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.  The blades of the superfan are constructed as of a leaf which provides super-high airflow at a good speed. 

If you are looking for a reliable and durable ceiling fan at 5 year warranty period then you can obviously select the superfan 35Watts ceiling fan. 


  • The fan is faster than many other ceiling fans
  • The look of the fan is very attractive
  • Comes in different colors
  • Ensured 5-star energy rating


  • Remote control only has speed changes, no additional modes are available
  • There is no noiseless operation
  • The fan is not rust or dust-free
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7. Jupiter Quadcopter – best for Noiseless operation

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  • Blade sweep of 1200mm
  • 4 blade ceiling fan
  • BLDC motor
  • 30 W power consumption
  • Remote-controlled device
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty 

The Jupiter quadcopter is a 4 blade ceiling fan which comes with a BLDC motor. The BLDC motor is powerful and the blades attached to it are dynamically balanced. The blades are well crafted for precision. 

The Jupiter quadcopter is very energy efficient which consumes only 30-watt power. And also due to the 4 blade structure, the fan works at less noise and less drag. The motor is also equipped with special technology that avoids the fan from overheating which ensures peaceful operation and longer life. 

Coming to the design of the Jupiter quadcopter it comes with simple yet elegant design with powerful performance. The fan speed and other modes can be controlled with remote control provided with the device.

If you are looking for a simple noiseless operational fan then the Jupiter quadcopter will be a perfect choice for you.


  • Optimal power consumption
  • Easy to install
  • The design and finishing is good
  • Remote controlling is available


  • The fan is not rust or dust-free
  • For the features available the product is pricy
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8. Usha Technix – best for Wider air spread

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  • Blade sweep 1200mm
  • Power consumption of 43 watts
  • Speed of motor is 220 RPM
  • 2 years of manufacturer warranty

Usha is a brand of India that is developing different types of fans for many years. The Usha Technix is a ceiling fan from this reputed brand. 

This ceiling fan comes with a glossy finishing which gives the fan an elegant look because of the glossy powder-coated paint for superior finishing and rust-free longer life. The speed of the motor is 330 RPM and it only consumes 43Watts of power. The angle of the blades are arranged higher. Most of the brands of ceiling fans consider only the speed and power consumption but do not focus on the air spread across the room.  Because of this fan’s high tilt angle, it spreads the air wider.

If you are looking for a budget ceiling fan with wide air spread then choosing this Usha Technix will help you.


  • Due to its glossy design, it is not rusted soon
  • Power saving fan
  • The spread of air is wider compared to many other fans


  • Not a remote-controlled fan
  • The package doesn’t include a regulator
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9. Crompton Hill Briz – Simple yet fast

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  • Sweep area of 1200mm
  • Speed of motor is 370RPM
  • Power rating is 75
  • 3 blade ceiling fan
  • Complete copper winding 
  • Comes with 2-year manufacturer warranty

The Crompton is another reputed brand in India that develops ceiling fans. The Crompton Hill Briz is from this reputed brand which is simple in design yet great at the performance. 

The body of the Crompton hill Briz is made of aluminium and the blades are powder coated to avoid any rust. Due to its simple design, this fan is also easy to clean. The blades are designed at a unique angle to deliver more air all over the room. 

The device also comes with a double ball bearing to avoid any kind of noises and to run smoothly. The motor is also hundred per cent copper wounded which ensures a longer life. Due to all these available features, the Crompton hill Briz is durable and reliable. 

You can choose this fan if your budget is minimum or if you want the best fan with no additional features. 


  • Comes with a double bearing for smooth operation
  • The aluminum body ensures the fan rust-free longer durability
  • It is a high-speed fan with a good cooling experience
  • The fan is light in weight


  • It is not a remote-controlled fan
  • Not anti-dust fan
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10. Havells Nicola – Elegant design

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  • Blade sweep of 1200mm
  • The power rating of 68 watts
  • Elegant and stylish design
  • Uniform air circulation all over the room
  • 2 years of manufacturer warranty

The Havells brand is also one of the popular brands in India. The ceiling fans from Havells are designed very well to suit any interior of the house. The Havells Nicola is one of the ceiling fans from the Havells brand which comes with an elegant design. The Blade sweep of the Havells Nicola is 1200 mm which is suitable for any location. 

As talking about the design, it has a stylish design on trims. And the Twin cup canopies that come with this fan are designed such that they conceal the Messy electrical wiring. With the tilt in the Blades of the ceiling fan, this fan can cover a wide range of room of up to 100 square feet. 

If you are looking for a ceiling fan that suits your best-designed interior then you can go with the Havells Nicola such that this ceiling fan can fit in any great interior. 


  • The design is good and stylish to look
  • Air is equally distributed all over the room
  • Power consumption is very less


  • No remote control feature available
  • The fan is not anti-dust 
  • No regulator included in the pack
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11. Bajaj New Bahar 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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  • 1200 blade sweep
  • High-speed motor
  • Raised blades
  • Includes double ball bearing
  • 1-year warranty

Talking about the Bajaj brand, it is one of the oldest known companies that has been developing the best varieties of electrical appliances in India. 

The Bajaj new Bahar is a 1200 mm blade sweep, 3 blade fan that comes with a high speed motor. The blades are lifted at an angle such that they cover a wide area of the room. And The Blade is also bent sideways such that more air flows down. And to operate at a very less sound this fan also includes double ball bearings in it. 

At a normal price of any other ceiling fans, you will get two ceiling fans of Bajaj new Bahar. Hence if you are looking for a budget Ceiling fan with a great performance, then this Bajaj new Bahar is the best choice for you.


  • Product is worthy for its price
  • Air spread is high
  • Simple yet good design and finishing


  • Not a remote-controlled fan
  • The package doesn’t include a regulator
  • Not a rust-free fan
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12. Bajaj Maxima –  For small rooms

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  • Blade sweep of 600mm
  • Speed of the fan is 870RPM
  • High torque motor powered
  • 4 blade ceiling fan
  • Comes with 2-year manufacturer warranty 

The Bajaj Maxima is another ceiling fan from the Bajaj brand. The Bajaj Maxima is a 4 blade ceiling fan that can fit in a small room. This fan comes with a high torque quick start motor such that it starts rotating quickly as soon as power is on. 

Unlike any other fan, the speed of this fan is 870rpm which is higher than any other. Such that the fan even though small will be equivalent to any other fan. Due to its speed, the sound produced by the fan is slightly high. 

If you are looking for a small fan for your small room then choosing this Bajaj Maxima is the best option for you, as the Bajaj Maxima comes at a blade sweep of 600mm. 


  • Comes with a quick start high torque motor
  • The power consumption is low compared to other fans
  • Includes double bearings
  • The speeds are very high


  • Not a remote-controlled device
  • The noise from the fan is very high
  • It is not a rust-free fan
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Even though people believe best ceiling fans do not consume much power, people often buy high power-consuming devices without their prior knowledge. As the ceiling fans work continuously it is one of the important factors to check the power consumption before getting one.

So, I hope this guide gave you all the info needed to get your ceiling fan that will look amazing on the ceiling of your room. Make sure to check all the necessary features before getting one. 

Buyers Guide for Ceiling Fans In India

What is a ceiling fan?

The ceiling fan is a basic application for any typical house in India. Due to the frequent temperature changes in India, it is necessary to have a cooling system provided to control the temperature.

Even though an AC is not a typical requirement in every house, the ceiling fan is more of a common appliance that you can find. 

How many types of ceiling fans are there?

The types of ceiling fans can be classified based on the purpose they serve. there are 5 different types of them which you can concentrate on below.

1. Standard Ceiling fans

The standard types of ceiling fans are those which are mounted on the wall with a down rod. A metal pipe is used to connect the motor housing to the motor bracket.

This kind of fans can be hung 7 feet above the ground. If the ceiling of your room is Above 7 feet, you can use this type of ceiling fan for your room. 

2. Low profile ceiling fans

These low profile ceiling fans are intended for rooms whose ceiling height is less than 8 feet. These low profile ceiling fans are also called as hugger ceiling fans. In the low profile ceiling fans, you cannot find the Hanging rod or the metal pipe as in the standard ceiling fans. They can be directly installed on the mounting bracket. 

3. Energy star ceiling fans

As I always prefer, energy saving is the one thing these energy star ceiling fans do. They come with energy-efficient motors and aerodynamic blades that help them consume less power. Normally these energy-saving ceiling fans are 20 to 30% more efficient than the standard ceiling fans. 

4. Dual motor ceiling fans

A dual motor ceiling fan is simply a combination of two adjustable fans housed on a single mount. Hence these are also called as double-headed fans or twin ceiling fans. This dual motor ceiling fans are specially made for better performance and elegant design. If you are not willing to compromise with the design and performance of your ceiling fan then you can go with this Dual motor ceiling fans. 

5. Remote-controlled ceiling fans

The remote-controlled ceiling fans come at different sizes and shapes. The only thing they differ from the other fans is the ability of the fan to be controlled by remote control.

In the remote-controlled fans, you can change the speeds(RPM) of the motor, direction of rotation and even lighting(if any) of the fan. This kind of fan is suitable for you if you feel it is difficult to reach the fan or the switchboard in your room.

How to select a ceiling fan size?

Choosing the right size of the fan is very important for good performance. If you want to miss small and your height of the room is also a little bit low then you can choose a fan which has shorter blades.

Even though there are fans with different shapes and sizes there are better performers at every size, so you do not need to compromise on the performance even for a small-sized fans. Before getting a ceiling fan you need to consider the size of your room and the size of your fan.

Room size vs fan sweep size

The fan sweep size is the length of the fan from one edge of the fan’s blade to other edge of the fan or in other words to say, the diameter of the circle the fan covers while rotating.

So based on the room size the fan sweep size needs to be changed. here is a quick table to lookup for different fan sweep sizes for different sized rooms. 

Room SizeFan Sweep Size
Less than 75 square feet900 mm (35 – 36 inches)
Between 75 and 100 square feet1050 mm (41 – 42 inches)
Between 100 and 130 square feet1200 mm (48 inches)
Between 130 and 150 square feet1400 mm (55 to 56 inches)
More than 150 square feetBetter to use two ceiling fans

Number of Fan Blades

The number of blades used in the design will also decide the flow of air in the room. The more blades a fan have, the lesser will be the air cut through and decreases circulation but adopting more blades will give you quieter operation.

A typical fan that you can find in the market consists of three blades but there are also fans that have blades up to seven. In recent days the fans with four blades are becoming much popular due to their compact and Stylish designs with the best performance.

Blade Pitch/Tilt

The Blade Pitch or tilt is another important factor while choosing a ceiling fan. The tilt in the blade of a fan will affect the flow of air in your room. A blade without any tilt will not generate any air circulation.

Any standard ceiling fan comes with a tilt angle of 12 to 15 degrees. It should also be noted that the tilt angle should not exceed the limit. Having higher tilt angles needs powerful motors which increase power consumption. 

Fan Motor

The motor is the centre part of the fan on which the performance and durability depend upon. The fan motor is a part which consists of poles and wires which help the fan to rotate. Single-phase induction motor is commonly used motor in the industry.

It is vividly used in the ceiling fans due to its simple construction. If you are looking for an efficient ceiling fan at a low price then you can opt for this single phase induction motor type ceiling fans.

The Other type of Technology that is used in fan Motors is the BLDC motors. The BLDC which is known as brushless DC motor is energy efficient than the induction motor. One of the Other advantages of using BLDC Motors in ceiling fans is, these type of motors make less noise.

Length of Down Rod

The circulation of air and efficiency of the fan depends on the height of the fan located in your room. if your ceiling is at a good height, that is above 8 feet from the ground, then your ceiling fan will give its best performance.

If the height of the room is above the required height then you need to get a Down Rod with an additional length such that the fan can be fit a bit far from the ceiling near to the floor. 

Location of the Fan

The optimal location for ceiling fans is the centre of your room if your room is square in shape. If your room is rectangular in shape then you can choose two ceiling fans to fit in the two centres of your room.

You can also choose a ceiling fan with high blade span making it easy to circulate air all over your room. 

An ordinary or a standard ceiling fan comes with only a speed regulator. If you wish to select a ceiling fan with more than just a speed control, you can opt higher priced fans.

The features you may see in ceiling fans would be a light kit, remote control for ON and OFF, and speed control. 

The latest models of ceiling fans also come in stylish designs and anti-dust and anti-rust features included with.

Quality of the Ceiling Fans

Well, there are many promising companies that sell ceiling fans assuring the best quality and design. But it is your concern that you need to check the quality of the ceiling fan before getting one.

As per your convenience, I have checked the quality of the above-listed items and provided the best ones with good features and quality for you here.

Controller of the Ceiling Fan

For any kind of ceiling fan, the speed controller is sold separately which you need to get. The controller is a simple mechanism that is fixed in your switchboard which helps in controlling the speed of your fan.

In the advanced ceiling fans which can be controlled by remote controls, the speed control option is available in the remote itself. 

Features in the Ceiling Fan

As I have discussed earlier the latest ceiling fans come with high power BLDC Motors and best speed control features.

Along with that, they are also rich in design and many of them come with anti-rust and anti-dust surfaces.

Considering a remote-controlled ceiling fan is optimal for any kind of room. 

The older models of ceiling fans used to consume a lot of power. The bulky ceiling fans that are used in olden days would consume more than 150 watts of energy.

But with the advantage of advancing Technology, a typical ceiling fan used in India Today would consume power up to 70 to 75 watts of electricity.

There are also some companies that developed energy-saving Technologies for ceiling fans which would only consume 20 to 30 watts of energy. 

Budget and Aesthetics

Considering the budget of the ceiling fans, I have listed the best among them with good features and great designs, I have chosen the above ceiling fans that you can buy in India.

The better the quality of your ceiling fan the higher will be the budget required to purchase. The budget also increases with the number of blades included and the additional features your ceiling fan has. The price of the ceiling fans varies from a range of Rs.1,500 to Rs.10,000 based on the features. 

Warranty and guarantee.

For any ceiling fan that you wish to purchase in Amazon, you will get a warranty of minimum one year. There are also ceiling fans that provide a warranty of up to 5 years. Based on the design and toughness of the products you can consider the warranty of a product. 

Installation of the fan

Installing a fan to the ceiling is easy enough that you need not spend on any technician to fit it. The box comes with all the components separately that include motor and casing, blades, and the fitting rod. You can simply assemble them looking at the instruction guide.

FAQ’s of ceiling fan in India

1. Are 3 or 4 blade ceiling fans better?

A 3 or 4 blade ceiling fan each have their own advantage. A 3 blade fan can run faster providing a good air circulation while choosing a 4 blade ceiling fan your air circulation will decrease but the noise created will be reduced. And also the airflow width is increased. 

2. Why does a ceiling fan shake?

The ceiling fans shake when the installation is not done properly. This shaking is also seen in old fans when the tilt in the blades changes. For any reason, if a tilt in a single blade changes it will affect the airflow on all the other blades causing the fan to shake.

3. Is it cheaper to run AC or ceiling fans?

A ceiling fan is one which helps in circulating the air whereas an AC will alter the temperature of the air flowing into the room to do so and ac requires much more power than what a ceiling fan consumes. An ordinary ceiling fan will consume power in a range of 50 to 80 watts whereas the AC consumes 500 Watts of power.

4. Can you die if a ceiling fan falls on you?

A loosely fit ceiling fan on the ceiling will fall off. If you are below the fan while it falls it may cause you a fatal injury even though it may not affect you to death. but prevention is better than cure.

5. Are more blades better on a ceiling fan?

There are ceiling fans which come with a different number of blades. You can choose a ceiling fan with more number of blades for smoother operation without any noise and spread the air to a wider area

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